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Serve Tangy and Smoky Brookwood Farms BBQ Products at Your Restaurant, Diner, or Food Truck

The Wood family has been producing real, pit-cooked barbecue since the 1970s, and their company, Brookwood Farms has been providing these products to customers since 1978. Today, the business provides a variety of smoked and barbecued meats to commercial foodservice establishments, like grocery stores, schools, nursing homes, restaurants, and much more. Additionally, you can use delicious Brookwood Farms BBQ products alone on a sandwich or as an ingredient in salads or stews to give your recipes excellent depth of flavor. Read more

If you want to serve delicious barbecue at your restaurant, diner, or cafeteria that has an authentic smoky flavor, Brookwood Farms BBQ products are the perfect choice. Their items combine savory and smoky flavors from the pit with the sweetness of barbecue sauce, to create a delicious meal that is full of depth. Additionally, Brookwood Farms makes many different types of barbecue, allowing you to find the option that best matches your establishment’s menu.