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Celebrate Non-Alcoholic Beverages with Casamara Club Sodas

Casamara Club sodas were a project created and concocted in 2017 when owner, Jason LaValla, was fed up with non-alcoholic drinks tasting like an afterthought. What started in LaValla's home kitchen, making dozens of homemade botanical extracts as well as trying out bitters and amaro, quickly turned into a fine-tuned, non-alcoholic lineup of leisure sodas. Casamara Club sodas offer all the complexity, nuance, and great flavor of a cocktail, but without the alcohol. Read more

The fine-tuned concoctions made in LaValla's home kitchen in 2017 are the same carefully crafted recipes used to make Casamara Club sodas today. Casamara Club has an artisan line of aperitivos, amaros, and more leisure sodas that let the complexity of their fine ingredients show for themselves. Add Casamara Club sodas to the drink menu to provide a top-notch option for all of your guests.