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  • Long life of 6,000 rated hours
  • Shatter resistant
  • Brass base will not oxidize or freeze
  • 250W, 120V
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Stock up on this Lavex Janitorial 250 watt coated infrared heat lamp bulb to keep your equipment in working order at all times.

Never get caught with a burned-out light bulb and no replacement! It's always a good idea to stock up on common wear parts like this 120V, 250 watt heat lamp bulb so that you can fix it and keep working with no downtime. Its standard size will serve as a perfect replacement for the bulb on many popular heat lamps.

Shatter Resistant Coating

Thanks to its Teflon® coating, this bulb has better shatter resistance than standard bulbs, making it a must-have for applications like carving stations and heat lamps.

BR40 Style

This bulb features a BR40 style with a brass base that will not freeze or oxidize in the socket. This makes it easy to remove a bad bulb without excessive force.

Long Life

Rated to last for 6,000 hours, this bulb will keep foods warm and the area under your heat lamp lit for a long time before needing replaced.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Length:6 1/2 Inches

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Customer Reviews

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We have purchased 4 of these bulbs and they last just a very short time. The glass bulb separates from the cap (male piece with threads and contacts) The glass bulb will end up falling into whatever you are heating as it appears the glue is low quality or assembled with a lack of... Please buy something else. We've wasted a lot of money for these that we can't use.

Christopher M. from Social House Bakersfield on 02/22/2022

Thank you for your review, Christopher! We are sorry you've had such a bad time with these bulbs, we will take a look at this issue. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These prices at Webstaurant store are cheaper each bulb as compare to the local supply store. Good quality and long-lasting product. Two of my bulb were damaged in shipping and the customer shipped me 2 more right away.

Naseer A. from The Boardroom Restaurant on 07/04/2020

We brought two heat lamp bulbs for our food lamp warmer. We brought these as a spear in case the original ones blow out. We tried them and they look great.

Yi X. on 07/08/2019

These are the poorest quality heat lamp bulbs I have encountered in my life. We switched from a big-name brand to this brand two weeks ago, ordering 4 bulbs. The first two were installed for less than 5 days when they both burned out. The big-name bulbs lasted for 6 months! These bulbs aren't worth your time-- there is no point in saving two dollars if the bulbs are only going to last a few days (vs. a few months that they should last).

Lindsay J. from Monuts on 03/20/2019

Thank you for your review, Lindsay J Moriarty! We are sorry this Lavex Janitorial 250 Watt Coated Infrared Heat Lamp Bulb has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

We just bought this bulbs just in case the original ones blow out. Anyway we tried them and they work pretty good just like the original ones

Efrain V. from PK2 Helados on 02/14/2019

Gives off a powerful amount of heat. Although it's a bulb, we moved it around a lot during transport and it lasted a really long time with out breaking.

Tzemach W. from Boeuf & Bun Corp. on 10/31/2018

Long lasting and great heat. We use it every day and still haven't had to replace it in over a year. They have been banged a couple times and haven't broken or even cracked.

Tiffany from Billy Goat on 09/16/2018

We've been using this light bulb to keep food warm. Its been a few months and we never had an issue. It is very bright and hot.

Abdalrahman W. from Kammoon on 08/06/2018

Not sure if it is the bulbs or the heat lamp I bought but these things have burnt out on me 3 times in the first 2 months of owning it.

Carlos G. from Tito's Taqueria on 04/01/2018

Thank you for your review, Carlos! We are sorry this Lavex Janitorial 250 Watt Coated Infrared Heat Lamp Bulb has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Very pleased with this bulb. I like the white light much better than the red that came with my heat lamp. This gets hot and puts off heat immediately. Very well priced.

Nick C. from Cupell's Catering on 03/19/2018

There are nothing with these bulbs. However, I prefer red infrared light before this bright white/yellow bulb as these 250 watts could be very bright in area that much light is not needed.

Chookiat S. from Thai Peacock on 12/21/2017

The bases have broken, three times! We've ordered these lights a couple time and the first one fell from the fixture, breaking at the base and sending pieces of the bulbs insulation into the food below. We replaced the light.. and it did it again - ruining more food. I was hoping that it was that 'box' or batch of lights.. ordered another set.. and now, it's done it a third time. Very frustrating to have a product like this that fails so unsafely. I can understand if a bulb burns out, etc.. but, these are FOR food service. They have a coating on the lens to ensure glass doesn't get into food items if the bulb were to break. And yet, the base fails dropping chars of hard insulation into the same food.

Jesse M. from Nations Coffee on 11/12/2017

We appreciate your review, Jesse! We are sorry this lamp bulb did not meet your expectations. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These are perfect for my heat lamp! No issues at the moment, and they are at an affordable price! The best thing is that they are glass resistant! Save for food.

Ana M. from Adamaris Cafe on 11/02/2017

Great item. We used for our heating lamp that lasted 3 months. Only turned on when needed too. No issues here! Will buy more as needed.

Ac N. from MDC on 10/04/2017

Bought these are replacements for our old heat lamp bulbs. They are super bright and hot, just what you need! I'll be buying more very soon!

Josh N. on 08/14/2017

These Bulbs are economical but don't last as long as other bulbs I have had in the past. However are the Best value for the dollar though.

Larry P. on 06/21/2017

The Laxex Heat lamp bulbs put off enough heat, that's no problem. However after being used for several hours the glass bulb detaches from the metal base of the bulb. I wouldn't say this is a major issue, every heat lamp bulb I've ever bought has had the same issue, no matter what brand it is. I just wish we could find ones that are better made

Joseph S. from The Orioles Club on 05/15/2017

We have been using these bulbs for many years, they seem to last for a reasonable amount of time and are a great value for the money.

Lynn K. from Jane Doughs on 04/25/2017

Happy with how long the bulbs last and the temperature of the bulb keeps my food warm under the heat lamp without drying it out.

Lawanda K. from Q-Zeens LLC on 04/18/2017

The Lavex Janitorial 250 Watt Coated Infrarred Heat Lamp Bulb is great! We have had no problems with it and for these types of items, the less issues with them the better. Overall, it is awesome.

Steven W. from TAIYAKI NYC on 04/03/2017

I bought these bulbs and they don't last a whole long time, but most definitely worth the money paid for them! I will buy them again!

Brad C. from The Creamery Downtown on 01/03/2017

These bulb seem to give a good amount of heat, and so far we haven't had any issues. We've been using them for only a few weeks, so not sure how long they would last, but in term of heat, we are satisfied.

Artur A. from Moldova Restaurant on 11/25/2016

Good product, I like the coating. We've had a few bulbs break in the past and when they shatter, you have to discard all the food underneath and it was a waste. Switched to these now.

Alexander G. from Seawitch on 11/11/2016

these bulbs are great they are up to most food codes with the coating on the outside so if the bow breaks it will not shattered glass all over the place I highly recommend you buy extras this is a great price and save on shipping .

Joshua B. from H&H CITY PIZZA on 10/12/2016

We buy 6 lamp on the order. Great Heat Lamp Bulb. Strong and durable. Great Packing. A Most on our Restaurant in Puerto Rico. Highly Recommend

Wilfreddy R. from El Truco De Guin on 08/18/2016

Great product, lasts a decent amount of time and produces nice heat! Can't complain about the price. Will definitely order again and again, recommended to fellow restauranteurs!

Robert G. from Novo on 08/09/2016

These bulbs are cheap, they certainly do not last long, but all the other brands didn't last long too, so still a good value. Just hope they could make it a little bit better quality though.

Weiri Z. on 06/01/2016

We go thru a lot of bulbs for the french fry warmer. These hold up very well and the coating prevents glass break into the food.

Steven G. on 01/12/2016

Love this product! We have tried many brands of heat lamps and they always have some draw back. After using these for over a few months now I can say that these are the best heat lamps I have ever bought. The coated bulb is a must have for any heat lamps that are in range of food.

Andrew W. on 08/08/2015

This 250 watt infrared bulb is a great buy. best price I have found. and shipped really well. Unfortunately the set up I was going to use it for was different than this set up. But overall great bulb.

Mark W. from Wood Security Services on 03/14/2015

These are nice bulbs. You must look to get the coated bulbs in food service, and these work out nicely. Good price, especially when bought by the lot of 20.

Wendy J. on 02/08/2015

if you have a bulb unit heat lamp then you will need to buy bulbs. this 250 watt infrared bulb is a great buy. best price I have found. and shipped really well.

Randall H. from Randys Family Restaurant on 08/22/2014

These coated infrared light bulbs work well. They are light, and last for a while. They are not too hot to the touch to be dangerous.

Jennifer W. from Bar Symon on 04/09/2014

This item works as it should. I ended up using this one more than the red on due to the color. It heats up the food and we can turn it higher or lower as needed. It does take a minute to heat up though, so it's not instant. I'm satisfied with my purchase.

Emily S. on 04/20/2013

A great heat lamp light bulb! Nice replacement bulb at a very affordable price! They are easy to install and heat up very quickly! Great spare item to have!!

Eric K. on 05/10/2012

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