Choice 1/3 Size Standard Weight Anti-Jam Stainless Steel Steam Table / Hotel Pan - 4" Deep

Item #: 4070349

Built from sturdy 24 gauge 18/8 stainless steel, this standard weight 1/3 size steam table pan features double reinforced corners that add strength where the pan takes the most abuse. Ideal for use in hot and cold tables at your catering event or buffet, this impact-resistant pan makes cleaning and refilling a breeze. Easy to use and available at a great value, this anti-jam stainless steel pan is a dependable addition to any kitchen!

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Choice 1/3 Size Standard Weight Anti-Jam Stainless Steel Steam Table / Hotel Pan - 4" Deep

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great pans pan price table more perfect steam clean food
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    Another great product from choice brands. Practically our entire kitchen has this brand now and the kitchen staff says no problem they love it so we're good.

    from Check Please Cafe Posted on

    I ordered 12 of these pans for my sandwich refrigerator. it has one dented pan, and I claim it by 'chat now', they decided to reship it right away. (They gave me another option for credit too) It's amazingly kind, generous and quick decision that I don't need any explain or arguing with assistant. For sure I showed the picture as prove, but still it was really makes me glad. And most important, the product fit perfectly for my refrigerator. Nice price, Good customer care. I like your website.

    from The food shop Posted on

    We use this with a squeeze bottle holder attachment in our food truck. Saves space and keeps us from knocking bottles over all day. Pan seems very sturdy.

    from Panini Planet Posted on

    I use these at home mostly for marinating when I grill. I needed a more narrow pan with tall sides. BBQ Mop stays sticking up when I use them for basting.

    Posted on

    A perfect pan to hold cooked bacon in our sandwich prep station. Combined with the lid we enjoy the ease and speed of adding bacon to any order.

    from Parsnipity Enterprises Posted on

    A durable and economical but surprisingly light weight pan. We use these constantly on our steamer line and they fit nicely in steamer unit, easy to clean too

    from SkyLine Cafe Posted on

    I like this pan. We actually use it to catch the bread when it comes out of our toaster. The size is perfecr, it fits right under and keeps the bread from sliding off the tray and onto the floor.

    Posted on

    1/3 pan

    We purchased this product for our restaurant and are very pleased. Nothing fancy but it does the job quite nicely and was a great value. I highly recommend purchasing!

    Posted on

    These are nice general purpose third hotel pans. We use them for organizing reach in refrigerators and for holding lettuce. A good price as always

    from Breton Bay Recreation, Inc Posted on

    This 1/3 pan stainless steam table pan is very versatile. Although it is rather standard weight it is sturdy enough to use in the oven for baking.

    from Sugary and Savory Posted on

    perfect 1/3 size stainless steel steam table hotel pan. we can fit 3 of them in a row in our steamer. Perfect for vegetables and sides.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Perfect fitting pans

    We find this to be a perfect hotel pan to hold salad greens and beans in, which are two of the more high volume items in our deli. It's also great because of the anti jam feature on it!

    from Town Square Market Posted on

    This 1/3 size pan is perfect for steam table setups that require more hot condiments such as chili and cheese. I recommend them to any caterers and food vendors.

    Posted on

    Use within your spillage pans for indirect cooking for hotdogs and other items

    This pan is a favorite. I use it for stews,pease and beans; all liquid items. It holds a lot and takes up little space. I am pleased that the price and quality are great!

    from SHARON Posted on

    I'm very pleased with the stainless steel steamtable like the foreign steep a nice standard weight works great like it a lot Made by the thunder group

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    these are such a great deal. they are easy to clean. I search everywhere and webstaurant offers the best price for the quality. I've dropped these on the ground and very little damage was done.

    from Donut drop llc Posted on

    heavy weight and well made. Does what it is intended to. Besides in a steam table application, we use these third pans to bake large loaves of bread and they brown loaves consistently well.

    from HomeGrown Eats Posted on

    Ordered these for a small business good quality at a good price did not order the cover however my bad . These comes in very handy and are probably the most used items . Love them will be ordering more with covers this time

    from Angeliques Cafe Posted on

    These were purchased to go along with are food warmer along with the lids. A must for family gathering to keep food warm for hours, highly recommend.

    Posted on

    I purchased these to do all my breading of meats and also to make French toast .And let me tell they work awesome. I plan to purchase more.

    Posted on

    This pan is used for the bottle attachment 8 hole holder. The pan is perfect but I need extras for prepping up on the sauces.

    from pashays Posted on

    These pans are priced wonderfully and do not bend or warp easily. They withstand heavy use at our facility and we would highly recommend them.

    from Sterling Ridge Posted on

    These pans are great. Use them to keep things hot or cold, and when you're done they can go right into the fridge. Great price on these pans.

    from The Farmacy Posted on

    1/3 pan

    great value, we use these 4' deep 1/3 hotel pans for everyday use in the kitchen on the line to hold our soups hot or keep our fish cold, etc. they are great definitely will buy again

    from mbg Posted on

    I need to purchase an additional 6 of these as wrongly utilize a convection oven and these work perfect to set in with multiple at a time .

    from Revolution cafe Posted on

    These are your basic, lightweight hotel pans. They work well and are stainless steel. They are a bit more light weight than I expected, but work well.

    Posted on

    These 1/3 size are my everyday pans in the steam table. They are the same as the ones that cost more. These are the ones we will be using from now on.

    from H & L on the Hudson Posted on

    Impressive product! We use it for a variety of things such as keeping some ingredients colder under ice and even for quick reaches in the kitchen

    from west family hospitality group Posted on

    These are a necessity in any kitchen. We use them in the drawers of our sandwich prep counter and they fit perfectly. Sure, they will get a little dinged over the years, but overall they are a great product for the price.

    from Ivory Road LLC Posted on

    this pan is a little smaller then the i got but it make it easy to store jelly or any topping for my sandwich prep table. would totally buy again.

    Posted on

    strong, durable and well made. They can take a beating and work great in my steam table. They don't scratch easily, and are a breeze to clean.

    from NorthEast Pie Company Posted on

    Great quality pans for a fantastic price. These are great for hot holding sauces, soups, etc. The materials are very sturdy and the price is far below my local suppliers.

    from Pulse Ultralounge Posted on


    Posted on

    Great size pans for those items that don't move as well or you don't need as much of. We use these for salads, hot food, and more!

    from Fernando's Posted on

    Great price and exactly what the product says it is. Three of these 1/3 hotel pans fit perfectly in a standard chafing dish. I would buy it again.

    Posted on

    There is no better steam table pan than the 3rd pan. Great to keep soups hot or our house favorite, cheesy grits. These pans rock.

    from Gnome Cafe Posted on

    This is light weight for easy transport. Its smooth finish makes for a fast clean up. The anti jam makes it easy when pulling them apart.

    from Go cheez Posted on

    We have - and use - lots of these. We keep lots of different products in them on our steam table. The 4" size is nice because it holds a reasonable amount of product without keeping so much that it's dry by the time we get to the bottom.

    from Zulu Co Posted on

    Great pan for a great price. Lightweight, fits perfectly in the lowboy cooler and seems to be super durable. Buy it once and never again!

    from Das Biergarten Posted on

    These are great and they hold a lot of food. You can serve cold food as well as bake in them and serve in them. Love them, go from the oven to buffet. Or put lid on them and refrigerate the left overs. Would definitely recommend them to anyone that has a big family dinner or weddings, parties etc.. Really worth it. Glad I ordered. Thx

    Posted on

    We bought these because they were the cheapest pans on Webstaurant. Well, they work great! I run a snack bar at a bowling alley, our volume is relatively low compared to a full-blown restaurant, but these pans work perfect for us. Strong and durable, I would buy them (or at least try them) if I ran a high-volume, full-blown restaurant.,

    from Starlite Lanes Posted on

    We purchased this product for our restaurant. We are so pleased with this product. It works great on a buffet when several different items are needed for line up.

    Posted on

    I use this pan with the Table craft T6 Six Hole Squeeze Bottle Holder. It is easy to clean after a shift and holds the bottles upright.

    from Mr. A's Beignets Posted on

    Incredible workhorse in my kitchen. I use these for mise-en-place, braises, marinating meats, re-heating soups in the oven and anything else you can imagine. While I was able to heat directly over a gas stove, electric doesn't work as well and tends to scorch. They are built well and thick, with no warping over considerable usage. I'm going to order more and couldn't be happier. Video to follow. The 4" is perfect for a 3# pork belly as well since it nestles perfectly in the geometry of these pans.

    Posted on

    Love these pans! I use them for so many things. Can bake in them, refrigerate them, and keep them in the steam table. I have also discovered that they are the perfect size to make a nice large loaf of bread. Super easy to clean, too!

    from Sandy's Country Cottage Restaurant Posted on

    These pans work so great in keeping gravy and sauces hot and its in such a compact container. They clean so easily and can fit well in food warmer

    from Jr's Catering Solutions Posted on

    We really like these hotel pans. They work perfectly for us. We use them in a steam table to keep our gravy, mashed potatoes and veggies for our lunch specials.

    from Red River Inn Posted on

    the unit jam feature is great it saves so much time not trying to take them apart. they clean really easily and look brand new after several months of using them. Will be buying more of these in the future.

    from Ronis Diner LLC Posted on

    I bought several of these for my food warmer. They are durable and clean up easily. I probably would get the deeper ones next time, but these work great.

    from happy eddy's pronto pups Posted on

    This third size pan is well made. The anti jam feature is nice and represents a good value. I will be purchasing more of these soon.

    Posted on

    This 4" deep 1/3 pan is great! I love how sturdy and durable they are. You could use this pan for hot and cold items.

    Posted on

    These stainless steel pans are best pans to use in the kitchen. We brought lots of different sizes for different uses. Good price good pans.

    Posted on

    this is are great value of 1/3 Size Standard Weight Anti-Jam Stainless Steel Steam Table / Hotel Pan - 4" Deep very sturdy and well made awesome

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    I purchased this item with the opening order of our new restaurant. Though it is not quite as heavy in weight as the "name brand", it is not like some pans I've purchased in the past that actually were so light in weight that they actually dented. I am very pleased with the quality of the product and it's really nice not to have to pry them apart. I would purchase this item again.

    from Sauder's Landing Posted on

    Good quality pan. Really durable. I am buying more right now as I type! You can really feel the quality when picking this hotel pan compared to others I have had.

    from The local moose cafe Posted on

    Nice steel pans that hold up well to much use and abuse. These do tend to stick to each other a bit if stacked tight. For the price, an excellent investment.

    Posted on

    very economical to bring these units in and they work just as well as those that are twice the price. why buy anywhere else is what I ask.

    from breezy point international Posted on

    Feel really durable order just three of these pans for my new food warmer, with this type quality and price I will sure to order more.

    Posted on

    I use in my steam table everyday... Seven days a week and have had no problem with any of them. They do there job and they clean up easily

    Posted on

    Purchase these pans for my hot station to keep my chili, cheese, tamales, back ups and to keep and store prepped for tomorrow. Great quality item. Love it!

    from Chicago's Style 278 Posted on

    I use these 1/3 stainless steel steam table pans as Parkerizing tanks in a gunsmithing business when a large pan simply isn't needed. These are ideal for small parts, as the amount of Parkerizing solution can be kept to a minimum. I use these over electric burners, so I have no idea how they will perform on gas heaters. Using electric heat, getting the solution up to 190 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit is painless and quick. They performed extremely well, giving correctly-prepared parts a deep charcoal or grey finish depending on the Parkerizing solution used. If these can work for a gunsmith, they'll certainly perform well for use in restaurants. I highly recommend them, as I keep several in my shop at all times.

    from Cool F/X Posted on

    These pans are sturdy and made of good material. Great for using on a steam table and to hold food in the walk in! !

    from Avenue54 LLC Posted on

    Great quality pan for a great price. The pans are sturdy, easy to clean, and hold up to a lot of usage. We can stack them without having to force them apart. We love them.

    Posted on

    I can't really tell the difference between the normal Stainless steel ones and the non jamming ones. They seem to be the same. This is all they had in stock.

    from backwater Posted on

    Good price for a good product. The anti-jam feature is a necessity, especially when you have a dozen or more stacked and waiting to be washed. No splatter from prying apart saucy hotel pans.

    from Big Mike's BBQ Posted on

    Great pans! The price is well worth the quality you get out of these pans. They do not dent easily and clean very easily! They look very professional, as well.

    from JW Cakes and More Posted on

    This hotel pan is of high quality it is used 3 times a day and washes easily. It is the poerfect size and you will not be disappointed

    from Tranquillity Posted on

    Good price and a good product. We all use and need these so why not get the best price on them here! We own a bunch of these. Cleans up easily.

    Posted on

    We used to order these from our food providers and paid almost twice as much as we did with this website. Its the same quality product at a much more reasonable price!!

    from Windber Country Club Posted on

    This is a great reliable product. The weight is standard in the industry and the stainless steel makes it easy to clean. Cant beat the price!

    Posted on

    The third size hotel pans from Webstaurant are a good value. They are solid and come in different depths just like the competitors but cost less.


    Purchased these 1/3 pans to use in a food warmer to keep my prepared soups hot and ready to serve to customers. The pans are high quality and work perfectly for serving the soups out of. Highly recommend.

    Posted on

    Product is just as described and for the best price! We use these daily in both our steam tables and our cold prep table. They hold up well with daily washings too.

    Posted on

    This is a pretty standard hotel pan. I use them in my steam stable in my food wagon. The are reasonably priced and they were shipped fast. They are a standard weight product but they are very durable. The 4in pan is perfect for my needs. I recommend this product.

    from Tin Brook Bed & Breakfast Posted on

    Needed just some smaller sizes for chafing dishes when buffets were being served as unfortunately not every catering event has a large enough crowd to fill the larger Steam pans. This option allowed us to provide some additional dishes that required less space.

    from Savvy Scavengers Posted on

    Ordered 12 of these pans and they arrived on time. However 6 of the 12 are jammed so tight together that I can't get them apart to even use. The larger perforated pans are also jammed together and one was dented before it left the warehouse because it was inside the other two. Customer service wants pictures to get a resolution. This all day long unresolved issue doesn't impress me.

    from The Casselman Inn Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We apologize for the inconvenience. Replacement pans are on their way!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    The quality and price point of this product is excellent and the utility of it is as expected. We would definitely recommend this product for steam tables.

    from Yeah Baby's BBQ-n-Grill Posted on

    This was a sturdy product and has work perfect for my application, and i would reccommend it to anyone who is looking for a great product.

    from Angelsofarkadia Concession Posted on

    These 1/3 size steam table pans are great for gravy or optional sauces. The price on this site is fabulous for them. You won't find them cheaper anywhere else.

    Posted on

    This deep pan is good for hot or cold use. I have used them on my buffet as well as my steam table. They clean great and still have sustained it's shine after multiple uses.

    from Innovative Catering Posted on

    If youre looking for a great 1/3 pan stop looking. This is the one you want. 100x better than plastic. Reason being they are much easier to clean, and they transfer heat, and cold better than plastic.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    Purchased several of these for my Buffet steam table. They are working out well. Not as heavy as some of the other pans but doesn't seem to be an issue with heat. Great price.

    Posted on

    These pans are a great value. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and hold the heat in the food just as suspected. I would recommend and order again.

    from Twisted Tortilla Posted on

    I have ordered these 1/3 size pans on several occasions, they are a good pan and are really a better price than I have found any where else.

    from Golden Rule BBQ Posted on

    This 4" Deep, 1/3 Size Standard Weight Stainless Steel Steam Table pan is not only great for steam table, but also for hot cool food table and sandwich prep table. It transfers heat and cool to the food better than plastic. I love it and will buy more.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    This stainless steel pan is ideal because of its 4" depth. If you need a shallow pan this is perfect. Stainless steel cleans beautifully every time too - they always look brand new!

    Posted on

    I put these to daily use. They are a good value and they were shipped in a timely matter. I would reccomend these to anyone.

    Posted on

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