Regal Cajun Spice & Skillet Seasoning - 10 oz.

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Bring a hint of zesty New Orleans flavor to your entrees with Regal Cajun spice and skillet seasoning! It features a savory combination of paprika, onion, garlic, pepper, spices and salt. Popular in Louisiana cuisine, Cajun or Creole spices are known for their robust flavor. This Cajun spice and skillet seasoning will add a little heat to your menu and can be used as a coating on meats to achieve a "blackened" effect.

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Regal Cajun Spice & Skillet Seasoning - 10 oz.

4.8 stars from 72 reviews


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    Like all Regal spices its a great value and top quality. This regal cajun seasoning is truly amazing. Works perfect for anything on the grill,
    This cajun seasoning didnt have enough flavor or spice, I am used to other name brands and it doesn't compare. I was hoping for the price it could replace our current cajun seasoning but it unfortunately that isn't the case.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    We compared this Cajun spice seasoning to a our previous providers Cajun seasoning, with out a doubt this product had the best quality in taste and it was a no brainier to change products immediately.
    Great spice. We have been using this in ourburgers and chicken so far and it's amazing. Strong flavor and a great price. Will order again.
    Wesley really like this for some blackening. We don't do a lot of blackening in our restaurant but we use this blackening season and was very happy with it.
    This seasoning is a favorite of our restaurant and we use it often on a variety of dishes and meats! Easy to adjust to your personal taste!
    Simple recipe. Any preferred fish plus this seasoning equals a great dish. A simple but complete seasoning for a quick dish. I will not be without this seasoning again!
    Love this spice adds such a unique flavor to dishes especially when grilling. I don't even have a need to add any other spice with using this seasoning! I would highly recommend trying this!
    I love any kind of Cajun seasoning and this one is awesome. I use it in just about everything I cook. It's also really good for Cajun Fries and Crawfish.
    This stuff is fantastic! I usually make my own cajun mix with all the herbs I have but I ran out and decided to try this, it was well worth it!
    This is really great seasoning. I use it on my deep dish pizza crusts and it tastes exactly like what you would get at larger chain pizzas. I used to work at one and it tastes identical. 100% recommend.
    The spice has a good flavor and is well packaged, with a top that has 2 sides, one shaker, and one to spoon out the spice with. The price is good, as well.
    Regal Cajun spice and skillet seasoning comes in a 10 oz bottle and is very delicious especially for making low country boils with shrimp and crawfish
    Great product! We are so glad Webstaurant carries spices. Prices are very reasonable. We will continue to buy this product as stock gets low! Thank you!
    I wasn’t sure what to expect with this ten ounce Regal Cajun Spice and Skillet seasoning but I have to say it is quite delicious. I appreciate that the spiciness in subtly and there is not a yikes-this-is too-spicy moment. We used it for good old fashioned chicken wings and I would order again after only a few uses.
    This cajun spice and seasoning is just great! It makes cooking cajun dishes so much easier and faster! Great packaging too! A must have for any fan of cajun cuisine!
    A little goes a long wayyyy. It gives my chicken a great punch. I have rubbed it on pork, added it to chicken and mixed it in my stew. The taste is really nice and I would definitely purchase again and again
    I use this Cajun seasoning on fish and when I make jambalaya it's got really good flavor at an affordable price from WEBstaurantStore my go to place for Spices.
    We needed some Cajun seasoning for a Shrimp Po'Boy we were running as a special we didn't need a lot so this size was perfect. the flavor is great too. Will order again when ever we need more Cajun seasoning.
    We used to use another brand of cajun seasoning but switched to this when they discontinued their product. This cajun mix is a good base to start with, but we have found that we need to add salt and garlic to adjust the flavor to what we were used to. Like all Regal spices its a great value and top quality. Tip: Start with cajun mix and add salt and garlic to taste then use on freshly popped popcorn. WOW!
    This regal cajun seasoning is truly amazing. Works perfect for anything on the grill, and even works well on fried foods like fries or spicy onion rings. It has a little kick but great flavor!
    this is a super generic cajun spice mix, but it gets the job done when you don't want to mix your own blend. it is very spicy and sort of one note in flavor, but it's not bad per se. it's a simple, go to spice for when you want a iittle heat.
    This Regal Cajun Spice has a great flavor without being too spicy. We use it any many types of meat before grilling and also in some of our homemade sauces. Will keeping buying this product.
    The Regal Cajun spice and skillet seasoning is an excellent addition to the pantry. I really enjoy the flavor and would recommend this to anyone looking for a spicy addition to the pantry.
    Used this spice mix for my Cajun chicken Alfredo pasta and it is yummy and flavorful. It is sure to be a crowd pleaser on my menu.
    The price is fair on this product and the quantity and packaging is also good, but the spices do not have the same zest as other cajun spices do that we're used to. I would recommend it if it is not your main ingredient.
    ' Essence' or just an all around good Cajun seasoning, this is a great product for a fraction of the price of the national brands from your distributors. High quality, fresh spices that surpass the quality you'd expect!
    This cajun seasonings tastes amazing on my chicken breasts. Keep in mind that a little bit packa a big flavor punch so do not overdo it!
    It makes my dishes taste good! The combination of the ingredients is perfect! A few little shakes make the dish perfect! Stirred fry chicken tastes wonderful with this bottle!
    This spice is blend is a great way to blacken seafood and chicken, add a kick to fajitas or a nice way to give croutons a real flavor.
    Great classic Cajun flavor profile and color. Aroma is exactly what it should be. No harsh notes. Not bitter. Balance of flavors and no harsh aftertaste.
    This is the perfect seasoning has good flavor can be used on almost anything. Seasoning has a little kick that is perfect for meats at a great price here.
    With origins in Louisiana I fully recommend this seasoning. A unique flavor that complements any southern dish. We really enjoy this product and will be ordering more!
    Awesome on potatoes and breakfast dishes. Pairs nicely with high fat dishes. Its a great base for that spicy dish, I even use it in chili.
    This is similar to the creole seasoning that you can buy in the grocery store, but the bonus here is that it comes in a normal sized container and not a huge, oddly shaped thing I have to find room for. Excellent on pastas and gumbos!
    Yummy I'm impressed this Cajun spice and skillet seasoning is delicious and easy to use you just pour it on your food and boom your food is delicious easy to open with their sealed for your flavor freshness thing greatYummy I'm impressed this Cajun spice and skillet seasoning is d
    Great for cajun grilled chicken and blackened fish, also for cajun alfredo, many uses, and very fresh, great price, and good color, very vibrant spice blend.
    Zesty is a good description for this one. It is very good as a seasoning on french fries and even in whisked into the crumbs before the onion rings are coated.
    Subtle heat profile profile with that distant Cajun flavor profile. Really enjoy the seasoning on blackened chicken or tossed on some freshly fried hot wings.
    I'm picky about Cajun blends and usually do my own but wanted to give it a try and I'm glad I did. Good balance between heat and flavor and NOT reliant on salt as the major flavor component. Very nice heat level, easy to kick up with added cayenne for customers who like a little more heat.
    A great Cajun blend with nice flavor that isn't full of salt. I bought a small container of this and will be buying a bigger one next time
    This blend is great on chicken, veggies, and, when I'm feeling lazy, in spicy margarita rimming salts. It's a bit salty, though, so you're unlikely to need any extra, regardless of the application. Very good price for a good blend.
    Regal Cajun Spice & Skillet Seasoning - 10oz I did try it in my seasoned rice I tend to use the Cajon seasonings in my Cajun dipping sauce (just add mayo)
    This is a very good Cajun seasoning. It isn't very hot at all so you might want to spice it up a bit but we find it works just fine out of the bottle. It is almost as cheap to buy it in the 10oz containers and there is no repackaging needed to use it by the grill.
    Very good blend of cajun spices and seasonings but I do find it very salty. So we use it as a brine instead of on top of the food.
    This cajun spice has so many applications. We completely coat scallops in it and hit them in a hot cast iron pan. Out customers love the taste
    well enjoyed flavor addition to a variety of sandwiches; cheesesteaks, bbq, or sloppy joes. and wonderful taste enhancement on fried items like fries, tots, or other potato fried items.
    I'm so glad I found this. This is a fantastic Cajun seasoning for wings. Cajun dry wings are very popular in our restaurant and we needed an economical alternative to the brand we were using. It's less than 1/2 the cost! Enter Regal Cajun Spice & Skillet Seasoning. I buy it 5 lbs at a time, and the Regal tastes as good if not better to me. It is a little coarser than the big name brand, but it has worked out well. Buy the small bottle first to try it, but I'll bet you'll end up buying the large container.
    We love this Regal Cajuan spice rub on chicken, pork,sausage, fish and it soups it's got a perfect blend of many spices that take any meal to the next level.
    This Cajun spice seasoning tastes great on grilled chicken and seafood. The price is really good and 10oz goes a long way. Looking forward to trying it in fried food.
    I enjoy Cajun seasoning mix in or on about anything. This one holds up to about every other one I have had as far as flavor goes but it lacks a bit in the heat department. Thats the only reason 4 instead of 5 stars. I like to add just a touch extra cayenne pepper and that makes this perfect. I will buy again.
    I was looking for a great spice to be just a little different than the ordinary. This was just what I was looking for. I mix this with mayo for a great twist on a taste and it gives it just a small kick to the tastebuds.
    The heat and herbs from this Cajon seasoning is to die for. It can be used on so many dishes. It just depends on when I'm in the mood for something spicy. Which is often and this product is my go to hero.
    This is a great value for the amount of spice you get. The cajun seasoning has a great taste and fragrance. We took one star off because there is no salt free option available.
    I love this spice. I use it a lot when making my own spice mixtures. I will buy more when I run out thank you WEBstaurant Store for the quality.
    I use this seasoning in much of my cooking, but I have to say it is my favorite seasoning when making pulled pork. The large container provides a super value.
    Spices came as expected, sealed up tight and with no moisture. The quality and flavor where better then expected. I would not hesitate to order them again in the future.
    Wonderful way to cook turkey and Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey . Don't go too cheap on the marinade injector you will love it so much I do it all the time.
    I love this Cajun Seasoning. I use this for boiled peanuts. I add about 1/2 cup of this mix for 4 gallons of water and 3 lb of peanuts. Added with salt it makes boiled peanuts with a great Cajun flavor. Us just need to cook the peanuts for hours until they are soft. It makes a classic southern snack.
    Ok seasoning, if you cook alot of spicy food then, this will do. It is more of a hot spice than cajun spice. I would recomend.
    This Cajun spice & skillet seasoning is amazing! It is perfect for rubbing on chicken and adding flavor to the meat before grilling. I also made some rice, and it really spiced up the rice. A little goes a long way!
    I don't know much about spices and where to start- well I m very pleased with this choice. The spice is good and gives a kick.
    Having spent many years in Cajun Country there is a great difference between creole and Cajun . I don't like to be overwhelmed by the hot and not let the other spices come thru. This Regal spice has the mild heat but the other spices come thru. Used it on a turkey breast I rub it down and let it set overnight it roasted out nice and golden and sealed in the juiciness.
    We were hesitant at first to by a "standard" Cajun spice and skillet season, thinking it would be similar to most generic seasoning mixtures, but we were wrong. It's a great quality seasoning and really adds a great deal of flavor to our meats. Great for the grill!
    Just ok .. I added some to. A little brown sugar sprinkled on shrimp and smoked them. Turned out pretty good ..would be ok for blackened catfish
    Spicy hot and oh so good! My favorite use for it is on boneless chicken breast. The taste is amazing and almost like it was grilled outdoors.
    i use this spice for sandwiches and subs for my family. also it give my sandwiches a kick and great flavor. you can use this spice for anything like. soups, sauces ribs, and more.
    this Cajun spice is a perfect blend of spice for our use. you really can use it almost on anything. the price is right and shipped super fast.
    Awesome blend! This stuff has a great kick and even better flavor. Having this spice on hand is the easiest way to add a cajun flavor to any dish. Add to white rice for a quick cajun rice.
    Great seasoning! We purchased a 10 oz size to try and now we are going to get a 5 lb size with our next order. We use it on all types of meat.
    Our customers love this Cajun seasoning. We use it on our fish for our Wednesday lunch special. During the winter months I'll even put a tiny bit in my hot chocolate just to spice things up a little.
    This is another great product. I use it on a lot of different dishes, including poultry, seafood, stews, rice and man other things. Also, a great price.

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