Avantco IC3500 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 208/240V, 3500W

Item #: 177IC3500

This Avantco IC3500 countertop induction range delivers superior usability and performance for all your cooking needs! With innovative technology capable of heating up in as little as 1 minute, this induction burner is perfect for use in cooking applications that require quick heat up times and fast recovery such as buffet tables, banquet halls, and cruise ships. And, since there's no open flame or exposed burner, this induction unit is safer than conventional countertop ranges. For added convenience, a built-in 180 min. timer allows you to keep track of your culinary creations, and you can cook using either a power level / wattage mode (500-3500W), or a temperature mode that ranges from 140 - 460 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply place an induction-ready pan or pot on the cooking surface and turn it on!

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Avantco IC3500 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 208/240V, 3500W

3.6 stars from 43 reviews


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    Very nice Range. Advantco IC3500 induction range . perfect for restaurants without a hood vent. 2 settings . Easy clean easy travel. i would recommend this product
    We have bought 2 of these ...6 month warranty on a item like this should wave every red flag ...they do not last at all I asked for contact info for avantco and was told they don’t give it out really should re-evaluate the engineering on this model as it clearly has issues ours is light duty use we have bought over 100 k in avantco products in our restaurants across the country but this one is a dud
    Great countertop cook top. We do not have a flat top or stove in our commercial kitchen, and this has been a great solution to our food preparation needs.
    You can’t go wrong with Avantco, it’s a top prouduct and company stands behind their product we ordered the Avantco IC18DB Double Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 120V, 1800W
    I'm absolutely amazed with this product. It's convenient, lightweight and takes up a minimal amount of counter space. It works super well without adding extra heat to the kitchen and speeds up my cooking times.
    I purchased 4 of these and 3 of them stopped working within the first year. I was told that the product comes with 6 months limited warranty which meant all of the cookers ended up in trash. The cooker is amazing when it is working and does all that is displayed on the website. I just wished they were more durable. I will have to look for other options in the future.
    Order two of this induction cooker 3 months ago. One is already broken after 2 and a half month, now will see if the second one last more than 3 months... This machine is powerful, but definitely not built for heavy duty. Pros: Powerful and good price Cons: Poor durability
    I would give this 5 stars but both quit working within a week of each other, and we are just a few months outside of the warranty so we are out of luck. We have had these for less than a year, and they dont work, feels like a waste of money and the warranty should be a year at least for the price! Really disappointed with this, it has put our business in a tough spot and a loss of money. Nothing good about it!
    As a homebrewer, this unit worked admirably for about 20 batches before the fan gave out. It still heats briefly until it overheats and shuts down. 5 stars while it worked, but not now.
    Used to be a very good and reliable product. The first unit I had I used for 2 years. Light medium duty use, for boiling cream in a induction ready saucepan, with a 8’ diameter. Same pan I’ve been using for years. Purchased 2 new units recently. Both died on me within months. Although they were very good about replacing it under warranty, don’t expect this to work after the warranty period. I now have 4 broken/ constantly over heating avantco induction units. Better off investing in a cooktec
    I got this induction cocker two month ago, but I just use it for one month and it stop working now. Very disappointed! I brought two, let’s see how long another one last?
    Horrible quality x2 This is the second of this burners I bought, I am not the most clever guy on earth, or I wouldn't have bought a second of these after the first one died within a year of usage. Be aware Avantco only "grants" you 6 month of LIMITED warranty (I should have thought). If a company is afraid not even give you a year of warranty, maybe one shouldn't trust it either. The second unit died after a bit less then 7 months, When I called Webstaurant, they more or less said, 1. what do you expect, this is a economy product (I used this thing every friday for maybe 2 hrs). 2. You are past warranty, your problem 3. My pots are to big (pots can't be bigger then 10.5 inches in diameter) sure user error is always a good excuse. Do yourself a favor and look for something else, a product that comes with 6 months warranty, they dont trust their stuff, you shouldn't either. Never again.......
    I really, really wanted to love this cooker. It's gorgeous. Heats up really quickly. Goes down to a simmer just as quickly. Oh, and did I say it looks really nice? Unfortunately, that high-pitched squeal makes it almost impossible for me to use it. I guess in a really loud kitchen, one might not notice it. I, unfortunately have dog ears - for example, a friend of mine has those plug-in ultrasonic pest repellent things and I can hear them when I walk into her house. Same thing here - while most people may not even hear them, I do. And boy is it a migraine-inducing sound. If not for my ears, this item would get 5 stars.
    This induction range has been a beast and has outlasted many others that we have had that were much more costly. definitely recommend to small restaurants.
    For this price we are pleased eventhough we have had to replace these units 3x...they are still preferable and the price still averages a savings over comparable units....we have both the 3500 and 1800 and they both serve their specific purposes well...My BIG advice is never let them boil over...it seems that this is the trigger to their demise....
    When these things are working, they are fantastic. They heat fast and consistently. BUT they only last to just past the warranty. First the LED panel will go out, no big deal, you can still use it. After that it will just stop heating. I have had 2 die on me now.
    We loved them at first but one broke down after less than 2 months and one with fan makes a lot of noise. I ordered another one for spare and it's dead on arrival. I think they really have quality control with this product. It's better to stay away. I'm switching to Warring brand now.
    We just ordered our second one of these burners! It is lightweight, quick to heat up and we use it daily in our little bakery cafe!
    Top of the line induction burner, this thing gets hot super fast. We use for all sorts of things in the bakery, such as bain marie, pastry cream and so much more. It gets hot very quick so when cooking directly on it I use it around 80-120 degrees but hotter when using it as a bain marie or for caramel sauces. Honestly my life would be incomplete with my induction burner, it is super important in my bakery. looking forward to getting another one soon.
    I purchased this item to use in my bubble tea shop, specifically to cook boba, which are tapioca balls. I've used it at least 3 times a day for 6 weeks now and I love it. It does exactly what I want it to do. It heats up quickly to a rolling boil and when I turn it down to simmer it goes down as quickly too. I haven't had any issues with this iem and I highly recommend it.
    I've had this product for a bit now so I feel comfortable revewing it. I do a lot of homebrewing which is entirely what this is used for. It takes maybe 20 minutes to heat strike water and about 35 minutes to bring the full boil volume to a nice rolling boil on full power. At that point I usually turn it down to medium power. All in all this induction cook top is awesome. I would absolutely recommend it.
    We purchase multiple units of the Avantco IC3500 when our primary range went out and we needed to wait 2 weeks for a part. It took us out a jam and we continue to use it on a regular basis. Highly recommend this item.
    This range is a 240V and 3500W counter-top induction range and it is very strong. It fires up the food in no time. I like it and I would recommend it. Thank you
    I have to concur with every other reviewer that this product does not last. it only lasted 8 months and than every few minutes E01 overheating. We are only moderate user. Good price but not quality.
    Purchased item on January 6 2016. we use this item about 8 to 10 times per week for around 10 to 15 minuets each time so around 1.5 up to 2.5 hours of use per week. after 8 months it has started over heating the small fan is not cooling the item or it just can not stay on for more than about 3 to 4 minuets per use and then needs to rest for about one hour before you can use it a gain for 3 to 4 minuets. We keep the unit clean and do not let water near back or bottom, just not made for commercial use. if you were looking for something for a home cook might work but commercial will not hold up.
    I bought the Avantco IC3500 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker for the purpose of simmering bone broth in a Kuhn 12 quart stock pot. The product does bring the 10 quarts of liquid up to a boil somewhat quickly. The temperature gauge is useful as a guide, but it tends to heat the bone broth well above the setting when I cook with the lid on. That is, if I set the temperature setting to 170 degrees it will heat the liquid up to 197 degrees, which is okay because the correct simmer temperature is 180 to 200 degrees. However I mistakenly set the temperature at 200 degrees initially and it brought the liquid up to a rolling boil. Any way, I set the temperature to 170 and it heats the temperature up to less than 200 degrees. The problem that I have with this product is that the timer shuts the cooker off at 180 minutes--even if the timer is set on zero minutes. I was hoping that the device would continue simmering continuously for up to 48 hours because that is how long it takes to correctly simmer bone broth in a stock pot. I also tried using a pressure cooker so I could make the broth in 180 minutes but it was not long enough to cook the marrow out of the bones. Read Less Read More
    This is an excellent product for our cooking needs. We use it in our small food prep area and is very convenient to remove when not being used
    Instant heat...takes a bit of learning as it's so fast and quick it catches you off guard...very precise heat, great inexpensive option, I paid over twice the price for our other one
    We have a couple of these in booth our kitchens and they are great. We usually get the smaller wattage one but we had great spot with the higher voltage outlet near by, so we upgraded. You have to use magnetic or induction ready cookware on this . we also use cast iron skillets. It boils water super fast, and can maintain a constant temp. On the highest setting it does make a high pitched sound, but you get used to it and with all the other kitchen noise, it isn't that bad. Be careful with handling it and moving it around. We get about a 1.2-2 years out of them before they break.
    This induction burner is the perfect space saving solution we have been looking for! We love it! It's shiny! It beeps a lot though. And it's loud.
    For homebrewing it's Da Bomb! Brings 4 gallons of 50 degree f water to a rolling boil in 30 minutes and after you add your fermentables is easy to tune the power for the 1 hour boil. Can't comment on long term reliability, but loving it so far.
    It lasted one year then died, not a big fan of Avanto products, they all end up to break very soon I would definitely not recommended it.
    I will give this item 2 stars only because it works well. The problem is that it doesn't last. I had the first one quit on me entirely after a few months of light use. They replaced it with no problem, but after a few more months the second one did the exact same thing, now it's out of warranty and they won't do anything about it. If you need it for more than 6 months don't buy this one.
    This induction is fine, and very reasonably priced. It's not very adjustable (goes from pretty low to super hot in just a few clicks), and the heat tends to be focused in the very center of the pans, so you really must stir stir stir in order to keep your food from scorching in one spot. It gets the job done, but I'm saving up to buy a more sophisticated model.
    This Avantco 3500W induction burner is fantastic. Priced well below the competition, this burner holds its own in the kitchen. The large glass cooktop is easy to clean and looks great. Stainless body of the burner is well made and sturdy. I use this burner for homebrewing and have had no issue heating up to 8 gallons of wort to rolling boil. I am sure it would boil an even larger amount but have not yet tried. Much cheaper to operate than propane burner. Heats only where the kettle makes contact with the glass so the sides of your kettle do not get scorching hot as they would when using a propane burner. I highly recommend this product.
    I bought several of these induction cookers. They work pretty good for the first 6 months but once the time is up the all went down. Luckily they were still under warranty so I was able to get replacements. Overall it's a powerful cooker but don't expect them to last.
    I bought the IC3500/ 220watt for homebrewing so I could take my operations from the garage to basement. My 10 gallon brew pot (appx13.3") is larger than the cook-top and as result, it takes a while (45min) to boil from room temp. However, once boiling it keeps 6.75 gallons at a nice gentle boil. Keeping the lid 1/2 on creates a much vigorous boil. Initial review of this unit is satisfactory and great bang for the buck. I do recommend this unit for homebrewing.
    I purchased two of these Induction Cooker's for my deli in the past two years. I highly recommend it. My crew in the kitchen swear by this brand. The short time it takes to bring water to boil is essential. We also have limited space, so this fits our needs as well. A++
    This is a great unit at a fantastic price. We teach craft beer making and so I didn't have to go out side with a propane burner, we got one of these. It works better than most stove tops at getting up to temp. The rest of the unit stays cool being an induction burner. I would highly recommend this unit.
    We've been very happy with this induction burner so far. Strong enough to boil a large pot of water quickly for pasta cooking in the prep kitchen, fast recovery too. Burner is a good size even for our largest rondeau. I wish I had 3 more.
    I bought a supposed 2000 watt induction range last year and liked it. It boils water relatively quickly and handles a stir fry well. However, it does not have a setting that gently simmers food. It either boils it rapidly, or it doesn't boil at all. Fortunately 've given that unit away. This 220 volt 3500 watt Avantco induction range is much better. I enjoy cooking and have used this range 8 times since receiving it a few days ago. I've only used heavy enameled cast iron dutch ovens to cook curries and multi-layered Scanpan fry pans to cook omelets. At the 190 deg. setting it gently simmers the pot. I set the timer to 30 minutes and it worked well. Tonight I reheated some food I'd prepared this morning and used the lower temp. settings to start to warm the pot working up a "notch" each couple of minutes. The end result was nice, hot food without any sticking to the pot and nothing burning.
    This induction burner works great in our prep kitchen. The sturdy design holds the heavier stock pots & sauce pans. The unit is light and stores away well.
    I purchased this range to serve as the main heat source for a basement food processing/brewing/canning etc space that I constructed in my basement. While it will require purchasing some new cookware, I am very impressed thus far, the heat control is instantaneous, the output impressive (brought a 5 gallon volume of wort from ~140 degrees to boiling in 15 minutes and maintained a vigorous boil easily) and the unit is very sturdy in its construction and could probably handle stockpots in excess of 10 gallon. I just hope it lasts--but for the price?

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