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Be Leaf Plant-Based Food Products

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Create an Inclusive and Sustainable Menu with Be Leaf Plant-Based Food Products

Be Leaf was founded in September 2017 with a mission to aid the global effort to reduce meat consumption and minimize the global impact of animal agriculture. Located in City of Industry, California, they provide customers plant-based foods fit for a healthy diet and lifestyle. As the USA branch of a manufacturing company based in Taiwan, Be Leaf’s business philosophy places an emphasis on promoting sustainable development and quality products. Read more

Be Leaf plant based food products contain no eggs, milk, alcohol preservatives, animal, or Non-GMO ingredients, making them the perfect way to accommodate guests with alternative diets. Their selection of meat substitutes come pre-packaged and frozen, ensuring that they retain their fresh taste. Furthermore, their selection of beef jerky and snacks is available in a variety of flavors, allowing you to choose the type that best fits your preferences.