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Created during the Great Depression, Agropur started when a group of dairy farmers banded together and formed an organization to source feed, seed, and fertilizer for their cows. The cooperative soon started instead to focus on processing the milk that the dairy cows produced, turning it into butter, cheese, and concentrated milk. Agropur was a success and continued to grow, and today they’re the largest dairy-processing cooperative in North America, and they have over 3,290 farmer partners. Read more

Today, Agropur is more than just a standard dairy-processing cooperative, and they have a wide array of products that can be used in many different settings. For example, Agropur Ingredients products include items like dairy whey, skim milk powder, and dough conditioner. You can find Agropur Ingredients products in a variety of different settings, ranging from industrial food production plants to commercial foodservice establishments.