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Chalet Cheese Co-Op Is Your Source for American-Made Limburger Cheese

Based in Monroe, Wisconsin, a region well-known for cheese production, the Chalet Cheese Co-Op is the only business in the United States that makes Limburger cheese. The co-op has been making cheese since 1885, and they credit the local Wisconsin milk for the quality and taste of their cheeses. Additionally, while Chalet Cheese Cooperative products are recognizable and common in Wisconsin, you can find them in retail stores and commercial foodservice establishments all over the United States. Read more

If you’re looking for domestic Limburger cheese or high-quality Wisconsin cheeses, Chalet Cheese Cooperative products are the perfect source. While the cooperative is best known for their selection of Limburger cheese, they also make several other types of cheeses, such as Swiss, German-style, and brick cheeses. Additionally, you can use their products for a variety of uses, such as making fondue, melting on sandwiches, or incorporating in your recipes.