Calavo Food Products

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Serve Fresh Guacamole and Calavo Foods at Your Mexican Restaurant, Diner, or Bistro

For over 80 years, Calavo has been growing and distributing avocados and other types of fresh foods. The company is based in California and operates a variety of large farms throughout southern California and Mexico, which give them access to the freshest and highest quality ingredients for their food products. Additionally, you can find Calavo products in many different types of settings, such as foodservice establishments, grocery stores, and retail stores. Read more

Calavo is best known for their avocados, but they produce many different kinds of fresh and pre-made foods for foodservice and retail use. For example, their catalog of products includes guacamole, avocado mayo, and avocado mousse to make healthy desserts. So, if you’re looking to serve healthy and fresh produce at your business, Calavo foods are the perfect option.