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Sustainable Blommer Chocolate Company Products Are Ideal for Bakeries, Ice Cream Shops, and More

Starting over 70 years ago, the Blommer Chocolate Company has grown from a small, family-owned business into the largest cocoa bean processor in North America. Their products are used in a number of industries, from baking and confectionary to cosmetic and pharmaceutical. In addition to providing their customers with high-quality chocolate and cocoa, Blommer aims to create a sustainable business model that helps local cocoa farmers while also reducing environmental impact. Read more

If you’re looking for chocolate products that not only have a great taste but also empower farmers internationally and help save the environment, Blommer Chocolate Company products are perfect. Blommer carries many different types of products, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, ice cream coating, chocolate chips, and more. Best of all, many Blommer Chocolate Company products are made with non-GMO and organic ingredients, which make them an ideal choice for bakeries looking for wholesome and organic items.