Avantco S30 11 Qt. Round Black Countertop Food / Soup Kettle Warmer - 120V, 400W

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Outfit your restaurant or catering service with this Avantco S30 11 qt. wet heat soup warmer kettle! This kettle features an 11 qt. capacity so you can hold large quantities of soup at a time. With 400W of heating power, this soup warmer is great for keeping your soups and sauces at the perfect serving temperature. The adjustable temperature knob makes it easy to control the heat inside the kettle, while the hinged lid features a knob so it can be easily opened by your staff or customers. Also, the included soup labels make it clear to your customers what you're selling. An stainless steel inner liner and stainless steel pot ensure long-lasting durability, and thanks to its neutral color, you can be sure this kettle will complement your business's decor while providing quality products to your valued customers.

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Avantco S30 11 Qt. Round Black Countertop Food / Soup Kettle Warmer - 120V, 400W

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soup great perfect easy warmer kettle temperature hot soups keeps
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    I use this for my soup and porridge every day keep my soups & porrige nice and warm at a good temperature where it not to hot . very easy to take apart and clean come with soup labels very clutch
    The 11 Quart size makes it plenty large enough. The adjustable temperature control allows you to keep things the perfect temp. I just used it for a larger event with homemade Mac-n-Cheese and it worked perfect.
    I highly recommend this soup warmer. Having limited counter space, we needed something that didnt clog up much room. It breaks down excellent for easy cleaning and even storage if you do not wish to use it year round.
    We operate our warmer in 2-3 hour stretches twice per day. Always keeps the soup or gravy piping hot, hinged lid makes service simple. Cleaning is a breeze.
    This is the 3rd kettle weurchased for our deli. Very well built, looks nice, heats evenly just wish they would last a little longer. Seems after 1 year, they stop heating
    This soup kettle is perfect for serving our homemade soup and gravy. It feels great but light enough to move around the kitchen when needed. It also has a nice and sturdy knob for controlling the temperature
    My youngest son birthday was near. We planned a rodeo party. We bought this unit to be a center piece to our chilli bar. It was a big hit.
    Perfect size for my mobile food cart business. It keeps soup at the perfect temperature to serve immediately, I have had nothing but good reviews from customers. May need to buy another one.
    Did the job nicely. Kept a good amount of soup hot but didn't overheat it. Looks decent and doesn't take up a lot of space. The only thing that was mildly irritating is that you have to remember to check the water level; it does evaporate more quickly than others I've used. But overall, you can't beat it for the price.
    I've had my kettle for a couple of years. It gets the job done. Great for soups, chili, cheese or anything that you need to keep warm.
    I didn't know what to expect since I ordered these online and couldn't see them but I was more then please when they came! They work great.
    This is a new affordable addition To my catering business. Works great for soup and or chili. There is the temperature setting to serve it just the way you like it.
    this is great to have for soup. it is really easy to clean and holds a lot of soup or whatever you put in it
    The Avantco S30 11 Wt. Round Black Countertop Food/Soup Kettle Warmer is perfect for serving soup! In our cafe, we keep the soup kettle behind the counter and serve our customers. We have also taken these soups kettles to catering events, full-service and self-serve. They're great at heating soup without burning it, easy to serve from and easy to clean. When I'm transporting soup to an event, instead of the cover (which I still bring), I put tinfoil on top to prevent spills in the car.
    Works like a champ, it looks great too! We’re thinking of added a second one. We would get the same one again for the cost and quality not tea s better but put there
    Oh my goodness! These are the cutest kettles EVER! They are very easy to use and warm up very quickly. The kettles will be used to serve soup at a winter wedding.
    Decent soup warmer (that we used for grits) but always had an issue with the lid coming off and not staying on tight. For the money it’s decent.
    As a soup focused restaurant, we needed these of course! We have at least 4 of them in use every day for 9-10 hours and they are work horses. We've had no problems at all.
    This soup pot is very cute. It keeps the soup warm. My only problem is the lid. I have the hardest time getting that to work correctly. Besides that, I love it.
    Excellent for keeping chili and soup warm. The temperature dial helps to find the perfect amount of heat with out burning. The design is compact and does not take up a lot of valuable counter space. A must-have in the cooler months!
    Fits perfectly in countertop. Keeps the soup of the day at the right temperature. Only issue is the water evaporation: there is no warning when out of water.
    The handler started to crack after few months usage. The store shipped us the replacement but the handler had the same problem after 1 month.
    This avantco warmer works great for our needs. We use it once or twice a week and it does get hot hot hot. We use it on the lowest setting and it keeps the soups nice and steamy warm without giving it a scorching
    This unit looks great and was inexpensive but on the first use the cord shorted out and the unit would not work. WebstaurantStore did reimburse me for this purchase.
    I love this equipment, this countertop food, keeps your food at a perfect temperature is very useful, can be used in soups, broths, creams and much more, also its shape makes it very nice
    Works great for our needs! This warmer keeps soup hot all day, perfect temp and no scorching.. Be sure to label soup from the bottom.
    We have three of these food warmers--love them! We have used them at catered events as well as in the shop for soups and curries. Very easy to operate, and very easy to clean up. A necessity if you need to keep food warm for longer periods of time. Great buy!
    This is a must have for any buisness owner, especially if you have paties. Very profesisionally made. I will continue to recomend this product to everyone..Especially if you are a small buisness owner.
    This Avantco soup kettle has made warming soup and finding a resource to serve it a breeze. We serve right out of the pot. The pot heats soup in no time and its very attractive. This has been a grand investment for our sandwich and soup venue. It is also easy to transport to our catering venues.
    Great! Keeps soups at a perfect temperature, easy to clean and transport. Be sure the lid hinge is secured between the container insert and the body of the warmer before you flip it open
    We have two of these and they work great. Our customers love the fact we now offer a soup and sandwich combo thanks to the addition of these kettles.
    So far, so good! Had this warmer for a few weeks and I think it is adequate. It is not a cooker and will not heat your soups and gravies to temperature, It is a holder and will hold temp as long as you heat the product first. I like the lid that attaches to the pot.
    Meh. This is just okay. It's pretty cheap and it feels cheap but it works to keep soup warm. It takes up a lot of space for what it does so we don't use it often.
    I first purchased this soup kettle because of the price, and it did work great for about 4 months. Then the thermostat stopped working and it would just run at the highest level no mater where you set the knob. Webstaurant.com has great about sending out a replacement, because it was still within the 6 month warranty. Unfortunately, the new one did the same thing. After about 4 months, the thermostat stopped working. This time when I contacted webstaurant.com about it, they referred to the manufacturer Avantco. Avantco did not want to replace it because they said that it would most likely happen again because I was using it 5 days a week for 8 hours a day. I'm sorry, I thought that's what commercial meant. Webstaurant.com did refund my money, so kudos to them, but don't buy this soup kettle if you intend to use it for what it was advertised to do.
    I had a order this one May 2017 but Dec 2017 no more work heater and then i one more order Dec 2017. it a made the check heater coil.
    Bought this for meatballs and it is perfect. Keeps the meatballs the perfect temperature. This is perfect if you have a small space and need to keep soups or sauces warm.
    We originally purchased one of these units for soup serving. It was so nice and worked so well that we have since purchased two additional units that are the exact same. They are insulated very well and if we will be using these for a short event, like a lunch we don't typically even plug them in. We always fill the unit with already hot product and when doing so.
    this is a great soup pot for any operation where customers are intereacting or serving themselves the soup. Easy and safe to operate and clean.
    I bought this little soup kettle/ warmer because I was needing something for my nacho cheese that wasn't so intrusive and expensive. This warmer is perfect.
    I was looking for a large soup kettle for use during events. This 11 quart model holds a large quantity of soup or chili warm for service.
    Great soup warmers. Very quick heat up and works very well for maintaining soup at a good temperature throughout the day. Very ease of use product. Very good price.
    We use it to keep our sauces at the perfect temperature every time. It has a holder for the lid, so you are not wondering where to set it while serving.
    Love the look of this kettle warmer... ordered 2!! It is BIG, but light and easy to handle. Perfect for the upcoming holidays. The magnetic labels will make display easy for guests. Note: It does NOT come with a soup ladle :) I misread label for ladle .... completely my fault, but thought it was worth noting so you can order a ladle with it. Wish I had now.
    The lid's cool-touch handle and hinged design provide safe handling while eliminating the potential risk and mess associated with holding a lid or setting it elsewhere while serving. It also features a notch so you don't need a separate space to keep the ladle when not in use.
    Perfect size when feeding a big crowd, keeps your soup or stews hot, easy to serve out of and does not take up much space.
    Love th we soup warmers! I used to use crockpots but was looking for something more professional looking and so,being that would hold the heat a little more even, and these fit the bill! Great quality at a great price!
    This warmer works well, is compact, and holds plenty. It is a good economical choice for holding temp and looking professional, while being quite durable. We used it for soup in our busy coffee shop. It got the job done without any complaints.
    This soup kettle warmer makes the soup on our office buffet table look extra special and inviting. The large capacity makes it perfect for making soup for a hungry office. It is easy to clean, sturdy and looks like it will last a very long time.
    I make soup a lot but keeping it on the stove it a pain and takes up too much room. This is a great tool for serving at a table for an event and heating is fast. Highly recommend.
    We love this for the fall months with our potato soup ! It keeps the soup hot and ready for customers!! Its easy to clean too!! It holds plenty of liquid to keep hot!
    Got this to serve chili out of for our concession stand. it works great! Keeps it hot and ready for service! Might need another one for cheese!
    This countertop warmer does a great job keeping anything at the correct tempature. Ease of cleanup makes it a great choice for all your warming needs.
    3 years and still running strong!!! I think a great soup is the key to a great lunch service. These warmers totally ROCK!! Get one today!
    We love this soup warmer when it is working. Unfortunately, after about 6 months it started to get very inconsistent with the holding temperatures and the dial didn't seem to be working correctly.
    I was a little skeptical about these kettle warmers but they have not let me down yet. We use one for soup, one for meatballs and one for au jus sauce. Holds temp all day long.
    We used these throughout the winter for warm drinks and they were very simple and effective. They held hot cocoa as well as bone broths at perfect temps throughout the day.
    Works really well and heats up quickly, I like the style. It's been good to us and the pot holds a lot of soup. Excellent buy
    After about 6 months of daily use, its held up quite well. The holding temperature can be quite finicky depending on how much water is in the basin. No complaints.
    We have three of these Soup Warmers at New Deli, and we use all of them everyday. They're completely satisfactory and they're definitely a necessity for our kitchen.
    The first time i opened the box made me smile. I love the outside look and this is bigger than i thought. Very good kettle!
    Very good product very convenient and good for big party to serve soups and chili,easy to clean and easy to handle the temperature according your foods
    The Avantco Soup Kettle Warmer is the perfect size for our Food Truck. This Soup Kettle warms up quickly and keeps the Soup hot all day.
    Great product and temperature control. Great for soups and for Quinoa. Very functional and cost effective way to boost profits on the large margins that come with soups.
    Light, Dependable, Easy to Use. We love the fact that we can control the temperature of our food and it warms very quickly. We have used ours for soup, stew, grits...you name it!
    Exceptional value, heats quickly. Only con is the way the lid attaches, it's hinge wedges between the outer ring and the metal insert. Not easy to place but otherwise secure when it's in there.
    It worked great it get hot very quickly. Downside is watch out for water level it evaporated quickly. Another wise it good product To keep your soup nice and hot.
    Simply magnificent! I ordered two and I am glad that I did. These babies offer generous capacities that I did not expect. They also offer an attractive appearance that will definitely stand out. Well done, Webstaurantstore! Well done!
    Huge 11 quarts soup kettle warmer. Very well-crafted and design. Heavy duty will last a long time. Keeps her suits very warm. Good looking on our countertop we have three of them. Huge 11 quarts soup kettle warmer. Very well-crafted and design. Heavy duty will last a long time. Keep search suits very warm. Good looking on our countertop we have three of them.
    I bought two of these soup warmers and I love them. They work perfect for keeping my soups warm throughout the day. The only advice you need, is that you have to play with the temperature dial to see what will work best for you. For us, 12 is way too hot, we use 7 at this point.
    It is a very basic soup kettle warmer. It is easy to use and keeps the temperature correctly. My only regret is that the lid isn't secured in place. It took a little to figure out how to make it stay on top of the warmer without falling off. Overall happy with the purchase.
    Works as advertised and is a really economical way to serve soup. It heats the soup up in about 30 minutes from refrigerated. But as the description says, it's definitely not hot enough to cook soup. We do that on the burners.
    This is the same standard/generic warmer you would find in most big restaurant box stores. Other than attaching the lid, which is difficult to do by yourself, this thing is solid.
    Good Kettles, they do what you expect them to do. Don't expect your soups to stay perfect over any length of time but for a lunch crowd they are just fine.
    I had an event in my house and I used this 11 Qt Soup Kettle. It was perfect. Everybody loved it and the soup was warm and tasty at all times.
    This just arrive right on time too for lunch before we open to serve soup with our salad bar now our costmers can have hot soup & salad!
    Great option for any setting this low cost soup kettle works great and is cost effective for any store setting. Ordering a 2nd one tonight.
    Great soup warmer. It Has multiple heat settings so we can put anything in there from delicate sauces to hardy soups. Has held up great so far, had it for almost a year
    Great kettle for the price. Temperature control is OK - not perfect, but this is one of the more reasonably priced kettles to buy. That said - we ended up switching this out for smaller kettles, as we find that it works best when full, and we often make smaller batches at a time.
    Great Product for our Frito Pie Station. Kept the chili nice and hot, I also love the magnet that comes with the warmer so we can put different labels on the pot. Great product planning on ordering another one soon.
    This is an excellent machine warms very quickly and stays at the correct temperature. Also is visually appealing to customers which is good for our business because be have an open kitchen.
    sometimes we forget to heat up our soup before service. this warmer on 12 brings the soup to temperature quickly. Very reliable and easy to remove soup. Don't forget to add water at the bottom!
    I love the way this soup kettle looks in the waitress area, since the customers can see it. Besides looks it does its job by keeping our soups nice and hot. Hope it last long, but at least it is a great price as well.
    Soup kettle warmer is a wonderful product. Great item to be used at wedding receptions. Holds plenty of gumbo, allowing it to stay warm and fresh. Will purchase again.
    Very attractive looking soup kettles! These warm soups evenly and thoroughly. Easy to clean up, they even come with little soup labels. Nice addition to our cafe- we have two!
    These are fantastic! The look great, are easy to clean. We use them for pulled pork for sliders. Can't beat the price for the quality.
    This is such a great, reasonable priced, soup warmer. We use it each day to warm our soups in the kitchen for our lunch menu.
    We used the soup kettle warmer for our hot oatmeal. The kettle worked fantastic, it kept the oatmeal warm and was very durable and easy for our guests to use.
    This same warmer was at a local restaurant supply store for more than double the cost. This warmer is perfect size and I've used it to keep mashed potatoes hot also.
    This soup kettle really fits the bill. it does a great job keeping soup warm which keeps us, our clients, and the health inspector happy!
    Best bang for the buck out there. Keeps my soups hot and ready to serve but doesn't take up too much space or money. Only thing keeping it from 5 stars is I wish the temperature dial had degree marks on it instead of a 1-12 system.
    Great value and superb product. Bought mine almost two years ago and still functions like new. Great for keeping soups hot, or nacho cheese, etc.
    Avantco this is nice & easy to use . i have a restaurant and i am using this item everyday in buffet for all kind of soups. recommended
    This is a great size. It would be extremely useful if there were a lid/cover available for it that could be used to transport liquids in the kettle.
    Soup season was here and our little steam table that could wasn't cutting it. Happy with the price of this. It has an old time soup pot look that fit our theme, also good as a catering investment . Idiot proof for your customer, one plug and one knob
    This soup kettle is great. The price was very attractive and it's able to warm boiled peanuts very quickly and keep a consistent temperature all day.
    Kettle warmer is working out great for me so far. Hope it lasts a long time. It is doing great in keeping soups warm. Easy to wash too.
    I had exactly the same experience as two other reviewers. I purchased two of these kettles (which WERE quite a bit more expensive when I bought them, by the way..). They worked fine for one year. A few days after the one year mark and when the warranty had expired, BOTH kettles started to heat at very high temps, even when set below the lowest setting. I see this seems to be a common problem with these kettles, unfortunately. So both kettles are unusable and were so from just days after the warranty expired.
    This soup kettle warmer is attractive enough and the price is certainly a selling point, but the company DOES NOT back up their products. We have a soup kettle that was purchased the end of September 2015, and is SUPPOSED to still be under warranty. Contacted the company about a replacement and they have drug their feet and found every excuse in the world not to replace - even when I own nearly 50 of their pots. I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANOTHER as they do not value their customers or support their products.
    We purchased this to hold our soups in. It does a really nice job of keeping the soups warm and the customers happy. I would suggest this if ypu need to keep your soups warm at your restaurant
    We own not one, but THREE of these soup kettle warmers! They're great! Not only do they properly maintain your preferred temperature setting, but they look great! Customers find these kettle warmers to be practical and makes them feel at home.
    We purchased these soup kettles for special events at our bar. They keep soup at the proper temperature without burning. It looks good on our buffet line and they are super easy to clean. The price was excellent!
    just marbles will keep your gumbo soups , meat sauce hot until you are ready to eat, it good product just in time for our winter days, warm food all day long
    I got this for the daily soup for my restaurant. I been using for over an year and it still does great job. They are perfect size for small restaurant, I got it when it was on sale so price I paid for was really good and I was happy about it. it came with nice ladle too. I hope it lasts couple more years!!
    These are very nice. We had purchased them in the past and they had a painted metal ring and that ring would get rusty and the paint peeled, but the new ones we just received have the stainless steel ring and they look beautiful. We are so happy with them.
    The Soup Kettle Warmer by Avantco was perfectly priced and keeps our soup items at the right temperature, we will be ordering more products from Avantco in the near future. The quality is great
    We use our Avantco 11qt Soup Kettle quit a bit. Mostly it is for cheese sauces and an occasional pot of soup.. We are looking forward to using it in an upcoming Chili cook-off. It heats evenly and is easy to clean.
    Great soup pot/warmer & a great price. We've had this model for quite a while now, using daily & it's been durable & reliable. No problems at all, great compact size.
    It holds temps very well. Well constructed warmer. It is very easy to clean as well. I use it everyday for 6 months now and I do not have any problems with it. Very happy with this purchase.
    Thus kettle seems to work well except for that it heats our soups up so hot that it breaks them down after a couple hours, even though we set it at the lowest setting. Be advised it gets very hot on the inside.
    Great product! Holds A LOT of soup and stays super hot for hours! We use it mid-Sept thru May for our daily soup. Plus my health inspector is thrilled it's commercial grade!
    Great tool. Heats up fast. Holds at perfect temp. Easy to take apart and clean. Lid Is a little bit of a pain to put on but it's a great steal for the price
    We use this soup kettle to keep our chili warm and ready to serve. It heats fast and keeps the temperature at the desired level. Great product
    Well....They did great for a little over 1 year. We purchased 3 of them at the same time and ALL 3 of the thermostats burned out around the same time (within a month). So I called to find out if I can get a replacement part (thermostat) and they said there is none available, sorry out of warranty! Sooooooo....I guess you get what you pay for.....Lesson learned.
    We use this soup pot everyday. Works wonderful. Just the right size for our deli. Heat is adjustable to keep soup at the right temp. for sale to customer. Easy clean up too.
    A much better valued item that is constructed very well, holds perfect temps day in a day out. Looks great, essential for any cafe or catering event.
    This couple kettle warmer heats quickly and maintains the temperature of our soups perfectly. The only downside is that the build seems as though it could be a little more sturdy but for the cost, its a great option.
    We love these warmers because we can take them on the road with us and the gravies stay warm all day! No need to take up limited space in the steam table.
    This product worked fine, but the black painted collar rusted and chipped. I am unable to find a replacement for the collar on this site.
    Great Soup Kettle Warmer. Great Price and Quality. It looks like the more expensive models and works just as well. I will order again when I need more Soup Warmers.
    We had been searching a soup kettle for a while when we seen this one. The price was awesome and so is the kettle warmer. We have been using it for several months and love it.
    It is work very good ,we use it every day for our soup of the day ,it keep our soup warm all the time,i am glad i got it
    For the price, this is a great soup kettle. We have used it daily for several months now and no issues. It comes with some labels for different soups but we make our own signs instead. The only negative I have is the lid is a little difficult to hold in place when you are trying to drop a full pot of soup into the warming kettle, but once you get used to it, no problem.
    This soup kettle warmer is a great value. Don't be fooled by the low price. This product is well-built and does the job well. If you're looking for a no-frills soup kettle, this is a good choice.
    The Avantco S30 11 Qt. Soup Kettle Warmer keeps all of our freshly made Clam Chowders and Lobster Bisques piping hot and ready to serve.
    We had two of these soup warmers... only took about a month for the top black painted rim to start rusting and the paint start to chip and peel off. Was not a good situation at all as both of them did the exact same thing. We bought a regular full-pan size steam table to replace these.
    I love this product, I am not sure how long it will last (seeing as it is really affordable), but it is sleek in appearance. So far, so good.
    We needed a soup warmer for our Sunday buffet to handle gravies as well as one that could double as an au jus warmer. This unit gives you the option to set the temperature to accommodate a number of different sauces or gravies without having to purchase several different types. It holds up under constant use. Excellent value for the money.
    we got two of these for our cafe!and we absolutely love them ,you just need to keep the temperature at 7-9 and your soup will be hot all day!
    We love the new Avantco Soup Kettle it keeps the soup warm through the whole service time. Our residents are happy to have hot soup!!
    This Soup Kettle, I love. First, it was an item approved (NSF) for my coffee house. It was suggested by the City so I looked and found this one at Webstaurant. They accepted it. I need another one and plan to purchase soon.
    We ordered 3 of these soup warmers and all three had to be replaced within a year. They rusted and fell apart and also leaked.
    Extremely easy to use and stylish. This was very good to use for our event. Actually thinking of purchasing a second one for use. Would recommend this warmer for any and everyone looking to keep something warm without standing over watching it.
    This soup warmer is called our witches pot around our Resturant, keeps the soup warm and tasting fresh. It is appealing to the eye and increases our soup sales.
    Is a economic equipment but very good for the price. With 11 qt capacity is perfect for soups, and oatmeal. Stainless steel bainmarie for more durability. I recomended
    This is a very nice warmer. Light weight and easy to clean. Has a quick heat setting and the thermostat is working very well. Keeps the soup at a legal temperature.
    This is a wonderful soup warmer. It heats up quickly and maintains a constant temperature. We use it for soups and chili. It will heat up a frozen product within 2 hours.
    Fabulous for spaghetti sauce!! Keeps great temperature with no worries. Just starts selling meatballs and spaghetti and didn't want it on the stove because of scorching. Glad I bought this .
    We purchased 3 of these for our coffee shop. We have used them a lot and they work really well. Another great buy from this company!!
    Holds our Soup at the right temperature really well. Great product at a great price! I have shopped around and this is the best price I have seen anywhere and by a lot! I would highly recommend this.
    Love this Avantco S30 11 Qt. Soup Warmer Kettle! Very easy to provide soup to customers, keeps it hot and looks great doing it! Love the pre made soup labels too!
    This baby get hot ina hurry! Very good quality and customers love it! Convienent name tags and cord length for secure location! Can even cook pasta in them.
    We have ordered two and they are perfect for our coffee shop. Alot bigger than what we expected. Easy to use and easy cleanup. Happy!
    Works well in terms of even, consistent heat, but the cover pops off everytime you open it. So can't give it 5 stars. Still very good value for the buck.
    Bought this warmer for my Coffee Place and Im very happy with the quality and looks of this product. Has a nice finishing and works very well too. Great buy for the price!!
    We looked for many soup warmers, and this one was half the price of most of the others. It works great, looks great, and couldn't be happier
    For the price of this 11 QT soup warmer, I was a little concerned about what the quality would be, but I was blown away. It is very nicely built and a great bargain!
    Huge! We use it to melt chocolate for cake pops! We love it! Highly recommended. Webrestaurant always ships fast too. Would buy this item again.
    The kettle was a hit during my son's birthday. Since it was still really cold in February, I made Beef soup for our friends, and it stayed warm all evening, and all that was left were the bones! Also love the design, and ease in filling it up and heating also has temperature pre-sets!
    This is a good countertop soup warmer. It is very well insulated and easy to use. Great item for chili or stewed vegetables. Perfect capacity for a break or employee room.
    These soup kettles are a great price and for the money they do a good job. They look good and work great and keep the soup at the right temperature
    This eleven quart soup warmer is great for hotel buffets. I have two for both of my usual soups - chicken noodle and clam chowder! Keeps the soup warm all day!
    The 11 QT. Soup Warmer Kettle 120V is great. It keeps our soup warm until ready to serve. We love how we can prep our soup get it cooked and keep in in the warmer. Works great.
    Best addition to my deli! These pots keep your soup warm all day long without "over cooking them" Our sales on soups have increased tremendously!!
    I love it when comes to you at my buffets on weekends. It does good job keep the soup warm and nice when placing on the buffet table,
    The soup warmer works great for our gravy keeps it at the right temp. and keeps our health inspector happy and that is what matters most!!
    Ordered 5 of these cheaper than anywhere else....Each one has been tested and works GREAT! The only flaw is at the base the paint is chiping away, but nothing I can't fix at savings for the 5.
    Love this! Ioperate a meals program for young children. I use the keetle to keep grits, oatmeal and soup warm throughout breakfast or lunch serving.
    I love this ~ ive used it for chili soups and stews and even gravy during thanksgiving & Christmas parties. Keeps everything warm & best of all its super easy to use.
    I use this soup kettle to keep my soups and gumbos at a steady temperature throughout the day at the farmer's market. Works excellent and draws attention from the customers. I love it..purchased a 2nd one.
    This is a great soup kettle. It's very easy to clean the entire unit. The s/s center comes out of the kettle piece so loading it and unloading it are very easy to accomplish. I would recommend this product. They need to associate a ladle with it to make it perfect. You need to purchase an extra long handle a ladle to have it reach the bottom.
    This ws the least expensive warmer I could find and actually turned out to be one of the best soup warmers we have. Themostat is accurate and holds heat well. Easy to clean and comes with stainless bowl and hinged lid.
    This soup kettle works great. It is large enough to hold plenty of soup. We have had no problem with the soup becoming too cool!
    I order two of these for my convenient store and use one for soup and one for chili. They are Wonderful and well worth the money!!
    What a great soup warmer! Black finish is very attractive! Great for keeping homemade chili warm for hours! Good for large batches of nacho cheese!!!
    I bought 2 of these Soup Kettles for a 4 day event 2 weeks in a row. I absolutely LOVE them! The settings are #1-6 for warm/hold and #7-12 for high heat. I would fill the pot to the max with ice cold chili, set it to #12, within 45-60 min chili was ready to serve. Lower it to #1 or 2 would hold temp the rest of the day. 1 of them didn't work after the 1st day, however I called Webstaurant & they overnighted (at no charge) another one that I needed for the following day. Now that's SERVICE! You guys are AWESOME!!!
    We liked the first one we ordered so much, we now have 2! Easy to use, keeps food at correct temperature without overcooking during service. Excellent product.
    Easy to set up and operate. This kettle holds two to three batches of soup at once. The lift out container makes it easy to clean.
    This soup/sauce warming kettle does a great job. Keeps the soups/sauces at ideal temp and is ready to serve when you need it, or continue to warm at correct temp.
    We've been using our soup kettle for about a year now and it is still doing the job. It never gets too hot, is always reliable, and must cheaper than the competitors.
    i had bought this to keep my stew warm and it has done a great job.i really love this warmer. and for the price i gave for it, i bought 2 of them. i would recommend this warmer to anyone. love it.
    This is defintiely the best soup warmer i have ever used. Great quality, easy to clean, warms up very fast, and is eye appeling. A definite great buy.
    An excellent product! It's attractive, sturdy and holds soups and stews at a steady temperature. The bain marie inside is easily removed for cleaning, refilling, etc.
    Love the soup warmer! It does keep food plenty warm, looks good and easy to assemble / disassemble! I will be using this quite often in both vending and catering situations!
    works great, heats up fast and easy to clean too. We got this just in time for chilly weather to serve our home made soup
    This warmer is perfect for our new line of soups ... it heats quickly and maintains an even temperature! The order process was quick and delivery super-fast via FedEx!
    this thing is worth it you could put frozen soup or liquid in it and by lunch time it is hot and ready. it is worth every penny.
    What a work-horse this soup kettle is turning out to be! I feel very fortunate that I've found this Company's on-line web site store. This Kettle operates just the way it's supposed to work! Don't be fooled into buying a more expensive version when this works extremely fine. Great value, made exceptionally well and I'm sure that it'll last a very long time. Delivered real fast also w/out my even requesting it.
    The soup warmer is a great addition to any restaurant or to use for catering. The warmer heats up very quickly and is easy to maintain proper temperture with the thermostat.
    The worst thing in the world is to spend hours preparing soups and stews and have them stick to pot on the stove. It's going to happen no matter what. UNLESS YOU BUY THIS WARMER! I can put this soup warmer on my front counter in plain view of my customers because of it's attractive appearance and I never have to worry again about my soups, chili, or stews sticking. awesome product, heats up quickly and maintains food safe temperature at all times!
    quality item at a very reasonable price range. It is really quite simple to clean. It is large enough to hold enough soup for large crowds. A+++++
    We keep this in the kitchen with soup everyday. Have had no problem - soup stays hot. All breaks down easily for cleaning at night and outside of kettle wipes easily
    This is a nice little soup warmer. It's completely insulated and when on high, it's barely warm to touch on the outside. I don't trust the lid attachment so I don't use it. I don't believe this warmer gets as hot as the manufacturer states but it does what I need it to so I'm fine with it. For the money, I think it does a good job.
    Excellent value for the price. Serves as excellent hot holding equipment for soups. Product is easy setup, serve from, and clean up. Product comes with several soups labels for your soup of the day options.
    we bought three of these soup warmers. They preform perfectly, keep the soups hot yet they don't over cook the soups. The price is unbelievable and delivery was quick
    very good I got it pretty soon faster than they told me good price, well pack I will keep buying on this site for sure
    This works wonders, doesn't burn,but you can heat it up to high if you want. A steal at this price! Loved the labels that came with it also.
    This soup warmer is great! It keeps things warm throughout the day and doesn't burn the bottom of the soup. We also like the way it looks, fitting nicely with the decoration of our store.
    This soup warmer is huge!! It reminds me of an old iron kettle but it is plastic and lightweight. Some parts are metal as well. Nice product.

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