San Jamar G-40-R Grade 40 Packaged Cheesecloth 151" x 34"

Item #: 167G40R

Versatile in its uses, this San Jamar G-40-R Grade 40 cheesecloth is the perfect kitchen accessory to add to your collection! This useful cheesecloth is the perfect solution for many of your kitchen needs - from preserving cheeses and straining sauces, to wrapping meat and poultry. Beyond food preparation, this cheesecloth is also ideal for polishing stainless steel and keeping your kitchen looking sparkly and clean.

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San Jamar G-40-R Grade 40 Packaged Cheesecloth 151" x 34"

4.8 stars from 77 reviews


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cheesecloth cheese great cloth price quality works straining sauces much
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    This is a good quality cheesecloth and is certainly priced better than you find in local stores. This works very well for preparing clarified butter or fine straining for sauces.
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    We enjoyed working with this cloth. Our staff makes clarified butter/ghee and believe me, all cheesecloth is not equal. It holds the milk solids better and we only have to filter twice instead of four times.
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    I use cheesecloth for so many uses in the kitchen. The price offered here gives you almost double the cloth compared to what you can find in the grocery store.
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    What a great big package of cheese cloth for such a small price! I love shopping at this store, because their prices are great and the quality is outstanding.
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    l love that webrestaurant carries this hard-to-find authentic cheesecloth. I now will have this on hand whenever I need to strain stock, baste a turkey or dust sugar on cookies.
    I ordered the cheese cloth for the meat that I put in my veggies. I don't like how all the pieces of meat look in my veggies. I will order again
    These cheesecloths are so useful when straining very fine mixtures. I don't personally make homemade cheese but I have found many other uses for them. It is particularly great for clean stocks and straining out sediment from infused oils.
    The Cheesecloth is lint-free cotton and is perfect for preserving straining, steaming, poaching or even polishing. This works for us and the price is very reasonable.
    Our customers love this cheese cloth, not only can you use it for the obvious of making cheese, but you can also use it while making sausage, pickling products, or putting whole spices in a bag and boiling them in whatever you are making. Very durable and not easily broken.
    Can’t beat the price for what you get! This cheesecloth is very high quality I use it mainly to strain solids if I’m making stock or sauces. It’s washable and resueabke too!
    This is a good amount of quality cheesecloth for the price. The weaving is done well so you don't have to use double layers when doing fine products.
    I used a lot s cheese cloth to strain my cooking oils. The San Jamar cloth is as good as I buy local and I can now get it much easier.
    I like to use cheese cloth to strain my drippings for gravy. This package comes with a lot and is a great value. Comes in a nice rolled up package easy to cut off as much as you need and store the rest.
    San Jamar grade 40 package cheese cloth's come in 151" x 34" and is excellent for straining sauces. Excellent for doing cold brew coffee's by putting all of your ground coffee into the cheese cloth to drain
    This is a great cheesecloth. Very nice and sturdy and serves so many purposes. My main use is straining and preserving cheeses. And you get a ton of it!
    Good quality cheesecloth. I liked being able to find a small amount to sample. I will be ordering the larger quantity as this was a great product.
    This cheesecloth is excellent for straining products! We use it to strain coffee grounds one last time before serving the finished product to customers. Will continue to use!!
    Great quality cheesecloth for the price. And you get so much, too! I love that I had it for a while before needing to re-order.
    Good quality, not great, not as fine mesh as I thought, really need to layer it for specific straining. Good amount and quality for the money
    This works nice for all sorts of sauces and cooking. It works great for herb bouquets for soups and sauces. Or making homemade cheeses! Good price.
    This cheesecloth works really well. It's not a superfine weave. However, it works for my needs. A small pack has lasted quite a long time. The cloth is folded up a lot.
    Cheesecloth is important in any sauce-maker's kitchen. This cheesecloth is high quality with fine mesh, just make sure to unfold and refold to get the most out of it!
    We use cheese cloth every thanksgiving to help keep the turkey moist. Once we baste it, we lay a layer of cheesecloth over the skin and allow it to keep cooking. Works great.
    This cheesecloth works as advertised. Great for clarified butter and anything else. The price is right considering some stores charge a lot more. Whenever I need more cheesecloth I will definitely buy this here.
    I was expected to receive more in the package, its good enough but i think could be more, anyway its great in many uses in the kitchen.
    This cheese cloth did exactly what it was supposed to, I do not really have any other to compare to since it was my first purchase but I will continue using it.
    Excellent food grade cheese cloth. Perfect size for straining pre packaged frozen 2 lb spinach or other fine items. Good value for its size. I highly recommend.
    Simple cheesecloth. works as you would expect it to. It is not designed for multiple uses, but I don't think cheesecloth is ever designed for that.
    These cheese cloths are an excellent way to separate cheese in the cheesemaking process. They also work great as covers for things like kombucha at home!
    Got this to strain out butter and stocks I make. It works perfectly for the job; gets all the small bits out without straining out the good stuff. It's a bit thin but if you fold it a couple times it does its job well.
    A great and large amount of cheese cloth! This stuff will last you a good while. I have been keeping my cheeses in plastic bags too long, this really adds freshness and helps maintain the cheese.
    Purchased for home use to make sachets of spices to use while cooking. This product comes with a good amount of square footage for the price.
    this is a big piece of cheese cloth which is great so you can fold it any number of times to get a denser strainer for whatever you need
    I use these to render my own lard. I gave it only 3 stars because it's not as fine as needed. But layering it a few times. I'm able to render my lard with ease.
    Just what you would expect from a cheese cloth. Great Price. very durable and easy to work with. We use it for mulling at our shop
    This cheescloth was just what I needed. I use it when making stock for my herbs and also when I make loose tea, it catches all the small pieces. It is a must have in any kitchen plus you cannot beat the price.
    Standard cheesecloth for whatever you need cheesecloth for. Though I wish it was a bit wider so when folded it could span the width of a hotel pan without falling in on the sides
    I use cheesecloth in so many ways, with the rings on mason jars, when I'm doing my fermenting. The food must be covered but it's gotta still be able to breath. I'm happy with the content of the cheese cloth that comes in contact with food.the price is much better than my local grocery store.
    This was a great deal - twice the amount of cheesecloth for slightly more than the supermarket. A triple layer placed over a mesh strainer left completely sediment-free chicken stock. It cuts easily and doesn't fray. I'll get 5 batches of stock from just one package - a winters worth!
    Cheesecloth is cheesecloth, but as far as cheesecloth goes, this is some nice cheesecloth. It does not seem to shed as much as some other brands, and it is nice to be able to buy a smaller amount at one time.
    This cheese cloth works well for our needs. We use it to strain ricotta for cannoli. It is strong enough to hold up over the couple of days we use it.
    Standard cheese cloth, doesn't have a poor quality or anything. For the price you pay to order, you get way more in comparison to most supermarkets.
    Great quality cheese cloths. We use these for brewing our cold brew the traditional way of steeping overnight. We are able to get a few uses out of each sheet.
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    This material was much lighter than I thought it would be. When I washed and dried it, it disintegrated into nothing. I won't recommend this product.
    We appreciate your review, Lena-Rae! If you are having any issues with the product you have purchased, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Love this stuff! It's great to always have around. It's durable and does what it needs to do. It's a great price and I highly recommend it to anyone!
    Great product. This cheesecloth is everything I need it to be. It's the perfect strength. I like how it is folded so I can unfurl it if I need a bigger piece, but it is still easy to store.
    Our chef likes to use this product to strain his thicker sauces. Helps keep the sauces smooth and consistent; free from lumps left with roux
    I used this cheesecloth for making greek yogurt. WAY more in the package than I anticipated-- I feel like I received an exceptional value. Recommended for all your cheese and yogurt-making needs.
    I don't think cheesecloth has changed much over the years and that's a good thing; this was just as I remembered it from watching my grandfather make ricotta and it worked just as well as the old-school stuff I remember. Sturdy, clean, did the job perfectly.
    Happy to be able to buy this in a small quantity . We don't go through much and everyone eels wanted to sell us a whole case
    The best price around for cheesecloth. I used this to make fresh ricotta (Martha Stewart's recipe) and it was delicious and easy! Thanks a lot Webstaurant!
    We bought the cheesecloth to hold the spices for cooking beans and chickpeas. The cheesecloth served the purpose very well. We have bought several times.
    I use this product frequently to strain anything that has fine particles. I personally like to double the cloth. Great product to have on hand to ensure smooth sauces/soups. Great for occasional use.
    Good cheesecloth, I'm really glad this website carries this item because now a days it is getting difficult to actually find cheesecloth is regular supermarkets. In fact this particular cheesecloth is much better and way better priced then something that you would purchase from a regular supermarket.
    This cheesecloth has been great for our purposes, which has been to strain our coffee infused milk. Doubled with a chinois, we were able to strain our milk without any actual grinds in it.
    I really like this cheese cloth rather than the ones in a box. These have a seam so one side Is covered. Great quality and very good price.
    For someone like me that doesn't use cheesecloth all that often, this product is a great choice because it's a reasonable amount. The product performs well and I plan on ordering it again.
    Great product. I bought this cheesecloth to use in making homemade bitters for cocktails and it worked great. the price is perfect so that I do not feel bad if i wasted some in the process.
    I am very pleased with this cheesecloth. i was expecing something more flimsy that what my grandmother used to use but this is just as strong. i am impressed
    Supermarket cheesecloths are generally too flimsy to use without folding 2 or 3 times. I use this for many things like home-brewed cold coffee, spice bags, straining yogurt, etc. When I'm done, I wash and reuse for cleaning. No waste!
    This cheesecloth is better than expected. The quality is better than that purchased for more money elsewhere. I will probably buy more from this store.
    Good cheesecloth, does it's job. Nice being able to bag up spices and bay leave and not having to pick out each leaf as you find them.
    This San Jamar Grade packaged chessecloth is truly the best in quality and price. It does well getting all the lumps and small pieces so you can have a nice smooth and cream soup. I also use it to drain my clarify butter. I will buy again.
    We use fine mesh strainers for most of our food, but there are a couple items where cheese cloths wins out. When making almond milk, for example, it's a must to use cheese cloth. And for us, we use anything unbleached that we can, and this serves us very well. Perfect product for our cafe and what we stand for.
    Whether you are using these San Jamar cheesecloths for making ricotta, or straining bouquet garni, these are terrific. I've also used them for making little sweet-smelling achets as giveaway gfts!
    You get a lot of cheesecloth for your money with this package. You can cut it to any size you need. A must have when straining stocks, broths or anything else that you need to get every little bit of particle out of your food.
    I wanted to try this for straining soups and sauces and the cheesecloth really handled the task well. I only tried a sample pack, considering ordering more of this brand, but would actually prefer a box dispenser, a larger size. I would recommend this for domestic use.
    There's not really much to say other than that it's cheesecloth, it's good, and it does what it's supposed to. Really decent amount for the price too.
    I am so glad webstraunt has cheese cloth. You can't find it in any of the local stores. We use cheese cloth for straining all of our jellies and jams. it works great.
    I ordered this package of cheesecloth to use at home. It is hard to find in our retail stores and I like to use it for straining
    I bought these for a different reason then most. I wanted something to hold baking soda in small pouches. This way I could put them into my plastic containers that hold my baked goods to keep them fresh. I double the cheesecloth to ensure the baking soda will stay in them and tie the top with string. This made a great difference in the freshness of my cookies and cakes.
    Works exactly as expected. My wife used this to squeeze excess juice from carrots before making carrot cake. Strong enough to be washable for resuse; will be using this cloth to squeeze excess moisture from canned tuna to make salads. Also great, when folded, for making greek-style yogurt!
    This cheese cloth is amazing. I use it everyday to strain pastry cream and lemon pie filling. It makes the product very smooth. It's inexpensive and I cut the sheet up to what I need. I recommend it.
    Cheesecloth is a great tool for cooking, but it's gotten kind of hard to find these days. Fortunately, Webstaurant Store has it, and at a great price, too. I always use it when making cocktail syrups.
    these cheese cloth comes in 4 square yards and for the price, it's worth it to get. The quality is great as i use them not only for separating cheese but to put my herbs in when i need to improvise
    If you think Cheese cloth is only for straining liquid from cheese, oh no no, it can do so much more. Sometimes i make my own soy milk and this is what i use. it's cheap and useful
    This cheesecloth is great for straining sauces or even for cooking! Perfect for making foie gras torchon! Good for poaching fragile items! Nice for degreasing too!!!

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