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  • OEM part ensures warranty / agency compliance and best performance
UPC Code:400014700956
Shipping:Usually Ships Same Day Through 4PM EST
Shipping Weight0.24 lb.

Customer questions about this product

Can the utility type, serial number, or production date of my equipment affect whether or not this part fits?
Sometimes, factors like the voltage, fuel type, and serial number may determine whether or not a particular part will fit your particular unit. We do our best to provide the most up to date information possible on our site but we cannot guarantee that this will clarify every possible scenario. If you require additional confirmation that this part is the correct one for your unit, we recommend consulting manufacturer literature and resources for your equipment to verify the correct part.
Is this an OEM part?
Yes. This is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part.
What is the difference between an OEM part and an OEM-equivalent part?
An OEM part is the original component that was made for your equipment.

We also sell parts that are equivalent to OEM products, but are not genuine OEM. Each type has its own merits – these are some things to consider when making the decision between OEM and OEM-equivalent parts:

• Using an OEM part guarantees that you will comply with any valid manufacturer’s warranties and agency approvals on your product. An OEM-equivalent part may or may not offer the same guarantees.

• OEM-equivalent parts are built to the same specifications as the original part and are often available at a lower price point. In some cases it may even be sourced from the same location as the OEM part, though this will vary from item to item.
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Electrolux 0C8317 Was Arm.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 16.45"
Width: 1.35"
Height: 0.9"

Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing, transit times and stock availability will vary. If you need your items by a certain date, please contact us prior to placing your order. Expedited shipping availability may vary. We cannot guarantee that this item can be cancelled off of the order or returned once it is placed.


Warranty Info

This item is subject to a 90 day parts warranty. All warranty claims are subject to manufacturer discretion.

Compatible Models 

Electrolux AOS061EA2Q
Electrolux AOS061EAAQ
Electrolux AOS061EACQ
Electrolux AOS061EAHQ
Electrolux AOS061EB12
Electrolux AOS061EBA2
Electrolux AOS061EBE2
Electrolux AOS061EBF2
Electrolux AOS061EBH2
Electrolux AOS061EBN2
Electrolux AOS061ECA2
Electrolux AOS061ECAS
Electrolux AOS061ECE2
Electrolux AOS061ECF2
Electrolux AOS061ECH2
Electrolux AOS061ECM1
Electrolux AOS061ECN2
Electrolux AOS061ECV1
Electrolux AOS061ECY2
Electrolux AOS061EKA1
Electrolux AOS061EKAS
Electrolux AOS061EKM1
Electrolux AOS061EKN1
Electrolux AOS061EKV1
Electrolux AOS061ETA1
Electrolux AOS061ETAL
Electrolux AOS061ETAW
Electrolux AOS061ETE1
Electrolux AOS061ETF1
Electrolux AOS061ETH1
Electrolux AOS061ETM1
Electrolux AOS061ETN1
Electrolux AOS061ETV1
Electrolux AOS061GA
Electrolux AOS061GAAQ
Electrolux AOS061GADQ
Electrolux AOS061GAIQ
Electrolux AOS061GALQ
Electrolux AOS061GBAQ
Electrolux AOS061GBD2
Electrolux AOS061GBDQ
Electrolux AOS061GBG2
Electrolux AOS061GCD2
Electrolux AOS061GCG2
Electrolux AOS061GCGS
Electrolux AOS061GCP1
Electrolux AOS061GCY2
Electrolux AOS061GKD1
Electrolux AOS061GKG1
Electrolux AOS061GKP1
Electrolux AOS061GTD1
Electrolux AOS061GTG1
Electrolux AOS061GTP1
Electrolux AOS062ETM1
Electrolux AOS062ETV1
Electrolux AOS062GAP1
Electrolux AOS062GCP1
Electrolux AOS062GCP2
Electrolux AOS062GKP1
Electrolux AOS062GTP1
Electrolux AOS101EAQ1
Electrolux AOS101EB12
Electrolux AOS101EBA2
Electrolux AOS101EBE2
Electrolux AOS101EBF2
Electrolux AOS101EBH2
Electrolux AOS101EBN2
Electrolux AOS101ECA2
Electrolux AOS101ECE2
Electrolux AOS101ECF2
Electrolux AOS101ECH2
Electrolux AOS101ECM1
Electrolux AOS101ECN2
Electrolux AOS101ECV1
Electrolux AOS101ECY2
Electrolux AOS101EKA1
Electrolux AOS101EKAS
Electrolux AOS101EKM1
Electrolux AOS101EKN1
Electrolux AOS101EKV1
Electrolux AOS101ETA1
Electrolux AOS101ETAL
Electrolux AOS101ETAW
Electrolux AOS101ETE1
Electrolux AOS101ETF1
Electrolux AOS101ETH1
Electrolux AOS101ETJL
Electrolux AOS101ETM1
Electrolux AOS101ETN1
Electrolux AOS101ETV1
Electrolux AOS101GAD
Electrolux AOS101GAG
Electrolux AOS101GAI1
Electrolux AOS101GAP1
Electrolux AOS101GAQ1
Electrolux AOS101GBD2
Electrolux AOS101GBG2
Electrolux AOS101GBZ2
Electrolux AOS101GCD
Electrolux AOS101GCD2
Electrolux AOS101GCG
Electrolux AOS101GCG2
Electrolux AOS101GCP1
Electrolux AOS101GCY2
Electrolux AOS101GCZ2
Electrolux AOS101GKD1
Electrolux AOS101GKG1
Electrolux AOS101GKP1
Electrolux AOS101GKZ1
Electrolux AOS101GTD1
Electrolux AOS101GTG1
Electrolux AOS101GTP1
Electrolux AOS101GTZ1
Electrolux AOS102EAA1
Electrolux AOS102EAK1
Electrolux AOS102EAM1
Electrolux AOS102EBA1
Electrolux AOS102EBK1
Electrolux AOS102ECA2
Electrolux AOS102ECM1
Electrolux AOS102ECV1
Electrolux AOS102EKA1
Electrolux AOS102EKM1
Electrolux AOS102EKV1
Electrolux AOS102ETV1
Electrolux AOS102GBD2
Electrolux AOS102GBG2
Electrolux AOS102GCD2
Electrolux AOS102GCG2
Electrolux AOS102GCP1
Electrolux AOS102GCP2
Electrolux AOS102GKD1
Electrolux AOS102GKG1
Electrolux AOS102GKP1
Electrolux AOS102GTD1
Electrolux AOS102GTG1
Electrolux AOS102GTP1
Electrolux AOS201EBA2
Electrolux AOS201EBE2
Electrolux AOS201EBF2
Electrolux AOS201EBH2
Electrolux AOS201EBR2
Electrolux AOS201ECA2
Electrolux AOS201ECH2
Electrolux AOS201ECR2
Electrolux AOS201EKA1
Electrolux AOS201EKAS
Electrolux AOS201EKR1
Electrolux AOS201ETA1
Electrolux AOS201ETE1
Electrolux AOS201ETF1
Electrolux AOS201ETH1
Electrolux AOS201ETM1
Electrolux AOS201ETR1
Electrolux AOS201ETV1
Electrolux AOS201GBD2
Electrolux AOS201GBG2
Electrolux AOS201GCD2
Electrolux AOS201GCG2
Electrolux AOS201GKD1
Electrolux AOS201GKG1
Electrolux AOS201GTD1
Electrolux AOS201GTG1
Electrolux AOS201GTP1
Electrolux AOS202EAA1
Electrolux AOS202EAB1
Electrolux AOS202EAK1
Electrolux AOS202EAM1
Electrolux AOS202EBA1
Electrolux AOS202EBA2
Electrolux AOS202EBK1
Electrolux AOS202ECA1
Electrolux AOS202ECA2
Electrolux AOS202EKA1
Electrolux AOS202ETA1
Electrolux AOS202ETM1
Electrolux AOS202ETV1
Electrolux AOS202GADQ
Electrolux AOS202GAGQ
Electrolux AOS202GBD2
Electrolux AOS202GBDQ
Electrolux AOS202GBG2
Electrolux AOS202GBGQ
Electrolux AOS202GCD2
Electrolux AOS202GCG2
Electrolux AOS202GKD2
Electrolux AOS202GKG2
Electrolux AOS202GTD1
Electrolux AOS202GTG1
Electrolux AOS202GTP1
Electrolux EJN061EBA
Electrolux EJN061ECA
Electrolux EJN061GAD
Electrolux EJN061GAG
Electrolux EJN061GCD
Electrolux EJN061GCG
Electrolux EJN101EAA
Electrolux EJN101ECA
Electrolux EJN101GAD
Electrolux EJN101GAG
Electrolux EJN101GCD
Electrolux EJN101GCG
Electrolux EJN102EAA
Electrolux EJN102ECA
Electrolux EJN102GAD
Electrolux EJN102GAG
Electrolux EJN102GCD
Electrolux EJN102GCG
Electrolux EJN201EAA
Electrolux EJN201ECA
Electrolux EJN201GAD
Electrolux EJN201GAG
Electrolux EJN201GCD
Electrolux EJN201GCG
Electrolux EJN202EAA
Electrolux EJN202ECA
Electrolux EJN202GAD
Electrolux EJN202GAG
Electrolux EJN202GCD
Electrolux EJN202GCG
Electrolux FCZ061EBA2
Electrolux FCZ061EBAE
Electrolux FCZ061EBH2
Electrolux FCZ061EBN2
Electrolux FCZ061ECA2
Electrolux FCZ061ECAS
Electrolux FCZ061ECH2
Electrolux FCZ061ECN2
Electrolux FCZ061EKA
Electrolux FCZ061EKN
Electrolux FCZ061ETA
Electrolux FCZ061ETH
Electrolux FCZ061ETN
Electrolux FCZ061GBD2
Electrolux FCZ061GBG2
Electrolux FCZ061GCD2
Electrolux FCZ061GCG2
Electrolux FCZ061GCGS
Electrolux FCZ061GKD1
Electrolux FCZ061GKG1
Electrolux FCZ061GTD
Electrolux FCZ061GTG
Electrolux FCZ101EBA2
Electrolux FCZ101EBH2
Electrolux FCZ101EBN2
Electrolux FCZ101ECA2
Electrolux FCZ101ECAS
Electrolux FCZ101ECH2
Electrolux FCZ101EKA
Electrolux FCZ101EKN
Electrolux FCZ101ETA
Electrolux FCZ101ETH
Electrolux FCZ101ETK
Electrolux FCZ101ETN
Electrolux FCZ101GBD2
Electrolux FCZ101GBG2
Electrolux FCZ101GBZ2
Electrolux FCZ101GCD2
Electrolux FCZ101GCG2
Electrolux FCZ101GCZ2
Electrolux FCZ101GKD
Electrolux FCZ101GKG
Electrolux FCZ101GKZ
Electrolux FCZ101GTD
Electrolux FCZ101GTG
Electrolux FCZ101GTZ
Electrolux FCZ102EBA2
Electrolux FCZ102EBAE
Electrolux FCZ102ECA2
Electrolux FCZ102EKA
Electrolux FCZ102ETA
Electrolux FCZ102GBD2
Electrolux FCZ102GBG2
Electrolux FCZ102GCD2
Electrolux FCZ102GCG2
Electrolux FCZ102GKD
Electrolux FCZ102GKG
Electrolux FCZ102GTD
Electrolux FCZ102GTG
Electrolux FCZ201EBA2
Electrolux FCZ201EBH2
Electrolux FCZ201ECA2
Electrolux FCZ201ECH2
Electrolux FCZ201EKA
Electrolux FCZ201ETA
Electrolux FCZ201ETH
Electrolux FCZ201GBD2
Electrolux FCZ201GBG2
Electrolux FCZ201GCD2
Electrolux FCZ201GCG2
Electrolux FCZ201GKD1
Electrolux FCZ201GKG1
Electrolux FCZ201GTD
Electrolux FCZ201GTG
Electrolux FCZ202EBA2
Electrolux FCZ202ECA2
Electrolux FCZ202EKA
Electrolux FCZ202ETA
Electrolux FCZ202GBD2
Electrolux FCZ202GBG2
Electrolux FCZ202GCD2
Electrolux FCZ202GCG2
Electrolux FCZ202GKD2
Electrolux FCZ202GKG2
Electrolux FCZ202GTD
Electrolux FCZ202GTG
Electrolux HOR061GAG
Electrolux HOR061GCG
Electrolux HOR062ECN
Electrolux HOR101EAA
Electrolux HOR101ECA
Electrolux HOR101ECN
Electrolux HOR101GAG
Electrolux HOR101GCG
Electrolux HOR201EAA
Electrolux HOR201ECA
Electrolux HOR201GAG
Electrolux HOR201GCG
Electrolux RDR061EAA
Electrolux RDR061EBA
Electrolux RDR061ECA
Electrolux RDR061GAG
Electrolux RDR061GCG
Electrolux RDR101EAA
Electrolux RDR101ECA
Electrolux RDR101GAG
Electrolux RDR101GCG
Electrolux RDR102EAA
Electrolux RDR102ECA
Electrolux RDR102GAG
Electrolux RDR102GCG
Electrolux RDR201EAA
Electrolux RDR201ECA
Electrolux RDR201GAG
Electrolux RDR201GCG
Electrolux RDR202EAA
Electrolux RDR202ECA
Electrolux RDR202GAG
Electrolux RDR202GCG

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