Angostura Bitters

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Use Angostura Bitters to Flavor Your Cocktails

Angostura is a world-renowned producer of aromatic bitters. The company was founded in the 1870s after Dr. Johann Siegert first made bitters as a medicinal product to alleviate stomach problems. While their products are no longer considered medicinal, Angostura bitters can be used in cooking and are most commonly used for making cocktails, like classic manhattans and old fashioneds. Read more

Angostura aromatic bitters are a concentrated, botanically infused mixture made from flavorful herbs and spices. In addition to traditional styles, you’ll find orange bitters that add a citrus kick to drinks. So if your bar offers classic cocktails on the menu, Angostura bitters are an essential ingredient that can add a dynamic flavor to your beverages.