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Elevate Your Establishment’s Coffee Drinks with Barista Fria Beverage Concentrates

Barista Fria is a brand under Island Oasis, a brand known for crafting world-famous frozen drinks since 1984. By using premium fresh ingredients, Island Oasis has become one of the premier brands in the ready-made drink industry. These ready-made products have a variety of uses, as they can be poured over ice and served or even paired with certain liquors to create dessert cocktails. Read more

Barista Fria beverage concentrates are a great way to add delicious coffee drinks to your menu. The products’ simple preparation makes it easy for staff to create quality coffee drinks, saving a lot of valuable time. No matter what type of foodservice establishment you operate, Barista Fria products can go a long way in diversifying your beverage menu.

Barista Fria Blended Ice Beverage and Coffee Mix

Barista Fria Blended Ice Beverage and Coffee Mix

Barista Fria blended ice beverage and coffee mix makes adding delicious iced coffee drinks to your menu easy.

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