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Keep Your Employees Comfortable with Wrist Rests and Office Supplies from Allsop

Allsop was founded in 1965 and manufactures a variety of office supplies for the foodservice, corporate, and hospitality industries. Some of their early inventions include the mechanized audio cassette deck cleaner and the first video cassette recorder (VCR) cleaner. Allsop also acquired Digital Innovations in 2015, which helped them move further into the computer and technology sectors. Read more

Allsop’s inventory of products includes keyboard wrist rests that are ideal for use at offices, hospitals, and universities. These products are all designed to reduce stress on your employees’ hands and wrists by conforming comfortably to their bodies. Best of all, Allsop supplies are sold at affordable low prices that make it easy to stock up on whatever you need without exceeding your budget.