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Casa DiLisio Products Feature Fresh Ingredients and Tasty Flavors

If you’re looking for ready-made sauces with a fresh and homemade flavor, Casa DiLisio products are the perfect option. The company started as a family business, but has since grown into an international success due to their commitment to using fresh ingredients. Additionally, you can find Casa DiLisio products in many different types of settings, such as Italian restaurants, bistros, diners, and much more. Read more

Casa DiLisio products are made fresh and then frozen, which gives them a longer shelf life than other sauces, allowing you to thaw and use them when necessary. They have many different types of sauces, such as pesto, Alfredo, puttanesca, tomato sauce, and much more. Best of all, Casa DiLisio offers several types of vegetarian and vegan sauces, which are ideal for establishments that want to offer meals for customers with alternative diets.