Bella Vista

Bella Vista Food Products

by  Furmano's Foodservice

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Use Bella Vista Food Products in Your Soups, Salads, and More

Bella Vista is a brand of Furmano’s, and you can find their food products in grocery stores, restaurants, diners, and retail locations all over the United States. Furmano’s is based in Northumberland, Pennsylvania, and they use the local and fresh central PA produce in their food products. As a result, Bella Vista food products have a freshness and quality flavor that is hard to find in other canned goods. Read more

Whether you need products for your salad bar or you’re looking for fresh and tasty ingredients for your stew, Bella Vista food products are the perfect choice. The company offers many different types of food products, such as chickpeas, crushed tomatoes, and kidney beans. In addition to beans and other whole ingredients, Bella Vista produces pizza and tomato sauces that you can use as a base when creating your own pasta and pizza sauce.