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Create Healthy Dishes at Your Restaurant with Bruce’s Yams’ Consumables and Supplies

Bruce’s Yams is owned by McCall Farms and is a proud producer of canned sweet potatoes. They’re dedicated to farm to can processing, and the majority of their yams are processed within 48 hours of harvesting. Bruce’s Yams’ family-owned farms are located throughout North and South Carolina, and all of these locations are within three hours of their processing plant. Read more

In addition to sweet potatoes, Bruce’s Yams offers cans of delicious chopped spinach. These ingredients are preserved in water to retain freshness and are ready to serve right out of the can. Perfect for making a variety of culinary creations, canned vegetables from Bruce’s Yams are sure to come in handy in your busy commercial kitchen.

Bruce's Yams Canned Vegetables

Bruce's Yams Canned Vegetables

Use delicious Bruce's Yams canned vegetables as side dishes for your foodservice business's signature meals.

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