Carlisle Sparta 4040305 2" Silicone Pastry Brush

Item #: 27140403

Uniquely engineered to spread liquids better than ordinary silicone basting brushes, the Carlisle Sparta 4040305 2" silicone pastry / basting brush is perfect for large and small pastry items alike, including pie crusts and layering dough. Now available with a shorter handle, the 2" pastry brush is perfect for smaller treats. The convenient handle allows you to reach corners with precision while the molded hook hangs on the lip of crocks or other containers to keep the brush clean and cool and prevent contamination. The red bristle color indicates that this brush can be used for high heat cooking applications. It withstands temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for high heat situations such as candy making. The brush is stain and odor resistant so you can use it over and over without losing the crisp appearance. The Carlisle Sparta 40403 silicone pastry brush features a 2" brush width and an 8" long handle with an oval loop at the end for easy storage.

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Carlisle Sparta 4040305 2" Silicone Pastry Brush

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brush Pastry great brushes silicone clean much works bristles Little
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    Perfect little tool for drizzling pastries at our small bakery. Good size and works well. The brush end holds up to hot ingredients and is a breeze to clean.

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    Great all purpose pastry brush, silicone bristle style is easier to keep clean but don't seem to hold quite as much as a traditional bristled brush. Great price of course!

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    We use this to baste avocado oil on chicken and spices on fish and the little brush that has bumps to hold the liquid on so it gets it done quickly! Great that it holds up to heat too so can be used when the fish is hot or chicken is baking!

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    This 2 inch silicone pastry brush is pretty nice it's got a nice red silicone brushes to it and I really like the plastic handle with the hook so when you don't feel like just laying it down and making a mess you just hung it on the side of your bowl or whatever your sauces in really like that

    from N/A Posted on

    I got silicone brushes for the mere fact that I wouldn’t have to worry about the bristles showing wear and that you can just throw these in the dishwasher for cleaning. This 2” size is perfect for egg-washing edges for crimping, or brushing the tops of small pastries.

    from j4jcline Posted on

    We use this for brushing sauces on bbq, and it works great for that. You might be better off using a natural bristle brush for pastries, but I like that this is a little heat resistant which is good for bbq.

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    Work great for pastry and adding sauces to steaks while still on the grill. Definitely recommend for anyone needing to use for egg wash or sauces.

    from H.O.W. II Posted on

    I love the pot clip that's built into the brush head. It eliminates the mess of a spoon rest and it always stays handy, too.

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    This 2" silicone basting brush is perfect to spread the marinade on the steaks. You can use it for BBQ chicken and other foods like fish to keep from drying out while cooking, this high temp brush will help you keep in flavor by constantly applying during cooking.

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    This brush is great because it will not lose its bristles into any food it picks up butters very easily so you can brush them evenly.

    from H&H CITY PIZZA Posted on

    Not my favorite Pastry Brush. It is really easy to clean so I like that but it really doesn't hold things like butter like I think it should A little disappointed.

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    This brush is perfect for basting our chicken on the grill. It has a little hook on it to attach to edge of a 1/9 size pan.

    from H & L on the Hudson Posted on

    Wow, these brushes are game changers. I'm not sure how long they've been around for, but our dishwashers certainly are happier simply running these through the machine rather than the work required to get stuff out of the old school brushes. Very high quality and little change in usability over the old school brush. Only struggle is very thin substances like olive oil, so it will require a few more strokes, but overall great!

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    This is my second silicone pastry brush, and I love it just as much. You can't really go wrong with silicone products, and this gets the job done very well.

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    Great butter brush for breeds. This brush is made of silicone bristles and so easy to clean. I recommend this for its ease of clean.

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    Way easier to clean properly than the standard bristle ones, but they don't hold a lot of whatever you're brushing on, so my staff tend to want to use the bristle ones despite the cleaning.

    from Victoria Pie Co. Posted on

    I purchased the 2" Carlisle silicone pastry brush model #27140403. It is sturdy and easy to clean and the fibers are firm without falling apart.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    Really like the design. There's little knobs on the silicone bristles that help hold oil, sauce, etc. Also has two knobs on the white part to help prop up the brush and prevent it from touching the counter when it's not being used.

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    This is a great pastry brush that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. I use it for more than just pastry...It is also great for basting marinade on meat for the grill. Good price, too!

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    The bristles on the silicone brush or sicker than a lot of the other silicone brushes that I had but it works really well with carrying the whatever you are needing baste like butter or egg wash. I do recommend it for any pastry brush needs

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    These are definitely not the cheap ones you find in stores. Great quality, I love the puddle handle hook for pots and pans. The silicone makes it super easy to clean.

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    Needed a pastry brush but not with regular bristles due to safety reasons. Carlisle makes good quality brushes and this has a hook to hold to sides of things.

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    No more nylon bristles in the food! These work great for egg wash for baked goods, buttering toast, and saucing grilled items on the broiler.

    from Sweetie's Cafe & Catering Posted on

    This brush is much easier to clean than other pastry brushes I have had in the past. As others have said, it works better with more viscous substances.

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    These are very useful brushes. Hold up well to being used on hot surfaces and product, and are very easy to clean. The best brushes available from this site IMO.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Very good brush. Bought it 5 months ago and have not had any problems yet. The bristles are a little bit too course for egg washes like others have said but works very well with things like BBQ sauce. The hook on the handle is awesome for preventing it to fall in the bowl! Or just hanging up to dry.

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    The Carlisle 40403 2" Silicone Pastry Brush is a must have if you are preparing pastries, brushing them with eggwash- constantly. I have a bunch of these and especially this brand is great!

    from Zest Posted on

    This is a great pastry brush with one caveat. I like it's little ribbed fingers - they pick up plenty of liquid product. The caveat is that this works better with more viscous liquids. Thinner liquids, like eqq wash, need a brush with thinner strands. But when used with a nice thick sauce (like a fruit sauce), this thing works great. It's also well suited for BBQ sauces. Because it's made of silicone and plastic, it cleans up very well and doesn't pose the potential food safety issues that come with bristled brushes with wood handles.

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    I just love silicone pastry brushes and would highly recommend either in commercial setting or residential setting. They can easily be tossed inthe dish washer and also have a long lifespan.

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    Sturdy brush, it works best for applying something that is a bit more substantial. I tried using this with egg wash and was disappointed by the results.

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    This is great for brushing egg wash on a loaf of bread and you don't have to worry about bristles falling out, like with regular pastry brushes. I've even used it to brush marinade on chicken in the broiler, and then washed it in the dishwasher.

    Posted on

    Little hook very handy to keep brush from falling into product and getting handle dirty. Brush also works great to lightly coat hot Teflon pans.

    from Creativa Posted on

    Loooove these brushes. There are no loose hairs that can get into your food with these brushes! So much easier to clean and dry as well.

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    Love this silicone pastry brush. We place it in a metal container with melted butter on the griddle to easily butter toast. Just make sure the bottom of the brush doesn't touch the container (if it's sitting on the grill) cause it will melt if the temp gets over 400 degrees, use the hook to hook it to the side of the container.

    from Jump Start Cafe Posted on

    I have used this for everything from grilling with marinades to a light egg wash on baked goods. It holds liquid without spilling or dripping creating a huge mess, while evenly distributing the liquid. Will buy more!

    from Elements Posted on

    These are much easier to clean than their nylon counterparts. That being said, they don't "grip" as much of the liquids that you may need it to (say if it's a thin liquid, like olive oil). It works much better in a heated liquid application, and I do love the little hook! Much more sanitary.

    from Wooden Paddle Pizza Posted on

    I am a big fan of silicone brushes. They work great and they are much easier to clean than the traditional ones. Comes at a great price.

    Posted on

    the brush is very well made unfortunately i bought them to use with cakes and simple syrup and they don't work for this but other than that i like them now that I'm using them forBBQ

    from kedbys kreations & party rental Posted on

    I have purchased a couple of the silicone pastry brushes. They are a good quality, are very sturdy and easy to clean.. I highly recommend them.

    Posted on

    I like the silicone pastry brushes, better than the nylon ones. The customers won't find anything they shouldn't on their pastry T it is also dishwasher safe and last forever.

    from Harrison enterprizes Posted on

    Love this Silicone Pastry Brush. I use it on many of my pastries. The coverage is good and it cleans up nice and dries quickly.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    Well constructed product that gets the job done. Not quite as precise as traditional pastry brushes, but they are easier to clean, they do not shed bristles, and they do work. Good product.

    Posted on

    Carlisle 40403 2" Silicone Pastry Brush. I use this for basting all types of meat and breads. I know it's for pastry, but it works wonderfully for all liquids!

    from Primitive Gardens Posted on

    I have used these brushes in my stores for quite some time with great success. In fact, I liked these products so much I decided to buy a set for use in my own house.

    from The Pie Kitchen Posted on

    These brushes hold sauces and rubs much better than traditional bristle brushes, and they are much, much easier to clean. We don't use the bristle brushes anymore.

    from Uncle Tony's Pizza Posted on

    This is a great high heat pastry brush. It works great for basting roasting meats. Also nice for brushing hot sauces on various items. Deffinetly worth the couple of bucks.

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    Wow. What a great basting brush for high temperature baking or grilling. It holds and spreads heavy sauces like barbecue sauce easily on ribs or brisket. I've also basted turkeys with it and slathered melted butter on hot loaves of bread with it. It is so easy to clean up with hot water, or I also just throw it in the dishwasher when I'm busy. This is a good quality, good value brush.

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    This is a very handy tool to have in my kitchen when baking pastry. I am able to get even coverage when washing my pastries. It helps provide the golden color that we love on our baked goods.

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    It is great product, very competitive price. I use this for bbq, it is heat resistance, and also very durable. I definitely will buy more and highly recommend.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    good price, heat resistant, sturdy, doesn't work as well as other hair brush because doesn't pack enough hair to carry liquid. but overall i would recommend this product to others because it was cheap.

    Posted on

    These silicone brushes are the best. We comped a few meals and really struggled finding a brush that would withstand sticky barbecue sauce and a hot grill. These are the only ones that have ever worked. This size is a little small. Go for the 3" one.

    from Barbecue Blast Inc. Posted on

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