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BevLes Cabinets, Racks, and Proofers Are Must-Have Pieces of Equipment for Any Bakery or Buffet

BevLes was founded in Southern California in 1946 and is dedicated to providing the best food holding cabinets, racks, and proofers for the foodservice industry. They are well respected for their high-quality, performance-driven products that are used in businesses across the country. As one of the Standex International Corporation brands, BevLes also offers exceptional customer service and a host of trained technicians to service your equipment. Read more

In addition to heated holding cabinets, BevLes manufactures a variety of insulated and non-insulated proofing cabinets. Their roast and hold ovens are also perfect for preparing large quantities of food for buffets, catering companies, and smorgasbords. If you need sheet pan racks or dollies for your business, BevLes offers durable, high-quality racks that can hold large quantities of sheet trays.

BevLes Screws

BevLes Screws

Choose affordable BevLes screws to keep your bakery's proofers, sheet tray racks, and holding cabinets held together and in one piece.

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