American Metalcraft STONE15 15" Round Ceramic Pizza Stone

Item #: 124STONE15

Create a light crispy pizza crust with the American Metalcraft STONE15 round ceramic pizza baking stone. This ceramic pizza baking stone distributes heat evenly and efficiently. It's perfect for making pizza, cookies, stromboli, and bread.

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American Metalcraft STONE15 15" Round Ceramic Pizza Stone

4.8 stars from 70 reviews


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Pizza stone Great oven heat baking perfect price crispy love
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    It was broken when it arrived. Customer service quickly sent me another one and i got it in 3 days free of charge. You guys rock. The pizza stone itself is a little thin for our ovens, since the heat source is from the bottom. We just got 2 and stacked then on top of each other and worked out very well. Cant beat the price!
    Works great in the oven or on the grill for cooking pizza. Comes out perfext every time. Nearly impossible to burn or over cook the pizza.
    this pizza works great for my outside pizza oven. i had no issues so far. you cant go wrong with american metalcraft. best quality for pizza supplies. highly recommended it
    This ceramic pizza stone has the perfect size for us. Love the color, we actually serve the pizzas in this beautiful terracota stone; super easy to clean too.
    This pizza stone is an excellent way to be able to use your oven space well. It helps to ensure that things like pizza and bread cook evenly.
    The ceramic stone cane well packed and in good condition, I was worried about it but it was fine! Works great in a regular house oven and fit the pizza I make perfectly.
    what a great crispy bottom to your pizza .. well order one of these pizza stones and enjoy pizza the way it should be one stays in our oven 24/7
    Great Stone have been using it for about a year-and-a-half and has not cracked or broke Pizza comes out nice and crispy very easy to clean
    Great pizza stone for the money! We use these in our bakery when we make pizzas, and love the crispy-chewy crust they make. Could also use to make pitas!
    This is a great comparison to the Pampered Chef one I bought a few years back- I only wish this one had side handles for gripping. I wanted a more cost-effective option to give as a gift for someone who’s just starting out making pizza from scratch at home. I didn’t want to spend too much in case they didn’t get into it, but if they did, I wanted them to have a quality product that would produce an excellent crust for them.
    It broke after two uses. I placed a room temperature pizza on the hot stone. It shattered in half. Also, this stone can be a little hard to clean if cheese gets baked on.
    We are sorry this pizza stone did not meet your expectations, please contact our Customer Solutions team as soon as possible if you are having issues with a product you bought from us.
    This stone works great! Durable, and a nice even weight. Perfect for both homemade and frozen pizza. Also, I personally love baking my fresh bread on this stone. Just beware, if you put a pan on the stone, the heat can cause it to pop and warp while in the oven. Once cooled down, it will go back to normal, but after so many times, it'll stay bent. Otherwise, all around great stone!
    Perfect pizza stone and very reasonably priced for the quality. This pizza stone is used on a regular basis and holds up as well as some of the other higher priced stones I have. I would buy this again when I need a new one.
    Everyone needs a pizza stone in their kitchen. They take a regular old homemade pizza from boring to great with ease. I love the results I get with my pizza stone.
    Best pizza baking round stone ever makes the pizza very crispy and cook it really fast because this stone got very hot and it's perfect for pizzas.
    This stone has been great. It's the perfect size for large pizzas and it distributes the heat evenly. It retains heat well and I have had no issues with it thus far. Great product for the price!
    We use these in our oven every week at Bingo. They make a very crisp and tasty pizza. Since we started using them we have increased our sales every week.
    Good quality stone, value priced. A little thinner than I expected but worked well. Perfect size for a large pizza. No more going out for pizza when I can make a better one at home. Thank you!
    I kept one and gave another as a gift. These are nice and fit large and small pizzas and other things too. It cooks well and evenly.
    I love this pizza stone. It distributes the heat pretty evenly, not to mention it is light weight. It is 15 inches, perfect for a large pizza
    This is an excellent value. We never realized the difference in our pizza crust until trying a pizza stone.Our friends with a very expensive pizza stone like ours better and are planning to buy one for their ski condo. Thanks again for a great value and excellent service. Dennis & Carla
    Bought it as part of a gift set for a pizza lover at home and now i get restaurant style pizza perfectly cooked as reward! Didn't expect much for the price though but I am using it myself and the result are way over my expectation. Perfect pizza that slide off at each time, easy to clean and easy to use when following the care required for a pizza stone. No more cardboard pizza, yeah! :D
    These are priced right, but mine only lasted a few heat cycles before breaking in half. Maybe I just recieved a bad one, I might try another one since they are so cheap. But for now we use 6x6 terracotta tiles from the home store. I've never had one of those break.
    We appreciate your review, James! If you are ever looking for more information on the product you are purchasing, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Very good price, but the stone feels very delicate. Definitely worth the value but make sure you take proper care of it or else the ceramic will crack.
    Excellent pizza stone! Perfect size for a 12 x 14" pizza peel. Great for home cooking. Also very fast shipping from the website! Great quality and affordable.
    An inexpensive stone for the occasional pizza dinners. The ceramic stone doesn't need any greasing or spray when baking. The food slides easily on and off the pizza peel onto the stone and bakes quite evenly. The pizza stone heats up when the oven is turned on and is hot enough to mimic the traditional wood fire burned pizza ovens. The stone is porous and does get some of the scorching from the pizza cheese or filling. It is easy to clean and dries quickly without any trouble.
    This is a perfectly nice pizza stone for a very reasonable price. Similar in quality to the other ones I've seen at other grocery stores.
    My boyfriend cracked his pizza stone a few months back, but refused to buy another one claiming that they were too expensive. I got him this one and he loves it. It was cheaper than the one he owned before, yet it has held up so much better. It produces such a perfect texture on crusts, but we also use it for baking chicken and bread rolls. This is a super versatile product and I think everyone should have one in their homes. A bit tough to store, but otherwise perfect.
    Good quality pizza stone especially for the money! For best results, be sure to heat stone for at least 30 minutes before baking. 2 thumbs up!
    The stone becomes very warm at 450 degrees and stays so until cooling by leaving the stone in the oven. It cooked the pizza perfectly within seven minutes. The crust was just the texture and the cheese fully melted in such a short time. Now I need to know where to stow it.
    Stone works great. Its perfectly in the oven and cooks a great pizza. Can be used for other things too like drop biscuits. Be careful to follow the instructions to heat it slowly, I had one in the past that cracked.
    This is by far one of the best items a person can purchase for themselves. The pizza stone is more than just for pizza, it has so many uses and functions. Mine however, has been a must have for my home oven, it stabilizes the heat inside the oven to get the most even heat. You can not go wrong.
    Just what I needed! This pizza stone is the perfect addition to my kitchen, I use it not only to bake pizza but also to give my breads a little boost when I am baking. Since the stone maintains an even heat my breads and other creations come out very crispy. Nothing worse than a soggy bottom! Besides, it looks extra attractive, win-win. Get one, you'll love it!
    I love this baking stone. I bought it for making pizza but have been using it more for breads and rolls. A great product. Will be getting another one soon. The price is the lowest I've seen.
    Probably the best value out there for a pizza stone. I leave it in the oven all the time and it holds heat for a long time and evens out the temperature. I just move it up to the top rack for use when baking a pizza.
    Awesome pizza stone. It fits PERFECTLY in my little oven which is great. I've used it a few times and it has made some excellent crispy crusts. It is a bit difficult to clean though.
    We put our pizza stones to the test by cooking up 40 from scratch pizzas in about 2 hours in conventional ovens. They worked great! The dough was crispy on the bottom and we were able to cook quickly without much heat loss.
    I love this. Pizza stone is. So very awesome. I will be reordering from here. And the price of the pizza stone is a very good price. Thank you. Karen Weiland.
    I built a wood fired oven several year back the red has cracks but I reclayed it and have placed this stone in the center I fired it slowly last night and today baked two loaves of bread it stood up to well over 500 degrees no cracks wonderful and economical product.
    I love this pizza stone, this stone is why I can bake a great pizza pie. Do not pay more money for a stone with handles, a pizza stone is supposed to get hot in the oven before you place your pizza onto it, an ideal stone should not have handles. This is the perfect stone, make sure you oil it and heat it slowly the first few times because it essentially clay and can crack if not treated properly.
    Makes a very good baked pizza crust. Easy to use but leaves some stains because of spills during pizza baking. Not too thin and is porous so it distributes heat evenly.
    I love baking bread at home and using this pizza stone makes a huge difference in how my breads and pizza turn out. Every pita puffs up perfectly and a thin crust pizza tastes better than in a restaurant. I put the prepared dough on parchment before using the peel to place on the hot stone. This makes it easier to get the dough on the right spot on the stone and helps to keep the stone clean. The price is great and the results are impressive.
    What I love about this pizza stone (aside from the fact that it's larger than most available at big-box stores) is that it really does improve the crust. I don't care for a very crispy pizza and with this stone, I get a nicely browned pizza crust on the bottom and it doesn't come out like a tortilla chip! This pizza stone is a win, for sure. If you eat pizza much (and who doesn't??) you can't beat this - especially for the price.
    The American Metalcraft Stone 15 15" Round Ceramic Pizza Baking Stone is a great choice for an inexpensive baking stone. I just tried it and it works great . I added some course ground corn meal to the stone before pizza and the pizza came off very easy.
    Awesome Ceramic Baking Stone, I make fresh pizza's and these did make the pizza crispy. Just Remember when using this to pre heat the stone itself up to 500 degrees then place your dough on it.
    This is a great pizza stone. It works just as well as other more expensive pizza stones, but at a much better price than you can find anywhere else. Also great for cooking calzone!
    OK, this has been a find. We were using a pizza tile in our pizza oven that was too small, and cooked unevenly. This has given great results, and the price is super cheap for the quality.
    This pizza stone is excellent. It heats up evenly and creates a crispy crust. I have made several pizzas as well as stromboli's and they come out great. Cleans easily with just hot water and a sponge.
    This is an absolutely fabulous pizza stone. And its priced perfectly. Ive had mine for 3 years now and its still kicking strong, getting better everyday. I recommend this one to everyone that i know.
    I do lots of baking and this stone is great for home baking as well. With this price, I can buy multiple and have them ready to bake all together.
    We love our pizza baking stone. We use it for a verity of things. My wife makes the best toco rings with this stone. it bakes evenly everything comes out crispy.
    I had owned for many years a pampered chef, pizza pan. I did not want to host another party, or be a slave to the massive calls, that would ensue, after I purchased on pan. So I searched for another. I came across this, after looking on another site. The price point was very good, and thought: " how bad could a pizza pan be?". I was very happy with my purchase, it is on par, with my old pizza stone. As will all pizza stones, they get DARK over time. This one is no exception, and adds to the charm. It's a nice way to ensure even cooking, of not only pizzas , but cakes and pies too. It retains heat well, and makes a great centerpiece, for pizza night. Do not immerse in water, since it is porous, just brush clean, and keep going. It should last for many years. Also could be used as inexpensive, bread or cheese board. for rustic tablescape.
    I am so happy I found this pizza stone. I couldn't believe how inexpensive it was. I am a fan of pizza stones, and this is smaller and lighter than my previous one. It is easy to pop in the oven and good for a smaller size pie. It is good to uyse on the grill too, I can't really fit my bigger stone there, plus it is heavy to move around. With this one, it is easy!
    Have used this multiple times for both bread and pizza. Works very well, price was wonderful. The stone is nice and heavy and my bread has browns nice and evenly.
    The American Metal craft Stone 15 15" Round Ceramic Pizza baking Stone. It is great for restaurant's, and even home use. I love Making my pizza rings with these. Do not wash with soap, water only. They distribute heat evenly and work perfect every time.
    This pizza stone is great. If you don't have a flat bottom oven then making on this is a lot easier and you get a consistent bake.
    This stone is awesome! Most stones on amazon cost a lot more, are smaller and get three star reviews. I've used it several times a week for the past four months. I usually cook between 450°-500°. Even heat, and seems durable. I definitely recommend this!
    Makes sense to buy these instead of the aluminum trays. Easy maintenance-just scrape off the crumbs and melted cheese. The stone is then seasoned for the next use.
    pizza stones are great to have. especially for a restaurant that isnt making a lot of pizza. I say this because if you dont have a nice pizza oven or deck oven then this pizza stone will give you a great baked pie!
    This stone is just like ones costing three times as much. It is .5 inches thick which is the same as what you find at most stores. I was really wanting one 5/8 thick but for this price I was willing to compromise. It works just as good as the thicker ones I have used.
    This American Metalcraft stone is 15'round round and is great for baking pizza's,and also great for baking toco ring for party's the whole family loves it every house hold need's at least #1
    packaged very well. this is a great stone for the price and was a very good buy. really does cook the pizzas crispier now that i have used it and worth the money. not so heavy that i cant move it, great value
    Great product and a fantstic price. Use mine for delicious homemade pizza and breadmaking. Love WEBstaurant's fast shipping and selection. The price on this stone is amazing for the size.
    I have never owned a pizza stone. This really does make pizzas and breads, even tortilla chips crispy and better!!I even re-heat left-over breads and rolls from restaurants. This stone is amazing. I Love it!
    This pizza baking stone is a terific value and well made. It could be a little thicker but meets my needs and combined with the 14" x 15" wooden pizza reel I have produced some great pizza's with a nice crispy crust.
    Other than being a bit thin, this stone makes perfect pizza. It's a generous size so you can also put two large sandwiches on it as well.
    This baking stone works great - I use it for my artisan breads. Heat seems to distribute evenly, and the crust comes out crackly and crispy - not a soggy loaf yet!
    Our pizzas come out great with this stone. The crusts are evenly browned and crisp. Clean up is easy and I don't have to wash up pans.
    Having used my mom's pizza stone when I was younger and seeing how useful it was lead me to purchase this stone. It was both a high quality stone as well as cheaply priced, a winning combination.
    This is a must for non expensive ovens or small pizza ovens that normally burn the botttom of the crust before the pizza is done.

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