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Open Alcohol Bottles Quickly and Cleanly with Chateau Laguiole Restaurant Supplies and Equipment

Founded in 1993 by master sommeliers, Chateau Laguiole prides itself on providing businesses with high-quality corkscrews and bottle openers. The company’s products are manufactured in Thiers, France, a location that has long been considered the cutlery capital of the world. Today, Chateau Laguiole is one of the most recognizable and highest-selling corkscrew brands in the world. Read more

Chateau Laguiole restaurant supplies and equipment are considered to be high-end products that some of the world’s best sommeliers rely on. They say imitation is the best form of flattery, and Chateau Laguiole corkscrews are often imitated or counterfeited by other brands. However, authentic Chateau Laguiole corkscrews and bottle openers are known for their beautiful design and long-lasting durability, providing great value to any bar or restaurant.