Eco-gecko Disposable Wooden Knife Heavy Weight - 100/Pack

Item #: 999GWP101

Offer an eye catching, economical alternative to traditional disposable cutlery at your take out restaurant, hotel, cafe, coffee shop, winery, office break room, or catered events with this environmentally friendly, renewable wooden knife!

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Eco-gecko Disposable Wooden Knife Heavy Weight - 100/Pack

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    Great disposable knife, and everyone loves that they're environmentally friendly. I use them for cheeses and spreads. They are surprising sturdy and do a good job cutting. I have only had one break, and it was being used on a wax-hard cheese.

    from Noble Graze Posted on

    These knives can actually cut! Our clients want eco friendly goods so they appreciate that these knives are compostable. They also have a more elegant appearance than plastic so they fit better with our upscale catered events.

    from Nourrie Cuisine Posted on

    These knives are just as good as disposable plastic knives but saves the guilt when throwing them away. They are unique in appearance and look awesome with the palm leaf plates I also purchased.

    Posted on

    I was looking for the perfect utensils at an affordable price to combine with my palm leaf plates. They were completely functional for the meals I served for both a bridal and bachelorette party. I will order more for my wedding next month.

    Better than the Eco-gecko wooden fork, but its not my ideal. harder to cut proteins. more like the cutting qualities of a butter knife than something i want to cut up bbq chicken with. But hard to argue with the price.

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    This is a nice looking knife. Works good with the salad

    Did a buffet where they wanted eco-friendly products used. Purchased these along with the fork from the same line. Decent knife can cut less hearty foods like chicken. Struggled with sirloin steak and the like.

    from Chef Stef, LLC Posted on

    I love this wooden silverware! it is sturdier than you would think and you can't go wrong with anything that is eco-friendly! I love to stamp designs on them for events.

    from Urban Belle NY Posted on


    Posted on


    decent disposable knife. however, there is a taste to the fork--it tastes like wood (like those oldschool popsicle sticks). i'm surprised no one has mentioned the taste. i like the look over plastic forks but the taste does bother me a little.

    Posted on

    we used the fork, knife, and webstaurant linen-fee napkins for our wedding set up

    Great product at a great price! We bought these to use at an outdoor clambake & the look went perfectly with the theme. They worked great too, they actually cut the food!

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    These are much sturdier than I was anticipating, which is great. Being that I've never used wood utensils before, I wasn't sure what to expect, but was happy when I received these to see that they would work well. We are using them for our wedding utensils (barn wedding).

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    Eco-gecko disposable wood knives in a pack of 100. This was a great idea for sandwiches and other quick lunches/snacks. I like the feel of the wood and it works as intended. At this convenience and price I am definitely glad I got them!

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    Wood knives

    This is a really cool eco-friendly disposable wooden heavyweight knife really good for catering jobs or parties at your house you don't have to worry about cleaning up silverware and it's eco-friendly

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    I really like this to good knife looks nice

    I am very happy with the wooden knives that I ordered. If you are looking for attractive cutlery that is also biodegradable, these are an excellent choice.

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    Great knife! Strong, no splinters, and the feel of the wood is very nice. I'm not sure this would cut through a steak, but a thin cut piece of chicken should be fine. We are using it for sausage (bratwurst) at our wedding, and I don't suspect it will cause any issues. Looks great to boot!

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    These Birchwood knives were perfect at my wedding. They were sturdy enough to hold up to the pig roast and looked great next to the palm leaf plates.

    Posted on

    Perfect addition to my eco-friendly wedding.

    I bought these for my wedding and think they are great. I prefer the look of birch to the bamboo and I really like the natural wood grain look and the natural imperfections and character of them. The knife is very sturdy and inflexible and cuts through firm things easily. The blade is not sharp, but the teeth do a nice job of cutting. I bought some Japanese washi tape and put tape over the handle area to jazz them up a bit more but I think they are also handsome as is. That also helped a bit with some of the knives that had small splinters on the edges. Overall, I would definitely recommend them to others!

    Posted on

    Small but nice little knives for outdoor events and work great for kids who drop their things so easily since they are bio degradable and will not harm the environment. not as strong as metal but still surprisingly work well even for meat if not too tough!

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    nice little knife even a bit sturdy enough to cut a pear but it took some work so ni e and eco friendly!

    cutting a pear with the eco-geko earth friendly knife!

    The Eco-Gecko birch cutlery is some of the best on the market. It is wonderful for weddings, birthdays, picnics and just to keep on hand.

    from The Baker's Bin Posted on

    These are sturdy, hold up well and can cut meat (tried it) - quite pleased with the purchase and will probably re order for the winery

    from Realms of Catering Posted on

    Amazing product at a great price, very sturdy and durable knife and doesn't bend or snap. Great to do some DIY projects for painting or decorations!

    Posted on

    I purchased these for our family picnics. When we take road trips, I like to have disposable packaging that I don’t have to worry about cleaning afterwards. So, with all of the green products Webstaurant sells, these utensils offer a way for me to transport all my dishes without the guilt of disposing of them they’re recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. I also got the spoons and forks to complete the set.

    from j4jcline Posted on

    These knives are so fun to stamp with our logo, a special event (happy birthday, etc) or even just a funny message. Cut well and last as long as you need.

    Posted on

    These were good quality disposable knives. Great for a bbq or picnic and pretty sturdy. We were going to use for our wedding but we decided to go a different route.

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    Ordered these for our wedding. They do seem to cut pretty well for a wooden disposable knife. However, decided to order stainless steel flatware instead.

    Posted on

    Love these eco-friendly utensils. They make any occasion look nice. Most of all they are very functional. They are sturdy & well made. These knives also have a nice serrated edge to cut into the food with ease. But safe enough for no cut fingers. The price is fair.

    from Antoinette Bakery Posted on

    I use these for my kid's parties. I even dye/color the lower half of the utensil for my party theme. Compared to plastic disposables this is more presentable.

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    These were an interesting alternative to a plastic utensil. They were affordable and easy to use. If I needed a "eco-friendly" utensil again in the future, these would be my first choice.

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    Used these for my wedding and they held up to cutting the whole chicken pieces we served. I dressed them up a bit with washi tape.

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    These knives look great and do not pollute the environment with plastic. They have the same cutting power as a decent plastic knife but nothing replaces metal silverware. They have the texture of popsicle sticks and are smooth. My guests have never complained. I love using them.

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    We used these for our outdoor countey wedding in addition to the wooden forks and spoons.... Everyone loved them. They were only used to cut burgers in half... But they worked great for that

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    Such a unique product! I love that these are disposable but not cheap looking or made of plastic. Looks and feels like a Popsicle stick.

    Posted on

    We recently used these with wooden forks & spoons for an outdoor event. They are easy to cut with and look a lot better than plastic knives! Highly recommended!

    from Bast Brothers Garden Center Posted on

    We loved these knives! We used them at our wedding, and they cut food well - veggies and meat. We also loved the way they look as well as the fact that we could compost them.

    Posted on

    These knifes are very cute and sturdy. I bought them for my wedding guests. They look nice together with the palm leaf plates and linen like napkins!

    Posted on

    Knifes were smooth to the touch and complimented the wooden fork and spoons we purchased. Cutting action was not consistent for all people and received mixed reviews. I would try them again.

    Posted on

    I got these for my wedding reception. I wanted a cheaper option for utensils because it didn't make sense to me to rent a bunch of silverware and pay hundreds of dollars for one night. I also like that I don't have to wash them afterwards! Please be advised that these do have a slight wood taste and they are susceptible to splintering, but if you are careful you'll be fine. The only other bad thing I can think of is that you can't clink glasses with these, but for me personally, that's something I didn't mind not having.

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    These are well made and look beautiful. They cut on par with any other serrated plastic knife. There are no problems with splintering of wood into food.

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    I purchased this cutlery for my backyard wedding last spring. They were a perfect alternative to plastic tableware, and worked just as well! And everyone loved that they were compostable.

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    These knives are awesome! I got these, the same type spoons & forks, plus the 10" Palm Leaf plates & bowls for 2 reasons. 1) I hate doing dishes at my house but I don't want the low end feel of plastic cutlery & paper plates. 2) For my business so me and my employees could eat here and not worry about managing them on dishes. PLUS the same effect as above, its still retains that cool feel over low end reusable products. These knives can handle most general tasks, although in some cases you'll of course need a sharp metal knife.

    from Chase Bays Posted on

    We used these for an event. They were much more attractive and eco-friendly than plastic. They were surprisingly sturdy and we would definitely use them again.

    from Cod & Capers Seafood Posted on

    I am very excited to use the wooden knives that I ordered for my wedding! They are lightweight and eco-friendly! Great choice for those looking for something earthy and responsible!

    from Personal Use Posted on

    This is one of the nicer of the wooden utensils. Good for spreading things and softer dishes for cutting. Good product and great alternative to plastic cutlery.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Used these for an eco-friendly casual wedding. Heavy and sturdy enough for a good guest experience, and smooth--no splinters! Cut meat and cheese well. Not a good pick if you want a large knife for steak, stuffed chicken, etc. but excellent for other uses.

    Posted on

    Closely resembles a tongue depressor. They do look "green" or eco friendly. They would probably be great for a party but were not really practical for daily use at a pizzeria.

    from DeNunzios Posted on

    I bought this product because it is earth friendly and I feel good using them. When I first took them out from the bag they have wooden smell but it went away after a day. They are well-made and good quality. They don't have the same shade though, some are pale and the others are light brownish.

    Posted on

    These disposable Eco-gecko wooden knives are amazing! They look amazing for my rustic themed backyard wedding. The knives are really sturdy and are sharp enough to cut through steak! Great product, would recommend to everyone

    Posted on

    These are great attention grabbers and a source of conversation. It shows we care about the environment. They are sturdy. The forks/spoons feel a bit strange when you put them in your mouth. Unlike a smooth surface (metal/plastic), these feel spongy.

    from OPC Posted on

    Purchased as a green alternative to plastic cutlery. Knife actually cuts food. Although you can find similar products in brick & mortar stores, webstaurantstore has the best price for eco cutlery. If you must use disposable cutlery, this is the way to go.

    from BKSK ARCHITECTS Posted on

    In an effort to be Eco-friendly at my up coming wedding I spent quite a bit of time looking for affordable Eco friendly cutlery. Most places sold sets at prices that just weren't feasible for a larger wedding-at least not ours. The heavy weight cutlery here is perfect! We were slightly skeptical whether the knife could hold up to our menu so we cooked some steak on the grill and these worked great!

    Posted on

    More durable than we expected, and comes wrapped very well. Has a slight wood smell to it, but when you actually use it there isn't a weird taste at all.

    from Tiki Hut Posted on

    Exactly what I expected! Will go great with the theme of my wedding! Can't wait for my guests to see these at the wedding reception!!

    Posted on

    To echo other reviewers, these knives are excellent alternatives to disposable plastic knives. They function well, are easy to use even for (older) kids, and well made. They add a certain rustic charm to themed events that you can't get with plastics. I would definitely recommend them to others.

    Posted on

    These knives are a great eco friendly disposable option for casual catered events. Sturdy and lightweight but very simple in design, with a smooth finish.

    Posted on

    Our customers appreciate that our To-Go wear is wooden instead of plastic. The price is great too. The knife is not sharp, if you were expecting that.

    from Mountain Oven, LLC Posted on

    These knifes were a hit at my event. They are cute and do the work, will buy again. Webstaurantstore is awesome! The service, the shipping, and the quality of the products. I always come here when I need to buy this type of products for my parties, everyone love the cuteness as well. Thanks for everything.

    Posted on

    I love how cute this look at my event.

    I really like these knives. They are a lot more environmentally friendly than plastic, but save you the hassle of washing a lot of dishes after an event. While I wouldn't compare these to a steak knife, they did a pretty good job cutting foods, and were comparable to plastic disposable knives.

    Posted on

    I couldn't be more happy with this product. It works great! I was nervous at first to use a wooden knife, but it ended up working just great! The wood grain is perfect. I'm able to paint, stamp and glitter these (along with the wooden spoons and forks) for my customers and they LOVE them!! I'll certainly be buying these again! Webstaurants is affordable and the shipping is fast!

    Posted on

    Very durable! and perfect for our rustic wedding theme. We will definitely reorder for party or events we host. We were happy with the price and our order when we received it.

    from Castro Wedding Posted on

    These are great. I bought them for my wedding and everyone thought they were so cute displayed in mason jars on the tables. They are heavy-duty, not flimsy, and have a nice serrated edge (although don't expect to cut anything too tough). They worked well for sweet potatoes and pulled pork barbecue and fit the vibe well.

    Posted on

    For a wooden disposable knife, they 're good. They look nice, felt good in your hand. Not sure how they would be cutting meat, but they were good for our event.

    from XL Vineyard Posted on

    My husband and I purchased these knives for our wedding reception. We felt like we were taking a risk, buying our flatware online, but I am so glad we did it! Not only did our guests love how beautiful the knives were, but they were all impressed at how well they cut through the food, even meat. Plus, now we have leftover knives to use when friends and family come over for BBQs.

    Posted on

    These knives work remarkably well! I was very surprised at how easily they cut through steak and pork for that matter. Great product for a great cause!

    Posted on

    What a great buy! I've seen these knives for a lot more on other websites, so happy to have found them here. We used them at a party & they held up wonderfully!

    Posted on

    The knives are good for the environment and very efficient too, theycan even cut through meat and other items on the tough side. I use these for my catering business and my customers love them.

    Posted on

    These knives are really nice and sturdy. You can do so much to them they are durable and a good option if you don't want the plastic look.

    Posted on

    I did a lot of research and found those to be the most cost effective disposable wooden knives from a number of online stores. It works great and it's environment friendly.

    Posted on

    These guys are so versatile, I have used for parties, picnics, etc. Here is an example of how you can decorate them with tapes. The plain non decorated ones are nice too - way better than plastic knives.

    I bought these for a baby shower, but had plenty left over( due to the amazing price) . I saw this table setting in a popular magazine and decided to do my take on it. Instead of going out and spending hundreds on gold flatware, i just painted thenhandles gold. Same look, just a fraction of the price. Thanks for the great deal

    Posted on

    Good and sturdy, and they look enviromental friendly because they are made from wood. Great price compared many sites and webstaurantstore had the best price on this.

    from mont Posted on

    We love these environmentally sustainable knives. They are strong and sturdy. Our customers really like them too, some people save them after they've used them.

    from The Pod Posted on

    This wooden cutlery is so much fun and great looking, too. I have purchased the knives, forks and spoons. The work well and add a different look to your table setting. They are perfect for casual settings, picnics or a "green" party. I have had so many compliments on these.

    from Cece Brune Posted on

    I absolutly love these knives! I used them for my wedding as well as the spoons and forks and they were a huge hit! I LOVE them! Such a great way to tie in your theme!!!!!

    Posted on

    These knifes will complete our table settings at our wedding reception this fall. They are exactly as pictured, sturdy and look great! We're looking forward to adding them to our picnic style reception tables!

    Posted on

    the knives seem sturdy and have a nice feel to them, i did not try cutting meat with them, but I imagine they would do okay within reason. definitely not flimsy or brittle like some plastic

    Posted on

    these are the perfect size and weight to send along with my fudge. We send our fudge uncut and these are a extra little touch our clients appreciate.

    from nom nom nom fudge Posted on

    these knives are great, they are very sturdy and much much better than plastic knives, they are also great for bbq's for cutting meat, I highly recommend them

    from Doula Flor Miami Posted on

    These are sturdy and look nice. They work well. I think they can be used for all occasions. They mix well with the bamboo plates!

    Posted on

    A huge success. Just like the spoons and forks, these knives work extremely well and get great raves and reviews from our customers. Will continue to buy these for a very long time.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    These knives are a great alternative to plastic knives, and they are even stronger than most disposable knives! They are great for parties and events. Your friends and customers will be impressed by this Eco Cutlery!

    from JAM Vegan Bakery Posted on

    great style plus great for the environment. the function is no different from a regular plastic knife. we use it our restaurant instead for plastic. GO GREEN!!!

    Posted on

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