Cattabriga Ice Cream & Gelato Equipment

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Produce a Superior Frozen Dessert with Cattabriga Ice Cream and Gelato Equipment

Gelato production became more efficient in 1927 when Otello Cattabriga invented the world’s first automatic gelato machine. His machine improved on the mechanics of other Italian gelato makers of that time. Now a part of the Iceteam 1927 family of brands, Cattabriga is still respected as a premium line of commercial ice cream equipment. Read more

Cattabriga ice cream and gelato equipment is used by artisan gelato makers around the globe to produce a superior product. Commercial equipment from Cattabriga can be used to create a variety of frozen desserts, including ice cream, gelato, frozen custard, or sorbet. Every Cattabriga unit is an updated version of the very first gelato maker developed by Otello Cattabriga and is backed by a production history of excellence.