Torani 750 mL Raspberry Flavoring / Fruit Syrup

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Bring all new flavors to your specialty drink menu with this Torani raspberry flavoring syrup! This tempting flavor will complement your beverages without overpowering them or being too sweet, while the user-friendly bottle will be convenient for your busy baristas to use. Torani flavoring syrups are specially formulated to resist curdling in milk and to hold up well under heat, making them the perfect choice for espresso-based drinks, brewed coffee or tea, and more. Use this flavor for frappes, iced coffees, smoothies, and even baking!

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Torani 750 mL Raspberry Flavoring / Fruit Syrup

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raspberry syrup great flavor Torani love tea drinks flavoring Italian
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    We make a white chocolate raspberry mocha, with everyone loves. The flavor syrup turns the drink a pink and is great for around valentines day.

    from The Homestead Posted on

    The Torani 750 mL Raspberry Flavoring / Fruit Syrup tastes great. You can really taste the raspberry flavor.we use this for any recipe that takes raspberry syrup. It works great in tea and lemonaid.

    from Open Range Coffee & Cafe Posted on

    This is our shops most sold flavoring for soda. Mixing this with Sprite, Whip Cream and Half n Half makes a good tasting Raspberry Italian Soda.

    from Jumpstart'R Posted on

    Soda flavoring

    i love this raspberry syrup!! we use this sauce for the red velvet mocha! the teasing is amazing. we order one box of this syrup. i think it will be gone soon ;))

    Posted on

    Torani Raspberry flavoring syrup is awesome for making fruit smoothies, daiquiris, frozen ice cubes. Rich tasting at a very reasonable price. Will be stocking up.

    from Legacy Creations Posted on

    Crowd pleaser

    The raspberry flavoring syrup is so sweet and flavorful. A great way to spice up a latte or even a great topping for cheesecake or pie.

    from Price Proudce Posted on

    Very popular not just for Italian Sodas, but great for making Raspberry Mochas with Dark or White Chocolate. A very versatile syrup that is a great addition to any café!

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    This is an excellent syrup to make sauces with! Excellent on ice creams and brownies - try mixing it in your cake batters for a flavored cake!

    Posted on

    Raspberry syrup with tablecraft pump

    This line of products is very good. The flavor is not too artificial. We mainly use these syrups in our drinks but can be used in a lot of different ways

    Posted on

    I love making fresh raspberry sauce for my cheesecakes, but sometimes when they are out of season, I am forced to use frozen berries. The berries usually do not have the same great flavor so I began adding the raspberry syrup to my mixture. The syrup adds a great raspberry flavor and really helps with the color. A great all purpose raspberry flavoring syrup.

    Posted on

    If you like raspberry, this is the flavor for you. It has a strong raspberry flavor that will not leave you disappointed. Your kids will love you for giving them a taste of the raspberry flavor.

    Posted on

    I put this in coffee, on ice cream and in yogurt. It tastes less artificial than normal raspberry flavoring. I really enjoy this line of products.

    Posted on

    Delicious raspberry flavor. Super easy to add to any drink in our store. We use raspberry a lot and this goes a long way! Will order this again!!

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    Raspberry torani

    Raspberry is one of the most popular flavor for the italian cream sodas, and all my customers love it! Especially when paired with blue berry !

    from n/a Posted on

    This flavor taste exactly like raspberry without a wierd after taste like most syrups. Torani is the best of the best when it comes to flavors.

    from Rosiejeanstees Posted on

    Firstly, Torani is our favorite syrup. You dont even need to add alot to make your drinks taste great. Its the reason our iced raspberry lattees are a hit :)

    from Dutchessness Posted on

    We added a line of Italian sodas to our beverage menu to offer more options for our non-alcohol drinking customers. Torani always has excellent flavors.

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    This torani raspberry syrup smells great and tastes even better. I got it to add to green tea to make raspberry tea and I love it.

    Posted on

    I love these syrups. At our restaurant we like to blend this with our homemade vanilla custard and mix in a topping. With this syrup we mix in real raspberries and our guests love it.

    Posted on

    We cannot keep this stuff on the shelves! People love this stuff! We are using it in our bubble teas and flavored teas however I've played around and made some shakes with it and it taste great also!

    from Toppings LLC Posted on

    We use this product often in our little local coffee shop. It's probably one of the most ordered because of how many drinks it comes in.

    from Barton County Coffee Company Posted on

    One of our customers all time favorites! Our customers love this syrup in some of our teas. Not too sweet and has a distinct raspberry flavor. It's a very versatile syrup.

    Posted on

    The raspberry flavoring from Torani is excellent for both frappes and for flavored iced tea's and Italian sodas. It's one of our most popular fruity flavors requested. I highly recommend it.

    from MidTown Coffee Posted on

    By far the best raspberry flavoring I have ever tasted! This is my go to flavoring for slushies and italian sodas! Wish I could get it is a smaller bottle.

    Posted on

    This syrup has excellent flavor and is makes the perfect lattes. it also pairs well with other flavors and doesn't overpower them. I love this Raspberry syrup with white chocolate. It is delicious.

    from Landmark Baptist Church Posted on

    This syrup has a yummy raspberry flavor. It makes great italian sodas (raspberry syrup and soda water). I have also used it in cocoa, white cocoa and lattes.

    Posted on

    We always have multiple bottle of this on hand! Raspberry with energy drink are a favorite in my house - you can mix it with either cream or orange juice for two very different drinks!

    Posted on

    It is very inexpensive and also very delicious. I love it on slushies. It does come in different flavors for your preference. I recommend it

    Posted on

    We ordered 3 Torani Syrups to make flavored Iced Tea and this was the worst one out of all. It tasted a little like cough syrup but when mixed it tastes good, but still worse than all the other syrups.

    from Palmer's Iced Tea Creations Posted on

    Based off of a recommendation we made a yummy Raspberry Hibiscus drink with Torani Raspberry Syrup!

    This makes so many delicious drinks! My favorite is making raspberry iced tea and raspberry lemonade! The options are endless! If you love raspberry thus is for you!

    Posted on

    This torani syrup is a customer favorite mixed into unsweetened iced tea. It has am authentic raspberry flavor and adds just the right amount of sweetness.

    from Culinary Creations Posted on

    The Tonrani Raspberry Flavoring syrup and be used in many ways, not only can you flavor drinks with this syrup but over ice cream is simply divine.

    from lemonade house mobile 1 Posted on

    Product is exactly as described and has great raspberry flavor, can't complain. Its great mixed with green tea for a refreshing drink for the summertime.

    Posted on

    I especially enjoy Torani syrups in the summer to sweeten and enhance my iced tea experience. The raspberry flavor is in my top three favorite flavors.

    Posted on

    This syrup was very strong and I liked it. That raspberry was very rich... We used it in our lemonade and many people loved it. Sold out in 2 days.

    from The Tea Room Posted on

    The Torani Raspberry flavoring syrup is so delicious! It goes well in our frozen fruit breezees. It blends well and has an awesome rich flavor.

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    We replace simply syrup with these to flavor our cocktails. Excellent in mojitos and cosmopolitans, lots of positive comments. Pourers fit nicely in them, they fit perfectly in our well racks.

    Posted on

    I Love this syrup! It's absolutely perfect for coffee! I am amazed at this company! They have super fast shipping! Will be ordering again soon!

    Posted on

    I love adding Torani raspberry to my coffee and hot chocolate. This syrup pairs perfectly with them and creates a tasty but not too sweet drink

    from Audible Imagery Posted on

    This is a very good flavor to mix with others to add a bit of zing to them. The only problem is when its by itself in our milkshakes, it is just a touch too sweet for my taste, otherwise it is a great flavor.

    from Finales Llc, DBA Tasty Image Posted on

    Torani raspberry has a strong raspberry taste. I think Torani raspberry is not much different than other branded ones. However, I am not a big fan of raspberry syrup because it has that medicine like taste to it.

    Posted on

    The Torani Raspberry syrup makes for some great summer drinks, tasty chocolate coffee combos or even just as a baking flavor addition. White chocolate and raspberry crepes are a hit!

    from Chupacabra Java Posted on

    One of our most popular iced tea flavors! Makes great soda addition as well as hot chocolates and mochas. Customers love it! and so do we!

    from Brewed Awakening Posted on

    We always stock up on Toranis Raspberry syrup at Valentines. It makes great chocolate covered raspberry drinks. We recently found if you mix it with the sweet heat syrup it makes a great milkshake as well!

    from Grinders Gourmet Cafe Posted on

    We love almost all the Torani syrups! They pour well, taste good, blend into drinks well, and are DELICIOUS! Put them in tea, coffee, Italian sodas - whatever you like, it doesn't matter, they are great. We wouldn't use any other kind! Raspberry flavor is awesome, we love it in everything! Mix with a little vanilla for a great italian soda.

    from That Crazy Redhead's Bakery and Cafe Posted on

    This is a great raspberry syrup. It's great in lattes, alone or paired with dark chocolate or white chocolate sauce; however my favorite application is in Italian sodas.

    Posted on

    When it comes to Torani, I would recommend every flavor. The nice, thick syrup has a quality taste without be too sugary. Over a snow cone or to sweeten up a drink, its great!

    from Julia Skellie Posted on

    I love this product. This is may favorite flavor of Torani syrup. It makes great italian sodas. I also use it to add a little flavor (1 or 2 pumps) to unsweet tea.

    Posted on

    I am a little biased, but this is my favorite flavoring of all time. It goes great in tea, lemonade, bar drinks and in soft drinks. We will order this item often.

    Posted on

    A wonderful addition to any iced tea, soda or coffee based drink. One thing though, the Torani they sell through Webstarurant is not dairy-friendly, and if you don't follow certain steps, it can cause any milks you are using to curdle. Like previous reviewers have said, adding espresso first, as a means of tempering, will more often than not, cause it not to curdle. If you're looking for raspberry that doesn't curdle, try Torani's Red Raspberry which is advertised as Dairy Friendly.

    Posted on

    This product does tend to curdle in milk sometimes but its not a deal breaker simply because of that. If you chill the sryup a bit before using or add it slowly into the milk or add it to the espresso base first, you won't ever know that it could curdle the milk. I specifically love this in our italian sodas as well as a soda mixer.

    from Tika - 1231 coffee Posted on

    A good tasting syrup that is very versatile in its uses. Lattes and cappuccinos as well as flavoring sodas and Lemonades. Perfect item for my coffee shop.

    Posted on

    I was about to say this is my 2nd favorite Torani flavor (after the Peach) but then I remembered blackberry and realized it's a tie. This makes a lovely raspberry flavor that doesn't taste like cough syrup, which is the biggest problem I have with almost anything raspberry flavored. This lends itself well to lemonade, Italian sodas and even hot chocolate!

    from The Grotto Italian Restaurant Posted on

    This raspberry syrup is the best! We can add it to anything, but mostly iced tea, lemonade, etc. It's a great change every once in awhile!

    from Fields of Pizza Posted on

    When compared to another brand's all natural raspberry, this one is a bit more sugary and syrupy in taste. Torani always makes a good syrup. Makes a good raspberry mocha when you add chocolate, milk and espresso.

    from Lutheran Church Posted on

    Pure and simple raspberry flavor with none of the artificial aftertaste of other brands. And, the Webstaurant store price is unbeatable. Trust me, I have researched pricing from Amazon to Torani's own website as well as our local Sam's Club and GFS stores who often do not have the raspberry and have not found a better deal than here at the Webstaurant, even with the shipping charges included. A summer without raspberry iced tea and iced raspberry coffee drinks or a winter without raspberry latte' just would not be the same. Not to mention the milk-shakes, chocolate-raspberry ice cream topping, raspberry frosting and all the other uses to which I've put Torani Raspberry flavoring syrup. And the more you order, the cheaper it gets. I save money and don't run out. Life is good.

    from Torani ! Hands down favorite Posted on

    Love that this product is dairy friendly! We use it often with many hot drinks. It taste even better with white chocolate. Blends great with cheesecake syrup.

    from zebib investments LLC Posted on

    Torani's raspberry is probably my 2nd favorite syrup, mixed with soda from my Sodastream. It used to be my favorite, but has recently been topped by their root beer. :) 5 pumps (2.5 Tbsp) of raspberry + 2 pumps (1 Tbsp) of almond or mango + 18oz of soda water makes a great soda! 5 raspberry + 1 almond + 1 mango is one of my all-time fave sodas! YUM! I gave up store-bought soda (mostly Dr. Pepper) almost 4 years ago because of these (and my Sodastream). They all have REAL cane sugar (about 1/2 of that in store-bought soda, BTW), no caffeine, no weird chemicals, and no acids eating away at my teeth! Plus it tastes fantastic! What's not to love?

    from Posted on

    This raspberry flavoring syrup is sensational! It works wonders in our smoothies, sodas and lemonades. I am so satisfied with the results we have gotten with this raspberry flavoring!

    Posted on

    Really great price for a really great taste. I think this company hits all of their flavors right on the money, but especially with raspberry. Very delicious, very authentic. Good replacement for not having actual raspberries.

    from Put the Lime in the Coconut Posted on

    This syrup is delicious in both hot and iced beverages ranging from Italian soda to tea to coffee! In espresso based drinks it works best if espresso is pulled directly into syrup before adding milk. This keeps the acid in the syrup from curdling the milk.

    from Artcycle, Inc. Posted on

    I love the raspberry flavour and bright red colour this syrup adds to Italian sodas. I also like to use this in iced coffees and hot tea in place of plain sugar.

    from Phillip Bystrican Posted on

    We use this mainly with the Torani white chocolate sauce. White chocolate raspberry latte. It has become a craze in our shop. The price is unbeatable. Love it.

    from Beans and Strings LLC Posted on

    We love this raspberry syrup from Torani. As always, they deliver a true flavor. We use it in our white and dark mochas. And also with a cheesecake syrup for a customer favorite

    from cuppa sunshine Posted on

    Good Raspberry Syrup sweetened with pure cane sugar. I use it with my soda stream to make flavored sodas. I've never tried it in coffee, so I can't really judge it in that perspective. Also great on a snow cone.

    Posted on

    Love raspberry mochas. Its a great mix with black tea as well when making raspberry tea. If you want a weird spin mix with hot cider ??

    from city coffeehouse Posted on

    Every place i looked for this flavor the price was outrageous, they were moderately priced. I will continue to shop here for all of my syrup needs.

    from Beans and Bagels Posted on

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