Solut 5.7 oz. Kraft Paper Baking Cup with Extruded Polymer Coating - 50/Pack

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This versatile Solut 91068 5.7 oz. kraft baking cup is an attractive serving option for individual portions that will save you both time and money! Featuring a subtle brown color, this baking cup is sure to make your muffins, cupcakes, and other confectionery creations look irresistible. Its extruded polymer coating provides a robust barrier that resists moisture and grease, offering excellent release of fudgy brownies, quiches, cobblers, and other treats with a higher fat content.

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Solut 5.7 oz. Kraft Paper Baking Cup with Extruded Polymer Coating - 50/Pack

4.8 stars from 40 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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baking cups Perfect great size pies Love hold individual mini
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We love these baking cups. We use them to bake muffin tops, pies, cobblers, and we also use them to place our mini bundt cakes in after baking to add / hold the sauce and cream at the bottom of the cake. They never leak, they bake perfectly even, and people love the natural color.

from The Southern Olive on
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Love this! It is small, but it prefect for my customers, and it bake really well. I used it to make a small size quiche and other fruit filling pie.

from Zetta Marie's Patisserie on
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Strong enough for my pies and they look so good that I don't have to transfer the pies or mini casseroles into a plate no more.

from on

Love these for my baked mochi cakes. They use a lot of butter so these are great to hold them. They are mostly grease proof if the baked good isn’t full of butter. Very minimal grease leakage.


These baking cups work very well for individual servings of our cheesy potatoes and mac n cheese. They are sturdy and work well for our purposes! Have ordered several cases of this item!

from Papa Rock LLC on

these baking cups are perfect. I liked them so much, I just ordered more! perfect size for a nice thick and chewy chocolate chip cookie


Great for baking of small deserts like mini apple,pumpkin pies. Nice size, perfect for small treats. It serves two. I used it to bake apple pies

from Croatian Confections on

These cups are great, I’m using them for cookies. They have a special polymer lining which ensures they don’t stick. They have a nice height to them and bake very well in the oven.


perfect little item for making breakfast quiches that hold up well in a warming cabinet. They only thing that would make them better would be if they were 1/4 inch taller to hold more filling

from Two Sister Emporium on

These baking cups provide a good portion size for our crustless quiche! The fluted edges really elevate the aesthetic and it's a perfect compliment to our traditional quiche sizes on our menu. After the initial baking, we just reheat them individually in the oven for our customers as they order them. We love that they don't discolor even after baking them a second time!

from The Sweet Praxis on

these cups are great for muffin tops and I also bake mini meat loafs in them. they are very sturdy & handle grease well. Slightly coated on the inside & stacked for easy storage

from Simply Susan's on

Perfect little souflee cups. They can be placed in the oven or used for products that don't need baking. They are versatile, professional looking and they hold up nicely

from Three Sisters Cake Shop on

These work great!! We use for muffins, brownies and more. Muffins used to not sell in the regular white liner. We started putting them in these and boom! They sell.

from 82-3932138 on

These are used for individual pies and we love how well they hold up in the oven and how they hold their shape without separating from the pie.

from Alanna on

These kraft paper baking cups add a convenience for pies and treats. Easy to hand straight to our customers or pack four per box into the 9 inch pie box.

from Daylynn's on

Perfect for small souffles or snack pies. They hold up well in baking and never stick to these when removed by the customer. We love how they look.

from Billy Goat on

These are great baking cups. We make fruit tarts in them and cheese souffle. They look very professional and do not get destroyed in the oven. Some cups peel during hot temperatures but these work fine.


These are very attractive disposable baking cups that are pretty non-stick, although not completely depending on how sticky your recipe is. The outside isnt coated (obviously) and will show grease, so just be careful!


We switched to using these after using metal tart pans, and I'm glad we did. They are better for the customers, more food-safe, and they eliminate the need to wash the tart shells.


Sturdy and perfect single serve pans. Holds up will before and after baking. Purchased this size and 8 oz to see size difference. Both work great for my mini pies


These baking cups are the perfect size for single portion cobblers. I use these for desserts that don't hold up when they are cut. They keep a little longer as well!


We use these daily and only request is that they would come in various sizes as they work perfectly for our products. The quality is amazing and the price is even better.

from Grandma's Pantry Incorporated on

These tart cups are our new favorite thing. We make everything in them. They keep their shape and never collapse. They look professional and perfect.

from nana's creative cafe LLC on

I have found the solut brand to be of exceptional quality, no matter what the item. These are very handy little baking cups with a non-stick interior.

from Griffins' Catering on

We really love these for marketing egg soufflés in house. They make the perfect size breakfast item. I bet they would make great mini pies too.

from In The Loop Coffee Company on

These little tartlet cups are so handy. We use them for individual gooey butter cakes, mini quiches, mini cheesecakes. Totally non stick. The only drawback, however, is sometimes they tend to pull away from the pastry/cake inside....not sure what causes this.

from FrostAvenue on

Great product, I made miniature fruit cobblers in these for an event and they were great. I was able to bake right in them and the coating made it so that it was easily eaten out of the cup with a fork. No plates needed, the cup is sturdy enough to stand on its own. I would get these again, it is a perfect size for individual portions.

from N/a on

These are great size for when I make individual pies to take to farmer's markets or to put out on dessert buffets. They're small enough that a person can walk and eat them, but bigger than those tiny, mini pies.

from The Sweetest Things, LLC on

Webstaurantstore has some of the best bake and take items out there. All of them are at a great price and perform well. Great for tarts or quiche.

from The Baker's Bin on

They handle the oven well and look great on display. We use these to make small serving sizes of cheese cakes, cookies for 2 and even individual coffee cakes. They are also good for serving warm dips.

from Buffi Cakes on

I love these baking cups! The size is perfect for individual dessert servings. The quality looks to be great too, There was no grease leaking out to outside or bottom of cup!

from sweetart on

These are great for our mini bundt cakes, it keeps them snug in our containers so it doesn't move in transport. We will definitely buy again!

from Dani Cakes on

Perfect baking cups for pastries. The PET coating makes pastries slide right out, preventing any tears. Very sturdy cups and they store easily in a small stack.


Love, love, love these baking cups! They are the perfect size for most of my baking needs. I use them for individual desserts and savory dishes.

from Honey & Hive Baking & Catering Co. on

These are perfect for mini coffee cakes. I don't spray them, but never have a problem with things sticking. I am very happy with this purchase.


These were ok....the size is good but the product sticks in the bottom. Even though it is coated it still needs some sort of spray to keep items from sticking. We won't order them again.

from Mrs. Turbo's Cookies on

These are perfect for mini pies and tarts. The PET coating on them makes your pie slide right out and allows for a nice browning of the crust. I would recommend these over the molds without the PET coating. They're easier to use and the product looks better.


These are great for individual quickes & pies, perfect for our Merrychef oven too as they contain no metal. Love that they are recyclable & make a nice presentation item in our display cooler.

from Bada Bean on

I love the shape and the size for this stand alone baking cup however.......the issue i have is the cake pulls away from the edges because of the PET coating I am assume?. For presentation purposes II want the cake to be flush to the baking cup and not have to frost to the edge to hide the gaps!


very handy baking cups and they look great. We tried to use them for creme bruiee in a water bath. Not such a good idea!

from breezy point international on

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