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Keep Your Kitchen Safe and Sanitary With AmerCare Royal Disposable Products

AmerCare was founded in 1987 and soon became one of the largest disposable glove distributors in the US. Through a merger with Royal Paper, a leading supplier of disposables, the company became one unified brand under the name AmerCare Royal. Today, AmerCare Royal serves multiple industries across foodservice, janitorial, and industrial with over 6,000 disposable products in their catalog. Read more

When you work with AmerCare Royal, you get one source for thousands of disposable products, as well as superior customer service. AmerCare Royal disposable products like chef hats, aprons, and gloves help you to promote good hygiene in your restaurant kitchen. Thanks to multiple distribution points across the country, AmerCare also provides quick, reliable shipping.

AmerCare Royal Disposable Chef Hats & Hairnets

AmerCare Royal Disposable Chef Hats & Hairnets

Instead of laundering chef hats, try AmerCare Royal disposable chef hats for a convenient covering that can be thrown away at the end of the shift.

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AmerCare Royal Kids Meal Supplies

AmerCare Royal Kids Meal Supplies

Keep the little ones entertained while they wait for their food with AmerCare Royal kids meal supplies.

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