4" x 6" Lemon Scented Moist Towelette / Wet Nap - 1000/Case

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These 4" x 6" lemon scented moist towelettes / wet naps are a simple yet effective way to elevate the dining experience for your guests, whether they are dining in or out! Perfect for serving along side messy finger foods like chicken wings, barbecue ribs, or crab legs, a moist towelette provides a method for quick and easy clean up that your guests will appreciate. Messy foods can leave guests' hands and faces covered in sticky sauces, but these towelettes enable them to immediately clean up without accidentally rubbing their dirty hands on your clean tables or bathroom doorknobs. Plus, they'll feel more comfortable and might decide to stay or order dessert!

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4" x 6" Lemon Scented Moist Towelette / Wet Nap - 1000/Case

4.9 stars from 91 reviews


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great price customers moist wet Lemon scent towelettes perfect hands
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    Great overall product. I must have for any place selling sticky or messy items. Comes in large cases easy to use and set out. Faster Speedy shipping
    Handy little wipes to keep in my purse, car and home. It's a great buy for the money and it smells good and leaves hands feeling nice
    Economical towelette that functions as expected. Scent isn't overpowering, and doesn't smell like an artificial chemical. Perfect for keeping on the tables and sending with the kids both.
    These moist towelettes are a must for any restaurant serving wings or ribs (when wet naps are needed). Ordering them from Webstaurant definitely saves me money and them get delivered so quick
    Wow! You get ally for such a great price. I love the scent of the lemon. They are really wet and moist. Great for finger licking food. i also pack them for my kids lunch.
    Do you basically want to get a virtual High Five from every Parent that sits down to your table, it's simple these will do it, in the best way ever. Family Friendly Tables earn repeat visitors
    Bought for our DIY wedding last weekend. We ordered 60 pounds of hot wings and had a ranch fountain, so these were a total lifesaver! Only ended up using about 300 but you can't beat the price.
    Love these wet-naps- huge box lasts for a while, they don't have an overpowering scent, and they are small and neatly packaged. Great value for the price.
    Highly recommended if you deal with a lot of customers! I bought at a very affordable price, and it’s a quality product! The customers love them!
    These are okay wet naps. They are average sized. These naps get the job done but are not at all lemon scented. They smell a lot of chemicals, but for the price it is worth it.
    Lemon scent not too overpowering and very pleasant. Wipes hands relatively clean. We reccomendd using a dry nap before and after using this product for a complete, non sticky hand.
    We're a Caribbean barbecue restaurant so we need these towelettes. Our customers say they are just the perfect size for both hands and mouth after eating our delicious food. Don't even have to take a trip to the bathroom with these! They get the job done right the first time. Would recommend.
    These are a must have for your desk drawer, car, and picnic basket. They’re alcohol free, so they’re less drying than hand sanitizer, plus they can actually wipe away messes instead of just smearing it around.
    Great scent for your guests, and an unbelievably good price. Must have for any establishment that serves sticky items, finger foods, young patrons or takeout.
    These can be a life saver! We put these out at our coffee fix station, and customers are always so happy to see them there. Easy for customers for a quick hand cleanup, instead of needing to find a sink for a simple post-food cleanup.
    These moist towelettes are great to give customers when you serve messy foods They are also really great for cleaning eye glasses. Stuff a few in your purse or car, you can always use them!
    These are pleasantly scented like lemon and moist wet towelettes. You can tell they're high quality because they're not dried out, but still very moist. Highly recommend.
    These moist towelettes come at a great affordable price in bulk . They retain moisture and have a pleasant smell. Good to hand out to guests
    These 4"x6" wet naps are awesome for cleaning your hands after eating saucy and greasy foods like ribs and fried chicken. Great price and a great product.
    I love keeping these on hand in my purse. Perfect for wipingg hands or counters before eating. Best of all they are alcohol free and have a nice lemon scent
    These work great and are very inexpensive. It's great to have them on tables for guests at our events. Especially when there are children around!
    The 4" by 6" lemon scented moist towelettes is good for sanitizing surfaces and hands. While the lemon scent is not as strong/identifiable as other wipes we've had, these do the job.
    very lemony. some packets when opened were dry which was bizarre. work well for cleaning hands though. they are a good size too when opened fully.
    These wet naps work decently, are packaged well, and re nice and moist. The cost is very modest, and they have a pleasant clean scent.
    Pleasantly lemon scented, this 100 pack of individually wrapped moist towelettes are easy to open. They are super to add to lunch boxes to clean and refresh skin.
    Just the right size. Just the right moisture. Just the right scent. I ordered the Wet Naps for guests to wipe their hands and face after eating at the Wing Fling. It added a nice touch to my event. I would definitely order again.
    The lemon scent of these wipes is refreshing and not over powering. They leave your hands feeling clean and soft not dry. Great for restaurants and also to keep on hand for travel.
    Smells great, leaves your hands feeling clean and doesn’t leave behind any residue. Great for on the go and perfect to stick in a small clutch when going out for the night!
    these are really nice little pre moistened toilettes. they have a nice clean scent to them and work well to clean your hands. the only downside i've seen is that they come in a loose plastic wrapping and it would nice if there was a box of some sort. other than that, they're great.
    The 4" x 6" Lemon Scented Moist Towelettes are excellent for home use or to pack with cold lunches. The quality is pretty good as well as the price. I would definitely purchase again if needed.
    Love these!! 4”x6” Lemon scented moist towelettes/ wet naps! This is a lot of 1000!! That’s a lot of cleaning wipes! I like that they are individually wrapped and you can take them everywhere!
    These towelettes are perfect size for in your purse or in your first aid kit. I always carry some with me just in case of spills on the go
    This pack of wet naps is great for a BBQ or for a crab boil. They come individually wrapped and are moistened for cleaning your hands and face
    These wet naps are perfect, especially for occasions with messy foods. We use these when catering BBQ dinners to make sure people leave as clean as they came. The size is perfect for small clean up, and the large quantity means people can use as many as they're want without breaking the bank. This the best value I have found for these.
    This four inch by six inch Lemon Scented Moist Towelette Wet Naps was far more commercial than I expected. The potency of these little wet naps is impressive and they do not leave dry cracked hands like other brands I have tried in the past. I would recommend and would order again!!
    These work well and have a nice sent, not that strong alcohol sent that some have. They do dry out quickly though and a few may be needed for one clean up.
    These moist towelettes are perfect to stash in your purse, glove box, and desk drawer. I’m not a fan of hand sanitizer…it’s slimy, leaks, and without being able to wipe my hands, they still feel dirty. These towelettes are perfect in a pinch when you can’t get to a sink to wash up.
    These are perfect for our restaurant. We use them daily with our wing orders...both to-go and in-house. The price is fantastic and the lemon scent is a bonus!
    Nice moist towelettes that are perfect for cleaning your hands after eating messy foods like ribs. These are great to keep a few in your purse or glovebox as well
    These will be perfect for our BBQ style wedding reception in the fall. They were packaged well and the shipping was fast. These were much better priced on this site than competitors for a large quantity.
    I always keep a few of these in my wallet just in case I can't wash my hands before I eat. Love the lemon scent
    Purchased a large case of wipes last year. These go on the table for every event we do. Everyone loved them especially parents anticipating sticky hands with their kids!
    This is a really good lemon scented moist towelette / wet nap really good price for them I really like the four by at six and size these are great to have on hand for me serving ribs
    Good size for fingers and stays moist thanks to the foil lining! The scent is light and fresh and they aslo work to clean glasses or other surfaces for small spots
    I ordered this product for my wedding in September in which we are having a local BBQ business cater it. These are going to absolutely be perfect for the event!!
    The 4" x 6" Lemon Scented Moist Towelette / Wet Nap is perfect for boxed lunches and messy meals. They allow quick and easy clean up. They are alcohol free so they don't dry your hands out.
    I purchased the 100 pack of the 4" x 6" Lemon Scented Moist Towelettes for home use. They are really nice to have around the house especially with children. Great quality and value! Highly recommend!
    I use these wipes to distribute in my chocolate making classes. Sometimes people make messes so its convenient to just lay them on the table and allow people to use whenever the need arises.
    Love these little wipes. Good smell to them, and easy to open. Size once opened is a little small, but it is large enough to do a wipe of hands.
    Can't complain. Hot wings leave a mess on hands and faces so we offer these to customers and they appreciate it. The lemon scent is nice and not too overpowering.
    These work great! There are fancier things you can buy, if you run a really high-end place and want to waste money on disposables! These are quality, and get the job done. Overall they are a great value!
    The 4" x 6" Lemon Scented Moist Towelette / Wet Nap - 100/Pack are handy little item. I keep them in my purse for a quick way to freshen up!
    These are perfect to hand out and convenient to carry. We live in a germ filled world so it is great to have these on hand. The scent is a plus. It isn't overpowering.
    Sometimes things get a little to messy, to much sauce on your hands, to many wings. These moist towelettes are the perfect solution to that.
    Exactly what I was looking for. These wipes are the perfect size to give to my customers for their final clean up after finger foods like chicken wings.
    A quality product at a very reasonable price. They are sturdy and don't rip, they smell good, and I never have the problems I have had with other brands...like pouches that are empty when you open them.
    We were having a problem with moistness and these have really solved that. Sometimes in the past we have gotten dry, but not from Webstruant Store!
    I purchased these lemon scent moist napkins for our outdoor BBQ wedding last month...for the money spent they were worthwhile however some of the napkins were dry that's why i give them a 4 ? rather than a 5 ? review...for other products viewed online these were the best deal to go with
    These are great! We ordered some of these moist towelettes for our restaurant because the price was much less than we can find locally. Planning to order these again.
    These Are Great I Use Them For After Dinner And Are Great For Cleaning hands and face, good buy, good Qultiy a most Buy !
    Great product to put in to go bags when sending food home. Small package makes them easy to put in a bag or carry around.
    These are great wet napkins. They smell good and work perfectly at our weekly chicken bbq. We set them out for our customers and they love them!
    When I first put my order in for these I was a bit skeptical but once I received them I was excited.. My customers love them and I do as well.. Some of my customers work outside so being able to help them keep down the germs while enjoying my homemade banana pudding and Larger than Life salads is a plus for me!!
    Again, we really wish these were packaged in some sort of box, but they serve the purpose we need and they are easy to carry around. The lemon scent is a nice touch and our kids like it. We really like the huge assortment of products that WS has available.
    Great price on this product. These save me a lot of money on napkins and paper towels when I have messy eaters! Love the lemon scent!
    I used this wet naps for my child's birthday party at the park. They worked out great and smells so good. My friends and family were impressed.
    Used these Wet Naps in a to go lunch box. They are a standard towelette and surprisingly wet, unlike other brands. Great price for the quantity.
    The 4" x 6" - 100 / Pack Lemon Scented Moist Towelette / Wet Nap also works great in cleaning off mayonnaise off fingers. So nice to just pull out and have at any time to use.
    The perfect amount and for the price, it was an excellent deal! The shipment arrived sooner than expected which made it that much better! Great count for the price and now, I do not have to waste money nickeling and diming, getting lesser counts for more money at local retailers. Glad to be part of the Webstaurant Business owners network!
    I opened one as soon as I received and I loved it..We Are planning to use these at every event and I'm sure all the guests will love them
    Since we sell chicken wings at our bar, we definitely need these moist towelettes for our customers. They are small and easily distributable. We will continue to buy this.
    We use this towelette often for special events on give them to guest for a variety of foods on our food truck. They are of good quality and have a very refreshing lemon smell.
    We bought these moist towelettes for a party in which we will be serving up barbecued ribs. I decided to try one out and there are a nice size and have a light lemon scent.
    Ok... We were spending two times the amount for wet naps with our previous vendor. The packaging was nicer but the issue was a lot of them were dry inside. We are a WINGS place. So messy customers don't appreciate a dry surprise. Haven't had any issues with these wet naps yet plus they smell better and clean better. Restaurant Manager, Elsa
    I was surprised that I was able to get these lemon scented moist towelettes at such an affordable price! I go through a lot of them at our ice cream shop!
    They are the perfect size, scent, and wetness. They are easy to carry around in your purse or pocket, or to be used in a business.
    I add these to informal events and drop off catering orders. It is a nice touch for the clients to be able to wash their hands when serving finger foods. They are a good price and have a nice mild scent.
    These are easy to open and easy to use. Smells nice and fresh. Perfectly convenient to serve with foods. Wipes hands clean and leaves them smelling and looking clean.
    We put one of these in with each sandwich we serve. It's a great way to add value to our guests by making sure they aren't deterred from eating our food even if it can get a little messy.
    this 4 x 6 moist towelette / wet nap is a super great value product. and at 1000 per case its a home run. our customers love them.
    Very happy with the quality and the price of these wet naps. Our customers appreciate these to use after their meal. I highly recommend these.
    These towelettes are extremely useful for our customers. Food we serve can get pretty messy and this allows us to make cleanup easy. Size is perfect.
    I guess I am a neat freak, but I love having these in my purse at all times. There is always something that needs to be wiped. (meat juice, etc....) We will not even get into grandkids little noses. Perfect size to stash in all kinds of handy places. I even used them once in a ladies room without TP.
    LOVE THESE! I sell caramel apples and have to supply these. My customers prefer these over other brands that I have tried in the past too.
    These are great *LITTLE* wipes. Plenty moist enough but they are very small. Our product is rotisserie chicken and these come in handy for our customers.
    Not much to say about these. Our customers love them since we are a knife and fork burger joint. Our entrees tend to get pretty messy.
    Whenever I go to a restuarants, i look forward in using a wet nap. they are great to have even around the house especially when you have kids.

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