Taylor 1470FS Digital Cooking Thermometer and Kitchen Timer

Item #: 913HLA1

This economic Taylor 1470FS digital cooking thermometer and kitchen timer is suitable for both hot and cold applications. For extra user convenience, it has an alarm that sounds when the desired temperature is reached, and it can also be set to go off when a desired amount of time has passed. Its heat-resistant, 48" silicone cord and 6", 1.5mm FDA recommended stepdown probe allow you to monitor cooking temperatures without opening the oven door. The stainless steel probe includes a non-slip clip to prevent moisture from entering the probe. This Taylor digital cooking thermometer and kitchen timer has a range of 32-392 degrees Fahrenheit, 0-200 degrees Celsius. For best results, this thermometer is not recommended for use in oven temperatures greater than 392 degrees Fahrenheit. An adjustable, magnetic back allows you to conveniently place this thermometer on oven doors. Plus, its digital display is exceptionally easy to read and equipped with an on/off switch to preserve battery life! Includes 2 AAA batteries for operation.

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Taylor 1470FS Digital Cooking Thermometer and Kitchen Timer

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    The Taylor digital cooking thermometer and kitchen timer combines two necessary tools into one. Having the information of both on one screen makes it efficient as well.

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    Flat kitchen timer design

    The Taylor digital cooking thermometer and kitchen timer is a handy device to time and make sure that meals are fully cooked. The design makes it easy to program and check to see if you are almost done cooking or if the temperature is right.

    from Lance Posted on

    Useful tool

    This is such a useful tool for making candy, especially brittle. Accurate and good design. I also really like the magnet and the ability to easily read the display even sitting on the counter.

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    This cooking thermometer and timer has saved my bacon on cooking times over and over. I'd recommend getting many different ones for all your ovens.

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    These are okay for a year or so. Ours, which we use almost every day (four of them at a time even), are now not consistently beeping when the time is over. It just stops. This has caused a few burned trays of cookies and dry cake. Also, the thermometer probe is very sensitive to water. Do NOT get the piece that inserts into the timer wet.

    from Sweet Tartlette Posted on

    This is my favorite model of thermometers. It reads so quickly and accurately. You can pull meat out of the oven at just the right time with this. We also use it to take the temperature of the water we use for French press coffee. Love it.

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    The Taylor Digital Cooking Thermometer and Kitchen Timer is highly accurate in temperature. It is well made and easy to use. I would highly recommend this for any kitchen.

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    Great, accurate thermometer. We use it all the time when when smoking meats. Just stick the probe into the meat and close the smoker door down on the silicone wire. No issues whatsoever. We also use it when roasting, so we dont have to open the oven door to check. It conveniently has a magnet on the back, so the unit sticks to the oven or smoker. Batteries last for a long time, and it is easy to quickly read the display from across the kitchen.

    from John C. Posted on

    I love this timer and thermometer combination. I have found the temperature to be accurate. The meat probe cord has held up well under high temperatures. I use it almost daily and have had no problems. I would purchase it again!

    Posted on

    Product was great kept us on every product that was our main critical point in our health inspections that needed attention So when it fell below a certain temperature we took carw of the situation before time and we were always ready and aware of our guest food safwty

    from Dennys Posted on

    This thermometer works great. I love that it has a magnetic back so that I can store it on my fridge when it's not in use.

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    The thermometer works good for smoking. The probe cord is long enough to place the unit outside the smoker or oven and loud enough to hear it.

    from Comfort Cusine Posted on

    Slip the probe in to the food and close the door and easily see the reading as the food cooks. Not a top notch thermometer but good for the money.

    I've had two of these thermometers. The issue I had with the first was in the wire. I think there was a short in the first one as it would not read, so I bought a second one just to replace the wire, and it worked great. Now I have no issues.

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    Great digital cooking thermometer and timer for the smoker. You can put the probe in the meat, put it in the smoker and know the temp at all times without opening the door.Love the magnet and long probe wire.

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    perfect for a smoker.

    We purchased one originally and it worked great for awhile. Then nothing....so we purchased a few more during the holidays for all the cooking going on. The new ones haven't given us any issues as if yet, however we don't use them as often as we did the first one.

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    This thermometer is both accurate and extremely convenient to use. The one concern that I have is that the probe - likely because of its silicon cover - is only heat safe to 425 and thus the thermometer will warn you if you reach 400 or above. but besides this it works very intuitively - it will count up if you start the timer without any time and if it is blinking because the temperature is over the set temp hitting stop will stop the blinking.

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    I bought this thermometer after throwing away another one from a different brand bought on Amazon which failed the second time I used it. When I saw this Taylor thermometer on Webstaurant store I decided to give it a try as I have never been disappointed with products purchased on Webstaurant store, I consider them commercial grade. As a matter of fact, this one did disappoint me a lot as it failed at the third use! The error message "Lo" was displayed in the temperature window while I was roasting beef for a family dinner. Very disappointed with this TAYLOR thermometer!!

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    Thank you for your review, Alessandro! We are sorry this thermometer has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    The taylor digital thermometer itself is great. It's the probes that you have to watch out for. I've had to replace about 3 or 4 of them.

    from Rise Bakery Posted on

    I like that this product came with batteries ready to be used. Product is very simple and self-explanatory; I did not need to read any instructions. I have never used a thermometer like this. It came in very handy for me to cook my turkey for Thanksgiving. Temperature appears to be very accurate when compared to my other meat thermometers. This product does exactly what it is supposed to do. Simple, effective, it's easy to use, that is why I gave it 5 stars. You can find other products like this on some of the popular online stores. However quality is often questionable. Webstaurantstore has always stood behind their products, in my experience.

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    Going to have to agree with the poor cable comments. I use these in a commercial kitchen and the cables dont last a week with minimal use. Another design flaw is the fact that the glue that holds the magnets on the back melts very easily causing the thermometer to fall and hit the ground and break even further. Better glue and tougher cable would definitely make this a 5 star product, esp for the price. At least if you guys offered a replacement wire on here thatd be helpful.

    from The Crack Shack Posted on

    Thank you for your review on these thermometer / timers. We're sorry you've been having trouble with the cables breaking. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This gives you all the basics you wants for a probe thermometer. You can turn the temperature alarm on and off if you do/do not want a signal when a temperature is met. Buttons are easy to use. User friendly; not too complicated.

    from Chef Stef, LLC Posted on

    This thermometer works awesome! It is the perfect addition to use when smoking all kinds of meats. It can be used directly inside the smoker or oven.

    Posted on

    You can't beat this item for the price. Do note, however that the probe is not waterproof. I was monitoring the temperature of a liquid and didn't have the probe mounted to the container rigidly enough and it fell in. Luckily, the probe is replaceable.

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    The thermometer is easy to use and the timer is really handy. I love the temperature alert especially for long roasts so you don't have to constantly look at the display. My only drawback is the fact that the temperature reading blinks when it is over the preset temperature, but that is only a minor annoyance.

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    This has been a fantastic purchase for us. In our commercial kitchen personal thermometers have a tendency to get lost, we use this product at every station where hot food is cooked which eleviates the need for multiple staff members to have their own thermometer. We started with just putting it near our burger grill but after a short time with that we realized it was a great product and ordered more to have them at all of our stations. Only downside thus far is when we dropped one it stopped working, it was pulled off the wall and fell from about 7 feet up. Great product - have had no issues with cords / fraying ect and it get's used often daily for us

    from UW-Milwaukee Posted on

    A must have for cooking certain meats, especially Prime Rib. This saves time, effort and $ too. This is a great product, easy to use, well built and ready to go!

    from Duke's Mesquite Broiler Posted on

    Excellent cooking thermometer that has a digital timer that can be turned on or off and you also can set the internal meat temp to beep when desired temperature has been reached.

    from AJ'S Smoke Shack Posted on

    I use it primarly for the timer when i bake my cakes and pastrys at home. I really don't use the thermometer much but within the week of having it it started to fray half way down the cable.

    from Todd's Kitchen Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry the cable on this thermometer / timer began to fray. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to make sure the issue is fixed.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    An absolute bargain - this is a near-replica of the common Polder model at pretty much half the price. It has yet to let me down - we'll see how long the probe lasts.

    from Ian Sparke Posted on

    Very handy thermometer to ensure that meat is cooked perfectly each time. I use this for roasts, which can be hard to judge from the outside due to oven fluctuations. This thermometer guarantees the perfect cooking temperature and the timer helps alert staff when the meat is ready.

    Posted on

    The thermometer is great very sensitive though you need to place the probe exactly at the center to get a proper reading. The poor review was for the wire on the probe. Splits very easily by the probe I've bought 2 of these so far as the price is affordable and a replacement wire costs are more. 2The thermometer is great very sensitive though you need to place the probe exactly at the center to get a proper reading. The poor review was for the wire on the probe. Splits very easily by the probe I've bought 2 of these so far as the price is affordable and a replacement wire costs are minimal.

    Posted on

    Perfect and easy to read when smoking meat. I use this along with a remote thermometer to monitor multiple cuts of meat at the same time. Never had a problem with temps varying between units, very accurate.

    from Taste of Texas BBQ Posted on

    This works great, however the wire is of pretty poor quality. The very first time I used it the wire split open, exposing the internal wires. If the wire was more durable this would be perfect.

    from USCGC Blacktip Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Sonata. We are sorry your thermometer’s cord broke so soon. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We use this Thermometer to measure the temperature when we boil sugar. It has a alarm function which can be set to go off when a certain temperature is reached. It can also be used in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

    from Brandenburg Posted on

    This is a really nice thermometer. I like that it has a timer, it makes it easier to multitask in the kitchen. I use it for tempering chocolate The only drawback is that it can't stand straight up in the pan because it's just a probe. Other than that it does it's job and I'm glad that I bought it.

    Posted on

    I bought this brand after I bought a similar product from a chain store, which did not work proper because the plug did not make a good connection. Taylor 1470 is not only cheaper but is of better quality.

    from RameNesque Posted on

    Very happy with this thermometer, it really does it all. The probe has a very long cord so I can easily have that in the oven and set the thermometer on the counter. Very excited to use it for a prime rib this Christmas.

    from B-Sting's Snacks & Things Posted on

    I've bought a few of these for myself and also given them away as gifts for showers, house warmings, new apartments, etc. I've found it to be very reliable and easy to use.

    Posted on

    A great oven-safe thermometer with a very long cord. The cord can also detach so you can store the cord/probe somewhere else if you like. If you prefer to keep it plugged in, I'd recommend keeping the tie for the cord. Great product!

    Posted on

    This is an excellent thermometer for the money. The retail price of this items is usually more, and it is a great bargain to purchase it here. The accuracy and speed are quite good given the price point. I tested it using a platinum calibrated reference and found the accuracy to be within 1 degree. Thats not to say that it was off by a degree, but that the resolution set at one degree, and both devices read the same value.

    Posted on

    Want to save a lot of money? This thermometer we use for our grease to make sure that we are not over heating. Has saved us a lot of money in the long run worth the price!

    from Penelopes Lil Cafe Posted on


    from INCREDIBLE CUPCAKES Posted on

    I have used this thermo and time for 3+ years and have been happy with it. It uses standard batteries, which is an advantage over many other digital thermometers, which require smaller, less available batteries. The only downside is that you have to be very careful when cleaning and handling the probe...if the wiring gets wet, it will most likely short out.

    Posted on

    This thermometer works great for what we need. We use to monitor the temp of any food item that we need to cool down within 2 hours. Once it hits the correct temp, it will beep to let us know!

    from Toni's Depot Posted on

    This item is a life saver, and for the price, you cant beat it... I did have some issues with the switch on the side, it often got stuck, but again for the price it works well. I would recommend anyone who cooks to have one of these around.

    Posted on

    This item is a life saver. Its great when you are cooking large meals and you don't want to keep stopping to check the oven. I recommend purchasing this.

    from Innovative Catering Posted on

    I purchased this as a gift for a person who loved canning and making candy. It is attractive and the person is pleased with it for its reliability and accuracy.

    Posted on

    I have been using probe thermometers for a few years now, and any Taylor thermometer will be my choice. I haven't gotten to use this one specifically yet, but I've used this exact same model for a long time and they've been awesome. I don't know how long they can last overall, because someone would always drop it into a vat of grease or something, but now that I own my own business, I'm sure that it will last for years. Love these things.

    from A Tasty Affair Posted on

    This is a great thermometer. The cord detaches for cleaning, and it's long enough to easily reach from inside the oven to the timer unit on the counter. It's wonderful to have an alarm when the food reaches the desired temperature. I really like it.

    Posted on

    Very reliable and functional thermometer. I have used this model regularly for the past year and I have been very happy with the accuracy and performance. I would recommend this for all kitchen uses.

    Posted on

    This thermometer has everything you need for roasting or grilling meats for much less than you get at typical retail stores. I just used it to roast prime rib for the holidays and it turned out perfectly.

    Posted on

    This thermometer appears to work as well as more expensive, "food-show" brands you'll find elsewhere, kand Taylor has been reliable for decades. Functions perfectly for smoking and steaming (viz. pastrami), where temperature matters a great deal to the finished product.

    Posted on

    This has worked well so far. I need it to perfect my baked potatoes! I love the extra long cord, and the magnetick back is also very nice. Another good thing is that you can have this with the top popped up, or laying flat (when not in use, I just stick this to my fridge).

    Posted on

    these are very nice thermometers. you can set the timer to pre-determined temp...the cord is nice length and the magnetic back is a great feature also...

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    I've been using this thermometer since the day I got it, and it's working great! I love that it changes from F to C and also has a timer built in.

    Posted on

    I love this thermometer! Great for testing my baked breads, meats, and I even use it for tempering chocolate! I love the timer function as well. That's all the guess work out

    Posted on

    This is a very nice digital thermometer. It works great for us and keeps the inspectors happy. And, as always with Webstaurant, can't beat the price!

    from Fast Times Posted on

    This is a great two in one product! Use it all the time for the timer portion of but its also great for temping roasts.

    Posted on

    I needed a replacement digital thermometer. This one is a good price from a reliable brand. It seems accurate and quick, and I've been happy with my purchase.

    from Sterling College Posted on

    This is the fancy and best thermometer and timer that I have ever bought. I use for my protein when I roast any food in the oven. It tells me where the temperature is at.

    Posted on

    This a fantastic digital thermometer with a timer!! Easy to read display! Great for monitoring the temperature of ovens and even checking on a roast without opening the oven door!!

    Posted on

    Purchaed this thermometer as a gift. It was much nice and at an attractive price. The gift recipient was delighted. Reporting that it works well.

    Posted on

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