12" Beechwood Wooden Spoon

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This 12" wooden spoon is great for mixing even the thickest of doughs and batters. Made of lightweight, yet durable beechwood, it's also safe for use with nonstick surfaces.

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12" Beechwood Wooden Spoon

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spoon wooden spoons great price quality Beechwood nice cooking kitchen
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    This is the wooden spoon you should get if you are expecting a sturdy medium weight wooden spoon, I have found that the generic wooden spoon offered for slightly less is not as heavy and does not function as well as this better quality beechwood spoon
    The spoon itself is great; the wood is light yet durable. The finish, however, is a bit rough. I expect it to season nicely with a bit of love and use. Only complaint is the stick placement, I wish Webstaurant Store wouldn't place stickers directly onto products...
    Simple and inexpensive must-have wooden spoon! I use it for everything including stirring sauces and soups, and stir frying. I use it daily and throw in the dishwasher. It is holding well, no fraying at all. Good product.
    i bought it this in 2016 and i still used it. its lightweight and does the magic. i used it for pastry cream and for purees. works great and the price is perfect.
    I was surprised by the thickness and weight of these considering their low price. The quality is amazing. I like to keep a lot on hand in my kitchens. Buy these in bulk! You WONT be disappointed.
    This is a basic wooden spoon that is good for both home use and commercial use . As long as you handwash it the spoon should last a decent while
    The spoon is a great deal. It is very reasonably priced for such a high quality spoon, looks good, is sturdy, functions well, and feels nice in the hand.
    These Beechwood spoons are a great size and feel nice in your hand. They have a slightly smoother finish than the regular wooden spoons. I prefer wooden spoons for cooking even if I'm not using nonstick cookware simply because I like the feel of the wood in my hand.
    These are cool. The handles eventually break and I wish webstraunt carried the thicker handled once with flat heads on them. Not bad for the price.
    We purchased the 12" beechwood spoon for mixing batter and other ingredients. Beechwood is a softer wood that is able to be used with a bowl of any material and is extremely easy to clean.
    We like using wooden spoons for a few different reasons. One, wooden spoons are safe for nonstick cookware. Two wooden spoons do not contain BPA or other chemicals. This wooden spoon is 12 inches in size and made of beechwood. If you do decide to use wooden spoons we always suggest hand washing them for longer life.
    There's 12 inch long beach would wooden spoon is very strong I was smacking people with it and it didn't break very strong products I'm going to buy some longer ones so I can get a longer reach
    This wooden spoon is really great It is great top mix hot mixtures like chocolate or sauces You can leave the spoon in the pot and it went heat up
    This twelve inch Beechwood wooden spoon is perfect for large mixing bowls. I use this size with five to eight quart mixing bowls and it fits great. The spoon is a standard wooden spoon without any extra bells and whistles that need cleaning. I found it cleans well and shows no sign of wear. I would recommend this spoon.
    This is easily my favorite wooden spoon. The quality at this price can't be beat. They do stain easily with my Indian dishes, but they're still easy to clean.
    This spoon looks very fragile, but make no mistake, it is sturdy and it does the job. It works great and prevents scratching of your pots and pans.
    These are nice wooden spoons! I would recommend these Beechwood spoons over the other basic Wooden Spoon sold by Webstaurant. They're very close in price, but the Beechwood spoons feel like a much better quality.
    A wonderful medium sized wooden spoon for stirring or cooking or using on non stick or for serving salads!!! It is sturdy and smooth without any sign of splinters and safe for all pans.
    This wooden spoon is great for cooking things in a dutch oven or nonstick pan. No worry about scratching but you can't put them in the dishwasher or they will get ruined
    I've had wooden spoons my whole life, but never a "beechwood wooden spoon" and I gotta say, I prefer it, more smooth design and lighter, more attractive appearance.
    We use a lot of wooden spoons, and we were looking for a good size one. The price of these attracted us, so we ordered it to give it a try. We were pretty impressed with the quality of the spoons. They equal other, more expensive wooden spoons. They have held up well under a lot of use. Recommended highly.
    When im cooking with my tefal pan, i am always using wooden spoon not to scratch my tefal pan. Its a good price in webstaurantstore
    Was looking for wooden spoons that didn't cost a fortune! This one fits the bill. Works great and is very strong and doesn't seem like it will break easy. Just ordered 2 more!
    Perfect for anything : sautéing and caramelizing onions, stirring stews and curries, tossing solids, and so on. Inexpensive and hold up well. I let it soak in water for awhile and there was minimum warping.
    Better quality than the cheap wooden spoons you'll find at the local mega store, that's for sure. My only issue is that it feels like it was made just well enough to not be a cheap spoon. In other words, I'd buy it again but it doesn't have the heft/weight for heavy duty use. With all that said, it's exactly as described and still worth the money.
    Good quality wooden spoon. It is unfinished, so I recommend coating it with mineral oil - once every time you use it for the first week or two, then just occasionally after that.
    I give the spoon 5 stars. But when they put the stickers in each item we purchase. They should keep it away from the base. It's really sticky. Now, the spoon itself is well constructed. No splinters. Has a nice weight & easy to use. Looks nice as well.
    I just love this wooden spoon! It's the right size, comfortable and good quality. I know you are not supposed to wash it in dishwasher but I've done it on multiple occasions and the spoon is in great shape. it's one of my go-to tools in the kitchen.
    1This 12" Beechwood Wooden Spoon is great for sauteed onions and garlic doesn't not stain or hold odor. easy to clean. Great price and product.
    Got this 12inch beechwood spoon to use I really like this brand of wood soopns there sting for a nice cheap price can't go wrong with that to.
    Perfect, basic wooden spoon for many uses. So far this spoon has held up well in ,any different mixing task. Made of strong wood, and is available at a great price
    These are nicely built and the wood is very smooth. The length is also nice and we use them in the kitchen and in our lab for mixing.
    A simple tool, but quality makes a difference. The length is perfect and fits nicely in the palm. The wood is smooth - no splinters! Good quality for the price.
    This spoon is very nice and strong. Very durable. It has a nice price too. Cheap enough to buy many more. It can be used for so many kitchen needs.
    Good solidarity to this wooden spoon. More than impressed with the price paid. My only regret is not having purchased more of the spoons for my kitchen!
    This is my go-to utensil when cooking now. Took awhile for it not be be rough, after a few times being washed and a bit of mineral oil it is much better.
    Great value and good quality. Super handy tool for a variety of kitchen tasks. Long enough to reach into most pots and pans, might be a bit short for use with a stock pot.
    I swear, I can't have enough wooden spoons in my kitchen. I use them for absolutely everything. Also, the price on these is so much better than any of my local spots.
    These are inexpensive and a very good deal. I use them regularly. It's a wooden spoon. Not much to say about it except that it doesn't feel cheap like so many other inexpensive wooden spoons do.
    It's a wooden spoon, it didn't break immediately, and is cheap. Note: there is a small indent near the end of the handle that goes around the shaft. Not sure why that's there, apart from looks. It doesn't detract from the function, so no harm no foul. I prefer wooden spoons to metal, so that's a plus.
    Beechwood is a bit of a higher end material for your wooden spoons and this version is a great value. The spoon is the perfect length for use in both a pan and a deeper pot and the spoon takes very well to cleaning.
    A wooden spoon is an essential, and this is a very solid budget choice. It's very lightweight and has a slightly rough finish but it does the job just fine.
    The quality is very good. The spoon is smooth and sturdy. I use these when cooking with non stick cookware. This 12 inch spoon is much better for home cooking.
    I love cooking with wooden spoons. I love laying them on top of a pot of boiling liquid to keep it from overflowing. The one works great because it is longer than most other spoons I find. Great buy.
    This is a great sturdy wooden spoon. The handle is about the size of your pinky it's great for a lot of different uses and recommend having this in a couple different sizes.
    A much needed item for any house hold or commercial kitchen, happy I can just buy one as I need it. Nice value , very happy
    This is a great wooden spoon. Every restaurant kitchen has a couple We use it on a daily basis. Perfect length and has not splintered. Amazing price
    You can also use the 12" Beechwood Wooden Spoon to pick up brown rice for serving. The spoon is so sturdy. Arrived very fast to my home.
    I grew up using wooden spoons for cooking and mixing. These are good quality and I'm very happy that I bought these. Pricing is great too.
    We use this beach wood spoon for stirring various sauces and stocks. I like using wooden spoons because they feel good in my hands and don't melt.
    My everyday wooden spoons. I don't take great care of it, I leave it soaking in water and in hot foods, but it's still held up. It doesn't splinter on me or anything. It's a wooden spoon, and it does exactly what you need from a wooden spoon.
    These are my go-to spoons. They are sturdy and stong, but not too bulky and will easily cut thru heavy dough. I use them constantly and am very happy with them.
    Now these are some quality spoons! After months of using they are still in perfect condition. If you really want to make them last, rub a little mineral oil on it to condition the wood
    These wooden spoons hold up pretty well. I have not had to replace them in a long time. They are very reasonably priced as well.
    I bake from scratch, and that means my cookie dough gets to be stirred by a wooden spoon at some point in the process. This is a good sturdy spoon, I had broken several poor quality wooden spoons in the past. This one has seen a good share of dough and is looking forward to more!
    Really nice wooden spoons that don't seem to absorb flavors and odors that badly and hold up well over time. Only complaint is they chip if pounded into a frozen product.
    These spoons are a must have. It is a staple in every kitchen. The long handle is nice for use in big pots. Cleans easily.
    This is a nice, basic wooden spoon. There is nothing negative I can say about this. You are getting what you expect. I would recommend this.
    This is a high quality wooden spoon. It's much nicer than ones I've bought in the past. The wood is nice, and overall it feels very sturdy. For something that was so cheap, it's very well made. I'm sure I'll have it for quite some time.
    An essential baking and cooking tool. We use this for everything, from making eggs in our breakfast sandwiches, to mixing cake batter, and stirring custards. Holds up really well, just wash as you use, as you don't want the wood to soak up water and warp.
    I think that the 12 inch beech wood spoons are a must to have in large quantities in any kitchen- they are very versatile and can be use for practically everything!
    This is a nice quality wooden spoon; I am happy with my purchase. It is better wood (it seems) than the lighter wood you find in the supermarket or dollar stores. One can't have too many wooden spoons in the utensil drawer to grab at a moment's notice! It's also nice to replace once in a while, which is what I did. I would buy again -- I think -- I'll see how it holds up. But so far so good!
    Nothing out of the ordinary here, but sometimes that's all you need. Just the right size for most pots, making it ideal for making fudge and cooked frosting. Good that there is no worry of scratching your expensive pans. Everyone could use a couple this size in the kitchen
    the 12 inches beechwood wooden spoon .is well made its very handy and very strong for daily use.i love it to use it . very healthy when you use it during your cooking.
    This was included in my first order from Webstaurantstore.com and I had no idea what to expect. These spoons are very nice quality - medium weight and a nice balance. I have given mine a healthy coating of mineral oil.
    This is a good quality wooden spoon, been using it for over 2 years now and it still works great for us. Being 12" long is perfect for us in the kitchen, it isn't too long or short. Great value for the price.
    A very good spoon. I've paid more for others that weren't as heavy or dense -- this one should last a long time. I put mine in the dishwasher and haven't had any problems.
    We have used these spoons daily for over a year and they are still holding up great! We do not put them in our dishwashers and instead, we hand wash them. Very good size and shape!
    Wow, what a great value. The head size is perfect, unlike the other brands purchased elsewhere. I like that we can choose different lengths, to accommodate different sized pans.
    My wooden spoon has definitely seen better days and I bought this spoon on a whim based on the price. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. This is not a cheap, flimsy spoon - feels great in your hand, does its job, and looks good.
    Great spoons at a great price, very sturdy and easy to clean. I use for all my baking needs. A must have in the kitchen.
    Great wooden spoons for the price! They were a bit rough, but after washing once, they were smooth. Very durable and I've added to my collection of wooden spoons.
    Love these spoons. Stand up to everyday cooking because of the quality wood that these spoons are made of. Will recommend to friends and family.
    I bought both this wooden spoon and the 12" regular wooden spoon (which costs 50 cents less). They are both fine, and this one is a bit lighter in color and slightly more smooth. They are both fine.
    The 12-inch wooden spoon is a great buy, and perfect size for home use. Will definitely purchase more. Bought as a pair, great for tossing salads and stir frying.
    If you need a simple wooden spoon- get this one. Sturdy, easy to clean, does what you need it to. You'll use it over and over.
    Fantastic wooden spoon with a solid wood design. I cannot ask for a better product at a better price. Perfect for any application in the kitchen.
    A standard, functional spoon for a great price. It is sturdy and a good length. Great for mixing heavier batters. For this price you can't really go wrong.
    Brought these in as a test product in the shop; win win my friends! Is the perfect spoon for the home cook, not too long, not too short. Just awesome!
    Nice product. Very sturdy, good balance and economically priced. Used it today to stir meat and sauce on the stove. I use wooden spoons a lot and will be back for more of these in various sizes.
    This spoon is sturdy and has help up well. Of course I don't soak it or put it in the dishwasher. It is a good value for the price.
    This shorter spoon is great because it doesn't take up a whole bunch of room in a drawer or crock. The wood itself is very sturdy, and has survived years of dishwasher cleaning now, with no need to re-oil it.
    This is a sturdy wooden spoon and good for mixing. I owned a cheaper wooden mixing spoon that broke into two after a few uses. But this one seems strong and well-made. Also bought the 12 inch one.
    The 12' Wodden Spoon. It is my favorite mixing spoon, It is lightweight and mixes even the toughest batters.It is made od beechwood and made to last forever. You can't beat the price,so get some extras.
    I love using wooden spoons for a lot of things. Sautéing vegetables in pan with a wooden spoon is great because the metal from tongs or a metal spoon scrape the bottom of the pan.
    The 12" Wooden Spoon. It is great for mixing your favorite cake. Made of light driftwood, Will hold up to the thickest mixes. You can't beat the price.
    this is an excellent wooden spoon for a very low price. it is great for making sauces and it can be used for many others tasks
    Nice quality soon. I oiled it up and they performed like you would expect a spoon to ;) No staining or flavor protrusion occurred. Well worth the couple bucks.
    Good quality wooden spoons for price paid. Length is good for stock pots and smaller pots as well. Also ordered 14" size and am satisfied with product.
    This is a nice quality spoon for the price. We use it for everything, stirring tea and soup, stirring flavor into buttercream, and placing across a pot to keep it from boiling over.
    Excellent wooden spoon! Unbelievablely cheap in price but not in quality! Great for stirring ingredients in a non-stick frying pan or for making sauces! The length is not too large yet not too small!!!
    Just a wooden spoon but well made and at what is practically a give away price. You can never have enough of these close to hand.

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