Ateco 1307 Medium Size Tapered Offset Baking / Icing Spatula with 7 3/4" Blade (August Thomsen)

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For the perfect final touch, ice your cakes with this Ateco 1307 medium size offset baker's spatula! With a durable, hard polypropylene handle and a taper ground stainless steel blade, this spatula allows for precise edging on frosted desserts. The polypropylene handle provides shock resistance and is easy-to-clean, making it a sanitary option for your kitchen. Because the blade is slightly bent, you can easily round corners and follow the natural form of round cupcakes and tiered cakes to evenly distribute icing. With the proper tools for each task in the kitchen, you can create professional, appetizing desserts that are sure to catch your customers' attention!

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Ateco 1307 Medium Size Tapered Offset Baking / Icing Spatula with 7 3/4" Blade (August Thomsen)

4.9 stars from 116 reviews


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spatula cakes great offset cake icing size handle Ateco perfect
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    High quality offset spatula. these are the perfect size for icing sheet cakes of a medium size. We use them for all of our cakes.

    from Common Ground Posted on

    Smooth offset, perfect size. Using it from chocolate work to just spreading cream on to a tart shell. The handle is a great color so when I use my color tape to identify it from the dish pit.

    from BH Posted on

    Typical offset spatula. I like the longer blade and it has come in helpful many times with cake and cupcake decoration. Certainly a must have basic tool for any baker.

    Posted on

    I cannot go a day without this item, it is perfect! Sturdy construction let's you lift cakes with ease and the length of this spatula makes frosting even mile high cakes a breeze!

    from Sugar Lane Bakery Posted on

    I use this spatula not only for filling and frosting cakes but also it makes a great tool to remove baked goods from tins without scratching. I have done this in all types of pans from madeleines to the jumbo muffin tins and had great success every time.

    This offset spatula is great for geting to those hard to reach places. When making cakes, this is a must have. One of the staples in our kitchen.

    from jimtown store Posted on

    This is a great quality off set spatula. It’s made with great quality and holds up for a long time. This brand has great products.

    from Raheem PREPARES CHICKEN AND WAFFLES Posted on

    i've been using this Ateco Baker's Spatula for awhile and it's great. It's flexible/bendy and long enough to frost a 9 inch layer cake. It's held up well.

    Posted on

    What can you say bad about an offset spatula? They are essential to any baking operation. Ours are used all the time and i don't see them failing anytime soon.

    Posted on

    LOVE this! And it was necessary. We began a cake baking class at our church and were using knives to frost the cakes! That's a NO NO! We ordered this and VIOLA! Going to purchase several more. This is a great size (length 73/4) and feels good in the hand because it is offset. Martha Stewart uses an offset spatula all the time! This is where we got the idea to purchase. Another great by from Websstaurant. We are planning to purchase 5 more for the class!

    from GF Ministries Posted on

    This spatula has been used for a variety of things. Its excellent for icing a cake as well as dishing out brownies or pie. Very heavy duty.

    from Tranquillity Posted on

    The offset spatula by Ateco is the perfect size for decorating an 8" cake with buttercream. It fits inside a Nutella jar and a smuckers jam jar so I don't need to use a butterknife. I am able to add buttercream frosting, Nutella, and jam using this Spatula. The brand is reliable and the product can be used for a variety of uses.

    from San Jose Macarons Posted on

    Using the Ateco Offset Spatula to add Nutella & smuckers filling to a homemade cake

    This cake spatula is absolutely perfect. I use it for frosting cakes, serving cakes and pies, and scooping cookies off of a pan. The thin but sturdy blade makes this thing capable of many uses.

    Posted on

    I know most people will use this spatula for icing cakes, and it is GREAT for that. However, it's also become my favorite spatula for scooping up delicate items. It is flexible enough to bend and get underneath a cookie, but sturdy enough to hold it up on its on!

    I know most people will use this spatula for icing cakes, and it is GREAT for that. However, it's also become my favorite spatula for scooping up delicate items. It is flexible enough to bend and get underneath a cookie, but sturdy enough to hold it up on its on!

    Awesome, awesome, awesome spatula! I used it to decorate a large 6 inch cake and it worked beautifully. It's flexible enough to make icing comfortable but stiff enough to handle a lot of buttercream.

    Posted on

    No baker should go without an offset spatula and this one works very well. The design and style makes it easy to ice any cake with confidence and clean up a breeze.

    from Grandma's Pantry Incorporated Posted on

    This offset spatula is perfect for decorating cakes. The handle is nice to hold. We've also found other uses for it, such as releasing egg muffins from muffin pans! Hah!

    from Farm To You LLC Posted on

    The handle feels comfortable in my hand and the blade is large and smooth. This tool makes it easy to frost cakes quickly and effortlessly.

    Posted on

    Smoothing out the crumb coat on a cake

    This is a great product. I can find a lot of different things for this item in my kitchen. This is a very sturdy product.

    from Wonderland Montessori Academy Posted on

    This icing knife is the perfect size for icing a 2 to 3 layer cake. I can easily smooth out the sides in one stroke without getting covered in icing

    Posted on

    I love this spatula! It is huge. The length and width will be perfect for helping me to smooth out butter cream on my cakes.

    from Bb Posted on

    The Ateco medium size tapered offset baker's spatula is great for frosting or slicing cakes. The handle fits comfortably in your hand and the blade is pretty sturdy.

    Posted on

    The medium Ateco offset spat is my go-to when icing cakes and smoothing battersb before a bake. The handle is sturdy and will last over a long period of time. I've used mine everyday for a year at my restaurant and it's still going strong!

    from Milam Street Coffeehouse & Bakery LLC Posted on

    We use this product daily! Our kitchen, baker's and baristas. It is quite the handy tool!

    Great spatula for larger cakes. Spreading filling or getting the crubs coat on is a breeze with the off set spatula. I don't like it for finishing work but I think that is personal preference. I think it has a little too much flexibility for me for finishing.

    from Sweet Gourmet Cafe Posted on

    I thought this spatula was going to be small but it is actually really big. Great for icing tiered cakes or regular one layer cakes

    from Foxland market Posted on

    Needed some more offset spatulas in our bakery and decided to go with a brand we haven't used before. For some reason this spatula feels a bit more flimsy then other brands we have used, but we still think it does what it needs to :)

    from Sweet Spot Minis Posted on

    Ateco is my favorite brand, and these offset spatulas are great for smoothing out cakes, royal icing or ganaches on cookies or cupcakes, the handles are great as well which is something other companies don't offer!

    from Hardcore Sweet Posted on

    Smoothing out ganache

    These are great - we like the plastic handles because they clean so easily. They're pretty flexible, which could be a good thing or bad, depending on what you're using them for.

    from Thirsty Whale Bakery Posted on

    Very essential tool with icing and even slicing cakes. It's just the right size and easy to handle. I definitely need to order more for back up and when icing multiple cakes at one time.

    from Sweet Treatz Posted on

    Great offset bakers spatula for great results with you baked good! Great quality and price. And just a perfect size for most kind of possibility of usage.

    Posted on

    This Ateco 1307 medium size offset bakers spatula is an all purpose tool. I really like using offset spatulas when icing cakes. Gives you more control.

    Posted on

    This is a perfect spatula for spreading frosting. It'll make an even layer in no time, and looks nice in both commercial and home kitchens.

    from Saxon Posted on

    I absolutely LOVE my offset spats! This size is perfect for smoothing cakes, smoothing out chocolate bark, or spreading anything really. Perfect length for big or small projects

    Posted on

    A great little paint brush set. The brush stays intact, doesn't "shed" and I like that it is not a wooden handle. It can be left in water and not peel or get ruined. Good purchase.

    from Sweet Treats Bakery Posted on

    Great spatula for cake classes!

    Great offset spatula from Ateco. The 7-3/4" size is just right for icing cakes as well as other uses, like applying sauces, or spreading batter. construction is of good quality and the handle has a nice feel in hand.

    Posted on

    Fabulous offset spatula with a handle designed to work better with your hand. This essential tool helps to ensure that my brownies and cakes are completely even before baking! I have also used to expertly decorate cookies and cupcakes. This design carries a little more heft than the Ateco wooden handled version (#1385). Ateco makes fabulous products, period. Have seen the same offset spatula with a much higher price tag elsewhere. Don't just buy two.

    Posted on

    I love this little guy. Despite its small size it works well to wiggle out stuck brownies, frost smaller cakes, and is just in general handy to have around.

    from CSSC Posted on

    I was looking for the same size made of wooden handle... good size for cake decorating and well made. My only complaint is that it came with very sticky sticker on the metal part ....very hard to take it off.

    Posted on

    I used this almost every time I bake for a catering event. It is just the right size. It holds up to everything I use for. It doesn't bend out of shape but it is flexible. I was even thinking about getting another one.

    from RG's Posted on

    This product meets my business needs. It is of good quality and at a great price. It cleans up easily and seems like it will last a long time.

    from The Bean Tap Posted on

    The best spatula ever to frost cakes. I'm so glad Webstaurantstore carries Ateco products because usually it's about double the price to buy it elsewhere.

    Posted on

    Its the only spatula I use every time. It's very small and handy. I actually take it anywhere I go. The quality of metal is very good, sturdy and easy to clean.

    Posted on

    It works great for icing cakes. Even my 13-year old likes using it. Does the job well. Quality is good. Up to par with Ateco products.

    Posted on

    This Product was ok. It did help a lot with spreading buttercream and making my cakes look beautiful however the blade seemed a bit flimsy when holding it by the handle. Other than that I thought it was a pretty good product and helped me out tremendously

    from Ashman's Cupcake's & Treats Posted on

    This is a good offset spatula. The Ateco brand is always a good quality product. No surprise that you can find it here for a lot less money.

    Posted on

    An essential tool in my bakery to get cake edges smooth. I like the feel of the offset spatula for spreading icing and like all Ateco products this is well made.

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    A great option if buying for a bakery team because they seem to disappear faster than you can buy them. They are a great price so when they get lost it's not (as) upsetting

    from Buttercream Bakeshop Posted on

    perfect length and so smooth. makes smoothing out frosting a breeze. a must need for any bakery or cake decorator. easy to clean and use

    Posted on

    perfect for smoothing

    This baker's spatula is good. The handle is comfortable. The stainless steel blade is rigid enough to not feel flimsy, but flexible enough to aid spreading across large swathes of a cake. The surface finish of the metal itself is rather nice, and it shipped without any scratches. I find offset spatulas to be infinitely better than flat spatulas. One thing I wish is that webstaurant store offered a baker's spatula that was one-piece stainless construction. These don't seem to be prevalent anywhere else I've looked though, so it may be a pipe dream...

    Posted on

    Hello, I went to my first baking class on August 12, 2016 and in that class we made a 8x2 cake. This product made it so easy to flatten and smooth the top of the cake. I highly recommend this product and I am exited to finally own one my self!

    Posted on

    Anyone who decorates cakes needs this spatula! I don't know how people can do it with a straight spatula. I love this angled spatula and I can't imaging icing a cake with anything else!

    Posted on

    Ateco is a wonderful brand. This spatula is inexpensive and works great. It's easy to use, especially if you are new at cake decorating. I highly recommend it.

    Posted on

    This is the perfect item for frosting a cake, removing fudge, removing a brownie from the pan, and getting under a small piece of pie where a larger spatula won't work. A trick for getting the first piece of pie out easily and neatly. Cut two pieces, then remove the first one you cut. It comes out easily. The tapered offset spatula is a must have in anyone's kitchen.

    from Floral Creations Posted on

    Great little offset bakers spatula. It provides a nice smooth finish to our smaller cakes and cupcakes The price was very affordable and shipping was fast.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    This spatula makes spreading buttercream very easy. You just need a little practice and it helps you do a fabulous job. Keep them coming Ateco!!

    from Tina's recipes Posted on

    This is a great sturdy spatula. I use it regularly at our catering company. I would highly recommend it to any and all cake decorators!

    from Cleveland Park Catering Company Posted on

    Love love love this little spatula. It's so thing and flexible yet sturdy enough to push into tough little spots and wiggle free any stuck baked goods.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Definitely happy with this offset. It has just the right amount of give and after using one that wasn't fully straight this is a serious improvement!

    Posted on

    This little gem has all sorts of uses in our kitchen. From spreading toppings to serving small slices of dessert, this handy kitchen tool is worth the money.

    from Meacham Hams Inc Posted on

    The Ateco 1307 Medium Size Offset Baker's Spatula with 7 3/4" Blade (August Thomsen) is perfect for icing cakes. The angled handle is just what you need for keeping your hand icing free!

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    A must for pastry service at the dessert station. Well made with just the right springiness in the blade to get cakes and tiramisu out of hotel pans and onto a plate.

    from It Takes Two LLC T/A Dino's Grotto Posted on

    This spatula is perfect for icing smaller cakes. It's especially suited to smoothing those top edges and the angle keeps your hand from touching the icing.

    Posted on

    this made icing a breeze, a wonderful product, i would reorder this again, and i love this site so much, i am so glad i come across this when looking for products to help my sister with baking cakes and cupcakes

    from NONE Posted on

    A great cake decorating tool. It is very well made and comfortable grip. It also holds up well to dishwashing and hand washing as well.

    Posted on

    Perfect little offset spatula. I use this mostly for taking flowers off of flower nails when piping roses, etc. Also works great for smoothing icing and frosting.

    from blackberry river baking co Posted on

    Integral tool in my cake decorating! I use this to ice all my cakes before smoothing with a scraper. It's also useful in lifting a cake by its cake board just enough to slide a cake lifter underneath.

    from Petaljammies Cake & Pastry Posted on

    This is a much bigger size than we expected. Good for bigger projects just not if you need it for delicate areas. Other than that, they have held up so far.

    from JG Banquets Posted on

    I have two of these, I can't frost a cake with out my spatula. It makes smoothing anything much easier. I even use it when I make pancakes.

    from Toys Sweets Posted on

    Not the best spatula I've had bit definitely better than others I have purchased. I would order again just to have extras in my shop can't beat the price

    Posted on

    This offset is great for getting a crisp edge on cakes. I recommend it for any amateur or professional decorator! August Thomsen always makes quality stuff

    Posted on

    Offset Bakers spatula from Webstaurant is a great deal. Extremely worth the money as this spatula is extremely durable and works great for many applications.

    from discovery Village at Naples Posted on

    well designed. very functional. easy cleanup. good grip for working the frosting on anything from full size cake to smaller cupcakes. very pleased with the item and would recommend to others.

    from Chad Fenner Posted on

    This is a good all-purpose size for an offset spatula. Good for making small to medium cakes. You might want a larger one for large special occasion or wedding cakes, or a smaller one for detail work, but this size should meet about 90% of cake decorating needs. Seems sturdy, feels good in the hand. Overall, quite satisfied.

    Posted on

    This spatula is sturdy, and the handle is easy to hold. The only thing we would have liked better is if the spatula was less flimsy (spelling?). It worked perfectly for icing cakes but it could not be used for helping stack layers

    from The Grand Cupcakery Posted on

    Great quality, sturdy offset spatula. Holding up well with multiple washes. I used it for spreading/smoothing batters and icings, lifting/ de-panning delicate cookies, and more.

    Posted on

    This spatula was recommended to me on a website to help with smoothing out the frosting on the top of my cakes, it definitely works. Leaves a nice smooth and clean edge if used properly.

    from Tiffanee & Co. Bakery Posted on

    Dishwasher safe, flexible but not too "bendy", good grip with offset so my big knuckles aren't dragging on things when you get around to the twentieth cake your still frosting. The most favorite "spreader" in my chef bag. Also good for flipping blinis, croutons, or mini pancakes for my boys at home!

    from Valley Fellowship Church Posted on

    These are really great for spreading out mousses and sheet cake batter on a half sheet tray. Very easy to handle and control compared to the longer blades.

    from Honeybee Patisserie Posted on

    The work horse of any pastry shop. These offset spatulas work wonders. The handle is well designed making using the spatula for hours a breeze. After years of use I have yet to have any of this spatula bend or break. No Pastry kit is completed without 4 or 5 of these.

    Posted on

    The Ateco offset spatula is a great buy! Sturdy nice grip easy to use. I would recommend it - five stars for this super product!

    from Zest Posted on

    I like the length of this spatula. It really makes it easy to spread icing nice and smooth. It also is easy to handle - the offset bend is perfect. I also have a straight blade similar to this one and I prefer this offset one hands-down for most projects.

    Posted on

    Great size for 4" cakes and 6" cakes! I own a few of these and absolutely love them! They even work as a great substitute for little kids to use to make sandwiches instead of a butter knife.. :)

    Posted on

    I bought this for cakes and cupcakes. This size is definitely a bit long for cupcakes, but that's my error. Overall, a great, durable, dishwasher-safe product that does the job. I wish the manufacturer would move the sticky label to the handle, not the blade, though, because I STILL have a little residue on the blade from it. Hasn't harmed my baked goods, though.

    from Natural Comfort Kitchen LLC Posted on

    Very easy to handle! I use this to ice most of my cakes. The grip is perfect when working with some of the messier icings.

    Posted on

    Very nice handy little spatula, very good for icing medium to larger cakes. It as a good flexibility to the blade but store it carefully as it can get bent.

    Posted on

    The size of the spatula is good, but the quality leaves a little to be desired. There is a substantial amount of bend in the metal that makes spreading an even layer a little more difficult.

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    Really high build quality. Perfect offset angle for either icing cakes or picking up pieces from a pan or plate. Is able to withstand the high heat of a cast iron pan. I love it.

    Posted on

    Great for what I need. Can easily ice cakes as well as use for spreading butter on my bread for grilled cheese sandwiches. Need to buy one more.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    As far as offset spatulas go, Ateco is the best brand quality for an affordable price point here on Webstaurant. This 1307 Medium Size offset spatula is ideal for decorating 8inch cakes and larger. I use this whenever I decorate or to help me serve desserts.

    Posted on

    I love these small offset spatulas especially for my recent experimentation with a smooth buttercream technique on cakes that involves spreading horizontal layers of different shades of the same color (ombre effect). Along with a good bench scraper, these small spatulas are perfect for that. They're just generally perfect for getting into small spaces, fixing small frosting mess-ups, or frosting cupcakes in a rustic style.

    from 6 Bittersweets Posted on

    well built and very useful little tool. We use these for so many different task. It is a great size that is big enough for full cakes yet small enough for fine detail work.

    Posted on

    The Ateco 7 3/4" blade spatula is very nicely made, with a good weight. I'm a home baker so I felt a little silly ordering something so long at first, but it made a big difference when frosting a cake. The blade is tall enough to smooth frosting on a tall cake without having seams.

    Posted on

    This is my go to offset spatula- I use it to ice all of my cakes, it's the perfect size for my hand- I've bought a bunch to have at the ready!

    from Confections by Kristin Posted on

    If you are a cake baker this is a must have. The off set of the handle makes it easy to use and it does not hurt my hand like the straight one awesome

    from Janice's Cake Creations Posted on

    This product is great for getting cakes off of a pan as well as slicing it if you need to. I use this all the time and it holds up very well.

    Posted on

    This is a very well made product. Although a little large for our needs, it ices cakes well and washes up nicely in the dishwasher. I would recommend this product.

    from Bakers Buzzin' LLC Posted on

    Really high quality spatula. Ateco is synonymous with quality and this is no exception. I use it to spread filling between cake layers, and also to level off the batter in the cake pan.

    Posted on

    I absolutely love this spatula! I use it to scrape the icing out of the bowl into my piping bag. It is the best when spreading icing onto the cakes I make!

    Posted on

    I'm very happy with this purchase. This is a very useful tool for basic cake decorating - absolutely essential, cleans easily, and comfortable to use.

    Posted on

    This offset spatula works extremely well for spreading custards, ganache, frostings, and other similar fillings on cakes. I've also used it to fan out thinly sliced vegetables on the plate ala Confit Byaldi. It's held up well in the dishwasher, which is an added plus.

    Posted on

    It's amazing how an offset handle can make all the difference when smoothing out frosting or cookie dough. Much better than a regular spatula or knife. This spatula works greats and does the job well. Handle feels good in your hand. Very happy with this purchase.

    Posted on

    Feels good in your hand and is easy to ice large cakes with it. Can also use it to lift and move small cakes. Well worth purchasing.

    Posted on

    This is the perfect size spatula for doing the sides of smaller cakes or cupcakes. The smaller size makes it more comfortable to get around edges.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    This is a perfect tool for spreading icing, glazes, or even polenta. Also really good for flipping seared items in tight spaces where other spatulas won't fit.

    Posted on

    This spatula is nice and flat and can be used for multiple things such as icing cake, glazes, and chocolate. Such a wonderful and handy piece of equipment

    Posted on

    This spatula is great for the table method of tempering chocolate. It's perfect for the small amount of chocolate we make. I recommend it be stored in a knife box and not a kit or bag because you do not want it to bend because then it's not good for icing cakes.

    Posted on

    Very nice quality spatula for the price, and it's the perfect size to smooth frosting on smaller cakes and also to create decorative ridges in the frosting.

    Posted on

    I like this spatula for the number of tasks it can do in the kitchen! It is perfect for decorating small cupcakes! I like it for picking up delicate items!

    Posted on

    Good buy. These come in really hand in the bake shop. We use for all kinds of things. From frosting cakes, smoothing icing and even lifting cakes. Very useful.

    from KAMI Cakes Posted on

    This offset spatula makes it easy to pick up delicate items like chocolate garnishes. Its also makes frosting cakes a piece of cake. Good deal.

    Posted on

    At 10 inches long (with a 7 3/4 inch blade), this spatula is great for not just frosting cakes but also cutting items (like brownies) without scratching pans the way knives do.

    Posted on

    I love the width and edge on this spatula. It has a nice sharper edge so it makes the buttercream lay down very nicely. The grip is also small enough for my hand so I don't have as much fatigue.

    from ACES Cake Shop and Baker's Supply Posted on

    Im a baking and pastry student and these spatulas come in handy all the time. You can use them on almost everything, cakes, cookies, brownies, frosting etc. A must need in every bake shop!

    Posted on

    I have at least 5 of these just for my baking needs. I use them to loosen up cake edges in the pan and to spread Icings and Fillings.Very useful and keeps your fingers away from the cake surface so you don't smudge the smooth icing.

    from Home Maker Posted on

    I've got several of these offset spatulas around the bake shop. They are really handy. They're awesome for smoothing out frosting on a cake. great buy.

    Posted on

    This is a wonderful product and at such a great price! A perfect size for all decorating needs, works wonders with the ateco revolving metal cake stand and decorating comb, also featured on webstaurant.

    Posted on

    When you need to apply and smooth frosting, this is the tool! We have all sizes, but the medium size is probably the one we use the most.

    from Weber Catering Posted on

    Example of what the baker's spatula does to frosting. Note the nice smooth appearance of this chocolate mousse frosting on our signature deep dark chocolate cake accented with oreos! YUMMY!

    This spatula is perfect for frosting cakes. We also use it at our bakery to remove cookies from parchment paper. A must-have item for any bakery!

    from Main Line Baking Co. - A Gluten-Free Bakery Posted on

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