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  • OEM part ensures warranty / agency compliance and best performance
Shipping: Usually Ships in 10-14 Business DaysNot eligible for expedited shipping

Customer questions about this product

Is this an OEM part?
Yes. This is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part.
What is the difference between an OEM part and an OEM-equivalent part?
An OEM part is the original component that was made for your equipment.

We also sell parts that are equivalent to OEM products, but are not genuine OEM. Each type has its own merits – these are some things to consider when making the decision between OEM and OEM-equivalent parts:

• Using an OEM part guarantees that you will comply with any valid manufacturer’s warranties and agency approvals on your product. An OEM-equivalent part may or may not offer the same guarantees.

• OEM-equivalent parts are built to the same specifications as the original part and are often available at a lower price point. In some cases it may even be sourced from the same location as the OEM part, though this will vary from item to item.
Can the utility type or production date of my equipment affect whether or not this part fits?
Sometimes, but not always, factors like the voltage, fuel type, and serial number may determine whether or not a particular part will fit your particular unit. We do our best to provide the most up to date information possible on our site but we cannot guarantee that this will clarify every possible scenario. If you need additional confirmation that this part is the correct one for your unit, contact our customer solutions team via the chat button in the top left of your screen, or by e-mailing [email protected].
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Metro RPHM20-2103 Blower Assy 120v.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 6"
Width: 6"
Height: 6"

Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing, transit times and stock availability will vary. If you need your items by a certain date, please contact us prior to placing your order. Expedited shipping availability may vary. We cannot guarantee that this item can be cancelled off of the order or returned once it is placed.

Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning


Warranty Info

This item is subject to a 90 day parts warranty. All warranty claims are subject to manufacturer discretion.

Compatible Models

Metro TC90S
Metro TC90B
Metro MBQT-180D-QH
Metro MBQT-180D
Metro MBQT-150D-QH
Metro MBQ-P2-17
Metro MBQ-P2-14
Metro MBQ-P1-17
Metro MBQ-P1-14
Metro MBQ-MR-17
Metro MBQ-MR-14
Metro MBQ-C2-17
Metro MBQ-C2-14
Metro MBQ-C1-17
Metro MBQ-C1-14
Metro MBQ-90-QH
Metro MBQ-90
Metro MBQ-72-QH
Metro MBQ-72
Metro MBQ-200D-QH
Metro MBQ-200D
Metro MBQ-180-QH
Metro MBQ-180D-QH
Metro MBQ-180D
Metro MBQ-180
Metro MBQ-150D-QH
Metro MBQ-150D
Metro MBQ-144-QH
Metro MBQ-144
Metro MBQ-120-QH
Metro MBQ-120D-QH
Metro MBQ-120D
Metro MBQ-120
Metro C539-HLFS-U-GY
Metro C539-HLFS-U-BU
Metro C539-HLFS-U
Metro C539-HLFS-L-GY
Metro C539-HLFS-L-BU
Metro C539-HLFS-L
Metro C539-HLFS-4-GY
Metro C539-HLFS-4-BU
Metro C539-HLFS-4
Metro C539-HLFC-U-GY
Metro C539-HLFC-U-BU
Metro C539-HLFC-U
Metro C539-HLFC-L-GY
Metro C539-HLFC-L-BU
Metro C539-HLFC-L
Metro C539-HLFC-4-GY
Metro C539-HLFC-4-BU
Metro C539-HLFC-4
Metro C539-HLDS-U-GY
Metro C539-HLDS-U-BU
Metro C539-HLDS-U
Metro C539-HLDS-L-GY
Metro C539-HLDS-L-BU
Metro C539-HLDS-L
Metro C539-HLDS-4-GY
Metro C539-HLDS-4-BU
Metro C539-HLDS-4
Metro C539-HLDC-U-GY
Metro C539-HLDC-U-BU
Metro C539-HLDC-U
Metro C539-HLDC-L-GY
Metro C539-HLDC-L-BU
Metro C539-HLDC-L
Metro C539-HLDC-4-GY
Metro C539-HLDC-4-BU
Metro C539-HLDC-4
Metro C539-CLFS-U-GY
Metro C539-CLFS-U-BU
Metro C539-CLFS-U
Metro C539-CLFS-L-GY
Metro C539-CLFS-L-BU
Metro C539-CLFS-L
Metro C539-CLFS-4-GY
Metro C539-CLFS-4-BU
Metro C539-CLFS-4
Metro C539-CLFC-U-GY
Metro C539-CLFC-U-BU
Metro C539-CLFC-U
Metro C539-CLFC-L-GY
Metro C539-CLFC-L-BU
Metro C539-CLFC-L
Metro C539-CLFC-4-GY
Metro C539-CLFC-4-BU
Metro C539-CLFC-4
Metro C539-CLDS-U-GY
Metro C539-CLDS-U-BU
Metro C539-CLDS-U
Metro C539-CLDS-L-GY
Metro C539-CLDS-L-BU
Metro C539-CLDS-L
Metro C539-CLDS-4-GY
Metro C539-CLDS-4-BU
Metro C539-CLDS-4
Metro C539-CLDC-U-GY
Metro C539-CLDC-U-BU
Metro C539-CLDC-U
Metro C539-CLDC-L-GY
Metro C539-CLDC-L-BU
Metro C539-CLDC-L
Metro C539-CLDC-4-GY
Metro C539-CLDC-4-BU
Metro C539-CLDC-4
Metro C599-SFS-L
Metro C599-SFC-L
Metro C599-SDS-L
Metro C599-SDC-L
Metro C599-NFS-U
Metro C599-NFS-L
Metro C599-NFC-U
Metro C599-NFC-L
Metro C599-NDS-U
Metro C599-NDS-L
Metro C599-NDC-U
Metro C599-NDC-L
Metro C597-SFS-U
Metro C597-SFS-L
Metro C597-SFC-U
Metro C597-SFC-L
Metro C597-NFS-U
Metro C597-NFS-L
Metro C597-NFC-U
Metro C597-NFC-L
Metro C595-SFS-U
Metro C595-SFS-L
Metro C595-SFC-U
Metro C595-SFC-L
Metro C595-NFS-U
Metro C595-NFS-L
Metro C595-NFC-U
Metro C595-NFC-L
Metro C593L-SFS-U
Metro C593L-SFS-L
Metro C593L-SFC-U
Metro C593L-SFC-L
Metro C593L-NFS-U
Metro C593L-NFS-L
Metro C593L-NFC-U
Metro C593L-NFC-L
Metro C537-HLFS-U-GY
Metro C537-HLFS-U-BU
Metro C537-HLFS-U
Metro C537-HLFS-L-GY
Metro C537-HLFS-L-BU
Metro C537-HLFS-L
Metro C537-HLFS-4-GY
Metro C537-HLFS-4-BU
Metro C537-HLFS-4
Metro C537-HLFC-U-GY
Metro C537-HLFC-U-BU
Metro C537-HLFC-U
Metro C537-HLFC-L-GY
Metro C537-HLFC-L-BU
Metro C537-HLFC-L
Metro C537-HLFC-4-GY
Metro C537-HLFC-4-BU
Metro C537-HLFC-4
Metro C537-CLFS-U-GY
Metro C537-CLFS-U-BU
Metro C537-CLFS-U
Metro C537-CLFS-L-GY
Metro C537-CLFS-L-BU
Metro C537-CLFS-L
Metro C537-CLFS-4-GY
Metro C537-CLFS-4-BU
Metro C537-CLFS-4
Metro C537-CLFC-U-GY
Metro C537-CLFC-U-BU
Metro C537-CLFC-U
Metro C537-CLFC-L-GY
Metro C537-CLFC-L-BU
Metro C537-CLFC-L
Metro C537-CLFC-4-GY
Metro C537-CLFC-4-BU
Metro C537-CLFC-4
Metro C535-HLFS-U-GY
Metro C535-HLFS-U-BU
Metro C535-HLFS-U
Metro C535-HLFS-L-GY
Metro C535-HLFS-L-BU
Metro C535-HLFS-L
Metro C535-HLFS-4-GY
Metro C535-HLFS-4-BU
Metro C535-HLFS-4
Metro C535-HLFC-U-GY
Metro C535-HLFC-U-BU
Metro C535-HLFC-U
Metro C535-HLFC-L-GY
Metro C535-HLFC-L-BU
Metro C535-HLFC-L
Metro C535-HLFC-4-GY
Metro C535-HLFC-4-BU
Metro C535-HLFC-4
Metro C535-CLFS-U-GY
Metro C535-CLFS-U-BU
Metro C535-CLFS-U
Metro C535-CLFS-L-GY
Metro C535-CLFS-L-BU
Metro C535-CLFS-L
Metro C535-CLFS-4-GY
Metro C535-CLFS-4-BU
Metro C535-CLFS-4
Metro C535-CLFC-U-GY
Metro C535-CLFC-U-BU
Metro C535-CLFC-U
Metro C535-CLFC-L-GY
Metro C535-CLFC-L-BU
Metro C535-CLFC-L
Metro C535-CLFC-4-GY
Metro C535-CLFC-4-BU
Metro C535-CLFC-4
Metro C539-MFS-U-GY
Metro C539-MFS-U-BU
Metro C539-MFS-U
Metro C539-MFS-L-GY
Metro C539-MFS-L-BU
Metro C539-MFS-L
Metro C539-MFS-4-GY
Metro C539-MFS-4-BU
Metro C539-MFS-4
Metro C539-MFC-U-GY
Metro C539-MFC-U-BU
Metro C539-MFC-U
Metro C539-MFC-L-GY
Metro C539-MFC-L-BU
Metro C539-MFC-L
Metro C539-MFC-4-GY
Metro C539-MFC-4-BU
Metro C539-MFC-4
Metro C539-MDS-U-GY
Metro C539-MDS-U-BU
Metro C539-MDS-U
Metro C539-MDS-L-GY
Metro C539-MDS-L-BU
Metro C539-MDS-L
Metro C539-MDS-4-GY
Metro C539-MDS-4-BU
Metro C539-MDS-4
Metro C539-MDC-U-GY
Metro C539-MDC-U-BU
Metro C539-MDC-U
Metro C539-MDC-L-GY
Metro C539-MDC-L-BU
Metro C539-MDC-L
Metro C539-MDC-4-GY
Metro C539-MDC-4-BU
Metro C539-MDC-4
Metro C539-HFS-U-GY
Metro C539-HFS-U-BU
Metro C539-HFS-U
Metro C539-HFS-L-GY
Metro C539-HFS-L-BU
Metro C539-HFS-L
Metro C539-HFS-4-GY
Metro C539-HFS-4-BU
Metro C539-HFS-4
Metro C539-HFC-U-GY
Metro C539-HFC-U-BU
Metro C539-HFC-U
Metro C539-HFC-L-GY
Metro C539-HFC-L-BU
Metro C539-HFC-L
Metro C539-HFC-4-GY
Metro C539-HFC-4-BU
Metro C539-HFC-4
Metro C539-HDS-U-GY
Metro C539-HDS-U-BU
Metro C539-HDS-U
Metro C539-HDS-L-GY
Metro C539-HDS-L-BU
Metro C539-HDS-L
Metro C539-HDS-4-GY
Metro C539-HDS-4-BU
Metro C539-HDS-4
Metro C539-HDC-U-GY
Metro C539-HDC-U-BU
Metro C539-HDC-U
Metro C539-HDC-L-GY
Metro C539-HDC-L-BU
Metro C539-HDC-L
Metro C539-HDC-4-GY
Metro C539-HDC-4-BU
Metro C539-HDC-4
Metro C539-CFS-U-GY
Metro C539-CFS-U-BU
Metro C539-CFS-L-GY
Metro C539-CFS-L-BU
Metro C539-CFS-L
Metro C539-CFS-4-GY
Metro C539-CFS-4-BU
Metro C539-CFC-U-GY
Metro C539-CFC-U-BU
Metro C539-CFC-L-GY
Metro C539-CFC-L-BU
Metro C539-CFC-L
Metro C539-CFC-4-GY
Metro C539-CFC-4-BU
Metro C539-CDS-U-GY
Metro C539-CDS-U-BU
Metro C539-CDS-U
Metro C539-CDS-L-GY
Metro C539-CDS-L-BU
Metro C539-CDS-L
Metro C539-CDS-4-GY
Metro C539-CDS-4-BU
Metro C539-CDS-4
Metro C539-CDC-U-GY
Metro C539-CDC-U-BU
Metro C539-CDC-U
Metro C539-CDC-L-GY
Metro C539-CDC-L-BU
Metro C539-CDC-L
Metro C539-CDC-4-GY
Metro C539-CDC-4-BU
Metro C539-CDC-4
Metro C537-MFS-U-GY
Metro C537-MFS-U-BU
Metro C537-MFS-U
Metro C537-MFS-L-GY
Metro C537-MFS-L-BU
Metro C537-MFS-L
Metro C537-MFS-4-GY
Metro C537-MFS-4-BU
Metro C537-MFS-4
Metro C537-MFC-U-GY
Metro C537-MFC-U-BU
Metro C537-MFC-U
Metro C537-MFC-L-GY
Metro C537-MFC-L-BU
Metro C537-MFC-L
Metro C537-MFC-4-GY
Metro C537-MFC-4-BU
Metro C537-MFC-4
Metro C537-HFS-U-GY
Metro C537-HFS-U-BU
Metro C537-HFS-U
Metro C537-HFS-L-GY
Metro C537-HFS-L-BU
Metro C537-HFS-L
Metro C537-HFS-4-GY
Metro C537-HFS-4-BU
Metro C537-HFS-4
Metro C537-HFC-U-GY
Metro C537-HFC-U-BU
Metro C537-HFC-U
Metro C537-HFC-L-GY
Metro C537-HFC-L-BU
Metro C537-HFC-L
Metro C537-HFC-4-GY
Metro C537-HFC-4-BU
Metro C537-HFC-4
Metro C537-CFS-U-GY
Metro C537-CFS-U-BU
Metro C537-CFS-U
Metro C537-CFS-L-GY
Metro C537-CFS-L-BU
Metro C537-CFS-L
Metro C537-CFS-4-GY
Metro C537-CFS-4-BU
Metro C537-CFS-4
Metro C537-CFC-U-GY
Metro C537-CFC-U-BU
Metro C537-CFC-U
Metro C537-CFC-L-GY
Metro C537-CFC-L-BU
Metro C537-CFC-L
Metro C537-CFC-4-GY
Metro C537-CFC-4-BU
Metro C537-CFC-4
Metro C535-MFS-U-GY
Metro C535-MFS-U-BU
Metro C535-MFS-U
Metro C535-MFS-L-GY
Metro C535-MFS-L-BU
Metro C535-MFS-L
Metro C535-MFS-4-GY
Metro C535-MFS-4-BU
Metro C535-MFS-4
Metro C535-MFC-U-GY
Metro C535-MFC-U-BU
Metro C535-MFC-U
Metro C535-MFC-L-GY
Metro C535-MFC-L-BU
Metro C535-MFC-L
Metro C535-MFC-4-GY
Metro C535-MFC-4-BU
Metro C535-MFC-4
Metro C535-HFS-U-GY
Metro C535-HFS-U-BU
Metro C535-HFS-U
Metro C535-HFS-L-GY
Metro C535-HFS-L-BU
Metro C535-HFS-L
Metro C535-HFS-4-GY
Metro C535-HFS-4-BU
Metro C535-HFS-4
Metro C535-HFC-U-GY
Metro C535-HFC-U-BU
Metro C535-HFC-U
Metro C535-HFC-L-GY
Metro C535-HFC-L-BU
Metro C535-HFC-L
Metro C535-HFC-4-GY
Metro C535-HFC-4-BU
Metro C535-HFC-4
Metro C535-CFS-U-GY
Metro C535-CFS-U-BU
Metro C535-CFS-U
Metro C535-CFS-L-GY
Metro C535-CFS-L-BU
Metro C535-CFS-L
Metro C535-CFS-4-GY
Metro C535-CFS-4-BU
Metro C535-CFS-4
Metro C535-CFC-U-GY
Metro C535-CFC-U-BU
Metro C535-CFC-U
Metro C535-CFC-L-GY
Metro C535-CFC-L-BU
Metro C535-CFC-L
Metro C535-CFC-4-GY
Metro C535-CFC-4-BU
Metro C535-CFC-4
Metro C519-PFC-U
Metro C519-PFC-L
Metro C519-PFC-4
Metro C519-HFC-U
Metro C519-HFC-L
Metro C519-CFC-U
Metro C519-CFC-L
Metro C517-PFC-U
Metro C517-PFC-L
Metro C517-PFC-4
Metro C517-HFC-U
Metro C517-HFC-L
Metro C517-HFC-4
Metro C517-CFC-U
Metro C517-CFC-L
Metro C517-CFC-4
Metro C515-PFC-U
Metro C515-PFC-L
Metro C515-PFC-4
Metro C515-HFC-U
Metro C515-HFC-L
Metro C515-CFC-U
Metro C515-CFC-L
Metro C599-SFS-UPFS
Metro C599-SFS-UPFC
Metro C599-SFS-LPFS
Metro C599-SFS-LPFC
Metro C599-SFC-UPFS
Metro C599-SFC-UPFC
Metro C599-SFC-LPFS
Metro C599-SFC-LPFC
Metro C599-SDS-UPDS
Metro C599-SDS-UPDC
Metro C599-SDS-LPDS
Metro C599-SDS-LPDC
Metro C599-SDC-UPDS
Metro C599-SDC-UPDC
Metro C599-SDC-LPDS
Metro C599-SDC-LPDC
Metro C599-NFS-UPFS
Metro C599-NFS-UPFC
Metro C599-NFS-LPFS
Metro C599-NFS-LPFC
Metro C599-NFC-UPFS
Metro C599-NFC-UPFC
Metro C599-NFC-LPFS
Metro C599-NFC-LPFC
Metro C599-NDS-UPDS
Metro C599-NDS-UPDC
Metro C599-NDS-LPDS
Metro C599-NDS-LPDC
Metro C599-NDC-UPDS
Metro C599-NDC-UPDC
Metro C599-NDC-LPDS
Metro C599-NDC-LPDC
Metro C595-SFS-UPFS
Metro C595-SFS-UPFC
Metro C595-SFS-LPFS
Metro C595-SFS-LPFC
Metro C595-SFC-UPFS
Metro C595-SFC-LPFS
Metro C595-SFC-LPFC
Metro C595-NFS-UPFS
Metro C595-NFS-UPFC
Metro C595-NFS-LPFS
Metro C595-NFS-LPFC
Metro C595-NFC-UPFS
Metro C595-NFC-UPFC
Metro C595-NFC-LPFS
Metro C595-NFC-LPFC
Metro C5 1 SERIES / 3 SERIES 120V
Metro C59 SERIES
Metro C175
Metro C199
Metro C200
Metro FL199

Equivalent Items

Metro RPC13-685 (Formerly)

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