Brawny Paper Cleaning Products

by  Georgia-Pacific

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Brawny Paper Cleaning Products Quickly Clean Spills and Other Messes

Brawny is one of the biggest brands in the paper towel industry and can be found in stores all across the nation. Brawny was acquired by Georgia-Pacific in the early 2000s and was added to their family of brands that includes Dixie, Sparkle, and Angel Soft. Like the rest of Georgia-Pacific household products, Brawny paper towels are designed to make everyday life a little easier. Read more

Brawny paper cleaning products are a reliable tool to help respond to spills, leaks, and other accidents. These paper towels are designed for durability and absorption, allowing them to easily soak up liquids. No matter what type of spill or mess needs cleaning, Brawny products can help get the job done.