Chicken LentilWell-seasoned, this stout, Italian style recipe can be prepared in four easy to follow steps.

  • 2:30
  • Medium



ChiliBring warmth and sustenance to your menu. With just five items, this hardy, beefy chili is sure to do the trick.

  • 2:10
  • Easy



Corn ChowderThis New England inspired recipe makes an excellent, savory addition to any menu. With real corn and black pepper, this soup is sure to pack a zesty punch.

  • 0:45
  • Easy



Manhattan Clam ChowderThis filling soup is full of clams and flavor. Prepare and serve it in five easy steps.

  • 1:30
  • Easy



Mushroom SoupWith real mushroom pieces, this chicken broth based soup is a simple recipe with an authentic flavor.

  • 1:00
  • Medium



New England Clam ChowderThis creamy soup can be made with six simple ingredients. At forty five cents per serving, this authentic clam chowder makes a robust addition to any menu.

  • 1:20
  • Easy



Vegetable SoupA lighter option, this vegetable soup is the perfect recipe for any menu seeking flavor at a great price.

  • 0:50
  • Easy



Vegetarian ChiliA vegetarian take on our chili, this satisfying recipe is both effortless to make and lucrative at just twenty nine cents per serving.

  • 1:15
  • Easy



White Chicken ChiliThis white bean and chicken chili is a unique menu item bursting with savory chicken and Cajun Skillet, balanced by mild white beans and herbs.

  • 1:00
  • Easy



Vegetable & Cucumber PicklesNot only preserve, but enhance the flavor of your vegetables and cucumbers with our easy-to-make pickling recipe.

  • 0:20
  • Easy



Chicken And WafflesA Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, this simple play on a timeless recipe can be served by itself and also pairs perfectly with hot waffles.

  • 1:25
  • Medium



Mac & CheeseA classic, this mac & cheese recipe is simple and delicious. The only thing better than its price per serving, is its authentic cheesy taste.

  • 0:30
  • Medium



Dirt Pudding CupQuickly and easily whip up this decadent and delicious chocolate dessert!

  • 0:10
  • Easy