Urnex 12-ESP12-20 20 oz. Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

Item #: 588ESP1220

Designed especially for use with espresso machines, Urnex 12-ESP12-20 20 oz. Cafiza espresso machine cleaning powder offers a concentrated formula that eliminates residue in group heads, valves, and machine lines for a more efficient machine and better tasting product. Integral to any daily back flush cleaning regimen, this product is simple to use.

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Urnex 12-ESP12-20 20 oz. Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

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    We back flush our espresso machine regularly. This is the only product I've used for this and I don't plan on trying anything else because it works so well.
    The price here for cafiza is really good. I have to use a good deal of this so I was excited to find it on Webstaurant.
    I use this to backflush my espresso machine, as well as for soaking the portafilter. This seems to be the industry standard, and it's a great price!
    Great product for cleaning espresso machines. We use it for our La Marzocco at our cafe. It is probably the best value cleaner out there,
    This is such a useful product for our coffee shop! This cleaning powder cuts through all kinds of build-up, but does especially well on coffee and tea stained materials. We use it to clean inside our espresso machine, as well as all of our coffee making supplies and tools. Better price than we paid from another provider too!
    Nothing can match Cafiza's cleaning power. It is on par with the Magic Eraser is the wonders it can clean. I regularly clean our stainless steel pitchers, spoons, airpots, and espresso machine with it. It does irritate my hands occasionally so I recommend my staff wear gloves.
    This is the best espresso machine cleaner we have bought in a long time. It is easy to use, remove all coffee stains and oils of our espresso machines. Highly recommended!
    This is the best espresso machine cleaner around. This cleaning powder is very good at taking out coffee stains too. We just have to soak our machine parts, coffee pots etc for only about 15 minutes to completely take out stains.
    We have been using Urnex espresso machine cleaner to clean our espresso machine since the day we got it. It is easy to use and does a great job.
    This cleaner works great! Foams up to get in and around all the holes and filters. I put it in a cup with the Espresso cup you fill with grounds and it cleans the filter completely!
    We use this product every day for our espresso machine. It cleans not only the espresso machine but also any stainless steel surfaces. We mix a scoop of it with hot water and scrub down the sinks and other stainless steel surfaces for prime shine.
    You can't have an espresso machine without Cafiza Cleaning Powder! This powder makes keeping our espresso machine clean a breeze. A must-have in any coffee shop.
    I use it to clean a stainless coffee carafe that the dishwasher just won't get clean. Every couple of weeks I just add one teaspoon of powder to hot water, I would absolutely buy it again.
    We love this product to clean our automatic espresso machines and their exterior components for coffee descaling. It keeps all the items clean and shining.
    This is an incredibly useful item in our coffee shop. It keeps our equipment looking like new. I recommend making a cafiza spray with a couple of tablespoons of cafiza in a spray bottle of water, great for spraying out urns and other coffee vessels to remove stains and residue. Webstaurant has great pricing for this product too, we will continue to come back to them for this essential product.
    Thanks to this Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning powder our espresso machine has been a stress free cleaning routine. I love how it only takes a few minutes to dissolve.
    we love this cleaning power ! so easy to use and it clean espresso machine well! if you use this at night just make sure the first shot of espresso can affect to tasty of coffee.
    Best in the business. Do be careful with this stuff. It is hard on your skin, and it will eat just about anything, not just coffee buildup. It accidentally dissolved hi-temp paint off our coffee roaster! It dissolves sticky goo off of glass. It dissolves creosote off of metal. The proper use is to use it to backflush your espresso machine and to soak your espresso machine parts in it to clean them.
    This powder is much better than the tablet. I got the tablet from the same company, but because the tablet did not do the job very well, I had to buy this. Works better when used with hot water.
    This is a great product from Urnex. Cafiza cleans and removes coffee buildup really well and it's also more cost-efficient than the single portion packets.
    Stuff is amazing. Works great in filters and cleans with ease. We love it and the price is surely one that cannot be beat. Great!
    This is a life saver! We have a great espresso machine, but it gets built up if you don't up keep. This urnex helps get rid of all the oils that espresso beans leave behind!!
    Espresso machine cleaning is essential to maintaining any machine at any use level. This is the best price I have managed to find for Urnex 12-ESP12-20 20 oz. Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder, which is by far our favorite cleaner to date.
    We use this cleaner once a week to do a heavy duty cleaning on our lightly used espresso machine. It's neat to see how much crud this removes.
    Great cleaner for espresso machines. It does a good job on group head cleansing and the affordability makes it a must have in our shop
    This stuff is great! Pretty much an industry standard in the coffee business. We use it daily to clean our espresso machine. It also helps clean any other coffee equipment.
    You can see this stuff working as soon as the water dispenses. Be sure to follow the directions and you'll keep your machine nice for a long time.
    This is our standard cleaning product for our espresso machine. It's a no-frills workhorse of a product – always works great with no complaints. I highly recommend it.
    A must have in any coffee shop! We use a small amount once a week in our coffee urns & it does the trick! Just soak & rinse!
    The Urnex Cleaning Powder is a simple and reliable espresso machine cleaner that goes a long way for a good cost - cuts out the buildup in the machine.
    I've used this product for years to not only clean my espresso machine, but many other items as well. Cafiza takes the tan coffee stain out of my airpots, travel mugs, and bell pitchers and makes them look like new!
    A great product at a much better price. We use this to clean our two head espresso machine and it does a great job. There are other products out there that do the same thing but cost much more.
    We use this in our airpots and also to clean our espresso machine. Does a great job of lifting hard to clean residue. You only need a little bit so this lasts forever.
    Urnex 12-ESP12-20 20 oz. Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder - this stuff cleans EVERYTHING. love it. Will prolly get some for the house too!!! Great product
    This espresso machine cleaning powder is great for making sure our espresso machine is shiny and clean. Directions are included which make things simple. We'll be buying this again.
    I think this is the go-to product in the industry for regularly cleaning machines. Seems to work well. Good price here as well. No issues. I prefer powder instead of tablets because I can control the amount used, but tablets won't spill either...
    I recently took over a small cafe that came with equipment. The espresso machine needed a thorough cleaning and this stuff worked amazingly! Couldn't be happier.
    I have to use this for my espresso machine, it cleans very well and is very afforadable compared to other supply stores for coffee and espresso machines.
    I used another espresso cleaning powder prior to purchasing Urnex ones. I think Urnex has a stronger smell but I could barely tell the difference between those two. It seems pointless to pay twice the price for a different brand. I am very satisfied with Urnex cleaning powder.
    Great product for the price. We use it for daily espresso machine use and it does a great job! Prefer the powder to the tablets
    We use the Cafiza espresso machine cleaning powder every night at close. It's very easy to use and works very well. The porta filter is super easy to take apart and clean with this as well. We even put a little in our air pots to clean them. Works great!
    This is truly amazing stuff. It's absolutely crucial if you serve any sort of coffee products. It makes a huge difference in the taste of your product if you properly clean your equipment. We use it on our espresso machine, tea and coffee urns, and stainless steel 3 compartment sinks. Don't try to use it on anything rubber or plastic but if you have stainless steel or glass that gets stained, this stuff will make it brand shiny new again. I prefer this bottle to the little packets. I find it easier when I can portion out the perfect amount myself.

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