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Bauscher Chinaware

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Bauscher Chinaware is Steeped in Tradition and Imbued with Innovation

In their nearly a century and a half of operations, Bauscher Germany’s scope has changed drastically, but their dedication to crafting the highest quality chinaware remains the same. The origin of Bauscher Germany as we know it today began in 1881 when brothers August and Conrad Bauscher founded a specialist manufacturing company producing hotel porcelain. Since their early days as a single kiln operation, Bauscher Germany has grown into an internationally respected and exported producer of multiple chinaware lines.     Read more

Today, Bauscher Germany’s Bauscher chinaware is produced at their Weiden location, the most modernized plate and cup manufacturing facility in Europe. Bauscher Germany’s manufacturing process has earned the Energy Efficiency Award, and they were the first worldwide porcelain manufacturer to achieve certified energy management in accordance with ISO 50001. Bauscher Germany is responsible for re-engineering chinaware, making it durable and functional without sacrificing china’s renowned elegance and beauty.