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Bar Keepers Friend is a Powerful Cleaner for Stainless Steel, Tile, and Other Surfaces

Bar Keepers Friend was founded when, in 1882, their founder discovered that there was a chemical in rhubarb that would attack and break down stubborn stains and rust, which he turned into a powerful cleaning product. This product spread by word of mouth from people who were astounded by their cleaning ability and power, and the company has since expanded into a nationwide brand that has earned the trust of countless customers. And although Bar Keepers Friend products were originally intended for residential use, these cleaning supplies are perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, banquet halls. Read more

Although the company is called Bar Keepers Friend, you can use their cleaning solutions to clean built-up grime and caked-on stains on appliances, sinks, and cookware in any foodservice establishment. Equipped to tackle tough stains, their products are perfect for cleaning your stubborn stains and removing rust and built-up grime in your sinks and appliances. Additionally, Bar Keepers Friend cleaning supplies are certified by the NSF and free of bleach and chlorine, so you can be sure that they are safe to use in your kitchen and on your cookware.