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Add Creamy and Delicious Black Diamond Cheese Products to Your Recipes

Black Diamond is a Canadian business that has been providing residential homes and commercial businesses with cheese and dairy products since 1933. The company originally started out as Belleville Cheddar Cheese Limited but re-branded to Black Diamond after World War II when their products started taking off. Then, in 1998, the Black Diamond was acquired by Parmalat, which helped increase their production and range, allowing them to provide delicious cheese products to a larger market. Read more

Whether you’re looking to add melted cheese to your sandwiches or you want to create a creamy bechamel sauce, Black Diamond cheese products are the perfect choice. The company offers a large selection of cheese products, from cheese blocks and cheese sticks to shredded and sliced varieties. You can use Black Diamond cheese products in many different types of establishments, ranging from diners and restaurants to cafeterias and catering companies.