Cambro 8SFSCW135 8 Qt. Clear Square Polycarbonate Food Storage Container with Winter Rose Gradations

Item #: 2148SFSCW

Safely store your products with this Cambro 8SFSCW135 8 qt. square food storage container! This food storage container is made of crystal clear, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate that won't be stained or harmed by food acids, oils, and alcohol. Thanks to its square shape, this container can be conveniently packed onto shelves without wasting space, while its clear construction and easy-to-read winter rose gradations allow you to manage your inventory at a glance.

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Cambro 8SFSCW135 8 Qt. Clear Square Polycarbonate Food Storage Container with Winter Rose Gradations

4.9 stars from 82 reviews


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    Love these. I really like how they don't take on any odor. We use them to proof dough, make pickles, store dry ingredients. Its a slight disadvantage to not have handles, but then again, you can fit them tighter together in the fridge... you just have to plan to use 2 hands to grab them.

    from Horseshoe Cafe Posted on

    Containers are strong and hold up to daily use very well. The lids have a sturdy seal when fastened properly to help prevent liquids from spilling.

    from Maryland Zoo in Baltimore Posted on

    a great item for hot or cold product storage. They are a little more durable than the milky plastic with intolerance to overly hot items.

    from breezy point international Posted on

    Great value! Not cheapest, but definitely worth the cost. Sturdy; strong and clear container. Like the easy stacking ability for storage. Red lines makes it easy to read. Stacked nicely as well with the lid on. Only complain is the way webstaurant store package and shipped them, most often item arrived scratched or jammed together.

    from Carine O. Posted on

    Besides just storing things, these are great containers for making sauces. Most of our recipes are for a 1 gallon or so batch of sauce. These leave plenty of room for mixing. Throw the lid on, mark the product and date with one of the handy date stickers they sell here, and pop it in the fridge. Nice and clear. Very durable. Lids fit really well. They stack in the fridge. I wouldn't buy anything else.

    Posted on

    These containers are my absolute favorite for keeping my sourdough starter in and can also work well as a hotel for kombucha. It's also ideal for ingredient storage, such as flour or sugar, and with a lid these containers stack neatly.

    from KitchenFemme Posted on

    I have a smaller size of this same container. They are very sturdy and useful. I use them for storage, dough rising, soaking, etc. I would recommend them.

    Posted on

    Great multi-purpose container.

    I like the sturdiness of the polycarbonate Cambro containers. They keep their translucency pretty well, even when storing acidic ingredients. Overall, no complaints about these tubs.

    from Crispian Bakery Posted on

    This container is great for storing large amounts of food or for simple measurements. It also functions very well for mixing ingredients together and taking measurements at the same time.

    Posted on

    good to store dry foods

    WHat can I say, it is a Cambro, great quality and well worth the price over a generic brand. It holds up like a dream and washes with ease, I love it! I only use Cambro and this is the perfect size, I use it to store all sorts of things like soups and stocks

    Posted on

    More like 4.5...i really wish they made them with handles...sometimes when we put liquids or sugar they get quite heavy and cumbersome to pull off a top shelf without handles...we gotta carry it like a baby. Other companies have handles in their 8 qt size and Cambro larger sizes have handles.

    from SIMMER Posted on

    This is the perfect size for bulk storage of different dry or wet ingredients. They can be stacked to maximize space. They are very durable and sturdy.

    from The Cozy Cannoli Company Posted on

    My favorite size for bulk sugar storage, oats, and rice. Thick sturdy material. I've had these for over 10 years and have never had any part of the container chip. The lids however are a different story, they will fall apart over time and need to be replaced.

    from Ivy Bakery Posted on

    I love the Cambro quality. These are durable and easy to clean. They fit perfectly with the associated Cambro lids. Generally I do prefer containers with handles but that's not what these are.

    from The Pickled Pig BBQ & Cafe Posted on

    This Cambro containers are the best quality out there. They are neat, great looking and strong/durable. I used them for both my restaurant and home. Plus they arrived quickly. Highly recommended!

    from Orlando Dinner Entertainment, Inc Posted on

    I love Cambro containers and I use them for all types of products in all sizes. The only complaint I have with this particular size is the red lid for the 8qt leaves plastic shards in the container/product. hopefully this will be fixed by the manufacturer

    Posted on

    What can I say--these are great for storage of food and anything else. I don't use it that frequently, so I actually use it for storage of kitchen tools, but it is there if/when I need it. Just be careful because you're not supposed to put very hot liquids in it.

    Posted on

    These are a staple in our shop! We use these for everything from toppings to liquids to dry toppings. They are so nice and being clear helps with inventory

    from Toppings LLC Posted on

    Great cambro. Very durable and can be used for many things. The ability to stack and store is huge in a restaurant. We use these all the time.

    from Charleston Sports Pub Posted on

    Hands down best way to store flour, wide mouth makes it easy to scoop what you need quickly and it fits two 5lb flour bags perfectly. Love these!

    Posted on

    Amazing for storing flour, keeps foods dry in a humid kitchen

    These 8-quart Cambros are extremely vital in our bakery. We store nuts, flour, dough--you name it--in these, proof that they are quite multifunctional. They are easily stackable and quite durable. They're indispensable!

    from Rise Bakery Posted on

    Very good, strong, clear container, get the job done, with easy stacking ability for organization. With the red lines, it shows a nice touch and style

    Posted on

    These are great. This is a great size and price for larger quantities of foods or other products. If you prep large quantities of things, these are very useful and the cambro branded lids fit perfectly and securely.

    Posted on

    What negative can you say about a cambro. This is a leading manufacturing company that makes the highest quality containers out there. Best price you will find!

    Posted on

    Love these containers! This is a great size and price for larger quantities of food or beverage that need storing. The lids (sold separately) snap on very securely, ensuring that the contents stay fresh and safe!

    Posted on

    I love the size of this container. It is a lot more convenient to make cold brews and store produce. Also the size makes it easy to store tools when breaking down the kitchen.

    from Paris Baguette Posted on

    Strong heavy duty storage of a wide variety of food items. Stands up to heat or freezing. The color coded lids make it easy to locate the right cover.

    from HomeGrown Eats Posted on

    A staple in our kitchen! We use for everything and anything. They stack well, seal well and are a efficient use of space in the walk in or pantry shelves. We never seem to have enough.

    Posted on

    Great product! We use these for EVERYTHING! Being able to see into the container helps with not just speed of service, but makes inventory a breeze by being able to see how much product is inside.

    from Red Mile Posted on

    I'm using these containers in a mobile cafe, and paired them with the Cambro SFC6SCPP190 Translucent 6 and 8 Qt. Camwear Seal Covers. The lid snaps on nice and tight. I use these to store coffee beans and hot cocoa mix.

    from Julie's Cafe, Ltd. Posted on

    The utility for these buckets are amazing. None of mine have broken yet and we use them for everything. The only thing Is that it holds smells, so we have specific tubs for garlic and other potent goods.

    from Shaking Crab Posted on

    These are the perfect size for storing common baking ingredients in my kitchen: flour, white sugar, brown sugar, and icing sugar. I also ordered two additional in this size for storing dog food and puppy food in a separate area in the kitchen.

    from casakeko Posted on

    We have been using these for juicing and it has kept the product fresh and makes it easy to juice with the machine. Great product.

    Posted on

    cambro is a top of the line brand, and to find it for this price is great. great value these last us these over your vendor trust me they overcharge us all

    from mbg Posted on

    Perfect storage container. Quality materials. I purchased the 8 qt for rice storage. Will definitely be ordering more cambro containers. The 8 qt fits nicely on my pantry shelf.

    Posted on

    It is a Cambro food storage container. There is a reason why people use the name Cambro interchangeable with food storage container. It is very good quality. I would go with the cheaper translucent containers

    from Brick and porter Posted on

    Easy to see through

    This container is easy to clean, easy to monitor quantity, and easy to remove lid. Perfect size for 2 five pound bags of flour. Though without handles it can be difficult to carry when full.

    from Lux Group Posted on

    One 5 lb bag of flour.

    I love these containers. They are made out of very strong and very clear plastic. My only issue is that the lids (you would have to purchase them separately) didn't seal tightly.

    Posted on

    great product, very versatile . We utilize this item for back of house storage of food products. Buying the lids to match is a must. (it's nice that the lids are different colors for different sizes)

    Posted on

    These clear cambro containers arehighly durable, very stackable and great for storing foods both for display and storage - the hold up very well with cleaning and daily use - cambro makes a great product.

    from nire, inc. Posted on

    We use these food storage containers daily. We can see through them which makes it much easier when you are looking for something specific. We also use the matching lids.

    from Let's Do Lunch Posted on

    Perfect size for our sub shop. Very easy to read and holds up well. We put hot and cold food products in and never had an issue

    from Sub Daddy Posted on

    Really great product for storing sauces, pre cooked food items, and prepped food items. The measurement designations on the side are helpful for mixing and cooking.

    from Plan 9 Alehouse Posted on

    I would of gave it 5 stars, but you actually have to order the lids separately. I found out this is the way it's purchased from any other stores. Don't forget to order the lids!!

    Posted on

    We use this container to store our ice cream bases in the refrigerator. The base pours very nicely out of the corner into our ice cream batch freezer and the lid fits very well. Very happy with the container.

    from Little Lion Ice Cream Posted on

    The demarcations on these food containers are bright and really easy to read no matter what color the product inside. Great size for many bulk ingredients.

    from Deep Creek Coffee Co Posted on

    I use this container to bulk ferment bread dough. The gradations make it very easy to gauge how much the dough increased in size. Very good size for dough fermentation and many other applications.

    from Posted on

    Sourdough bulk fermentation in the 8 Qt. Cambro container.

    Perfect for weighing out then storing ingredients and products, made especially easy with the air tight lids that can be purchased to go on these.

    from Hot Box Cookies Posted on

    The container is sturdy and high quality. I cannot ask for more. Although I do not want a container with gradations but I am not sure if it has winter rose gradations as described.

    Posted on

    This Cambro Storage container is an absolute must have if you need a durable and sturdy storage container. It is great for anything you need stored.

    Posted on

    These containers are great, I use them for storing baking grains. I like that they are clear. They stack well & the handles are handy for transporting. Highly recommend.

    Posted on

    I bought this 8qt cambro for home use. It is a perfect size or brining bigger cuts of meat and for storing and measuring big canning projects with fruits and veggies. Only wish it had handles.

    Posted on

    Extremely happy with this product. Cambro knows what they are doing! This container stays crystal clear and has yet to be stained by any food I've stored in it. The measurement marks on the side are clear to see and stay on. Of course if you scrub the marks over and over they will fade but you have to try to make that happen.

    Posted on

    We love Cambro products. What can you say about a company that stands behind their products. We use almost every shape and size in our restaurant.

    from Hope Valley Diner and Catering Posted on

    These are my favorite containers sold on websteraunt for storing ingredients and food. They are solid, easy to see what's inside, and the perfect size for most restaurant applications.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    We use these for dry and wet storage. You can literally come up with 100's of uses for these solid well made containers with tight fitting lids!

    Posted on

    For years I have used other plasticware to store extra flour, sugar,etc. I recently found these. I am in the process of placing all of my dry pantry items into these wonderful containers. They are crystal clear (easy to see what is inside). Very durable with tight fitting lids. I love that they are square because that means I get the best of my shelf space. They stack well and stack well when not in use. The best space savers that I have so far found. Well worth the money!

    Posted on

    This crystal-clear container makes it super easy to see the amount - and quality - of the product inside. The bright, easy-to-read graduated markings make counting on-hand product fast. The only downside to this container is its lack of handles, which can make moving liquids a little cumbersome.

    Posted on

    Cambro brand food storage products really are the best out there. This is a large 2 gallon unit that is great for storing bulk dressings and sauces. One thing in particular that I've noticed about Cambro brand units is that the lettering is more durable -- other brands graduations and red lettering tends to wear off after several uses -- but our Cambro units are still bright and easy to read. This is a top quality unit.

    from Nickel's Pit BBQ Posted on

    Cambros are excellent products. Rectangular containers are sturdy, hold up well in the dishwasher, don't warp and hold tightly for years. They take masking tap or stickers labels well also.

    from Madison Sourdough Company Posted on

    I love these! they were perfect to hold all my ingredients! they stack up very well and are extremely sturdy. Great value and great products

    from Aderans Posted on

    I have overhauled and reorganized my pantry using many of these Cambro containers. I use the 8 qt squares for flour and sugar. These containers can hold a 10 lb. bag of flour (or sugar). They stack well and make great use of space.

    Posted on

    As shown by the pics, we use these 8 qt. square food storage containers a lot. They fit perfectly on the shelf with no wasted space. The clear ones are a better choice than the white ones because you can actually see the product inside.

    from Barbecue Blast Inc. Posted on

    I have several sizes of these, but the 8 quart is the size I use the most. I like the handle-less design so that they sit side by side well and look nicer to keep on my counter top. I put nice labels on mine and I fill them with flour and sugar for every day use. I also use them in the freezer and for homemade granola.

    Posted on

    Indispensable! We use these day in and day out for weighing ingredients and for food storage. Heavy duty, hold up great. The red markings tend to wear off the container pretty easily but it's not a problem for our use.

    Posted on

    These cambro containers are great for storing baking supplies in like sugar and flour. The 8 qt can hold a 10lb bag of flour or sugar very well. Very sturdy and you can see what is inside well. Marks on the outside to approximate how many quarts you have left in the container. Would recommend.

    Posted on

    Restaurant essential item. Multiple uses. Clearly label. Easy to read and use. Handles make it transporting easy. Recommend this item to anyone who has a any kind of kitchen.

    from The Waves Restaurant Posted on

    These cambro square storage containers are a nice size and clean up very well. They are sturdy and do not crack as easily as some.

    from Bar Symon Posted on

    The cambro 8qt square food storage container is very sturdy. The style is sleek and clean. I really like the fact that is stacks neatly with the 4qt and 2 qt Combro square containers. I think this should stand up well for a very long time.

    Posted on

    We use these 8qt Cambro containers for both storage, and mixing cole slaw. They are rock solid and very easy to clean. Cambo is the best in the business.

    from No Swine Left Behind, LLC Posted on

    Another great product from cambro. I only use cambro containers and will always use cambros. Easy to keep clean. They don't crack. Don not stain.

    Posted on

    This is the prototypical food storage container and every busy kitchen would benefit from having multiples of these around. The plastic is durable enough to prevent any kind of warping.

    Posted on

    This eight quart Cambro is great. I use this to store flour in because I can fit several pounds it in and I can see what's it in.

    Posted on

    Containers are wonderful and are better than some other containers I have received. The lids fit very nicely on the containers. Their a great price for the quality.

    from Desiree's Desserts Posted on

    These work great for soup. Easy to see and easy to store in your cooler. We also use these for pizza sauce and nacho cheese.

    Posted on

    What a great food storage container! Very well built and attractive design! Easily labeled for quick identification and measuring! Nice price. Stacks well with other containers for better storage!

    Posted on

    Just like all cambro , it is wonderful for storage ! Clean up and durabiltiy are top notch. I always refer these to all as the qualtiy for the money is unmatched

    from JONABELLA CATERING Posted on

    I love this containers. My wife uses them at her job, and we bought some for the house. It keeps the food very fresh for a long time.

    Posted on


    Posted on

    This is the first plastic container that did not stain from sauce in the microwave.The square design makes for easy cold storage and are stackable.

    Posted on

    I love this container! I use it primarily for mixing and storing bread dough. The height makes it very easy to stir in (without splashing) and the square shape makes it a great fit in the refrigerator. Don't forget to buy a lid!

    Posted on

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