Chobani Yogurt Products

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Chobani Yogurt Products Are Rich and Creamy

Chobani yogurt products were created by Hamdi Ulukaya in 2005, after he discovered that the yogurt in the US was not the same as the yogurt he remembered from his childhood in Turkey. He bought an old yogurt plant and set out to create a delicious, creamy Greek-style yogurt, perfecting the craft over a couple years before the Chobani brand became available in grocery stores. Today the brand is one of the most popular yogurts on the market. Read more

Chobani yogurt is available in many flavors but the basic recipe is the same. The Greek-style yogurt has a creamy texture that is thicker than regular yogurt, with a signature tangy flavor. Low in sugar and packed with protein and healthy probiotics, Chobani yogurt products are perfect for your buffet, self-serve breakfast station, or grab-and-go station.