Ateco 4712 12" High-Grip Clear Disposable Pastry Bags - 100/Roll

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Quickly and efficiently decorate your cakes, pies, custards and other signature desserts using the Ateco 4712 12" decorating bags. Whether you're decorating at a commercial bakery or for a catered event, this seamless Ateco bag is a convenient option because it will help save you valuable time by eliminating the need for clean-up, and it can even be used for same day refills. The interior features a non-slip coating so icing will dispense easily for hassle-free decorating. Made from .003" LDPE plastic, these wide 12" bulk decorating bags come in a convenient box that stores and dispenses them, so you can save on storage and counter space in small work areas.

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Ateco 4712 12" High-Grip Clear Disposable Pastry Bags - 100/Roll

4.8 stars from 570 reviews

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bags great piping Love small icing quality size Ateco decorating
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Excellent quality, i use these bags all the time for frosting, they are very strong and durable. They do not tear apart when in use.

from Sugar and Spice Cupcakes on
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These decorating bags are great for so many things! They are a nice thickness and are very well made. They don't blow out the side of you are using a thick icing like other brands I have tried.

from Kern Valley Farm on
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great quality for the price!!! Will definitely be ordering again. I was skeptical at first because I found the price to lower than other sites but these piping bags exceeded my expectations.

from Mercysbakingco on
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These small bags are great for small quantities of frosting for drizzle or small touches. We use with tips and without tips. Durable, well made.

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We use disposable decorating bags daily here in our cake shop! We try to use reusable when possible but these bags make clean up so easy! They're easy to use and come in all different sizes.

from Three Sisters Cake Shop on
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These 12" disposable pastry bags work great for frosting cupcakes and cookies. They are durable, and can just be thrown away when done using them.

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The 12” Ateco plastic disposable bags are of great quality and price. The bags are thick and does not burst like other cheap quality bags.

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I refuse to buy my pastry bags anywhere else. As a bargain shopper, I’m always on the lookout for the best quality your hard earned money can buy. So look no further than these affordable pastry bags!

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Ateco 12" Clear Disposable Pastry Bags are easy to use and durable. I have some uses where I need to freeze my filled decorating bags. I have had some brands become brittle and break during the freezing process. These bags hold up to the cold temperatures.

from Gingerbread Manor of Clemmons on
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Great quality Pastry bags, don't tear easily. Note that the size is small though, ideal for some fine finishings or when you will work with not a large quantity of frosting.

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Not a day goes by that we don't use these pastry bags! They are durable and easy to grasp. Love all the different sizes they come in! Definitely recommend.

from miFlavour on
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These piping bags are a must for any bakery! They are sturdy work well with thicker pastes and frostings and you never have to worry about the bag bursting. Highly recommend to all bakers and pastry chefs!

from Sweet Treats by Tiffany on

Love these bags. Convenient, easy to use. Good size for small frostings, best to use once but can rewash for multiple uses as well. Good

from Ruthys Bake Shop on

These bags are definitely our favorite. Sturdy without being too thick and rigid. Easy to cut and twist to tie. We use them in our bakery and in DIY kits to send out.

from Storybook Bakery on

these are our Favorite icing bags, nice and thick, never pop when using stiff fillings and a good price I dont feel bad using so many

from Butter Cakery on

These bags work well for lots of different small applications. I use them for piping melted chocolate into molds, small cake decorating projects and for making ganache drip cakes.

from Devilish Delights by Dawn on

Very durable and convenient pastry bags. I love that they come in a roll so you can easily pull one off at a time and they are super thick!

from Cutesy Cakes by Jenn on

12" pipping bags are great for when I am adding an accent color and I don't need my larger bags. these bags are very durable and the price point is amazing.


These pastry bags are indispensable to my bakery operation. They are very affordable and great quality. They don't break and can be filled several times during a recipe preparation and then discarded.

from Cafe Selmarie on

This our a great item to use. We use multiples for kids decorating class. Easy for them to handle. They rip at the dotted lines.

from Heaven in A Cup on

These worked great for our decorating kits. They was the perfect size especially for small amounts of icing. We will definitely be ordering these again.

from Iced on

Strong bags, great price, although I have two issues. The bag has a seam, which makes it impossible to use as a tipless bag since it makes the line rectangular, but it’s not an issue for cake decorating since I always use a piping tip for that anyways. Second, there’s some kind of stickiness to the bags when you unroll them, and it makes it a bit hard to grip. I always have to lightly dust my hands with corn starch before using them. But, the minor inconvienuences are worth it for the great price, and the quality of the plastic itself.

from Maggie ann’s on

I have purchased these piping bags over and over. They do the job well and I've never had any issues with them. The only part I don't like is the seam of the bags. It has excess plastic that has occasionally gotten in the way of my finer detail piping. But majority of the time I don't notice. When I do have issues with it I can trim it myself.

from The Angry Cupcake on

These bags are such good quality, and I love them for royal icing since they hold up well. The last few boxes though, the bags have almost been stuck to each other, and are a bit hard to get apart, but outside of that, they are great!


I love theses pastry bags! They are the perfect strength so they don't rip or tear when applying icing but they are also thin enough to easily cut the tip with scissors without issue. I also like the fact they are on a large roll -- very easy to keep track of.


Hands down my favorite piping bags. I have tried many brands and nothing else compares. I use a lot of bags and love the 100/roll box.

from LDS on

Love these bags. They were much better than the ones I find in the stores. Held up well with stiff buttercream as well. Will be buying more


Good quality product. Has the durability most pastry bags need to hold up. We use them quite frequently. Only complaint was I needed a bigger size, my fault.

from Piccolo on

These are good quality piping bags. I use them for frosting, but also mashed potatoes. They don’t melt and hold up well to hot food or stiff icing.

from nana's creative cafe LLC on

If you like to save money buy this. Very cheap but in a great quality. Totally going to recommend it and going to buy again

from DA Pick n eaT on

I used these bags for cookie kits I made for a fundraiser. I bought 20 units of these. Overall worked great for what I needed them.


You got 100 disposable bags in this box which can last you a long time. It’s great for piping. The material is thick and mot easy to break


The Ateco bags are hands down my go to bag. They do not have a slick plastic feel, more of a slip resistant finish that helps you grab and hold. You can put as much pressure on these as you physically can, and they will NOT blow a seam. They will hold up to anything, even a thick cream cheese icing. They are a nice thickness, so even drizzling melted chocolate isn't an issue with the bag being too hot in your hand. These are the only brand bags I buy.

from Nanna's Sweets on

These icing bags are great! I love the box that they come in, it allowes for great organization in cabinets. Do not put melted chocolate in these bags though! It can and will melt them.

from Breeze cakes on

I love using Ateco products when decorating! The bags are thick, tear resistant, and easy to fill. Definitely my go to piping bag when decorating.

from Baked by the Pound on

Love these! Pipes my buttercream smoothly. Just add the pipe tip you need to use and cut the tip to begin piping your buttercream. Doesn't tear or leak like some others do.


These bags are my favorite. They unroll easy, and they don’t break. I have used them for buttercream frosting and for cake batter and they worked great! I will buy them again!


I have huge hands and the small bags are some times hard to grip, and I hate wasting big bags for small amounts, that being said; these are amazing! they have a nice thickness to them and the "grip" they have to the is the best thing since sliced bread I think! will definitely be purchasing these again!


Perfect product! although I love the Eco value idea behind a reusable piping bag, you can't mistake the convenience of these disposable ones. They work really well and help make clean up a breeze


These pastry bags exceeded my expectations for the reasonable price. I have not had any problems with holes developing with even my firmest icings. The are also less slippery than many other brands I have used. I will definitely order again.


These are great if you just need a little bit of icing or chocolate. I even microwaved for a few seconds to rewarm chocolate and they held up nicely.

from KMM on

I really like these disposable bags. they are very good bags. the only concern I had with these is if you have this buttercream, it will make the bags blowout pretty easy. If you have thicker buttercream, I recommend the non disposable bags.

from Buttercream Bakery on

These pastry bags are workhorses. I've used them for years. Their heavy-duty construction means fewer popped seams in the middle of a piping job. Piping tips can be used in these bags with or without a coupler set. The bags also come without texture or printing on the bag, which I really like.


Been using the pastry bag rolls for years, but recently switched to the flat box and prefer those much more. They are easier to fill and use than these are. I still buy the 12" ones for small pastry jobs but prefer the 18" flat ones for the larger needs.

from Bard & Baker Board Game Cafe on

I manage 5 different locations. We use these pastry bags very regularly. The size of bag is perfect for what we need. Price is 80% less than what I would pay through my corporate suggested site.

from Edible Arrangements on

I was so glad I ordered this product!!!! it is truly a life saver! I use pastry bags a lot in my profession and these bags save me a lot of needles headaches.

from Ms. Marsha's Sweets on

Excellent quality for quantity. First time purchasing it online and will continue to do so, I am saving a lot of money now from this purchase!


I love the amount that I get for the price and how Convenience they are in one roll in a box. However, they are very sticky. They stick to my hand when I try to pipe with them. Also there’s a ridge on the side that makes tip less pipping hard.


Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These bags are super heavy duty and last forever! I use the plastic wrap trick for my icing and it sits perfectly in these bags and I am able to reuse them over and over again before I have to pitch them. Awesome product!


Perfect little disposable piping bags to keep on hand. Plastic is fairly durable and this size holds a good amount of product for small uses.


These are great. The bags are sturdy. However it’s hard to just roll them from the box because they are so tight and stuck together. Worth buying again.

from Sassy Girlz Sweetz on

Bags came in a roll! Perfect because then I don’t have to take them all out at once to get one bag!! Easy to use, will definitely order again in other sizes as well!

from Baked by lulu on

These bags are nice and strong. I don't really like the seam on the side, though, and I really don't like how sticky they are on the roll. You have to pull quite hard to get one off the roll. I also am not crazy about having to tear at the preparation to get the next bag. I'd rather have a grab and go bag. Guess I'm picky. :)

from Cakes by Denise on

The quality of these bags are great. They are just the right thickness. They work great for piping icing. Priced well for our customers. Will reorder again,


These bags are fantastic. Great quality and I like how durable they are. They aren't thin and never bust like others I've used. Great buy

from Cakes to Dye For on

These are a good disposable pastry bag. I mostly use for royal icing or butter cream. They are easy to fill and stay in tact when using.


Very well made. I don’t have any leaking or tearing problems. The roll design is so convenient and super easy to store while also taking up very little space. I will continue buying these!

from Cake Me Away on

I’ve been using this brand of disposable pastry bag for several years and love them! The price can’t be beat, and the quality is perfect for my needs. I use them mostly for decorating cakes and melting chocolates, but I have also let my toddlers use them to paint!


This disposable bags are very good quality and very sturdy And great price I’ll be definitely going buy it again Soon and strongly recommend this

from La Mexicana Bakery on

I use a lot of icing bags and prefer tipless. These bags are a great size capacity for the right amount of icing and they hold up very well without any bursting when the bag is squeezed. They hold their shape as well without any stretching. I rated it a 4 because the only issue I find is that there is a tiny little seam that stand out and it can get in the way when piping. I just carefully trim it off and solve that!

from Rising Simplicty on

These bags are perfect for everything we make in our kitchen. From piping mousse, to macarons to buttercream, we love them. They are strong enough to be filled multiple times without any leakage.

from Palmer's on

I use this 12” piping bags all the time. They are great product. Sturdy and I use in my home based bakery all the time.

from Cakes by Stefania on

They were a little weak. When removing from box and tearing at the perforated edges they would sometimes rip the bag which was a waste

from Blues Baking Co. on

Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

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These disposable pastry bags are really great. Very inexpensive so it's a must have for any pastry chef. Highly recommend this product and will definitely buy again


This bags worked wonderfully for a cake decorating class I taught. The bags are very sturdy similar to more pricy well known brand name ones.


These are perfect for small tasks, such as a quick drizzle fix or handwriting on a cake. I love these and love the fact that they come in a roll, so it doesn't take up too much space.


Great price, superior quality. We go through a lot of pastry bags, so I really appreciate the convenience and quality. They are sturdy enough to reuse over and over, yet inexpensive enough for one time use as well.

from Sugar Me Desserterie on

I love that these come on a roll instead of individual bags. It makes storing them so much easier. These are fairly heavy duty, so I’m not worried about them busting under pressure when I’m decorating my cupcakes. Great buy!

from SSB Bakery on

I absolutely love these piping bags! They’re a great quality at a great price. They’re a little hard to unroll maybe from the plastic clinging to itself but once you detach it they work great!! I use mine especially for frosting cookies but it’s great for buttercream and whipped frostings. I will for sure keep reordering more!!

from Sweet Delight Bites on

These bags are a lifesaver and the packaging made it perfect for fast uses and disposal. I have gone through half of the box already and none of the bags have burst even when piping thicker substances such as choux pastry.


I love these pastry bags. They are great quality and I have no complaints about them. I have a bakery and use these on a daily basis. I have also brought some home and they go through the dishwasher well, I like that so I'm not wasting so many.

from Mom's Bakery on

This product is a great deal. The down fall is not as thick as I’m use too. But a great Keep these on hand all the time! I love these pastry bags, perfect size and they are very sturdy!

from Ibilanajafood on

These are strong bags at a very good price. I don't like how they come perforated on the roll. When I tear them off, they have a sticky feel, probably due to the adhesive. This doesn't affect functioning, but I prefer other brands for this reason.


Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

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Excellent non ripping sturdy bags! I use them with or without a coupler. And they can or cannot be washed to use again. They come on a roll in a box.

from Shannons custom cakery on

I absolutely love these disposable pastry bags. They have saved me so much time not having to constantly wash the reusable bags. Will order again!

from Bite of Joy on

These bags are perfect for small amounts of icing. They do not slip in your hands, but they are easy to get the decorating tips out of when you are ready to dispose of the bag.

from Cakes by Julia on

Good product, durable and easy to use. Works well in the classroom environment that we buy this product for. Box that it comes in for dispensing we have found is not very easy to use.

from on

One of my favorite bags to use, holds enough for the small piping projects! I use them for holding buttercream and royal icing, they work perfectly for my projects!


Great pastry bags. They are easy to use and perfect to ice cookies and cakes. They can be use with and without tips. Compact box for storage.


These are great of course for piping frosting or cookie toppings. Sturdy plastic and the price is better than a local restaurant shop. Will purchase again.

from Sweet Treats by Sonia on

I can't say enough about these bags! I have been using Ateco bags for over 30 years. And these disposable on a roll are the best quality and so convenient. Always by my side when decorating! Love it

from Confectionary Imaging, LLC on

the ateco 12" disposable pastry bags are perfect when im not using a lot of frosting. i use these bags when im piping cookies. i also use these bags when i make small batches of ganache.


I love the bags it was enough for me to work with. I love how i could tear of the bags and kept it going. How many i hey eith price is very goid!


We use these small bags for piping small amounts of chocolate on our desserts. Same solid construction as the larger bags. We are very happy with them.

from Botto's Bakery on

These small bags are perfect for a small detailing amount of frosting for letting cakes etc. They come in a cardboard dispenser or sorts that makes it easy to get one when you need one.

from MG Designs, LLC on

Love these bags. They work well for buttercream or royal icing and hold up well. It is nice to have the giant roll of them when working with multiple colors


The quality of these bags are absolutely phenomenal! I've kept pushing off buying quality piping bags but I finally caved and I'm never going back to the cheap bags!


These are my go to pastry bags now. This size isn't huge so for big projects you'll probably need a different size but this is great for when I just need to pipe a small to moderate amount. The roll is really convenient and the bags are easy to use and unroll very nicely.


These are perfect bags! I mainly use them when drizzling chocolate over my chocolate covered products or writing a name out in icing for a cake.

from sweet - a - licious on

The ateco piping bags are durable and will hold the thickest frostings and fillings without splitting. They have a slight tacky feel to them to allow better grip on the bag when piping


These bags are great quality. They are thick and hold a great amount of buttercream icing without the headache of blowouts. I will purchase these again.

from Kara’s Kupcakes on

Love these bags! I use them to put the buttercream in when I make cookie kits. They hold just the right amount of each color that I need to use. Definitely would buy again.


I use this bags because is the perfect size, this bags are convenient to me, the fact is the material that are made is strong and flexible at the same time.


I use it and wash this bag several time before to take another one. They are strong and enough large for to make a big quantity of Macaron dough and others...

from Muriel's GF Bakery, LLC on

These Ateco bags are awesome! They hold up very well when i use them in decorating cakes /cupcakes. I will definitely order the Ateco bags again!


Never go wrong with these bags! These are sturdy and reliable. I buy at least a box of one of the sizes every month or more and have not had a bag break on me yet.

from Cake Me Away on

Super affordable option for doing multiple small bags of different colored royal icing for decorating iced sugar cookies. Cheap enough to use and toss with minimal waste.

from Everything Iced Cupcakes & More on

High quality, and no risk of seams breaking when using a stiffer buttercream. Use these all the time and the only brand I will buy!

from Sweet Spectations on

The Ateco 4712 12" High-Grip Clear Disposable Pastry Bags from Webstaurant are high quality and very durable. The price is fantastic and shipping was extremely fast. We will definitely be ordering more of these in the future. Highly recommended.


These are really good disposable frosting bags. I like that they are in a roll that makes them easy to store and use. I have not experienced any icing blow outs while using these. They are sturdy and make clean up a breeze!


Great disposable pastry bags. Perfect size for small projects. Great for writing on cakes or piping scroll work or fine details. Very strong and rarely break on the seams.

from Studio Bake Confections on

These pastry bags come in so handy when doing buttercream flowers. They are not flimsy but sturdy and are very easy to manage. Depending on what you use them for, they can be washed and reused at least once.

from Dalea Love on

Great sturdy bags! I think I'm more excited about them not bursting mid decorating. You can't beat the price at all. I would definitely buy again. Ateco bags are the best!


I love this bags. Thick and do not RIP easily. I use these bags for my ready to decorate cookie kits. And I also use them to decorate my cookies. No one has ripped, I also wash them and reuse them and definitely they do last quite a while!


I continue to reorder these bags because they are the perfect size for my cupcake needs. I can fill the bag one time and it will do a dozen cupcakes which is typically what I'm fulfilling with my orders. I do find that they are rather sticky but I usually give them a quick rinse before using.

from Food By Sani, LLC on

These Ateco piping bags are a nice thickness. I only use the smaller size for piping small amounts of jam, caramel or other fillings into petit fours or even chocolate bon bon. The texture of the bag is non-slip also


I decorate a lot of cakes. These are comparable to the Wilton brand and the price is so much better! I have washed and reused them, but for this price you don't ming disposing them.

from Susie Qusie Chocolate Fountain on

I use these Ateco disposal decorating bags to pipe buttercream decor on my cakes. They are a good weight, not too thin, and affordable enough to throw out when done. I do save icing in them, refrigerate in a ziplock, and reuse on my next project, so I get more than one use. I highly recommend them.

from A Family Affair Catering & Concessions on

Great for piping fillings into my cupcakes. Anything from salted caramel to lemon curd to chocolate ganache. LOVE that they're microwave-safe & can be recycled.

from 6 Bittersweets on

These decorating bags work great. The plastic is thick and the seams don't tear open. It's nice to have them stored in a roll - saves on space!


Love the size of these bags and the quality is great. I like how they can be stored and dont take up so much room in my already full decorating case!


These Ateco disposable pastry bags are absolutely the lowest priced icing bags I have been able to find, which is great because I literally go through thousands per year.

from Creme de la Creme Cakery on

These pastry bags are great I have I love having these around they make my piping job so much easier good quality durable I know they will last and that they won’t break while piping


Theses bags are great buy and come in a easy to use roll. They do not split at the seams. Great price for a one and done bag. Definitely would get again!


I love these piping bags the reason I love them is because when your baking sometimes your hands can get slippery not with these. And the price point is very reasonable. Get you some!


The Ateco Pastry Bags are pretty good. They make frosting prep and clean-up a breeze. My only complaint is that they have a strange film that coats the outside of the bag.


The bags are not as durable as expected they tend to burst when piping cupcakes. This happens no matter the amount of frosting or type of frosting used

from Lezlee's Cakery on

Thank you for your review, Leslie! We are sorry this Ateco 4712 12 inch High-Grip Clear Disposable Pastry Bags - 100/Roll has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

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These bags are great for my decorating. They're strong enough tat don't bust while piping but easy enough to remove from tips to throw away. Been great.

from Mamma Bears Edible Creations on

These piping bags are great! They withstand our thick icing to help us create beautiful designs on our baked goods. We love the fact that we can buy so many at a time!

from Beans in the Belfry on

Love these bags. I would say they're comparable with Wilton's bags but it's just slightly thinner. I would reccomend at least 18in for the large pipes.


Great bags. I've never busted one of these bags. These are the perfect size to get a full two dozen cupcakes iced without running out of icing. I've even been able to refill them during a same use application. Easy clean up as you just toss them.

from Devilish But Divine Bakery on

These are great quality and when using the Ateco tips I have noticed these bags are harder to puncture than others. I also love the fact they are on a roll making icing prep super fast and I don't have to worry about dropping the whole pack on the floor. This size is perfect for smaller icing jobs, such as flowers, borders, and mini-cupcakes.


Absolutely love these piping bags. We use these for smaller details on our cakes or cupcakes. We also have kids cupcake decorating days and these are perfect for kids. Not too big that they can't handle it, and not too small that you can't fit enough frosting in it. They material is very thick! iI have not had any that were torn or ripped from too much pressure. Very great quality and would highly recommend. We always order these for our bakery for cupcake and cake decorating

from VEGAN EAST on

Love these bags. They are nice strong bags, They do not split like the ones from China. They are great for melting chocolate in the microwave.


Perfect size to make those ever so popular unicorn cakes. Need a small amount of 5 or more colors? These are the perfect size, fill and pipe your heart out!

from Mary's Edible Creations on

these hold up to a decent amount of pressure, used with thick frosting and no issues, its great to be able to dispose instead of constantly cleaning out old pastry bags


These are great bags, thick and easy to use. They are a little difficult to get out of the box due to sticking together, but they're such quality, I don't actually care. Definitely the best in disposables!

from Alex Shelton, Cake Decorator on

Good, sturdy bags! When I opened the package I was sure I wasn't going to like these piping bags, the first few bags on the roll were sticky and felt like they had gunk on them. But after I took off the first 3 or 4 bags the funky feel was gone. And most importantly they are strong and do their job. Great price and fast shipping so I can't complain!

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These are not my favorite due to the line down one side but they are great to use in a pinch. It does not discourage me from purchasing them.


These disposable pastry bags are easy to use and very well priced. We would order this product again and recommend them to anyone looking for these kind of bags.

from The Hop Ice Cream Cafe on

I used these for my Girl Scout Troop. We were earning a baking patch. These worked great, and the girls really enjoyed the activity. They were able to bake and decorate their own cupcakes.


Great pastry bag for royal icing and decorating cakes and cupcakes. Perfect size for icing a cake or adding royal icing to decorated sugar cookies. High quality bag.

from Carolina Farmhouse Kitchen on

Great piping bags! Low cost for nice quality. The thickness of the plastic bag is perfect. Not too thin where it would be hard to control. Just right!


I love these pastry bags! They are a little sticky on the outside, but it is not a problem. I use these for my buttercreams and macaron batters and it has never failed me. Super great!


These are great! Perfect for macarons and their fillings. No issues or complaints with either their perforation (which is both efficient and tidy), 'tackiness' or stickiness, or anything else. These are sturdy bags, which I've used with both piping tips, and on their own with just the ends snipped off. Will likely never run out of these, but if I do, I'd reorder them without hesitation.

from e-Sell Trading Services on

Great quality and the best part is you get 100 bags in a box. Most disposable piping bags come in 50. I will forever buy these piping bags for sure!

from BewithUS on

I love this 12 inches piping bags.i use this product all the time and It’s very durable and great used for royal icing for my cookies.


Great quality bags, we only order Ateco. A little small for piping cakes and cupcakes, but perfect for chocolate, royal icing and any application that requires smaller amounts of sweet goodness. They also microwave quite well when you need to melt just the tiniest bit of chocolate.

from Reine's Cakery on

We love that it comes in a small compact packaging, while still being very easy to get to the individual bags. We use them for catering events and kids birthday parties with buttercream icing and they hold up very well, without the cleanup hassle.

from D.A.D Desserts LLC on

Great pastry bags. I like having lots of frosting colors out at once and these make that process a breeze. The 12" size is great for small batches and the bags are tough and don't rip easily.

from RSG on

These Ateco pastry bags are great quality and stand up to any filling, no matter how stiff, without failure. I would highly recommend them and you can't beat the value here.


The Ateco 12" Pastry Bag is sturdy and works perfectly with the Ateco Piping Tip and 2-piece couplers. I purchased the Ateco 21 #8 Open Star Piping Tip and the Ateco 400 2-piece Standard Plastic Coupler for use with a cupcake decorating party event for children. The young guests were easily able to decorate cupcakes and the system was easy for me to assemble ahead of the party.

from Give Garden on

I LOVE these bags. They are the perfect size for adding accents to a cake or cupcakes. They don't rip or tear (except in EXTREME circumstances). I've even microwaved them for a very short period of time to soften chocolate or caramel. Perfect for drizzling ganache. I love that they come in rolls, so they can be easily stored.

from Pattycakes LLC on

Great quality and great price. We get through a lot of these so finding a good supply is really important. Will definitely order more when needed


These bags are high quality. I was very pleased with the price. They come in an easy to use roll. I will certainly reorder. Thank you.


These are pretty good, not flimsy. You need to have patience if you have a lot of cupcakes to pipe by refilling the bag. I will order the 18inch as well so more icing can fit. Overall I’m satisfied

from Sweet Treats Delight on

Perfect for decorating. Love that they are on a roll instead of in a box. I am able to use them with piping tips or without and no issues.

from BiteMe! Treats & Sweets on

I personally prefer to use 12 inch bags even then i have alot of frosting to do. They feel better and my hand does not get tired. The Ateco brand provides a sturdy bag so there is no busting at the seams if i apply alot of pressure. I purchase these in bulk so that i never run out and have to resort to washing reusable bags,


These are the only bags I use in by bakery. Nice study bags that always hold up and dont have "blow outs" like other brands I have tried. Also this price is a great deal compared to other sites. Highly recommend

from Happy Goat on

I am convinced that disposable pastry bags are the way to go. No more washing out greasy bags that are impossible to clean. The are packaged in a tight roll that stays tightly wrapped till you need them.

from Marianna High School on

These bags are not only great for bagging pastry items but also other products. We seal these both with butchers twine or with the vacuum pack machine. It's fantastic.

from Forward Food Group, LLC on

Great bags from a great brand for a low price. These bags are very sturdy, I have never had one bust on me. I will always have these in hand!

from Sugar Rush on

The best value and price. Great for decorating cookies, small details, and piping out Macarons. I go through these so fast and will be buying these by the 5’s or 10’s.


Ateco bags come in different sizes, which is great. These are smaller and easy to hold. I like to use them for decorating cakes. These are great quality and thicker than other bags I have purchased elsewhere. Strong seams allow them to be used with heavy frosting.


If you are using frosting for your pastries at your shop and Looking for an item to fill it, these bags are amazing, I’m using for my carrot cake frosting

from WOM Coffee LLC on

I love these bags!! The packaging is great, the bags are rolled, so you pull and tear the bag off. The bags are pretty thick. I was worried they would be "cheap," but they are a great quality!

from BB's Bakery on

These disposable bags are a lifesaver for bakers. Nothing is more annoying than cleaning the inside of a piping bag after a buttery cream. Size may be small for large areas though. I would recommend this for detail work.

from Full House Cuisine on

these bags are ok. I like the convience of the roll but there is a slight stickiness to them that i do not like. these are best used with a coupler as without one, there is a slight edge on them that comes from tearing them apart that is bothersome. they s till do the job well.


The ateco 12” disposable piping bags are a great option. The price is good and the bags are of good quality. You do not have to worry about these busting open while you’re trying to work.


These Ateco pastry bags are by far the best pastry bags that I have ever used. They are so affordable but such great quality. Amazing!


We use these bags for macaron batter and they work wonderfully. Some other bags have broken at the seams but these hold up quite nicely. Great buy.


These bags are excellent and are at an unbeatable price! I don't have blowouts like I have with other pastry bags. The seams hold up to all of my buttercreams.

from Top Tier Pastry llc on

I love these piping bags because of the over all quality and value. The size is great, not too big, not too small. They are great if you like using different colors but don't have enough reusable piping bags or you don't want to wash them. The quality is amazing. So far, these don't rip or pop from the pressure of piping.


These icing bags are the best quality I have found. They are the perfect size for cupcakes, trim or piping on cakes. Great product at a cheap price.


BEST piping bag you can buy for the price! Never burst. Strong enough for even the thickest buttercream. Would recommend to anyone who needs a steady supply of reliable piping bags.


These bags are a great price and value, they are nice and sturdy and work very well for all of the frostings, fillings and decorating that I use them for. They are smaller but I prefer that to the larger ones. Super easy and convenient to store as the packaging allows you to dispense them and doesn’t take up a lot of space. I have ordered them multiple times and will continue to buy them.


Wow these are the perfect bags and size to have for chocolate ganache drizzle around the tops of my cakes or for making small lines and no tips.

from Local Foods Bakery on

I should've opted for the longer pastry bags as I like to work with a lot of icing at a time, but these are still great bags nonetheless. They come rolled in a box with a perforated section to be removed so you only have to take out one bag at a time. Much better than the big box store bags that come in a box all stuck together at the top.


I ordered these to use for decorating my sugar cookies. Great to use for royal icing and awesome price. Not as thick as the wilton brand which isn't a bad thing. Great product.


This is a great product at a great price - I am an amateur baker but was tired of paying so much for pasty bags or hunting down coupons for the craft stores. Now I have a nice supply that will last a while.


great quality small piping bags, they are great and good thick quality, you cannot beat them for the amout and they are a great quality.

from Craft It on

These 12" clear disposable pastry bags are a great size for piping royal icing onto sugar cookies. I use them often and they are very sturdy.

from OKC Sweets on

These piping bags are perfect. The thickness of the plastic is a great texture for easy piping and for a thick dough not to make the bag break!

from boeuf & bun corp. on

These bags are very cost effective and hold up well under use. We use them for everything from buttercream to royal icing to chocolate ganache.


Such a great value. Comes in a roll in a box. Can't wait to use them! They are more than half the price on competitor's websites.


I love these bags! I love that they are strong and durable even though they are disposable. I teach high school culinary classes and these are perfect for our short class periods. We don't have time to hassle with washing greasy pastry bags.

from Ferndale High School on

I've just started baking and having a ton of these disposable bags is so helpful. They pull off the roll wonderfully. At first I thought it might tear when pulling it off but the bags are thick enough so it doesn't.


great for piping small detailed work. fits perfect in my hands. not to mention the price is incredible. even through it disposable i use them more than once


This roll contains 100 disposable pastry bags. I like that they are clear which comes in handy when I'm using different color frosting. No need to clean up, simply dispose when you're done


These piping bags are great for small detail. I decorate a lot of cupcakes and it would not be possible without these. The quality is superb for the price point.


The 12 inch disposable piping bags are really good for use with small jobs like piping borders onto a cake. the one thing I don't like is that the bags are not slip resistant so they do get pretty slippery but overall good quality

from Alyssa's Heavenly Sweets on

Very good product for small decorating. The bag is 12" but seems smaller but it is a great bag for smaller detailed work or smaller items that need to be decorated.

from Chocolate Cow Bakery on

These piping bags are such a great find! Beyond affordable and a thick quality construction makes these our go to piping bag for detail pipework for cakes, cookies and pies. Perfect size for all your standard size piping tips.

from Sugar Lane Bakery on

I love these Ateco disposable bags. They are my favorite out of about 3 other brands that I have tried previously. I recommend them and plan to purchase them in other sizes.


These ateco bags are strong and can be reused. Similar to the wilton bags they are durable and easy to use. i am so happy I purchased these bags. Great quality


Great size and strong throw away pastry bags for piping meringue and whip cream. I use them almost every day for devil eggs to desserts,

from Sarda's Fusion Catering on

Love these bags! They are perfext size for my royal icing when cookie decorating. The price is right too! At a cent or two per bag I don't have to worry about how often I need to change bags.

from Kandi's Kitchen Sweet Treats on

I love these Ateco disposable bags! the size is perfect when using a small amount of icing to decorate. they are made of great quality and could totally be reused.

from century centimentals on

These bags are very thick and sturdy and RIP from the roll easily, so as to not tear round the perforation. I can't believe what a great deal this is, and I'll be ordering them from this site from now on.

from Ruby's Ribbons on

Disposable pastry bags will change your life if you are a baker and decorator. The Ateco disposable bags come 100 in a roll and are strong enough that they do not rip or burst the same way ziplocs sometimes will.


Great bags perfect size for doing your boarders strong and durable don't tare easy .. I would recommend these great price and good quantity.. perfect for any one starting up a cake decorating buisness


These bags work well. They are very easy to use! They are on a roll and peel off easily. They work well with the Ateco tips.


These disposable pastry bags make decorating so easy. No need to keep cleaning a bag to switch colors. They are a perfect weight for large tip use and thin line use. They can be washed and reused but why. I would not be without them.


Use for only the most rudimentary purposes. Get a good pastry bag if you are working with any kind of dough or need any precision

from NomNoms on

Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These disposable bags are perfect for smaller amounts of icing or buttercream. They are not too big, and not too small. I use them to ice cookies and they work great.


I use these for my kids cupcake decorating class. They are good quality. I've used thicker bags,but these work nice. I've also cut the tip and made it into a leaf tip.

from Stateside deli on

Perfect bags for decorating details when a big bag is too cumbersome. These bags are nice and study and I haven't had any get holes in them while decorating. The box it comes in also makes them easy for dispensing.


These are an amazing product at a great price. I use these icing bags in my home based bakery daily and just love them. They are durable, yet still very economical.


These small bags are really great for decorating sugar cookies. When using multiple colors royal icing. Not much for standard size cupcake piping. if you have a dozen cupcakes to ice you may have to refill the bag 2 or 3 times. It is as i mentioned before great for icing cookies and also when doing small details piping on cakes.

from Suga Mama Cakes on

Love this pastry bag, I enjoy having the 12" instead of cutting down the 18 because it fits the smaller tips, which is very important for decorating.


The bags were very durable and easy to work with. Most. Bags I used before, tear easily but not this bag. I was so impressed I made a video.

from Cake Genius on

i ordered the 18 inch length of these bags and they worked great and lasted a long time as well; these are equally as great; heavy duty, just smaller for my smaller orders

from Kays Cupcakes on

When I ordered these I was not sure what I would get. I was pleasantly surprised at how thick the individual bags were and how sturdy and easy they are to work with, I will order again and highly recommend them.

from The schuitema group on

They are very strong and perfect size for cake that goes with different colors ! I like it and buy again for sure yesss !


These decorating bags are awesome and amazing!! I absolutely love them as well as the amount you get the the price it's just so awesome !!!

from Wu'Chan Cupcakes on

When doing a lot of frosting these disposable pastry bags come in handy. Them coming as a roll makes storage easier. You can’t beat the price.


This is an amazing product and cost effective! I love how easy I can just whip up my frosting and get to piping. Great quality and will be ordering this product again!

from Ro's sweet creations on

I really like these bags. but would only purchase for small baking jobs that will not require alot of icing like decorating cookies or simply just writing on a cake


Great product for a great price. These work great for icing and chocolate. They last through decorating for many hours during the day without busting.


Perfect! Good size and my bag never bursts. I use for everything from frosting, to filling, to cholocate ganache. Can't live without these. You can even put in microwave for 5 to 10 seconds to keep your chocolate flowing well. Love it!

from Cafe on

Indispensable item in our busy bakery! Made of good quality plastic, sturdy enough to handle stiffer icings. Seams are solid. We use the 12" for smaller amounts of icing, 6-8 cupcakes.

from Abstruse Pastry Company LLC on

Ateco = quality they are the industry standard we save money every time we use these we can load up sauces and seasonings in these bags take them out on off site catering events and you just snip off the end and you can easily control you product and if you get good enough you can actually make designs with or with out a tip , no mess , no washing .

from Mchales on

These disposable piping bags are amazing. i ordered the 12" piping bags and they are long enough to fill a batch of macaron batter perfectly! I definetly will be ordering more of these bags!

from Adaysha Velez on

They work great... very inexpensive!!! just wish they where a little bigger Because when frosting cupcakes you need to keep refiling the bag. i will diffidently be repurchasing them again.


I prefer disposable bags as clean up is easier. These small bags work for small batches of icing. I have always used the bigger disposable bags and glad I bought the smaller ones!


We LOVE these bags. They are durable and love not having the mess of washing bags after every piping. I have reordered these and will continue to do so.

from Dani Cakes on

These pastry bags were to small and were very challenging to work with in regards to filling them up. I recommend getting the next larger size up


Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry these pastry bags were too small for you. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This is a very nice pack of 100 clear disposable pastry bags I like using disposable pastry bags cause you don’t have to clean the bag when you’re done you can just throw in the trash

from P2B on

These are the best piping bags i have used, they are sturdy yet not stiff. Easy to assemble with your tip and pretty much allows your filling to go right in. Love them.

from T's Sweets n Treats on

Great pastry bags for a really good price! We use these all the time for piping chocolate or frostings. The bag itself is a nice thickness, so even if an ingredient is warm or hot, it won't melt through the bag.


You can never go wrong with anything that has the ATECO name on it. I prefer these piping bags over the Wilton brand anyway. Not as thick as Wilton but not super thin where the sides split with any little pressure you apply to it. Perfect. For the price of 100 you can't go wrong.

from D•lish by Trish on

bags are really small, next time I will order another size up, maybe those will work just right, besides being to small, they still work great for decorating, I have small hands, so its not to much of a problem

from Eason's KraZy Cakes & More on

These bags were just what I needed for a kids cake decorating class. They were the perfect size for their small hands and the fact that they are disposable made clean up a breeze!


These bags are a great price, they do the job without busting eaisly like some other bags have. I did mess up and order too small of bags, but I used them all and they were still great.

from Linda's sweets on

Hi, these bags hold up very well for every day use in our bakery! I recommend them to any baker / cake decorator. Thank you.

from Historic Triangle Holdings, LLC on

These bags are a perfect size for small frosting projects. They are easy to fill and easy to frost with. You can fill them with buttercream, ganache and even cake batter.


These disposable pastry bags are heaven sent when up against large orders and little amount of time. Especially when using different frostings. With 100/roll makes it easier to toss instead of washing and drying.

from Sin City Cupcakes on

Hands down the best basic bag out there. Great quality at an amazing price. As long as you do not mind tearing them off the roll you can not beat the price on these.


In our catering operation, this is our bakers go to cake bag. They're easy to use and manuver. This bag we use for small, detailed decorating. Overall a great buy for the price as well.

from Mt. Vernon School District 80 on

It's a roll so I need to pull it apart every time but It's thick enough to use with butter cream so I will have to order larger size next time.

from icon app on

These are very good quality piping bags. They are perfect if you are working with different color icing or meringues, which is what I have on the picture. Love that it comes in a roll. Easy to store!


These are my go to piping bags. I use them to pipe buttercream on cupcakes and cakes, and I also use to to pipe batter in cupcake pans to prevent mess

from B's Honey Cakes on

I use these to pipe buttercream for my cupcakes. I was surprised at how small the bags actually ended up being once I cut the end off for the tip.


My go to pastry bags when decorating cupcakes and cakes. Perfect size and durable. Great value for the price, nowhere else comes close to the price.


Really love these bags. Not only are they cheap and economical, but they are very sturdy and the quality is outstanding. The rollout dispensing method took me some getting used to, as it dispenses two bags at a time that you have to separate, however the bags themselves are excellent!


Love these bags. Great thickness so no worry about holes in the bag as you use them. The roll is very convenient and bags don't unroll.

from Sweets by Nonnie on

This bag is the perfect size for me to do my cake decorations with icing, even with cutting off the tip for my piping tip.


These 12" pastry bags are perfect for a small job where you don't need a large amount of frosting or filling. We use them frequently in our bakery.

from Fika, LLC on

We used these for a decorating event. They worked perfectly. Each Bag held plenty of icing and were very durable. The tips for decorating easily fit with these bags.


When doing detail work or decorating a cake with many different colors these are perfect for controlling smaller amounts of frosting. They are very stable and reliable.


Super Durable, even microwavable. Bags don't split, they're good for both icing and chocolates, hot and cold. Really like the fact that they don't slip.


These bags are a bargain compared to buying a smaller pack at the craft store. They are heavy duty and don't bust open even after freezing buttercream and softening the bag by hand. For the 12" bags I like to fill 3 bags with 3 different colors then put them in a larger 18" pastry bag for a tri color buttercream effect.

from San Jose Macarons on

Made of durable, thickplastic so the bag stays upright when decorating. I am not really used to decorating with pastry bags but these made my first experience much easier and fun.


These pastry bags are great. They are nice and sturdy, and they never rip. I've had an issue with the Wilton brand ripping on the sides before. I use these Ateco bags for all my piping needs.

from Helwig's Sweets on

Absolutely love these bags! They are thick and sturdy plastic, hard to blow out or tear during decorating. Can't beat the price anywhere, they're a bargin!

from Kandi's Kitchen ~Sweet Treats~ on

These bags are great for decorating cakes and cookies. They hold couplers and tips without bursting or having any holes in them that would cause the frosting to leak out. Price is great for the amount you receive.

from Cakes + Cookies on

I absolutely love the ease of use with these decorating bags. The value is also unbeatable! This is definitely a re-order must on my list!

from Momma's Cakes on

The piping bags are wonderful! They are strong and sturdy, are easy to fill and allow for a stead grip when frosting a cupcake or cake. I would highly recommend this product to others in the professional industry.

from Sugar Rushed Bakery on

These are ateco 12" clear disposable pastry bags for quick and easy clean up. Use and toss as easy as that. When your doing a bunch of designs and need quick efficiency this is the way to go.


Strong bags in an easy dispensing roll format. I had a lump of butter in some frosting and had to squeeze the bag quite hard to clear the tip, and the bag did not tear or deform at all. Great price, will buy again.


Very economical bags. These are better than the ones I buy in stores but I would suggest not to overfill and make sure the frosting is not too cold otherwise the bag breaks. Easy clean-up and I would definitely buy again.


Small on the roll pastry bags make changing colors or filling a cinch! Keep'm filled then toss when you are thru no mess or fuss!


Great piping bags for any small decorative amount. Thin, but very durable when pressure is applied. Comes in an easy to use box, keeps the kitchen organized.


These are great. really good deal for how many you get. Only complaint is that I didn't realize how small they were. These only fit about 2 cups of frosting.

from Soul Traveler LLC on

These bags are great! The plastic is thick and strong and they have that slightly sticky feel to them that helps you keep your grip. One note, they are a little small for my needs. You cannot get enough frosting for a dozen cupcakes in the bag and have enough room to twist the end. They are perfect for decorating cakes and cookies though.


These bags are great for decorating cakes, cupcakes and dishes. Piping cookies, etc. They are not big, easy to handle. They are non slip. the feature we like the most is they come in a roll. The box serves as dispenser and keeps them clean and organized.

from Sprinkle Idea LLC on

These disposable pastry bags are good to use when you are decorating things and need a small amount or many colors. They work really well and come on a convenient pull apart roll.


Convenient pastry bags. They have a smooth interior with a tacky outside which makes gripping easier. Comes in a handy box that holds them and allows you to unroll them.

from Coco & Mini's LLC on

We purchase a variety of pastry bags regularly. After much trail and error we a very pleased with the ateco 12" they seem to be a better mm thickness than competitor has to offer


I'm completely in love with these bags. Not only did I save money, but I'm also saving time. I no longer have to deal with cheap bags bursting.


These bags are much more sturdy than I had hoped. They fit both Ateco and Wilton tips and couplers, and any size at that. Plus they're clear so you can see inside so you can avoid air bubbles along the side or more carefully add in multiple colors. I think I like them even more than my reusable bags! Although they're sturdy enough that you could even wash them out and reuse these as well! Phenomenal value!


I love these bags, so sturdy and convenient. I personally use them the most for drizzling chocolate or glazes where a larger bag is just not necessary. So economical too!

from Krumm's Baking Co on

I was excited to see pastry bags at such a reasonable price but while these bags are strong, the large awkward seam and sticky outside has made these bags a no go for me. Will have to stick with another brand for now


Thank you for your review! We are sorry you did not prefer this product, for recommendations please contact our Customer Solutions team!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These bags are such a time saver. I really got tired of making pastry bags with parchment paper. This way I just put in a coupler in the bag, cut off the top of the plastic bag, put on the tip, put on the other end of the coupler on and fill with icing.


You can't get a better deal on disposable piping bags! I use these for French macarons, and this size is perfect for my batch size. They are also great for the buttercream fillings. I love that I can use these once and not feel guilty because they are so cheap!


Very convenient! The bags are rolled up in a small box so it does not take much space. Also holds a lot of filling and is durable.


These bags are great for small amount of royal icing or buttercream. The don't burst when you apply pressure, and they are significantly cheaper than many others on the market, really worth the cost.


Nice and sturdy piping bag. It is a nice size for doing smaller projects. If you are going to do a large amount of piping I would recommend the 18" bags.

from All Over Creations on

The bags themselves are great but the pacaging could be better. I don't like the roll for a busy bakery, I end up fighting with it or pulling the bags out a head of time so I'm not wasting time fighting with the box.

from Sweet Gourmet Cafe on

These bags come in a bos like tin foil does it's good to carry in your supply box. Also great price for a box. Definitely get more than one next time

from Foxland market on

I love the larger size of these bags, but would prefer a brand without the seem down the side. Since I use these primarily with buttercream it is nice to have the non-slip surface on the outside to keep the grip.

from Astonishing Cakes on

I love these piping bags so much more than the reusable canvas ones. Cleanup is so much easier and more convenient seeing as I don't have to wash these out. Very durable too!


Great bags a great value. I use to buy my icing bags from another company. Then I found these on here and I haven't bought anymore from anywhere else since. I like the bigger bags better though.. theses are great too.


Best. Piping. Bags. Ever! Seriously. You will not be disappointed. My favorite part is that their disposable. I've tried the reusable kind and I'm just not a fan. Be wary of other brands - this is as good as you can get.

from Sunshine + Sugar Bakery on

I love these pastry bags! They are sturdy yet flexible enough to easily fill and twist. This is the perfect size for delicate decorating and writing. Best part is that they are recyclable so I don't feel bad about using disposables.

from Monsoon Sweets on

A must for any bakery that decorates cake, cookies, etc. Bag lasts through a few washings and uses. If you use dish soap on it directly, it cleans up nicely.

from Sally's Sweet Shoppe on

I use pastry bags for many uses I love them for my icing of course but they have another use with using decorating chocolates like drizzling. They work great and love I can use them for more then one thing.


Good product for the price. Easy to detach from the roll. The bags are a little thinner than other products. They do tend to get little pinholes along the seams which makes the icing leak from the bag.

from Grammycakes Desserts on

I use this bag to squeeze warm, melted chocolate into candy molds. It is a good quality bag and I never worry about rips or tears. It is a very affordable bag so I never feel guilty about just throwing it out when done! I also like having it on a roll.

from Barb's Candy Kitchen on

These are the only bags I use! Very convenient and durable, they perform wonderfully for my cake business. I have been happy with these since the day I started using them.

from Crystal Gardner on

These are great when I just need a small amount of one color of icing. I was cutting larger bags, and creating so much waste. I love this size!

from The Sweetest Things, LLC on

Love these bags! I used to spend a fortune buying disposable bags from our local craft store - 100 bags were 4x this cost. Between the cost difference and super fast shipping I save time, money and hassle.


These bags are awesome. They're perfect if you need smaller bags like for icing or for some fillings. They are very strong, I did not have a problem with them ripping or anything like. Easy to store as well.


These are a great brand of piping bags! We ordered the larger ones first and then these, and they are just as wonderful! So helpful!


The Ateco 4712 12" Clear Disposable Pastry Bags (August Thomsen) are great. So much easier than trying to wash a non disposable bag! The quality is very good as well as the price. I definitely recommend this product.


These pastry bags are great for piping small amounts of anything, the bags are fairly heavy duty and do not easily break. I love it how the box becomes a functional dispenser for the roll of pastry bags.


I've used this product since opening my bakery. Great product for small projects.. the bag is a heavy duty product and very high quality for the price.

from K&K Custom Creations, LLC on

These bags are high quality and so convenient! It is now super easy for me to decorate my cupcakes using multiple colors and/or flavors. If you use a lot of icing or have a lot of cupcakes to put icing on, I recommend getting the larger bags so that you don't have to refill the bag as much.


Great quality piping bags. They are nice and thick and do not break, even with thicker consistency frostings, like buttercream. I use without a tip for royal icing. Exceptional value.


I bought these bags to use with the Ateco standard and medium sized plastic couplers. These 12” bags are the perfect size to drizzle frosting on a half dozen batch of jumbo muffins or a full dozen sugar cookies. They aren’t bulky or difficult for me to use as a home baker. I used to buy the plastic lined bags, but I just didn’t have the patience for the clean-up.

from j4jcline on

Durable. I normally like this size for when have I alot of different color icing to decorate sugar cookies. Besides I really love Ateco product!

from Salt & Sugar, LLC on

If you talk about quality and great price at the same time for pastry bags, this the one! I decorated 24 of mini cupcakes using this bag without popping from the bottom side! Really good buy!


I bought these pastry bags because I was tired of paying so much for the Wilton brand. These are a bit thinner, but they're tough! Glad I bought them - I'll be reordering when I run out.


I love these when I don't need to pipe a lot of frosting at once on cupcakes or cakes. The thing I like most however is I can just remove my tips and throw the bag in the trash. I've bought them several times and this is the best price I've found.

from better for you bakery on

Great price for 100 disposable bags of such good quality. The size is just right for holding enough frosting to decorate a dozen regular-sized cupcakes. Considering the difficulty and mess to wash a reusable pastry bag, I would recommend disposable ones to anyone thinking of buying pastry bags.


So these bags are great because they are strong and inexpensive! But do NOTE that it says ROLL. I did not notice that until they arrived. It is a little annoying to have to rip the bags apart before using them. But other than that, they are totally great!


These bags are a pleasure to use. They are perfect for small jobs. The bags conveniently dispense from a sturdy box. Excellent quality. I will use these from now on!


very strong paid twice as much for other bags and was not as strong as these very good value for the price will purchase these again

from Emmas Cakes on

this size 12 inch bag is great! its the perfect size for small jobs, when you dont need a big cumbersome bag. Strong quality , could wash and reuse

from sweetart on

These seem very well made and of a thick plastic. They tear apart great and the 12" size is perfect for most jobs. Overall these are a great deal.


We've tried several types of pastry bags, but these have been the best ones for the price! And love the roll because it doesn't take up much space!!

from Bake Us Happy on

I really like these bags. The only issue I have with them is the way that they're rolled, it makes them super staticky and almost sticky, and therefore if you unroll it too much, they don't roll nicely back on. Other than that these are great standard piping bags.


High quality pastry bags. These are great for small uses! It's great to have this size in the kitchen! I am glad that webstaurant carries this size!


ateco thinks for all of us , they have every product for decorating , this is also very well packed and quality , price is amazing

from Aslan Khan LLC on

The bags came pretty much as advertised. Good price for the value. Will continue to buy this item. Fast delivery. 5 Stars for this product.

from Cafe 111 on

These are the perfect size for kids and small projects. We do kids cupcake parties and this is the size that we let the kids use for their frosting.

from MY Pepper jelly on

I brought these beauties to use to decorate pretzel sticks. They actually were able to hold the hot chocolate and when the chocolate hardened I was able to microwave for 20 seconds at at time to melt. I would definitely recommend these.


I ordered these bags for my bakery and they exceeded my expectations. They have an easy tear off and are great quality at a great price!

from Sugar rush on

Love these for frosting! So nice that they come in a tear off roll. Very strong and do not leak. I would highly recommend these bags!

from NE Food Services on

These bags are very convienent and easy to use. They are not a lot of mess either use them then throw them away. It's cost effienct and good for time managment

from Java Corner on

Love using this brand for my baking needs. These bags are disposable but are good quality. Love the packaging, you can pull the bags out of the opening.


I love the 12" bag size for decorating cookies! The 18" bag can be overkill when you're working with smaller amounts of icing in different colors.


Durable and affordable 12" Clear Disposable Pastry Bags for your Icing. These are high quality and will not tear or rip while decorating. These are a perfect size for smaller jobs for decorating borders, flowers, piping etc.


while i use a reusable bag most of the time, these bags are great for smaller jobs as well as off-site catering and things like that. i go through them pretty quickly, so the box size is nice as well.


love these bags. perfect for smaller jobs. the bags open easily and the roll is easily stored in the drawer at the shop. great price

from Cakes by Design on

Pastry bags are great and very durable! I use many of these every week as I am a baker! Great quality! Definitely a great value! Would definitely recommend!

from EllaRe's Sweets, LLC on

The price is great and I love that the bags come on a roll so it's easy to grab one instead of having a bunch of bags all over the place.

from Arion's catering on

These little bags are small enough for the small jobs that need the final touches. Yet they hold more then enough for there little size. They are thick, sturdy strong plastic disposable pastry bags.

from Antoinette Bakery on

Love this holds really well ..and has not had any issues with holes..othwr products I have bought will get holes in them while ur decorating...and could ruin what ur working on...the only thing I don't like is the plastic tends o stick while on the roll so it doesn't unroll easily..but a very minor issue


Very nice bags. Perfect size and great price. I go through a lot of bags when I decorate, so I'm happy it comes with 100.


Really durable and affordable. I know they are disponible but they are made with really good quality that I can wash them and used them over and over again and still wont bust


I have ordered these 12" disposable pastry bags several times now. They are great when a larger bag is a waste.I use them for finer details, and writing etc. Very good quality!

from Goodies by Karen on

I have had many problems with other pastry bags, but these are the best. easy tear off roll, thick and have never busted on me.

from Dip'n Diva on

We really like this plastic bags. It's made from durable material but in same time is stored on compact roll. It¨s easy to take it a part.

from Tom on

These are good. A little small for our needs but good when you want to just write a quick message or do something small. Great bags and hold up well.

from Mrs. Turbo's Cookies on

I love these bags! They are my go to bag for most decorating projects. Easy to use and can be cut to fit whatever size opening you need. No need to clean them - just toss when you're done. Definitely a great purchase and I'd highly recommend them!

from Sweet Creations on

Thick plastic and no need to wash make these an easy purchase. The dispenser does seem to fight with you for the fist 20 bags or so, but dispenses well for the rest of the box. Size is good for small decorations, but not for bulk icing or other large volume uses.


Great size for decorating. Even better to not have to clean a bag, especially if you're doing many flavors. Highly recommend this item to any baker!

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Can't beat these, reusable even if you really want to rinse them out and re use it. The plastic is thick enough that you can put quite a bit of pressure on them twisting or scraping or squeezing your filling out without the tips popping out. I really like these and would buy them again (if I ever run out!)


Love these bags! Love the price! They are the perfect size I need to ur icing on cupcakes! Definately will purchase again! And speedy shipping!


Buying this roll of pastry bags takes up less space and is more cost effective than the bags sold at craft stores. FYI there is a tiny seam along one edge of the bag when it is separated from the next. If piping something without a tip I usually cut the edge off, but with a tip there is no problem.


Great pastry bags! They are perfect for cake and cupcake decorating - they are the perfect size for holding easily without over-filling. Will be buying again.

from Ivory Road LLC on

If you are doing any cupcake topping this is a great product i comes with 100 pastry bags so you can use one up and take the tip out and throw it away. Only thing I do recommend since these are disposable make sure to only make as much topping as you need right then these are not meant to sit for a long time


I have been in the bakery business for 9 years and have used every type of pastry bag there is out there. These have exceeded my expectations. Not only are they low cost, I have not had one single bag tear or the seal has popped. I have purchased many rolls and have not had one defective one! They are excellent and would recommend them to anyone for their bakery needs!

from Sweet Melissa's on

These bags are perfect for decorating cookies or cupcakes when I'm doing fine detailing with multiple colors. Very durable and affordable. Affordable is a must when you use as many of these as i do!

from KMSK Kreations on

I have Used other brands before, this was a first using ateco. Ateco pastry bags are just as good and for a great price! Will definitely buy again!


These pastry bags are perfect for decorating small details in cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more! Cannot beat the price anywhere else, these are a must have=)


great price! I'm ordering more from webstaurant! high quality and really durable. easy to tear and store. i don't just use this for icing my cakes and cupcakes but also filling out my pork spring rolls, how easy is that? super love the size and its just right for my grip


This roll of 12 inch icing bags a wonderful. !00 a roll good price. Easy to take out and tear. A great product I will keep purchasing


This pastry bag is high quality and durable. I use it to fill our homemade donuts and muffins at my restaurant and have never had a problem with them tearing or blowing out at the seam!


This is a great product. We use these in a commercial bakery and they hold up great! What a great price too! Thank you as always!


These bags are a great quality product at a reasonable price. They are thick enough so they don't blow out the sides while being easy to handle. We use the 12inch bags for topping drizzles or for piping small decorations. Works well with an icing tip or just snipping off the end of the bag.

from Simply Divine Cupcakes on

The bag is smaller than I expected and the plastic is stick so it's a bit hard to fill with icing. Love the concept, just recommend a larger size.

from Courtney's Cakes and Sweet Treats on

I just love it this disposable pastry bags for my business they more better than other i buy it and so very good for the icing or whiped cream for any decoration of dessert.


These pastry bags are well made. They don't rip easily like others out there and you can't beat this price! I use these at my shop and at home. If you like to use royal icing and decorate cookies, it can get expensive using a lot of different icing colors/pastry bags, but with this price, who cares? These even wash up really nicely if you take care of them.

from Ashleigh on

Great value for pastry bags. They work great in our application. They clean up nice if you need to wash and reuse but I don't recommend using more than twice as the bag thins out and icing will come through the seams.

from Country Cookie on

Good heavy duty , well made! good for whip cream, stuff like that !! i got the Pastry bag tube cover, i would recommend you get them with this well worth it!


I am very satisfied with these decorating bags.Havng them on a roll instead of loose is also a better storage solution. They are made well and I have not had any problems with the bag splitting as I have had with other bags. I will be ordering more of these in the future.

from Bake A Wish With Renee LLC on

We decided to switch to disposable pastry bags from reusable ones for sanitation purposes--and we are very glad we did. These bags are incredibly sturdy and easy-to-use with minimal built-in cleanup--just snip the pastry tip out of the bag and discard!

from Rise Bakery on

These bags are durable and just as expected. They are the perfect size for piping out smaller batches of frosting or icing. Great deal. Will definitely purchase more when I run out.


I love these pastry bags. They're convenient and easy to store and work extremely well. They're thicker plastic and have a waxy film that makes them very easy to grip while decorating. I will definitely be ordering more.


I have always used cloth or other types of non-disposable bags for decorating cakes, candies and cookies. Decided to purchase these clear disposable plastic pastry bags because I wanted to use many colors when decorating cookies and didn't want to wash out all the other bags. What a great decision that was. Love the quality of the Ateco 12" bags. Works as intended and I couldn't be more pleased!!!


These bags are game changers for the decorating world. It is a very strong 12' bag that allows you to pipe icing with ease on cakes. the price is great.


Well seal edges, Won't bust open !!!! Very sturdy pastry bags. We use these for many different creams, all with different textures and consistencies and these bags have been great for all of them.


These bags hold up well and don't blow out, like other bags we have used. They are a good price for the quantity and good quality.

from GBF Catering on

You get 100 12 oz clear bags for a small prices. I love it because these bags help make decorating cakes or cupcakes a lot easier


These are good disposable bags. They are made of thick plastic and easy to get one from the roll. They are the perfect size for standard tips and uses but I recommended buying a larger size for use with the Russian tips and bigger jobs. I will buy this product again. I will also be purchasing some larger ones.


These bags are a great quality and price. I love that the box becomes a dispenser. However, they are very small and work best when doing different colors of frosting. If you're using a large size coupler, you will need a bigger piping bag as you'll have to cut away so much for the coupler to fit.

from Megan B on

great bags in the most standard pastry dimensions, They are great for disposing of oilier products like batter and frosting. A competitive price for the quantity.


The twelve inch bags are the perfect size for decorating cookies or smaller piping details. Especially when you don't want to waste your large bags on smaller details.


These bags work great and I've never had any problems with them. They're good quality and definitely cheaper than the Wilton ones! Great deal! I definitely reccomend


Like using disposable pastry bags when possible. Makes the job a lot cleaner and therefore finish a lot quicker. Love that they are offered in a roll of 100.

from Gonzalez Bakery on

I go through several pastry bags a week so I was looking for something cost effective than buying the name brand bags at the craft store. These bags definitely do the trick, I've never had any bags break on me yet.

from Pieces of Treats on

These pastry bags are a good size if you are just needing to hold a smaller amount of frosting. We particularly like this size if we are just needing frosting of different colors to decorate with.


This is what I need for piping cakes and tortes or use it as a filling in pastries. The size of the piping bag is perfect.

from Zetta Marie's Patisserie on

This product looks exactly like the photo listed. Such a happy customer here. I will be ordering again but a lot more than before. Thanks Webstaraunt


The price is great on these! Very sturdy and hold plenty. They are disposable so cleanup is a breeze. You can also wash them and reuse them.


First of all I love the price!! The bags are great quality. I don't like to throw them away! I feel like I can wash and re-use them but I'm not sure that's such a good idea. They're just so great.

from Tina's recipes on

Love---love these bags. They save time with clean up and they are very durable. I have not had a bag split yet. Would recommend to anyone with a bakery or who decorates a lot of cakes!!!

from Simply Delicious on

I love these bags! They are awesome quality at an amazing price. They tear off the roll very easily. And because of the packaging they don't take up a lot of room. These are the only bags I will use now. I was kind of iffy about ordering because they're so cheap I thought they must be poor quality. Wrong! I highly recommend these bags!!!

from mitty moos on

We love these disposable piping bags for cake decorating. They are strong enough to last all day, but then make cleaning up at the end of the shift as fast as possible. We can cut them as needed to fit all of our piping tips & couplers.

from Crust Vegan Bakery on

Nice patry bags, they are the perfect size for writing tips or anything smaller. I normally reuse mine at least once and that comes in pretty handy.


Perfect product for smaller piping or if you just need it for a smaller batch of buttercream, sturdy and not stretchable so it is perfect for us!


Great disposable pastry bags, just what we needed but a better price than we can find elsewhere. We will always continue to come back to Webstaurant Store.

from Bake Me Happy, LLC on

These are good quality for the price you just can't beat it. They are disposable but are durable enough to be used a second time. Just rinse with warm water and set out to dry.

from ashleys cakes on

Love this disposable bags. I use them for everything frostings, fillings. They work and are sturdy for my baking needs. Plus such a good price for 100 bags


This disposable pastry bags are great. They are nice strong plastic easy to take out the box. Better than others that i have purchase for much more money. Great product


I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased from These bags work well for mini cupcakes or when you are personalizing a cake and don't need a huge bag for a little bit of icing.

from Treat Yourself To Sweets on

The pastry bags are excellent. They are sturdy and put up with abuse. The outside coating works awesome if you have eet or greasy hands, gives you some grip


The Ateco 12" clear disposable pastry bags are great. I ordered them a couple months ago and they have been working great for us. Next time I think I will order a size larger because it is not very convienent to refill this bag- but that was my mistake, For limited piping I highly recommend this product but if you are doing a lot of fillings or making things in bulk, I would order the next size up.

from Cleveland Park Catering Company on

These bags are fantastic! I was disappointed to see how small they were when I opened the box (my error in ordering) but found them to be sturdy, easy to fill, and very easy to use. Even though small, they work really well - so much better than my grocery store disposable bags. I'm going to order these in the larger size too and enjoy using both sizes when piping.


These bags are just as expected. They are durable and convenient when I am piping more than one color at a time. Very cost effective for tossing after one use.

from The Frost Boss Cake Designs on

This are really good piping bags they hold up to my more firm frostings and the price is amazing, will definitely be wording again soon.

from Where's the sweets on

I would recommend buying the 18" bag if you plan on getting a large couple and tips because it takes a lot of space and you had to refill your bag very often.


If you are like me and hate cleaning out your bags this product is great. I love that they come in a roll and are disposable.


Great price on these. The only thing I don't particularly care for is how sticky they are! From being in a roll, the outside of the back is sticky. If you get flour or sugar on it, it doesn't brush off... it just makes for a gritty grip the rest of the day.

from Sweet Treats Bakery on

I prefer these Ateco bags over other brands for their durability. I like the 18" which were sold out, but the 12" does well for smaller projects.

from Sweet 1603 on

My baker loves these bags, they are made well and the disposability is perfect! We would never buy anything else! The quality is awesome! Thank you Webrestaurantstore!

from Rudys on

The quality of the bags are good. They are not flimsy. I knew that they were small sized (12") bags, but when you cut them for tips, become really small. That's ok if you are gonna use small amount of frosting. However, if you are gonna decorate more than one cake at the same time, you'd better use a larger bag. Yet it's a great product at this price.


Clear, clean, strong and last many many use. Fold and refrigerate, defrost in microwave and reuse to write letters again and again. Excellent price and quality.

from HOME USE on

enjoyed using this product, as i have never used one before, and very easy, the packaging it came in made it easy for me to take out one at a time.


So far these have proven to be the bags I have used yet. Not one has broken open. They also have a tackiness to the outside for easier gripping. GREAT Product!

from The One Butt Bakery on

Can't go wrong with these bags. I love using them when I'm decorating cakes with multiple colors of frosting and I don't want to clean the bags at the end. They are a great quality--durable and easy to control. Love 'em!


I love these bags, very durable and the price is excellent. I use these to do detailing on cakes, cookies, cupcakes etc. This is by far the best value on the market.


The bags are sturdy and a good size for smaller projects. What I find strange is that they have a film or tackiness on the outside - doesn't affect its use or the inside of the bags! Good thing I got two boxes (for now)!


This pastry bag is a lot smaller than what I was expected. It is suited for smaller amounts of frosting (1.5 - 2 cups of frosting will fit into the bag). Probably best for piping small details onto cakes, sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, etc. The pastry bags also have this weird sticky or gross feeling on the exterior even though it is actually not dirty. I washed the bag and it still had that "dirty" feeling. I'm not sure what it is, but my guess it that it has to do with the plastic coating they use. Overall, I was not expecting such a small bag and will purchase a larger size (16" - 18") for my needs. I think the larger ones are more suited for frosting cupcakes, which is what I need. Again I would suggest using this bag for when you need a small amount of frosting (1.5 - 2 cups). On the bright side, the quality of the bag is great. The plastic holds up and is sturdy. I look forward to using these disposable bags in the future.


I've been looking for a good deal for pastry bags and this is the best deal I've found online. Durable product and best price. The product I used to buy came in 24/pack and it cost more than this one.


I've used every excuse to decorate cookies this past year and quickly ran out of my last roll of bags. These are sturdy enough that I can rinse and reuse them when I use royal icing. Love!


After trying many other pastry bags available locally, I finally found the best ones yet! I will never go back to any other brand. Ateco brand pastry bags are durable, I don't have problems with the bags blowing out or getting pinholes. They are just the right thickness and texture for our bakery. Even the pricing is right on. I easily go through 100 per weekend. Highly recommend to others. And I do!


I have purchase these bags many times before from other suppliers but they have never been priced as well as they are here on They are a great disposable pastry bag.


Great product a lot of pastry bags. Good price high quality. I am going to order more different size. I love the website, no one can beat the price.


The bags are the standard type pastry bags. No issues with bags bursting. We go through a number of bags daily in our bakery, and the price of these bags are amazing. We stopped looking for better deals after we tried these.


These 12" piping bags are extremely strong and durable. I love that the 12" ones are perfect for small jobs without wasting a big bag.

from Sweet Art Bake Shop on

These were fine. They seemed to work really well and did not have an issue with busting. I don't like to use couplers so I just put the tip in the bottom and then cut away.

from Cheryl Lantz on

These are your standard disposable pastry decorating bags. They are good quality and are thick enough to not rip or tear with normal use. Works well with all the standard tips.

from Deliciously Dipped on

These work great. I love that these are disposable, so I don't have to wash them. I had Wilton plastic (non disposable ones, but they would rip at the seam after multiple uses anyway, and were a pain to clean. I very happy with these!


We really like these 12" Pastry Bags. We go through a lot of bags and the 12" is great when you need just a little bit of icing. They're strong made so the bag doesn't split at the seams. Also having them in a roll saves on storage space. Really good price will definitely buy again!

from Jump Start Cafe on

Really great value. I got 100 bags for the price of just a few Wilton decorating bags. I go through lots of bags decorating cookies and cakes. These are a good quality for the price.


These Ateco disposable bags are great. It's a great price, i use these exclusively. The bags are thick enough that they don't rip apart. Would recommend.

from sweet j's bakery on

These bags are very sturdy and get the job done... I have used these for faithfully and have not ever had an issue with the bag splitting.


These are a great size for detailing, but definitely too small for full cakes. I sprayed the inside of the bag with nonstick spray, and apparently missed a spot. Be thorough when spraying! Reasonably heavy, but not "heavy duty". Very good all-purpose bags for small to medium jobs.


I gave 3 stars only because i have not had a chance to use them yet. However, these baggies seem to be HEAVY DUTY!! from the feel and I got a mid size 12". This should work fine for anyone.

from Dulces on

At the bakery, we use these on a daily basis for the smaller details of cakes and cookies. They hold up well and are decent quality.

from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop on

Like this size for last minute touch ups. Also great for small decorations on cookies using royal icing. I like how i dont have to waste a big sized bag for small fixtures


I love these bags! Such a great quality, and easy to use. I love the convenience of them being on a roll and not taking up so much space. They are easy to use both with and without a coupler


I go through disposable bags quickly as I use them often for decorating sugar cookies. This particular 12" size is perfect for my needs. I find that the bags are quite resistant, even for stiff consistency royal icing. You could also get away with not using a piping tip. Just snip a bit off the tip of the bag. I like that these bags come in a roll, which is convenient for easy storage. I will be purchasing these again.

from Blissful Confections on

I love these. Their perfect for different color royal icing designs, and just general piping work for my cakes. The price is also great. Definitely get this. I soon need more!


These are very strong disposable pastry bags i personally like the 12" size because it is easier for me to handle.The bags are excellent quality and I prefer disposable bags because i can just throw them away when i am finish using them I dislike washing pastry bags so this is the perfect solution for me and 100 / roll is very economical.

from melecious desserts on

I use a lot of these disposable bags. They are great quality and come in an easy to use roll of 100. Use with or without decorating tips. Great for piping!

from Cupcakookie on

Great disposable bag, better quality then expected and durability that can be re-used. I am very happy with these and will buy more in the future.

from Tripps Primal Farm and Kafé on

The bags are pretty good and the price is really good for the quantity you are getting. Didn't give them 5 stars as the opening is not as wide as the wilton brand.

from Jacky's Baked Goods on

These bags are good quality for the exceedingly cheap price. I have used them for years for frosting cupcakes, and haven't had many problems with them.


Great disposable bags for many purposes. They are on the smaller side. I have used for small amounts of frosting or icing for kids cookie decorating parties.


These pastry bags are great for pastry and savory applications. They are disposable and fit to any pastry tip size. They come on a roll which is great for storage.

from Jack & Alice LLC. on

I had a difficult time using these bags because I bought them way too small. I advise going up a size, it is better to be much larger, which can be cut. Quality material.

from SOD on

This size icing bag is perfect for small projects. I often use them when I am icing sugar cookies and need only a small amount of a particular color. The roll dispenses easily from the box and there are visual instructions on the box for how to use them.


The bags work great. They are a little sticky, which is why I gave them a 3, but the stickiness can also work in your favor. When twisting the bags to make sure no frosting explodes out of the top, the stickiness of the bags does help a little for that not to happen.


These bags are very strong for being made of plastic. I've never had any tear on me. This size is great for small details, but you'll need a bigger bad for icing the top of cupcakes or anything with some size to it


Use these very often! What a deal...or should I say Steal!! Can't beat price compared to the smaller packages at local superstores! Great quality. Great product


These are perfect size for putting those last few accents on cakes and cupcakes. I hate washing bags so I can fill these up with a bunch of different colors and go to town.

from The Cupcake Chick, LLC on

These bags are perfect for smaller jobs. Very durable and don't tear easily. I like the idea of having a 100 pack at home so I know I won't run out any time soon.

from on

These dogs are great they're smaller there only 12 inches so they work good for just you know putting frosting in to write on case and other confections


Love these disposable pastry bags from Ateco! Although I use the 16" and 18" more often, the 12" sized bags are great for smaller piping jobs. I often use these for filling chocolate molds and drizzling melted chocolate onto my baked goods. The title says they are disposable, but they're well made and heavy duty enough to reuse. Recommended!

from Baked Bliss by Laura on

Good value, heavy duty and good product! Very satisfied. The product did not blow out or rip apart. Would most Definitely buy again for sure!

from Crest Bending, Inc. on

These bags are perfect for smaller work- about a dozen mini cupcakes, or detail work on a cake. They fit nicely in my hand as well.

from The Blue Bandana on

These Ateco 12" disposable pastry bags 100/ roll are great for smaller pastry tips. The bags are durable plastic . This was a great buy for the price.

from T & C Catering Services on

Durable and easy to fit couplers. Used for sauces and tip can be cut small and yes smoothly. Can be reused few times with out bursting at seam or having holes.

from Zinnia's Bakehouse on

These are a great product and a great price! I would recommend them, they are a good thickness and have had no issues with tearing or bubbling while using. I will buy again for sure.


Anything from Ateco is a reliable buy. These bags are sturdy, dependable, easy and convenient to use, with or without a pastry tip. Oh, and the price from Webstuarant is fair as usual.

from Melodie Garner on

These get the job done and are comfortable in the hand. If you're a beginner, don't go any bigger than this size, and don't overfill these. You'll get more control, less melting, and less hand fatigue that way! Not having to clean out pastry bags is a huge win!

from Petaljammies Cake & Pastry on

great and awesome this Ateco 4712 12" Disposable Pastry Bag - 100 / Roll very sturdy pastry disposable bag great to use for cake decoration apply easily

from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay on

I can't say enough about how great these bags are!! We use them in our business and absolutely love them! I would highly recommend them to anyone.

from Heavenly Hershey's Ice Cream on

Perfect bundle of pastry bags for decorating your cakes and cupcakes with. They are very sturdy and do not tear easily. Compacted into a small box for easy storage.


I absolutely love these Ateco decorating bags! Holds all my buttercream frostings perfectly! My go to bags from webstaurant and the price Is unbeatable! Will buy again!


The only place to find a wonderful price on a pack of 100 bags. Very durable bags for frosting. I have never had one to split like other brands do.

from Sweet Changes on

Amazing product!! I have searched all over for this product, they had it at a great price. It is just what I was looking for.

from Sweet Somethingss on

These pastry bags are so well worth the money. They are much stronger than other bags I have purchased and used before. Most often I just cut the tip off of mine and use them for piping without any additional tips. Even the box they come in is very sturdy, which I like. 100 in a box, a great value.


I really like the weight of these - some bags are a bit too stiff, making my hand hurt from having to use more pressure. The size is also perfect for a small batch of frosting. The only drawback is that they aren't the easiest to get out of the box, as they tend to stick together pretty well on the roll.


These bags are great! They hold plenty of icing and have a slight grip so if some icing gets on the bag it won't slow you down!


These baggies have worked fine. I did have one bag that split along the seam but other than that they have been fine. Some of my students have complained that they feel "sticky" on the outside but it is just how the plastic feels.


Love the bags and prize even better! Very satisfied with Ateco products! Perfect for carrying extra buttercream in them when transporting cakes! Just use and throw away!


I've tried many brands of pastry bags but this by far has been the best one yet. The packing in the comes in is perfect. Nice sturdy box so it doesn't get crushed and conserves space.


like the box design so you can just remove a bag as needed. sturdy enough to handle majority of pastry frosting jobs. great for cakes or cupcakes easy storage and easy to use.

from Chad Fenner on

Wonderful smaller size bags. I go through 100 of these a week at the bakery. I use them for royal icing on cookies and buttercream decor on cakes. Easy to manage size for someone with terrible carpal tunnel!

from Twelve Cakes Bakery on

What a great buy!! these are perfect for using many different colors when decorating. did I mention its a great buy! handy and I usually reuse the bag once or twice before throwing it away. but when you are done throw it away and be done!!!!!!!


These 12" bags are so much better quality then the Wilton bags that you can purchase at most stores. These hold up very well in the microwave when trying to reheat chocolate. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

from Small and Simple confections on

I use these disposable bags with my royal icing when I decorate cookies. They are solid for a disposable pastry bag. I have not had any issues with ripping or stretching. The price is great for the quantity. I like Ateco products in general and these bags are no exception.

from Sugar Buff on

We LOVED these bags. We used them for 3 years with no problems. They served their purpose and we could easily rely on them every time.


Great durable pastry bags at a price you can't beat. Normal bags are more than double this price for half the product. Ateco is the way to go for cake decorating supplies.

from TRW on

These work great as our disposable bags for small things like chocolate swirls, etc. on our baked goods. They are a good quality and have not broken on us at all.


These piping bags work great and you can't beat the price! We use them for frostings and chocolate. The packaging makes it easy to grab as needed due to its tissue box style.


I absolutely love these piping bags... I use these constantly and with the amount being 100, it never ends... I never have to worry about running out and the sturdy plastic bags are just that...! Sturdy... Thank you for carrying these...!

from Chace's Cakes & Catering on

Initially, I did not like these bags. The slightly tacky, no-slip finish on the outside really bugged me at first, however, since I'd bought them I decided to use them up and get something different with my next order. Only, by the time I had finished off the box, I loved them. The bags are thick and sturdy. I love them.

from The Lemon Tree Cottage Bakery on

For cake decorating and to pipe custards into cakes and eclairs. Also good use for packaging popcorn for sale and other types of candy and treats. We prefer these over cloth pastry bags, more sanitary, and clean up is easy, just toss. I've never had a bag pop on me, definite plus.

from Ivy Bakery on

These disposable bags are convenient and allow for a better grip than some other leading brands. I will be ordering more of these. Like that the are on a roll and not loose in box.


Great bags and especially for the price! We decorate tons of cakes and cupcakes. We sometimes use these bags for months and keep refilling them. They can definatly take it. Strong and sturdy.


This is a nice sturdy bag at a great price! The price is just great compared to what you get at a craft store! This price for 100 is a great deal! Thanks webstaurant!

from Sh-Booms Ice Cream on

Great piping bags! Strong plastic, so really great for piping. Love that there disposable. Make my job easier for clean up! I use these size bags for piping filling into my bake goods.

from Claire P. on

Excellent roll of piping bags. Eliminates the need for me to wash them! The quality is thick and good. 12" is a good amount to fill per cake.

from Eatmor Bundt Co on

Why wash your icing bags every-time you use them? Having these on hand for small color jobs is great. It also makes it very quick to melt chocolate in the microwave.


The Ateco 12" disposable pastry bag makes cake decorating so much fun, easy to use and toss when I am done, makes clean up easy!!

from work on

Good for home use! I am not a professional, I am just an average home baker. But, even with only a few birthday cakes and batches of bake sale cupcakes a year I realized I was wasting too much money on the pastry bags at the craft stores. These disposable pastry bags are good to have on hand and they're cheap enough that you don't have to feel guilty about throwing them out as opposed to washing and trying to re-use them.


I have ordered these bags time and time again. They never disappoint. They hold up to hours of use and can be cut to fit any size tip.

from Tiffanee & Co. Bakery on

I really enjoy baking cupcakes, and give them not only to friends but to people who've been helpful to me in some way - thanks to keeping my mechanic in cupcakes, my last flat tire was repaired for free! I never did like the way icing just spread over the top of a cupcake looks, so inspired by cupcake baker Lizzy Early (get her cookbooks!), I ordered these bags and a few decorating tips. It was a bit awkward to work with them at first, but I came up with a system. Get yourself a tall glass. Cut off the tip of the bag about 1" from the end, put in your decorating tip, and stick the bag in the glass, as shown. Using a very small spatula, put your frosting into the bag, pushing it down as you go. Twist the top of the bag a bit, and you're ready to start decorating - it's really simple, and believe it or not, it's faster than spreading the icing. As you can see from the second photo, your finished result will look really professional, and no one will ever guess how easy it was. BTW, if you use the specialty pans for baked donuts, there pastry bags are great for that as well. Use the same process as above, but choose and decorating tip with a large hole, and squeeze your batter into the pan. This way it's easy to avoid getting any batter on the raised section that makes the hole in the donut. I usually use a plain tip for this, but have found that with thicker batters if you use a swirl tip, the swirl design will hold, giving you an even nicer finished product. Read Less Read More


Good small bags for piping. There are plenty of times that you don't need a 18 or 24 inch bag. They are cut well with no torn bags when separating the bags from the roll. Good price compared to other sites, too.


Best price on these I've found anywhere. So easy to use, clean and re-use. No need to use a coupler (piping tip fits right down inside).

from All in the Details on

These disposable pastry bags are great. They're easy to fill, easy to use and I've never had a single one split. I highly recommend them.


A great price for these bags. Having a large number of disposable pastry bags on hand is a huge plus if you're working with any kind of quantity.


These are great! I love them because they are cheap and disposable. Cleaning pastry bags is not easy with employees. This way we are always certain we get a clean start. Highly recommend and I think the cost is same as a standard reusable bag once you factor in all the time/soap to cleaning them. My only issue was that 12" was way too small for our purpose.

from OPC on

I was using the Wilton disposable bags before I got these Ateco ones. These have some kind of coating on the outside (very subtle) or something that makes them easier to grip. So they are not sliding in your hand. I'm not sure that it makes a difference for me. They're a little harder to rip apart from the box they come rolled in. But the plastic is STRONG, they are strong, thick plastic. Nothing cheap. Good quality.


I use these bags to hold my frosting. Little bit tricky to separate. But anyway, they work very well and very easy to control to decorate my cake.


Before finding this site I was purchasing bags in the local store. This is such a great price and good quality, it will save me a small fortune!

from Sugar Rush by Theresa on

Absolutely loved these pastry bags. Before I would buy bags from elsewhere, but when I found these I gave them a shot and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and price. Will definitely order more in the future.

from Hummingbird Confections on

Ateco 12" bags are great for both icing and chocolate.When i use my plastic wrap method i can use them more than once due to the durability. Great value! plus i love the clean up!!


Love having this easy to use box of bags to grab and use as needed. Stores easily and with the large amount of them in the box I feel like they are going a long way.


So easy to use, they have a super grip-no slipping... Also the price is great, so that gives it 5 stars!! Came really quick was so surprised and happy:)

from Zest Bakeshop on

I am glad that we've ordered the pastry bags, they are a great fit for our needs of melted chocolate and frosting. I have to add that these bags are much more affordable than the other brand bags sold at my local craft store.

from Jazzy Petite Treats, LLC on

I love these instead of the other one's I had before. There are very heavy duty and I love them. The other bags broke for anything, theres are on my top 2

from Elaine's Bakery on

The bags are perfect for icing cookies. My one and only complaint about this product is that it's difficult to dispense them from the box. The bags seem to 'stick' together, making it difficult to pull off one or two at a time.

from MommaZinga on

A convent roll of pastry bags, that is super easy to use, and do not leak. There is no surprise icing all over in a huge blowout. I highly recommend these 12 inch bags.

from Melissa's Sweet Tooth on

These pastry bags are great! I love disposable bags for their ease of use. These are easy to tear from the roll, they are thick enough, and are a good quality.


We cannot stop RAVING about these bags. They are a nice quality but the amount of them that you get for the price is outstanding. These are a lifesaver!

from Bakeshop LLC on

This product works well for its intended purpose. Although it being of smaller size its a little more difficult to get icing into without making a mess.

from A's Cutie Pop Shop & Bakery on

Very sturdy, it's on the small side but can be used for smaller projects. It can be reused up to 3 times as long as it's washed properly.


Very durable pastry bag. Made of High quality materials. I would gladly recommend them to anyone. This product would be great for them small jobs!

from Chef B on

I love using these for piping small details on cakes or cookies. It's the perfect size to hold enough icing or buttercream, while still being small enough to control easily.


love love love these bags, they are great! from custards, icings, cookie dough, heavy buttercream, ive yet to have one of these bust on me!

from Peedoodlum's Pastries on

Best price on the internet ..We use these all the time... and go through about 4 rolls a month. These are fantastic and they are great quality. Ateco brands are the best!

from Hardcore Sweet on

I own a coffee shop and bakery. We started the business from scratch and as we expand find the Webstaurant Store has the quality of products we are looking for at a price that works in our budget! The bags themselves work well!

from JET's Coffee Bistro on

I found my new pastry bags! These bags are great for piping icing as well as chocolate. They are very durable... I love that they are on a roll. Makes storage so much more convenient.

from K.I.S.S. on

These bags are easy to use and very convenient. However, for the amount of icing I'm used to piping I guess these are the wrong size. I can use these on mini cupcakes. Anything larger would probably require a 16-18in bag.


The 12" pastry bags are easy to load, do not get slippery when wet or greasy, and make for a quick clean up. They are great for smaller projects that do not call for a lot of filling or for maneuverability when doing intricate detail work.

from Mad Batter Baker on

This is an awesome bag for cake decorating. It is very durable, I love that it is disposable, especially when I am using several colors of frosting...make clean up very quick.


Stock up on these! For the price the quality is great but the roll will go by quickly if you do a lot of decorating. They feel like a 3 mil thickness (but I'm no expert) and are pretty cool for washing and reusing in a pinch.

from 8 Bit Bakeshop on

Once you try these Ateco 12" Disposable bags, you will stop buying all other brands. These are good quality, and the perfect size for decorating cookies!


I use these for smaller portions of buttercream or royal icing in order to do fine decorating for cookies and cakes. I simply cannot live without these. They make decorating infinitely easier and cleanup even easier than that since they are disposable.


The box that these disposable pastry bags come in is very handy and works well to keep them all organized until use. The bags are a good size and easy to cleanup but I prefer canvas bags.

from NewLeaf on

These bags are the perfect size to do detailed decorating. The pull apart easily and are sturdy enough to hold up to thick buttercream icing.

from Sweet Katie Cakes on

These bags were very durable! They held up hand piping stiff royal icing on 500+ cookies. We even reused them server times with more icing and they didn't tear, rip or break- would order again!

from Confections by Kristin on

These disposable bags are so very handy!! I use them for making e everything from drizzling chocolate to piping dough they are a great buy and great quality!


These 12" disposable pastry bags are good quality and they are the perfect size for my bakery. I go through a lot of disposable bags for batters, fillings, frostings etc and these are great. I have some other sizes too, I recommend getting these!

from Unicorn Magic Cake Studio on

these bags come in nice compact box and seem to be good quality. sure beats buying them for 3 times the money elsewhere! i am very happy i purchased them.


You can't go wrong with a disposable pastry bag at this price. They are a heavyweight plastic and the perfect size for any application. At this price you don't mind throwing them away instead of trying to wash a more expensive pastry bag. Highly recommend.


We always order the larger piping bags, so when we needed something smaller, we stuck with the Ateco brand we know and love. Affordable but durable bags make piping or filling a breeze.

from Baked and Sconed, LLC on

Great product. The bags are durable and not flimsy like a lot of brands are. I have purchased this quite often over the past year or two and do not plan on switching up.


These bags are probably my favorite thing I've come across. I HATE cleaning out piping bags. These make the clean up process SO much faster and easier. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

from Bright Bites by Lauren on

I bought these to use with my cakes and I was expecting them to be decent, but I did not expect them to be as nice as they were. If I had realized how nice they were, I would of purchased several at the same time to save on shipping--note to self!

from Honey B on

These are nice sturdy pastry bags. I have never had an issue with one leaking or not working properly. They come in a roll rather than just attached together at the top like they used to so I find it easier to just take the roll out of the box rather than pull the bags through the box opening.


This product is better than I could find anywhere else....even the price was terrific. i like how they are in this nice box and easy to use. Thank YOU!


The bags are an excellent size and weight for smaller decorating jobs. They hold enough icing to decorate many cookies or medium sized birthday cakes. they would be a great size for writing tips and other small jobs for larger cakes where a smaller amount of icing is needed. I particularly liked the weight of material used in construction of the bags! they did not slip in my hands during a long session of decorating with heavy buttercream icing. The price was excellent for the value.

from Joyce K Sasse NP PC on

I have been using large Ziploc bags and cutting a triangle shaped hole in it. I then had to tape my decorator, to the Ziploc bag. I was thinking smart, when I ordered these, Thanks!

from Granny's D's Cakes and more on

Works perfect for our cake decorating. Since we use so many different colors the disposable pastry bags are great for us. The price is right, we will order again defiantly!!


Perfect for icing cupcakes and cakes (I used them with Ateco 400 Standard Plastic Coupler #144400) I have yet to find a better value for these. They hold up well to thicker icing but are thin enough that you can get good precision for thin piping and details. Highly recommend for anyone who decorates cakes but doesn't want to spend fortune.


For the price and the quantity, these icing bags are the best! They are very durable and easy to use! We will definitely be ordering more of these!

from Ladybugs' Sweet Treats on

These are just so great. i love how easy they are to use and that you dont need to clean up after. you just pop out your tip and throw away! its made my life easier while baking and cleaning up


This is the most convenient and affordable bag for your at home baking . The price doesn't compare to any store on quality, fast shipping and excellent customer service


These bags are perfect for piping various types of frostings/fillings. They can be cut to fit any piping tip, and even work great without (just by snipping off the end). They are also slip resistant providing a good drip. Perfect for piping designs or royal icing flowers. I use them for cookies too!

from Maddie Cakes on

These pastry bags are an essential in my kitchen. They roll out of the box for convenience, are very durable and are much less expensive than anywhere else.


Great package that will last for a while, very compact. This size is good for cookie decorating but too small for things like cake or cupcakes.

from home on

great product and very very fast shipping. We use this for our business daily and will be reordering quite often. Thank you very much for this product.

from Creative Cupcakes by Judy on

These bags are small but fantastic quality. They are perfect for when you are using just a small quantity of frosting for decorating in a color, adding small details. The size makes it easy to use a little frosting and also have more control over the bag.

from Shalane Bakes on

I have been decorating cakes since the 70's I hated the clean up most. Now that I am teaching my daughter it is so refreshing not to have to deal with those sticky greasy bags. Love the different sizes. What a neat concept. I know they have been around for awhile, but these are a much better quality and the rolled parchment paper/no comment. Love them!


These disposable pastry bags make life a lot easier. The packaging makes them easily accessible and they are also a great size. Will buy again.

from The Waves Restaurant on

A must when doing lots of frosting work - cupcakes, cookies, cakes, etc. Very convenient and practical than having to use regular pastry bags. The 12-inch size is perfect for our needs.


These pastry bags are larger, more durable and way cheaper than the ones I can get from my local craft store. I will buy these again!


Great deal on these disposable pastry bag 100/roll. I've checked around for a better price, and even figuring in shipping, this is still the best buy.


I love to use these disposable bags to decorate my cakes. I can always start with fresh clean bags everytime and the price of these are amazing. The are also very strong and tears off of roll easily.

from Cakes by Jennie on

Nice Heavy weight bags that are perfect for cookie decorating. The roll is small enough I can store it with my tips and dispense as needed.


We used to buy the Ateco bags in the flat box of 200, but since they weren't available anymore, I ordered these. What a mistake! They were flimsy compared to the other bags, even though they're the same brand, and having been rolled makes them harder to fill.

from Crazy Cakes on

Thank you for your review! These are an excellent value for the quantity of pastry bags per roll. We're sorry to hear you do not like this style. These are disposable and not recommended for repeated use. If you would prefer to purchase more durable bags sold individually, try the Ateco 3312 - 12" Plastic Pastry Bag.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Perfect for one or two time use! great price. can easily be washed out to get second use. not a cheap flimsy plastic. you can add a coupler or just use a tip on its own.


These disposable pastry bags work great for small jobs. I ended up buying the identical brand but in a larger size for other jobs. These are durable and don't rip easily.

from Just Eat This Catering on

Very sturdy, quality product. Much better price than purchasing other brands in craft stores. Will definitely buy again, including other sizes for gift and treat bags.


These are the most convenient pastry bags to use. They store easily and the packaging doesn't take up much room. Most of all they are strong & sturdy for all my baking jobs. When you're finished just toss the empty bag!


I was only planning to order 1 box but after telling my friend and fellow cake decorator about the amazing price we each ended up buying a box, I like that they stay clean in the box.

from Cakes by Ashley on

What I can say other than they are very durable and reliable, I will buy this product again for my smaller cupcakes and shooters. I will be buying the next size up.


These are great! Disposable bags are perfect especially when you are learning to decorate. The price here is much more reasonable than the local craft supply store. Must have!

from Polished Brass Enterprises on

As a cake decorator student, l find this very helpful and economical than the formal 12 in a pack l used to buy , which is expensive and finish with no time.


these bags are perfect for the novice baker to a professional. Perfect for the small job, stuffing cupcakes, teaching lessons, etc. easy tear apart they have cling grip so the whole roll doesn't come unraveled. all and all PERFECT


Very strong bags that hold up well to use. I've never had one burst open like other bags I've used. Can't beat the price either for 100 bags.

from Countryside Cakes on

These are wonderful! I hate cleaning reusable bags, and it seems like they never get really clean, they end up with that greasy feeling after awhile. So I find these to be so handy! This 12" size is good for smaller jobs, like color details and small items.


These bags are PERFECT for piping, and for frosting small batches. Excellent quality, and really an excellent price. I am very happy that I purchased them!

from Kiwi-Cakes on

Great Bags!! They are strong bags that dont break at the seams when u have a thick heavy cream or frosting in them. They are disposable as well , so need to be cleaning and washing out bags. Great price for 100 count box.


Ateco 4712 - 12" Disposable Pastry Bags 100 per roll are strong. They hold standard couplers very well and do not rip apart. Very good price.


We love these bags! I go through a ton of them when decorating cakes and cookies, and they are strong and durable. We use these ally he time!

from Goodness Bake Shoppe on

GREAT VALUE!! I use these all the time in place of the traditional bags. No longer the worry of the absorption of oils that might start to smell. It's a fresh bag every time. I also use them for candy bags and hot cocoa gifts.


Cute Santa's made from Icing bags. I needed at least 50, and the price to buy 12 bags locally was more than the price I paid for the entire box. I will have some left over to use as intended too!


I love these disposable piping bags! They're on a continuous roll and perforated for easy separation and access. The plastic is heavy enough for a small, once or twice-use piping job. I recommend these pastry bags for many uses in the kitchen.

from NothingChocolate on

Very convenient packaging of pastry bags which doubles as a dispenser for one at a time use. This size is good for small amounts of frosting and decorating.


I use these all the time and am so glad that bought them. Sturdy enough, plenty, I like pulling out from the roll dispenser. Easy to use. Good product

from The cake project on

great bags for the money ,i shop alot on line and this is the best site for a lot of what i need in my bakery!!!

from jeanne's bakeshop on

Very convenient! Love that they come in such a large quantity for a great price! Sturdy, easy to use and works well! Would def recommend!

from Candi's Cake Creations on

These bags are great,I use then f or all my cupcake and cookie decorating. The box dispenses the bags out smoothly, and its convenient to not have to dig in the box for a new bag.


Decorating my cake for my midterm in cake decorating class would have been a disaster if not for the disposable pastry bags! These peel-and-go bags were perfect for the many colors of frosting I had to work with, and I didn't even have to wash them afterwards!


This is a great value! For as much frosting that I have to make, these are very sturdy and functional for my needs. For the price, you can't beat it!

from M. Sugar High Creations on

Icing bags are expensive if bought at the local grocer, but these bags from Webstaurant Store are a great value. They are a little smaller than the 12" bag that I was used to, but they still get the job done. Out of curiosity I measured a bag at about 11.5" versus the 12.5" I had been using.

from Grounded.,LLC on

These disposable pastry bags are great! I love that I can throw them out and not have to worry about getting all of the icing or chocolate out of it!


Extremely easy to cleanup! I absolutely love these bags when I only do a small project or have limited time to clean up. Absolutely perfect product and I plan on ordering these bags with every shipment I do!


These pastry bags work great. I go through so many, it's nice to have them at a reasonable price. They come attached on a roll, so be careful when separating them.

from Bites & Delights on

Love disposable bags! I hate washing the vinyl ones and these are cheap enough where using a few a day won't break the bank. The price is perfect.


Great piping bags for a great price. Very sturdy and they don't split at the seams like other bags I've used. Great size for most piping needs

from Poisson Home Repair on

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