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Chips Ahoy! Cookie Products & Wholesale Packaging

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Chips Ahoy! Cookie Products and Wholesale Packaging Are Great Ready-To-Serve Snacks for Your Establishment

Originally introduced in 1964 under the Nabisco brand, Chips Ahoy! quickly captivated customers with their amazing chocolate taste. Nabisco was acquired by Mondelez International in 2000 and now snacks like Chips Ahoy!, Oreo, and Ritz all fall under the same brand. Chips! Ahoy cookies are the perfect ready-to-serve cookie option allowing businesses to serve a delicious snack with no prep time. Read more

Chips Ahoy! cookie products and wholesale packaging are the perfect way to offer customers a delicious snack from a trusted brand. Restaurants and other eateries can utilize Chips Ahoy! products as a snack in between meals, or can even crush products up and use them to top off desserts. Businesses like convenience stores and concession stands can also serve Chips Ahoy! products, using them as an enticing product to boost impulse sales.

Chips Ahoy! Cookies

Chips Ahoy! Cookies

Chips Ahoy! cookies are an amazing sweet treat to offer in your convenience store or concession stand.

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Chips Ahoy! Individually Wrapped Snacks

Chips Ahoy! Individually Wrapped Snacks

Provide the perfect sweet treat to customers when you offer Chips Ahoy! Individually wrapped snacks.

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