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Prevent Costly Plumbing Issues by Using Ashland PolyTrap Products

Plumbing and drainage issues in a foodservice establishment can cause major damage, but you can prevent it by using Ashland PolyTrap products. Based in Ohio, the company manufactures a variety of grease traps and interceptors that help prevent plumbing damage and save your business on costly repairs. Additionally, all of their products are made in America, so sales of Ashland PolyTrap products help fuel the American economy and create more jobs. Read more

You can find Ashland PolyTrap products in a variety of settings, such as foodservice establishments, fast food restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, and hotels. Their most popular product is their PolyTrap grease trap, and they have become experts in producing high-quality and efficient grease traps. Additionally, Ashland works with their customers to customize their products, ensuring that each customer gets exactly what their business needs.