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Bear Mountain BBQ Wood

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Create a Variety of Flavor Combinations with Bear Mountain BBQ Wood

Established in the pacific northwest in 1990, Bear Mountain BBQ boasts over 30 years of experience manufacturing wood pellets and other similar products. Headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, they strive to provide customers with products that make good meals and infinite flavor possibilities possible. Their wood pellets are made entirely from sustainably sourced sawdust, which is responsibly sourced from local businesses. Read more

Bear Mountain BBQ wood is made without the use of fillers, barks, or binders in order to create an all-natural product that delivers the perfect smoke. Their wood pellets are perfect for cooking poultry, seafood, beef, and a variety of other meats and vegetables. Additionally, many of their wood pellets contain a 5% moisture content, cutting down on ash production in your grill.