Ghirardelli 25 lb. Dark Coating Wafers

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Cover strawberries, nuts, and pretzels with a sweet and creamy coating with these Ghirardelli 25 lb. dark chocolate coating wafers! Once melted, they become the perfect topping or decoration for bonbons, fruits, bark, truffles, and other decadent desserts. Best of all, they're easy to melt and stir with no tempering required! Simply dip, coat, and drizzle this dark chocolate flavor on your food items to make creative food presentations with professional-looking results and glossy chocolate finishes.

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Ghirardelli 25 lb. Dark Coating Wafers

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chocolate dipping Great Ghirardelli dark coating easy wafers melts cookies
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We love this chocolate to melt it down and use to cover all our ice cream cones from cake, sugar and waffle cones. Dries very fast too

from Bricks Wood Fired Pizza on
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This is a great chocolate to use for almost any application that calls for chocolate. I've made sauces out of it, used it in cookies/brownies and just straight up eaten it and it's a really solid product. My first box came melted and fused together and webstaurantstore replaced it immediately.

from Whole Health Dentistry on
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These wafers are delicious on their own or melted down to make homemade peanut butter cups and other chocolates. They do tend to melt a little when shipping though, so might be better to stock up when the weather is cooler.


Amazing! Melted great and a great price for bulk, It lasted me a while and were great for dipped strawberries and cake balls and i also tried pineapples with it.

from Creative creations on

These melting wafers make chocolate work so much easier. They melt great, are nice and thin for dipping so you can get things coated well without a ton of chocolate.

from nana's creative cafe LLC on
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Funky taste. I would not recommend this product at all. Rather spend extra $$$ and buy better coating chocolate. I expected more from a brand like Ghiradelli


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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Not happy. I ordered the bulk boxes of dark, milk and white chocolate wafers and none will harden! Making them obsolete for what I do! The dark dries with chalky sections. Wasted money! I go to the store and by the 10oz ghirardelli in the same flavors and the harden perfectly.

from Stryking Events on

Thank you for your review, Rebecca! We are sorry this Ghirardelli 5 lb. Dark Chocolate Coating Wafers has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

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Ghirardelli chocolate coating wafers is the best melting chocolate to use. It is so easy to work with and tastes delicious, I highly recommend buying this product!


I use the Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Coating Wafers to coat cookies.The wafers melt smoothly the chocolate dries pretty quickly and the taste is amazing the best so far for melting chocolate. The outcome is shiny hard shell coated cookies or anything else Dipped in chocolate.

from Rosie’s Sweets on

This is BY FAR the best tasting chocolate and the best dipping chocolate! It melts so easily and smoothly! I will never use another brand

from Alyssa's Heavenly Sweets on

This is a wafer that doesn’t need tempered. It doesn’t have a great taste. It’s very artificial tasting. So great that there is no tempering but it taste like the Make n Mold wafer you get at the craft store but double the price.


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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

I love Ghirardelli chocolates! They are so good!. This chocolate wafers melt really easy and stick well to whatever you are dipping. It has the nice chocolate crunch to it when you bite it.

from Mami's Cocina on

These Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Wafers are absolutely amazing they have such a great taste and meltdown so smooth and have such a rich chocolate flavor

from Emila's sweets on

Delicious!!! I bought Ghirardelli's dark chocolate and it was scrumptious and easy to use, no need to temper the chocolate. I got so many compliments. I'm never getting Candy Melts again.


Perfect! These microwave really easily without burning, and form a hard shell within just a few minutes at room temperature. This is the best price for this product out there!

from Bisnonna Bakeshop on

These chocolate wafers are exactly as described. They save the time of tempering chocolate. The taste is quality. We used them for dipping strawberries during Valentine's Day and our customers raved about them.

from Sweet Designs Cakery on

This chocolate is awesome! It tastes delicious and is a great price! We use this all the time in our cake shop! We used this for all of our chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine's day and had great reviews

from Three Sisters Cake Shop on

Legit the only dark chocolate I will use in my bakery. Dipping Cake pops, Chocolate Molds, drizzle... no other brand compares to this! Well worth the price

from The Wicked Sweet Sugar Boutique on

Today we tried these wafers to make our famous hand-made truffles for family and some friends. They tasted so good, still can't get the taste out of my taste buds :)

from mrs sadia on

These are delicious! Perfect for dipping cookies and nuts for the holidays. Webstaurant store has the best price I’ve seen, by far! They melt super easily and set up fast!


Excellent coating chocolate. It works really well when you need to use a chocolate that you don't have time to temper. It has a very rich flavor and it does not streak when it sets up.


Ghirardelli chocolate offers the best quality, but not usually at such a great price. This was a great find! It melted great, covered my caramels well, and dried with a nice shine. I am definitely going to be ordering more!!!


These are amazing! Very tasty and easy to use, just melt and dip, there is no tempering required! I use these for dipping cookies and truffles in, as well as melting for a chocolate base in certain recipes.


You can't go wrong with Ghirardelli brand anything. This chocolate is so delicious and the consistency is perfect for melting. My cake truffles never looked and tasted so good!

from The Cupcake Chick, LLC on

Great. Easy to use, melts smooth makes dipping strawberries easier. Used it to make some simple candy molds and some basic chocolate truffles for my students worked great.

from LACC on

Great taste! Ghirardelli never disappoints! They add a nice rich, smooth, and chocolatey element to all your baked goods. They are perfect! I love these! I will continue to purchase these and also enjoy the reasonable price as well.


This is a good product. I've only found one better. It's called ASM and it's threw bakemark. But you need a 500.00 order minimum. This gets the job done for sure.

from Stateside deli on

These are delicious! We dip cannolis in them. They melt to a super smooth creamy easy dipping chocolate! They drip and drizzle so well on all our cookies and baked goods.

from HomeGrown Pizza LLC on

We love this melting chocolate from Webstaurant and this is now the only chocolate we use, Reliable and always delicious. We will continue to only buy here.

from Kartez Cookies, LLC. on

I love using Ghirardelli white chocolate on my Driskill strawberries and my gourmet caramel apples ! It is the Best chocolate! I also make a gourmet caramel corn I cover that with white chocolate and call it :bunny crunch !

from The BIG Apple- Gourmet Caramel Apples on

Wow!!!!, Nice test and color, We enjoying Dark Chocolate for our baking. We paid less and gain lots, It really worthy shopping. The order received fast and on time. Thanks


I love the rich tasting chocolate that Ghirardelli makes! These costing wafers offer multiple different uses from melting and covering things to using to decorate my cakes! It makes so smooth.

from Gina's Cookie Company on

We only use Ghirardelli chocolate at our store We love the taste and how well they melt. The chocolate sets nicely and we're always happy with the end results.

from Sweet Peach's Candy and Confections on

Chocolate was super delicious !!!! I use it for my Valentine’s Day party to dip strawberries. I Received lots of compliments on it .I will definitely buy it again for my next event . Wish I would have taken pictures and video of it . I will come back and posted once I use it again.


I would highly recommend this product. I have worked with this chocolate for years and would never change. The quality and taste is amazing. Great price.

from Genovese's on

I’m an at-home baker and wanted to experiment in chocolate molds and dips. Messing up a batch of tempered chocolate is wasteful for a novice in a non-commercial setting. So, I love that these don’t require that process in order to turn out beautiful and delicious treats!


I think these are delicious. I use them in a number of recipes in our bakeries. I think that these go great with pretty much anything.


Ghiradelli Wafers make the best homemade chocolates. Creamy without the waxy or oily texture. Easy to work with and doesn't start to harden quickly. The most important part is the candy is delicious.


These ghirardelli dark chocolate wafers are excellent for melting to make holiday spoons with! We just started this year making them for friends and family and they are a great success!

from 4K9 & Company on

This is 5 star chocolate, with a name like Ghirardelli how can you go wrong? They melt up perfect, and make a nice addition to any bakers pantry.


The dark chocolate is easy to work with and doesn't need to be tempered. It melts great without having to add anything to it for dipping.


Chocolate did not meet expectations. I have used this product before, purchased in a box store and that is why I looked online for it. I expected the same results, but this product was thicker and harder to work with than store bought product. Will not be ordering again.


Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Ghirardelli 5 lb dark chocolate coating Wafers at perfect for creating milkshakes and other types of dessert recipes. Can be utilized at your bakery to create unique recipes for chocolate chip cookies and cakes.


I bought this chocolate to cover my alfajores (cookie sandwiches) and it works well, not as good as I expected, but the hot weather here in Florida is not good for any chocolate, in my opinion dark chocolate is better than the white one.


I previously bought this at a warehouse club, S... C... . But here I don't pay for membership. I have since bought larger sizes since this stores well in a cool and dark spot. It is so easy to work with that you will be happy to gift or sell your finished product. With Webstaurant behind it you have nothing to lose, but you wil be back for more.l


These are delicious. The best dark chocolate I've ever had, although I'm far from a purist. I like them because they have quite a high sugar content; even though they have less milk (making them "dark"), they don't taste bitter at all and are quite sweet. It's an interesting flavor profile because it tastes more sophisticated than the milk but it's just as sweet. In any case, don't make the mistake of thinking "dark" means semisweet or bittersweet. It's not the case with this chocolate.


This is one of my favorite dipping chocolates I have found. It is easy to melt and dries perfectly when dipping truffles. I will definitely buy again.

from Christmas on indian lore on

Ghirardelli is my go-to chocolate for dipped Oreo cookies, strawberries, and pretzels. This chocolate is smooth, richly flavored, and looks beautiful on my molded Oreos.

from All About That Bake on

This is my absolute favorite chocolate for dipping macaroons, cookies,biscotti, and anything you can imagine. It melts beautifully and sets up perfectly without having to worry about tempering. Ghirardelli is a great American company that makes delicious chocolate.

from Sugar Buff on

A great variety of dark chocolate coating wafers that are perfect for melting down and dipping. A great way to dip strawberries and other fruits. Melts down very easily and creates a smooth, silky coating. Makes a great dark chocolate dipped pretzel.


melts great, very smooth and creamy. tastes wonderful on truffles and candies. easy texture to work with and melts fast. shipped fast as well! nice product

from Sugar Rushed Bakery on

We only use ghiradelli dark chocolate for dipping and this is a perfect size for our needs! The wafers melt easily and evenly and it so creamy that even dipping bacon in it is a breeze!


this is really nice quality chocolate. ghiradelli makes a solid product and the price you can get it here on webstaurantstore can't be beat. it's great in baked goods and candy. it;s just an overall good deal.


Great chocolate coating. This products heats up with no tempering needed. We use to coat cookies, icing, pretzels and more. I have even caught people eating it out of the canister. Great quality at the best price.


These dark chocolate coating wafers are great. We use this for cake pops or for fondue or for chocolate covered strawberries. These are from Ghirardelli, a name synonymous to excellent quality. These melt easily and taste is as good as the brand suggests.


We use these Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Coating Wafers to make pecan candies in our store and nothing else compares. These melt and cool well to make the most delicious candies!


I use these chocolate wafers for dipping cake pops and strawberries. It tastes good and melts better than the other brands found at craft stores. Good price, too!


Use these in my chocolate shop for the dipped fruits. SOOO GOOD. If you do a blind taste test with Ghirardelli's and generic, this one will win every time!

from Ep.Con (Epping Concessions) on

Delicious chocolate! Melted perfectly for candy and tasted great. I will be purchasing this chocolate again, but I will be buying in bulk because it was such good chocolate.


Ghirardelli is my favorite Chocolate to use for all my homemade candies. Very good product will not use anything else. Have been using this product for several years

from Homemade to Order on

Love these Ghiradelli dark chocolate coating wafers. They are easy to melt then pour into molds or dip candies, cookies, marshmallows, or whatever you want to coat in delicious chocolate. I have been using them for about 4 years and they have never let me down. The shine is amazing when utilizing polycarbonate molds. Try them and you will be dipping everything you can get your hands on.


I love Ghirardelli!!! It has the best flavor, I use it for making brownies, cakes, ganache etc. This is the best value on the market. I will definitely be buying again.


Good price for bulk chocolate wafers. I bought the white chocolate and dark chocolate. I use them for pretty much everything will order again soon.

from Countryside Bakery on

Ghirardelli's dark chocolate flavor is Perfect for my Salty Carmel Brownies. The chocolate flavor and melting is always consistent. Will maintain freshness, when stored at cool temperature.

from Cookies and Cream on

Ghirardelli is the bee's knees. If you are going to buy chocolate wafers, don't miss out and make sure you buy the best of the best.


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