Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Equipment Parts

Choose Belshaw Adamatic Equipment and Parts for Your Bakery or Concession Stand

Located in Auburn, Washington, Belshaw has been manufacturing donut and bakery equipment since 1923. In 2007, they merged with Adamatic, a company that makes roll lines and divider rounders for commercial bakeries. In addition to donut equipment, Belshaw Adamatic produces fryers, convection ovens, and deck ovens. Read more

Belshaw’s inventory of retail equipment includes a variety of donut machines and depositors that are perfect for bakeries and concession stands. Additionally, their industrial equipment includes high-volume donut transport rollers, large-scale bread makers, and large floor model mixers. If you’re looking for parts for your Belshaw products, they also offer a variety of replacement thermostats, hub attachments, and rocker switches.

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Hot Side Hi-Limit Thermostats

Belshaw Hot Side Hi-Limit Thermostats

Belshaw hot side hi-limit thermostats prevent your appliances from overheating while also ensuring they reach the proper temperature.

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Fryer Filter System Parts

Belshaw Fryer Filter System Parts

Replace your hot side bakery equipment's broken or worn-out parts with high-quality, affordable Belshaw fryer filter system parts.

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Mixer Hub Attachments and Accessories

Belshaw Mixer Hub Attachments and Accessories

Choose durable Belshaw mixer hub attachments and accessories for your bakery or concession stand's large bakery equipment.

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Rethermalizer and Pasta Equipment Parts and Accessories

Belshaw Rethermalizer and Pasta Equipment Parts and Accessories

If your business makes their own pasta, Belshaw rethermalizer and pasta equipment parts and accessories are must-haves.

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