Ateco 19176 19" Maple Wood Rolling Pin (August Thomsen)

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Rolling out dough has never been easier than with this Ateco 19176 19" wooden rolling pin! Made of durable maple wood, this rolling pin features one-piece construction. Without cumbersome handles getting in the way, you can firmly press down on dough as you work with it to smooth out pie crusts and cookie dough. Designed with a smooth rolling surface that is both practical and comfortable on your hands and wrists, this rolling pin is great for busy baking days in your kitchen. Ideal for bakeries, pastry shops, and cafes, this rolling pin is an excellent addition to your kitchen tools.

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Ateco 19176 19" Maple Wood Rolling Pin (August Thomsen)

4.9 stars from 73 reviews


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rolling pin dough great heavy love handles perfect pie smooth
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    I absolutely love this rolling pin. It is really large but I like that it’s a straight design instead of a tapered design, because I feel like I get flatter sheets of dough that way.

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    This rolling pin is great for larger kitchen spaces. It works well and is easy to control. The maple wood is very sturdy and cleans up nicely.

    from CORAL SHORTCAKES Posted on

    Good size and easy to handle Rolling pin, our cooks request this specific pin for pizza kitchens; no handles makes it virtually unbreakable, as opposed to the handled pins that eventually will come off or loose.

    from AMERMEX FROZEN PRD Posted on

    Simple, affordable, functional. There's not too much to say about this rolling pin. It's a great size and the diameter is small enough to make for easy rolling, but not too narrow that it tries to cut into your food items. I've used it for pie crusts, biscuits, and breads so far. I would recommend this product.

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    This rolling pin is an excellent addition to any commercial or home baking operation. It's both lightweight and heavy duty, and it can last a long time.

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    I adore this maple rolling pin! It is extremely smooth feeling in my hands and the large diameter makes it very easy to use. I would definitely buy it again.

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    I am in love with this rolling pin! The size is perfect!

    This is a simple tool but I love that its longer than a normal rolling pin so you can make bigger sheets of dough easier.

    from The Homestead Posted on

    Rolling pin

    Love this long wood handless rolling pin for making cinnamon rolls and donuts! So nice to get an even roll in a large surface...compared to my smaller marble rolling pin that is too heavy for rolling yeasted doughs anyway, this rolling pin has been a game changer!

    from Sweet & Kind Posted on

    Donut and cinnamon roll dough rolling must haves!

    I have been wanting a wooden rolling pin without handles, and this one did not disappoint! I am so pleased with this rolling pin. The quality is great, it feels awesome in my hands, and is perfect for rolling out pie crusts and cookie dough. Definitely a keeper!

    from OKC Sweets Posted on

    Ateco Maple wood rolling pin. Awesome! Even my kids can use it!

    A nice, sturdy rolling pin. I don't like the kind with handles because they're a pain to clean. I much prefer the one-piece options, but I think this version is superior to the tapered French style. Rolling out dough with this is easier than ever, and it's very smooth and a piece of cake (or pie) to clean.

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    My favorite rolling pin ever. This workhorse is used often in our bakery and I love it. It's sturdy and strong, easy to clean and I love the cylindrical shape. Also a great value!

    from Fika, LLC Posted on

    Everyone needs a good solid rolling pin. These fit the bill perfectly. They are a good weight and very solid feeling. Great for rolling out pie crust.

    Posted on

    Easily flatten out any dough. I like this one for making pie dough, flattening fondant, etc for easier dough maneuvering and transport. Very sturdy. Thanks!

    Posted on

    This rolling pin is huge and is very heavy to me. I am excited to use it to make pie crusts or roll out cookie dough.

    Posted on

    This is a great price on a high quality maple rolling pin. It handles and cleans up beautifully. It looks like it will last a lifetime!

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    This rolling pin is a pleasure to use.

    This is a great product for the price. It works well, but a little on the lighter side than what I am used to using.

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    This is a huge rolling pin. I was surprised by how affordable it was when I saw the quality in person. I love that it's so long so you can roll wide strips of dough.

    from Bb Posted on

    I love this rolling pin. I prefer it to the other shapes, especially the tapered one as I can never seem to roll my dough completely flat.

    Posted on

    I bought this as a gift for my mom and she LOVES it! She wanted an untapered rolling pin and this was an excellent choice. Just don't tell her what a great price I got on it!

    Posted on

    Great value. Well made product. We haven't used the product a great deal, but have already gotten our money's worth out of it. Happy with the purchase

    from Abstruse Pastry Company LLC Posted on

    I really love this rolling pin for any time I need to whack something (like softening butter) and especially for doing a second pass and evening out dough we've rolled with a tapered rolling pin. It's heavy, solid, has held up very well to gentle washing.

    from East Durham Pie Company Posted on

    Very nice size and weight

    Great rolling pin. I use it almost daily. It's sturdy and straight. We just scrape it off and it's good to go! It is best to oil it before using with food-safe oil first before using the first time.

    from Sweet Tartlette Posted on

    Absolutely perfect for making baked goods, quiche, rolling out dough for scones, etc. Very affordable and feels great in your hands. This is perfect for all your needs. Will purchase again.

    from the black fig Posted on

    This item is exactly what you would expect. It is smooth and heavy and nice to work with. A high quality item for a good price.

    from Durham Co-op Market Posted on

    The 19" maple wood rolling pin arrived as expected, and appears to be of good quality. We are looking forward to using this tool quite frequently in our restaurant.

    from The Amsterdam Posted on

    This 19 inch rolling pin is a great piece The size is great for a large dough Its not too heavy or cumbersome thanks for a great item

    from sweetart Posted on

    This is one a very decently priced rolling pin which fits my needs of being simple to use and maintain. There are no bearings or pieces to worry about as it is only 1 solid piece of maple. It is finely finished and smooth and mine was perfectly flat. The weight of the rolling pin is 1 lb 2oz so you may need to be gentle or lift the pin with certain dough to avoid flattening it too much. You have the option of oiling the pin to help prevent sticking and to prolong the life of the pin if it is going to be used a lot or exposed to excessive moisture. I used food grade mineral oil which can be purchased at a pharmacy. Alternatively you can use block oil. Because this is a nature derived product done expect it to be perfect. It may have a few minor small dimples which will have no affect on the end product and depending on the treatment of the pin can warp, that is not the fault of the product but the user(Most of the time).

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    This rolling pin is a classic. It allows you to feel the dough beneath your hands, much more than any rolling pin with handles will. You just can't go wrong with it for all kinds of purposes. From rolling out pie crust, to sugar cookies, to cinnamon buns and even for fondant, it has served me remarkably well. Just do not put it in the dishwasher. All you need is to rinse with warm soapy water and let it air dry.

    from Magna Posted on

    A preference of many French bakers. This is made of nice wood and has a good amount of weight to it which makes for easier rolling of products.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    For some reason I think this style of rolling pin is better then the other style and hey are skinnier than the other ones so it's easy to store

    Posted on

    perfect rolling pin for when you need to have even pressure across the entire dough (or whatever it is youre rolling out). super sturdy and simple. webstaurant has the best prices on practically everything.

    Posted on

    This is a nice lightweight rolling pin that works well with pie crust and cookie dough. I also like the even length when rolling out pizza crust. it's a good product for any home baker.

    Posted on

    We have 3 of these in our shop. We love them. They are easy to wash and super durable. They are also sturdy so we've never had one warp or get weird on us. Highly recommended.

    from Buttercream Bakeshop Posted on

    This is an excellent rolling pin--we have several in use at our bakery. They are all incredibly sturdy and stand up to all of their intended tasks. For our purposes, they are easier to use than rolling pins with handles. Despite their use, they show no signs of splintering.

    from Rise Bakery Posted on

    I use this rolling pin all the time. i prefer these type of rolling pins but this is the best one ive had, even though it is such a simple thing.

    Posted on

    This is the perfect length rolling pin and is smooth and sleek as can be. For someone who has not mastered the art of tossing pizza dough into the air to make a large pizza crust, with this rolling pin you can roll it right out on your board to the size you need. Shipping was prompt and the package intact.

    Posted on

    This rolling pin has been a great addition to my bakery operation. I serve approx. 450 people each week during a lodge style vacation. This rolling pin has come in handy for pizza dough, tart shells, cookie sheets and more. Affordable cost and a great product.

    Posted on

    I LOVE this rolling pin! It's all one size throughout the whole entire 19 inches which makes it great when you're rolling out cookie dough that you want to be all the same size for unison thickness of cookies. Highly recommend this!

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    This is your all around rolling pin, very smooth wood and not soo heavy. Great for rolling out cookie doughs, even fondant because of its very smooth non heavy wood.

    Posted on

    Wonderful rolling pin. It is a bit long, but other than that it is what i was looking for. I like how uniform it rolls out my dough.

    Posted on

    wow. This is a solid, heavy rolling pin. I bought it to make croissants, so I could get right down in on the dough. Works wonderfully.

    Posted on

    This is a nice heavy duty rolling pin for a good price. We began scratch making flat breads in house and needed a good rolling pin, this one has fulfilled our need

    Posted on

    I have better control and feel for my dough using this rolling pin rather than one with handles. It's great! There's an area where the wood is raised very slightly in one spot in the middle of the pin, but I'll sand it down if it becomes an issue. The diameter of this pin feels perfect in my hands, making for comfortable rolling.

    from Petaljammies Cake & Pastry Posted on

    I got this to roll out fondant and I have to say, it is really hard to apply enough pressure to roll out larger pieces thin enough to cover a cake. I ended up going back to my trusty wooden on with handles.

    from Kiwi-Cakes Posted on

    Love It! it works great for rolling out both handmade pie crusts and handmade tortillas. It's not super heavy either which is perfect on my hands.

    Posted on

    This rolling pin is great. I use it to roll modeling chocolate and fondant. It's super smooth and best of all its easy to clean.

    Posted on

    Love this rolling pin. Stands up to heavy use very well. Stands up to heavy cleaning as well. Use it almost every day. Would buy again.

    from The Backyard, LLC Posted on

    This is the perfect straight rolling pin. Simple, smooth and inexpensive, it’s everybody’s favorite so we might need another one. Better than going to the lumber store and making your own.

    from Sussman's Bakery Posted on

    We wanted a rolling pin that didn't have handles for croissant rolling. This was the perfect choice. Lightweight and the perfect length for our 24" dough

    from Olivia Rose Confections, LLC Posted on

    This Ateco rolling pin is smooth as silk and makes rolling out biscuits, pie crust and cookie dough an easy job. It is sturdy but not heavy. I am surprised how it works so much better without handles than my other pins. Now my favorite rolling pin.

    Posted on

    My favorite rolling pin. This is a really French shaped rolling pin. It is a great size and smooth as can be. I use this pin all the time for dough and fondant. Well priced as a bonus!

    Posted on

    This Ateco rolling pin is super easy to use and a great buy! I love rolling out the perfect cookie dough with this smooth rolling pin !

    from Zest Posted on

    Not much to say on this. High quality wooden dowel that is exactly what I needed to roll out my nut bars to prep for cutting.

    Posted on

    This is a great rolling pin. I've been wanting one for a while. it is sturdy and not too heavy. I use it for rolling out dough but also pounding out butter and meat.

    Posted on

    Ever since I started using this, I can not go back to the common pins with the handles. This gives great coverage due to its size and works incredibly well. I can not recommend this enough.

    Posted on

    Very good light weight rolling pin. So many rolling pins are really heavy and it makes the task even harder and you end up with sore arms, but this is a good weight.

    from Gluten Free Kids Posted on

    I am new to fondant and needed a rolling pin large enough to roll out enough fondant to cover large cakes. I'd seen silicone rolling pins for $30 - $40 dollars but I felt like that was too much money to spend. I search this website and found this beauty for much cheaper. I love the fact that although this is wood, it is really smooth. There's no need to sand this baby. It leaves the surface of your fondant smooth and gets it nice and thin.

    Posted on

    A good rolling pin for all purposes. It isn't heavy and bulky so it can be stored anywhere. Its large enough for the largest sheet of dough to be rolled-out

    from Fragrances on the Run Posted on

    My daughter wanted one of these but I didn't want to pay the prices of the fancy kitchen stores. Same quality, long lasting and siting antsy less money!

    from Po's Pastries Posted on

    This is a great rolling pin, its made of hard maple and comes sanded to a very smooth finish. I applied a few light coats of butcher block oil to seal it until the natural oils from the dough can do so.

    Posted on

    This is a great rolling pin. The price was great too. No chipping, and cleans great with a damp cloths, no needs to put into sink with water.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    I absolutely love this rolling pin. Its just the right length to roll out big pieces of fondant. This pin also helps me to roll my favorite croissant dough and even cookie dough. Its not to heavy and its just right.

    from martha's creations Posted on

    This is a nice rolling pin to have for small tasks in the kitchen. Great for flattening bacon when wrapping different proteins. A must have for any baker.

    Posted on

    This Atetco wooden rolling pin is an excellent choice for many applications. We use it for all our dough and cookies as well as making cookie crumbles for crusts.

    Posted on

    I love this rolling pin because you can get an all around even item. I use it for rolling out scones, cookies, and of course pie dough. Great price for very usable product.

    Posted on

    This pin is by far the most durable pin I have ever owned. It had been dropped and been put through the ringer by my employees but it is still chip free and working like a charm.

    from The Pie Kitchen Posted on

    A big sturdy rolling pin like this will last forever. It doesnt have all the fancy handles and what not but all you need is this. Sturdy, durable and cost less

    Posted on

    This is a very good rolling pin. It is heavy enough that the pin its self will flatten the dough making the dough an even thickens.

    Posted on

    This is an excellent rolling pin, very versatile and very easy to use. It is very lightweight and feels great in the hands. I use it for many things. great price.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    Great rolling pin!! Lightweight and easy to use! Great for hard doughs! Excellent price! Great for pastas and pies! Easy to clean and maintain! Good value!

    Posted on

    The price for this rolling pin is insuperable. The wood is well worked and well finished. Very smooth and even. Easy to work with and easy to clean. Also, perfect size

    from CountryWalk Posted on

    Love this rolling pin! It is great quality as well as a terrific value. Very smooth and a great feel in your hands. Must buy!

    from Dawn's Cakes Posted on

    This is the rolling pin I reach for every time. Simple and lightweight. I prefer it to the french pin with tapered ends. Can't beat the price!

    Posted on

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