Bakery Chef

Bakery Chef Products

by  Conagra Foods Inc

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Bakery Chef Products Adds the Fresh Baked Taste of Buttermilk Biscuits to Your Menu

As a brand under ConAgra Foodservice, Bakery Chef makes consistent, flaky biscuits that taste like they come fresh from a mom and pop bakery’s oven. Their made-from-scratch taste and texture add a rustic, homemade feel to your most popular menu items, from breakfast sandwiches to peach cobblers. Available in ready-to-bake and even pre-assembled baking sheets, using Bakery Chef biscuits will save on valuable labor cost as well. Read more

Each Bakery Chef biscuit has a delicately fluffy interior with a golden brown, slightly salty crust. Made with real buttermilk to evoke a perfectly flaky, buttery texture, these biscuits evoke classic Southern cooking. Add freshly baked biscuits to your menu with the delicious taste of Bakery Chef bread.